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May 6th, 2008
What if, as an experiment, whenever you opened your mouth to speak, you stopped...

and thought...

about the effect your words might have
about how what you say might be heard
about how you would feel in the listener’s place

I wonder.

Most of the time, even after thinking, you’d probably continue to speak. And it would be ok.

But maybe... sometimes... the thoughts you had about the words you were about to say might motivate you...

to say something kinder or gentler
less judgmental
more positive

or, to say nothing at all

I might just give it a try.

May 3rd, 2003

like blood as body like body as mine to have or not to hold ha I walked in her room and thought I saw a cat nose under its paw curled in the chair it was of course only her hair another provocation or not asin another in a string of one word socially relevant as if to infom markers single white hairless female as in your face as in clearing her head as in sometimes a cigar is only a cigar asin a rose by any other name

it's so no nonsense is what she said, when asked

June 9th, 2007
this is makeup. yesterday i was exhausted today not so much. today my caffeine levels keep me going. i don't work until wednesday. two eight hour shifts on two consecutive days. Sobe energy drink coolatta. got a lot of donations. no new deask. maybe... i'll change my price range. a little. summer heat. no more groceries. starving. what the fuck. period death. not color blind. just gender blind. scared of ants. creeps me out to just type it. english as a second language. dialects. accents. pretense. pretty intense. teriyaki rice stir fry still hungry. what the hell. what the hell.