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July 1st, 2010

First day. First entry. Why am I doing this? To see if I can maintain the discipline to write for one month and to begin to get back to daily writing with the vague thought that it will one day lead to actually writing something creative. A brain dead first day may not be the best start ever but that is ok. I am happy I have started. I am happy I remembered to start. This may be pure luck rather then good management but I will take what I can get! Final thought - so much harder then anticipated! 

May 12th, 2007
Long after the sun had gone dim and the plants grew small and unnourishing there came a craft from space.

This craft was full of seeds which grew quickly when planted. The fruit of this seed was large and through no one knew who had sent this plant and thought the fruit was bitter, the people were hungry and ate it ravenously.

Though filling, the fruit gave no nourishment and the people continued to starve, without realizing that they were starving.

Above them, in another craft, people watched, discouraged. They were the seed senders, and they had hoped for more.

April 28th, 2008
I haven't heard his voice in two weeks. But we text each other 24/7 anyway so it's still pretty much the same. But just a while ago, my cellphone rang. It was him. For the first time ever (funny, I know) he called me. We had a three-minute conversation before the line went dead. Ah damn cellphones. But that simple call made me really happy. And thanks to that call, I now have something to write about. Texting still isn't the same as talking to him. I do miss his voice and "everything attached to it". I'm coming home soon. :)