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March 11th, 2010
Got up late today and my boss was here so it didn't look good. I am really enjoying the conference and I am stretching my boundaries and am talking more to a lot of individuals. My wife and I are working hard on a few articles I was hired to write and I am excited about the potential of this aspect of my career. I want to find a way to provide this service to myself and my friends with businesses. I think I will start with my personal trainer friend and see how it takes off. Should be interesting.

April 10th, 2006

08:45 In office early in case report spent all
           weekend on didn't format properly.

08:51 Discover report hasn't formatted

08:54 Stop crying.

09:13 Explain to boss why I'm still working
            on report.

10:22 Finish report. Again.

10:23 Print.

10:26 Devise intricate method of torturing
            Bill Gates for his two bit software that
            reformats documents for printing
            without asking.

10:31 Stop crying. Again.

10:42 Abandon all hope of finishing report.

13:02 Doodle on arm with red biro. Wonder
            how many pens needed to cover all of
            self in red ink.

15:41 Make banana and Emmental cheese

15:58 Feel unwell.

May 13th, 2008
An old man was found dead in his home, surrounded by upturned furniture, bruised on his head and limbs and partly dressed. The doors and windows were locked from the inside and there is no sign of forced entry. This is the hide and die syndrome where people are found dead after burrowing under things. Shelves, bookcases, under beds and behind wardrobes. Just thinking of his last remaining hours, pulling furniture all around himself, alone, is heartbreaking. Surely a remnant of a deep instinct which is seen in animals from cats to cockroaches. The desire to curl up and die.