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October 1st, 2010
Half of me is sick of this. I want to shrug off this suffocating mood and march back into the sunlight.

The other half? The other half wants to rip me into dripping shreds, to smear my blood on the walls and let it pool on the bathroom floor. I want to shatter my bones, grind them to dust, toss them from the window, and laugh when the wind throws them back in my eyes.

I want to beat myself senseless against you--send us both to hell. But you don't believe in that, so I'll meet you in oblivion.

March 29th, 2002
Millicent is missing. Where'd she go? Seething in isolation because some Nazi can't comprehend her ways? Seduced by some shimmering chimera? Where'd she go? Neptune? How's the weather on Neptune this time of year? How's she supposed to go jogging at sunrise if she has to get her frostbitten gams amputated? Is her heart warm enough? What the hell is she up to, anyway? What is she THINKING? How much chump change do I need to scrape together to catch the next train out, to ditch these chump assholes and go drop in on Millicent? Spare a Kennedy half dollar?

February 9th, 2007
I'm surprised how little effort it takes to write precisely 100 words, no more, no less. Maybe short texts naturally gravitate towards that number? Maybe this is why the project involves a hundred words, not any other number?

Writing here feels a bit like a prose equivalent of a haiku – something that (ideally) is supposed to be short but meaningful.

By nature I'm an excessive writer: where someone would say something in one sentence it takes me a paragraph, someone else’s paragraph translates into my three and so on. Again - me using words to communicate myself, not only the message.