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May 4th, 2007
Another day, another 100 words. Actually, as I have started late, I have slammed out approximately 400 words today. I think I may need to pick up the pace to catch up. I know what my next blog post will be about, though. Mainly on how my small-minded future father-in-law hates me on the grounds that Iím Buddhist. Not sure how to react to people like that. Buddha would say to accept them and move on, but I think even the fat man would be hard press to deal with this guy. Whatever, Iím getting married to his daughter. Sucker!

February 1st, 2007
We will cut open the notches between your toes, so that you may bleed into your footprints. We will cut open the skin behind your elbows and the skin behind your knees. We will burn you alive. When you perish, we will resurrect you, so that we may burn you again. You will chew on rocks. You will behold the slaying of mammals of all descriptions. You will hear a shrill squeal that never changes. You will be humilated and rejected by all. Your body will sprout tumors. You will live your life at gunpoint. Youíll get used to it.

June 30th, 2001
Another month gone, another 3000 beautiful words to sow that I cna't spell, and the hundred plus thousand dollars my sucker parents spent on my education for me to be a secratary were a total waste, but more important I think is to think of the people we have lost along the way, Roy, Tony, Elana, Jen, and the people joining: Kim and Ben. It has been an fun expeience, and a tough one to crank out a quantity especially with the horrible inappropriate crap Matt is playing while I'm trying to write this. Compleatly killing the mood, God Damm.