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Featured Entries
October 27th, 2010
The clouds start to rumble and your resolve starts to crumble -- you want to take him in your arms like a child and tell him that everything is gonna be okay, the way you could do when he still was a child.

But he's not now, and he's staring at you like you still have the power to kiss his scraped knee and make it better again. How can you tell him no? How can you tell him sometimes pain is too big?

You ruffle his hair and press your lips to his forehead and hope to god that it's enough.

May 11th, 2007
She wore a pink wig to her daughter’s fortieth birthday party. She had flown in from New Mexico that afternoon, and had spent the afternoon drinking champagne in her daughter’s third-floor walk up. She was starting to be drunk, and the wig had caught her eye. She put it on, and she felt sixteen again. Everyone told her so too. So she figured, hell, why not? It’s the West Village, and no one will even look twice.

She liked how the wig’s hair swung when she shook her head. Her real hair was dyed blonde and was short and brittle.

May 7th, 2007
A much more honorable tradition is to save the top tier of the wedding cake. She entrusted me with it when they left on their honeymoon. I wrapped it in layers of foil, hoping for the best, and stored it in my roomy freezer. Twelve months later, in the midst of their divorce, she asked me to dispose of it. So I let it thaw, placed it in my car, and drove out to where he stayed at his girlfriend’s. Left him some anniversary cake on the windshield. And the door handles. Then smashed what was left into the grille.