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March 15th, 2010
“Bottled bachelor” is that smell of sour washrags, dirty socks and black leather sectionals particular to straight, unmarried, middle-aged men. It emanates from an uncle’s apartment or the office of a university professor. “Scented Spinster” is its olfactory foil - a mélange of expensive breakfast cereals and dryer sheets. But these smells are just by-products of life, actions which keep the world in balance. Where our bachelor would just pluck yesterday’s underwear from the leg of his track pants, our spinster applies Newton’s Third Law of Motion by folding her bras in half, straps neatly tucked into their nesting cups.

May 24th, 2005
Molly pushed the hound's nose away from her crotch and smoothed the front of her long dress. Walt tugged on the leash, "Down, girl." He apologized to the Sheriff's wife, "She gets that from her Pa, had some of the river bottom leghound in him." Stillwater commanded the group, "Grab your guns and badges, boys, this murder just turned federal." "Walt", he said, "get Lucy on his trail and we'll follow you on the horses." Molly tucked a loose strand of auburn hair behind her ear and thought that dog will make a stop at half the women in Fulton.

November 18th, 2007
I waste time. It’s my least favorite thing about me. In surveys where they ask, if you could change something about yourself… Focus. I just get so distracted. If i believed in offsetting blame i’d point to my chemically maladjusted brains but i don’t.
It’s the phenomenon of the orange:

I see an orange. I think of the tree. The man who picked the orange. An old blue pickup. His family. Kids. A toy in dirt. Bare feet. Cacti. We’re in Mexico. I’ve never been to Mexico. Riots. Privilege. Calderon…

To infinity. A million of these continuing in all directions.