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March 8th, 2008
I am seventeen years old, and some of the biggest disappointments of my lives have been people. Perchance, this is the right time to allude to my age. I know, Iím merely a child, yet I find Iím drawn to the wiser. People my age sadden me. Concerned with naught, save partying. Drugs. Sex and drinking works its way into the equation somewhere too. They idolize these figureheads (I shanít name names) and I canít figure out why! I find I am too forward thinking for my generation. One such as myself can only hope perhaps, theyíll all wake up.

April 20th, 2010

Farrah: Her red bathing suit set the standard. There were other poster queens: Cheryl Tiegs and her "I didnít know it was see-through" fishnet, and the platinum doll Loni. But Farrah ruled the roost, with that glorious smile and tousled golden tresses, allegedly spelling out the word she undoubtedly conjured in the minds of millions of young boys. She was beautiful, plump, and glistening Ė a melange of sex and beauty, tinged with a childlike sweetness and subtle grace. Forty years later, she still set the standard for grace and beauty, and when she died, I was doubly sad.

December 10th, 2007
Why do I write?

I write because I donít know what the hell else to do. I am moving forward, damn it, but there is a bird in my head (pardon the metaphor) and itís not flying away any time soon.

So, forgive me for getting lost in my verbal digressions. Sometimes I just donít know where else to go, so when the day is growing old and all avenues of avian control have been whittled down to waiting (and waiting takes so long!) I come here. If I canít change it, at least I can be honest about it.