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November 5th, 2010
I procrastinate. I watch youtube videos and read good books instead of studying for tests or memorizing my lines for "Romeo and Juliet". I make excuses (Watching Monty Python allows my creativity to overflow and possibly fill up my lined paper with a script that doesn't look like crap and sounds worse).

I write poetry when instead I should be writing equations, and fall asleep over my Biology Text book. I doodle on my arms and write songs that make no sense and sing so badly, oh so terribly, but I sing Loud, and that's all that matters.

May 14th, 2006
"The next word is 'been'. Have you ever been to the moon?" Mrs. Mayne's voice is soft and pretty. On my paper, I write 'bean'. Mark, the big cheater, looks at my paper and then shakes his head.
"That's not right," he whispers. I scowl at him and cover the page with my little fingers. Mrs. Mayne looks our way and we both refocus.
Inside I'm panicking, trying desperately to remember the spelling of 'been'. In the end, I erase 'bean' and put 'bene'.
When the papers are returned, I get a 9/10. Mark gets a 10/10. MAN, I HATE HIM.

January 28th, 2007
In the upcoming Chinese New Year, we will enter the Year of the Pig.

Being Muslim, there is nothing that intrigues me about the pig, but I was interested in knowing what the pig symbolized according to the Chinese.

I happened to find some information.

In Western Astrology a persons' sign is according to the month, but in Chinese Asrology it is based on the year.

Reference was made to Jupiter as the Year Star and its twelve year orbit which could correlate with the twelve month calendar.

In Chinese Astrology the pig is a good lovemaker and loves luxuries.