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August 2nd, 2010

I know of two people who have refused to find out the gender of their babies – ‘because it’s the last great mystery’. Um, no.  Modern science has solved that mystery. You don’t have to wonder. You can know ahead of time. Really. “Then it’s not as big a deal when the baby is born.” Yes, it is – IF you don’t tell us the baby’s name in advance. The parents who give their unborn children nicknames in utero are more creative.

 Don’t want gifts of entirely one gender-specified color? Then say so… “We’re having a girl! She has enough pink already…”

December 3rd, 2009
Santa sat in my front room, beer in hand. I knew I’d been had. Since when did Santa speak French and smoke cigarettes? A closer inspection revealed a crop of black hair hiding under the cheap white wig. Dammit! This wasn’t Santa, the bringer of gifts, the John Frum of the cargo cult that is Christmas. It was my crummy Auntie Annemarie. In Yuletide drag. I would get even. I got out my pencil and dashed off a letter to the North Pole. Once news of this unauthorized impersonation got out, there would be no more Molson Canadians for her.

March 30th, 2003
I might have gotten all the angst out of my system here on 100words. Whether anyone reads or understands my drivel is beyond me, but I really don't care. I know people are going to be who they are no matter how hard they try to be good in all its forms. The disturbing thing about the world is the seamy underside of human nature. This is what I see and generally write about. We all hold ourselves in high regard, and that bullshit about having low self esteem is propaganda to fill the offices of psychologists. Fuck those faggots.