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May 10th, 2010
How has society evolved so that itís taboo to expose breasts, two of the most beautiful things God gave us, but acceptable for any garden-variety tree sloth to go barefoot? I know someone who grows her toe nails extra long to make her feet look thinner. Another has a penchant for slides yet the backs of her cankles resemble packed gravel. And why donít they arrest women with bunions who insist on flip flops? And the guys? Why is it unseemly if a man enjoys a beer in a public park but okay for him to parade around in Tevas?

April 20th, 2010

Farrah: Her red bathing suit set the standard. There were other poster queens: Cheryl Tiegs and her "I didnít know it was see-through" fishnet, and the platinum doll Loni. But Farrah ruled the roost, with that glorious smile and tousled golden tresses, allegedly spelling out the word she undoubtedly conjured in the minds of millions of young boys. She was beautiful, plump, and glistening Ė a melange of sex and beauty, tinged with a childlike sweetness and subtle grace. Forty years later, she still set the standard for grace and beauty, and when she died, I was doubly sad.

November 17th, 2007
I had trouble fitting in at work. The novelty of a teenaged air traffic controller was a bit much for my co-workers, most of whom were ex-military men. There were a thousand ways in which I wasnít like them.

Because of my odd manner of speaking (I had inherited The Bitter Oneís accent and mannerisms) I got the nickname ďYulĒ. I didnít understand why until I saw The King and I.

After a few years of talking to pilots, I picked up the rural Midwestern drawl that is the lingua franca of commercial aviation. My co-workers slowly warmed to me.