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November 5th, 2010
I procrastinate. I watch youtube videos and read good books instead of studying for tests or memorizing my lines for "Romeo and Juliet". I make excuses (Watching Monty Python allows my creativity to overflow and possibly fill up my lined paper with a script that doesn't look like crap and sounds worse).

I write poetry when instead I should be writing equations, and fall asleep over my Biology Text book. I doodle on my arms and write songs that make no sense and sing so badly, oh so terribly, but I sing Loud, and that's all that matters.

May 1st, 2009
Last day of school: thirty-five days away.

Mood: excited!

In this past school year, I have had so many different changes. My school and teachers have changed. My thoughts have changed. My friends have changed. My taste in music has expanded. Iíve had my first MySpace, Face Book, Twitter, screen name; my first ďjukingĒ dance, kiss, make-out, boyfriend, exó he dumped meó then my second boyfriend, first love, first break-up óme ending it this time. Iíve exercised, been lazy, procrastinated, somehow always finishing my homework, gone to Driversí Ed, Range, and Traffic, and joined 100words.com.

And itís been a blast.

August 5th, 2008
I came across 100 words many months ago, but couldnít get started for fear of running out of words. When I donít write, this fear plagues me. I am convinced I have nothing to say. This is what stops me from attempting so many writing projects. I believe that, no matter how many ideas are usually swilling around in my mind, if I actually try to form them into a shape of some kind, they will suddenly dry up. Yet, in finally doing this exercise, I have discovered that the existence of some words seems to inspire the appearance of more.