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Featured Entries
October 8th, 2008
The ancient cemetery was hidden deep in the rich forest. It had been centuries since shed heard the footsteps of humankind stir her awake.

Her white marble sarcophagus was nestled at the base of great tree, whose roots embraced the entry. Shards of sunlight burst through the cracks, temporarily blinding her sapphire black vampire eyes. Even in the semi-darkness, her beauty shined.

The poisonous serpents wrapped around her for protection slithered away at her command, releasing her from her self created bondage.

The faint heartbeat in her chest began to pound in anticipation of the possibility of quenching her ravenous thirst.

June 7th, 2008
He woke me up in the morning. I loved it. This is how I want to wake up in the mornings. Afterwards, we ate breakfast together. Later, I watched some old episodes of Six Feet Under. I love it, and I love the characters in it. They are so lost in this world that it makes it easy to love them despite their flaws. In real world, its not at all that simple to love the messy nutty people around you or the one you are yourself. I guess its always most difficult to love yourself and especially forgive yourself.

January 13th, 2007
The wind makes people crazy. Clouds move through the night sky thin and fast. Curtains burst into rooms, flustered, erect and across the neighborhood the angry slam of doors rises to a crescendo. There will be no sleep in little houses tonight. Slender walls and cheap floors moan. Japanese maples and landscape shrubs cow down, submissive. The smell of wet cement is on the cool hot air although there is no sign of rain. Reading lights and the moon glow of TVs flicker on and off, on and off anxiously. The huff and turn of sleepless bodies becomes a heartbeat.