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April 5th, 2004
I just came from an afternoon in Tuscany. I bought a villa there. Then I had a wonderful adventure with my big, bad, beautiful divorced self. I fixed up my Casa Polonia. I shed some tears. I had a lot of laughs. I had a wild, sexy escapade with the most delicious Italian I have ever seen. I made a lot of wonderful friends. I was there when my best friend, having been dumped by her girlfriend, brought her beautiful baby into the "light." I survived the divorce. Yeah for me. I'm so happy. "Under the Tuscan Sun"...great movie!

January 3rd, 2009
I don't know if there is such a thing as not being naÔve. I think everyone is naÔve, and when they say they aren't they are just trying to hide their fragility. I think all humans underestimate how fragile they are, how little their emotions can withstand. So they drink early, they do drugs early, they have sex early. Then they realize, maybe five, maybe ten years later that they shouldn't have, that they should have tried to stay innocent. But what is innocence? Is it natural, or is it the result of idleness that stems from the Industrial Revolution?

February 14th, 2007
Having a gynecological problem seems to be a good way to get attention from your spouse. Especially if he is a doctor and is normally unaffected by your aches and pains. But this makes him slightly uneasy. If a doctor can get stirred; then its no wonder that most women milk the situation for all they are worth. When else can you lie in bed in mid morning? And not cook. Or reheat something with a martyred air with just the faintest of moans allowed to escape your lips. And get that little feedback. After 25 years thatís a feat.