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July 12th, 2012
I'm drinking my morning coffee--black--from a Santa mug, and he gazes at me with his signature eye-twinkle, and I imagine that he's trying to inspire my words, or at the very least encourage me in my writing, and it feels comforting, somehow, to have him (and the mug) beside me, like a friend I've been familiar with since childhood, someone who knows all my faults and talents, someone who can get me through word-drought and lack of creativity, a talisman or good luck charm for the times I need them to eke out the day's words.

June 11th, 2009
Social networking sites can be fantastic for getting in touch with old friends, organising events and inviting people to them and letting your friends know what is happening in your life. The trouble is, there is a tendency to just read people’s updates and fool ourselves that this is “staying in touch” even though we are not actually directly communicating with the other person. Instead of having a conversation, we just post the occasional comment. The danger is that if we spend too much time online focusing on virtual friendships, we can miss out on the beauty of real ones.

March 25th, 2007
“They never put expiration dates on hot sauce.” She said.

He shrugged, “That’s because hot sauce never expires.”

“But it has to.”

“No.” he examined a green bottle “It’s mostly vinegar.”

“I don’t believe you. I’m throwing these old bottles out. We’ve had them for, like, four years.” She pulled two bottles from the fridge door.

“Throw them out? Aren’t you going to recycle them?”

“No.” She hovered over the garbage.

“But they’ll go to the landfill.”

She smirked, “but washing them out will waste and pollute water.”

“But we can recycle the glass.”

“Either way we kill the earth.”