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October 29th, 2009

I play chess. Not because I enjoy it (I do, yes, I'm a nerd) but because it reduces the chances of me contracting Alzheimer's disease. 

I play sport. Not because I enjoy it (I don't) but because I want to able to die in my bed, rather than due to a heart attack.

I work hard. Not because I enjoy it (soical expectations make me) but because I want to be able to provide for myself and my family in the furture.

Why am I taking life so seriously? What happend to my childhood? Why do I care about caring?  

August 1st, 2008
Hello Devoted Readers,

It's been a long time...

Yet YOU haven't forgotten have YOU?! We continue to remain "connected," in some kind of cosmically scandalous way.

Oh the adventures this Goddess has experienced since we last engaged in our random moments of merging thoughts and mental m a s t u r b a t i o n.

I've returned because I appreciate the "discipline" and commitment it takes to write 100 words daily. In the past, it was a way to maintain connection with someone I loved "Oh so very much..." Ahhhh...but this Goddess was wise, and saw ever so clearly, the "truth."

The details DO matter, don't they?

February 3rd, 2007
Jiffy Lube is three doors down from Babeland, a pink sex boutique that caters to women. We dropped off my Jeep and walked over Saturday. It was crowded—at least a dozen women and one man, who asked the sales clerk for extra small condoms. We browsed acrylic dildos, 31 flavors of lube, massage oil, harnesses, nipple clamps, assorted vibrators and DVDs. Robyn bought a black leather riding crop and keeps encouraging me to spank her. I enjoy it, that snap of aggression and release, the fear as I wonder: How rough can I get before she stops loving me?