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September 7th, 2012
I've been away for so long that I kind of feel like a stranger in my hometown. I'm a tourist of Regina, biking, wandering around carefree, enjoying her in ways I never ventured to enjoy her when I was a youth. The other day I walked into the Ukrainian Co-op and was overcome with emotion and the smell of garlic sausage. I marvelled at their variety of beautiful egg holders. They have a dapper black and brown embroidered tunic that is just waiting for me to afford it... I will be a part of the city's vibrant, growing multiculture.

March 15th, 2010
There is a sort of devious satisfaction Iíve felt as I pay down, and then finally pay off the revolving credit card debts I accrued when I needed cash to keep my and and my mother-in-lawís households afloat. Back then, credit was dished out easily, and I became savvy about shifting balances from one creditor to another to take advantage of better fixed interest rates.

Devious in that I used the system and wasnít sucked under with the credit crunch implosion. Satisfied because now Iím close to being out from under it all, and they want me back. No way!

January 26th, 2007
So this is how this love thing works. There she is, sitting among all those pillows, drinking coffee, speaking about cats and work and movies. He watches, listens, sips his coffee, and realizes he loves this woman Ė the delight of her smile, those hands and fingers that touch him with a kindness and a delicacy that scramble his brains, her great compassion for all things, her love of laughter. Love is not an emotion or an idea. Love is a verb. Itís action. He loves this woman. Itís the one true thing he can do and he loves doing it.