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June 16th, 2009

I feel lackluster today. Itís all getting to me. My lack of emotion, my need to push away every single person in my life, and my general bitchiness. I know Iíll get over it by tomorrow, or in a few hours, because it was a dream that made me feel this way. I hate how dreams have the most powerful emotions and they remind you so much of reality that you are convinced that they can become real. Iím annoyed at everyone right now, because nobody has the balls to talk to me. So forget me. I donít care.

August 10th, 2007
Mousekowitz. It's Moskowitz, but I can't think of anything else. He looks like Papa from American Tails. Obese, with beady eyes that squint violently when he's thinking hard, guayabera and socks with strap sandals. With a dollop of mayo on his smacking mouth, he instructs me to find a 'happy place'. I stare incredulously at him. Squint, squint. Smack, smack. I'm supposed to slip into a multi-sensory vision to ease anxiety. Ignoring his heavy, wheezing breaths, I shut my eyes and feel the blood in my hands gripping the cold ax as it slices the rotten guts from his stomach.

February 6th, 2007
This morning I got up later than usual and spent a long time on the bathroom floor, petting my cats. They are two of my lifeís greatest pleasures and greatest loves. They were only three weeks old when I adopted them, orphaned and sick, scheduled for ďterminationĒ at the shelter. Little Sampson stared at me when I approached his sister and him; he had milky, cornflower-blue eyes. He stared at me, silently, the entire drive home. Even now, when he rolls his thirteen-pound frame over so I can rub his belly, I wonder what he thought he saw in me.