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January 16th, 2011
I feel sick at the thought of having to meet some people. Actually, a couple of people.... When I was a child, certain people reminded me of certain animals or insects. Children are very perceptive in a basic way. In my mature years, I seem to be getting more like that. Is this being hyper-sensitive? It has its advantages, but also it's painful moments. The persons I am referring to now, are like a couple of spiders. I'm aware that spiders serve their purpose in the ecology of the world, but there are some which are poisonous to humans.

April 17th, 2010
Little signs, tiny omens drifting across the day are real messages, I believe, messages about directions, about actions, about perseverance. The trouble bubbles when something devoutly wanted is slowed to a standstill by a constant seine of signals that say “stop.” Are the signals saying “stop,” really, or “persevere”? Are they saying, “No, not this road, try another”? Or “best ditch this altogether”? The desire for the thing so derailed stays strong, so the question is how to get the universe to be clearer. OK, the solution will be to pause, see what happens, figure if a redirect is right.

November 1st, 2009

I've really grown to love 100 words. I feel like I've found a place I finally belong. Everyone here seems a little depressed, has slightly lower-than-healthy self-esteem, and likes to pointlessly philosophise about life. Also, since it is in writing, it doesn't sound pretentious. As noone knows each other (or hardly anyone does) it's not show-offy either, which seems to be getting rarer in modern life. I think the two things I hate most in life are pretentiousness and show-offishness. Probably because they remind me of bits of myself I try to compress...