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August 6th, 2010
Sometimes I can't see the point of anything I accomplish. I do (and mostly enjoy) what's expected of me, the "mom" work, yet I'm just holding my breath, waiting for my real purpose to reveal itself.

Many things interest me. I was a college instructor and a journalist; I have a master's in English; I write and love to read... I get excited about all the creative people I meet who are doing their creative things, but I can't seem to find the one thing that really belongs to me. I wonder if I ever will.

October 31st, 2007
Today was my first day on the job. Okay, not a real day; training. It wasnít even at my store. I start in earnest tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Cís 24th birthday. We have nothing special planned, much like my birthday was.

I had the first trick-or-treater of my life tonight. I was so excited to give him candy I didnít even look at his costume.

100 words: Iím not sure how Iíve profited by this exercise. As I mentioned before, Iím taking November off. Think about how I could make December meaningful. If anybodyís read this whole month, thank you!

June 5th, 2007
Why we cling to the music of our youth: I have my theories. First, it reminds us of specific times, usually good times, and just the feeling of being young. Few memories are as good as the great rock concerts of years ago. Then, thereís age difference that affects our perspective. Our musician heroes were approximately 10 years older or the same age as us. But sometimes, I think the main reason we cling more to the music weíve always loved more than whatever became popular since is because weíre full. How many more songs can fit in one brain?