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September 2nd, 2012
Chapter 1 Oregon City Ė February 1951 Lucy stepped off the bus on Main Street, hungry and gritty after the exhausting nine-hour trip from her family home in Weiser, Idaho. She wanted nothing more than a bath, something to eat, and a warm bed. Although it was mid-afternoon, the sky was dark and a cold drizzle mixed with snow chilled her through her black wool coat. She pulled the collar high around her neck, lifted the small brown suitcase her mother had given her, and, at the age of seventeen, began life as an adult. Crossing the street against a cold,

July 29th, 2008
Renting gives you freedom. Itís like being a traveller, even in your own land. Some people are mentally glued to their hometowns. They may like to vacation, but being away too long makes them nervous. Me, I get nervous if Iím in one place for too long, and Iíve already been too long here. Moving on is a new start, an escape from the hum drum and the overfamiliar. Of course, moving to another country or even another town would be preferable. My soul longs for the stimulation of new experiences, new adventures, new places, new people, for true freedom.

August 14th, 2008
My skull felt like it weighed a hundred kilograms, and my brain tumbled around inside, detached from any sort of attachments to this flesh and bone prison. Felicia awoke on my floor, and I pulled the sheet tighter around my body, feeling a growing chill from having slept half-naked by the open door, the wind rustling through, sneaking from window to window. Half a pitcher of mojito still stood in the kitchen after she left, and the smell made me gag.
Not a good day, and it wasn't until darkness rolled around again that I could begin to breathe.