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January 19th, 2010
I find hushed tones more distracting than normal ones. Likely due to the fact that a hushed tone indicates something secretive that isn't meant to be heard, despite the fact that you're in a room full of folk. The printer isn't working for Morgan.†It works for everyone else, which makes it even funnier. I think there's some law of comedy that says slapstick's humor level†correlates upwards and downwards with the level of intellect involved. Watching Ben Stiller get hit in the face with a rake is†funny, so it's obviously flawed. I hate Ben Stiller.

October 31st, 2007
Today was my first day on the job. Okay, not a real day; training. It wasnít even at my store. I start in earnest tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Cís 24th birthday. We have nothing special planned, much like my birthday was.

I had the first trick-or-treater of my life tonight. I was so excited to give him candy I didnít even look at his costume.

100 words: Iím not sure how Iíve profited by this exercise. As I mentioned before, Iím taking November off. Think about how I could make December meaningful. If anybodyís read this whole month, thank you!

February 3rd, 2007
i went through your things today. i was surprised to find no trace of my existance there. there were clothes on the floor, and a failed english paper a meter or so from your trashcan. you were never much with words, i don't know why i never noticed before. i found forty cents in pennies, scattered all around the floor. i counted them all, but did not bend to touch them. i turned them all heads up in my mind, so that they could watch you when you came home at night, if you ever did. you and your lies, your untied shoes.