October 1, 2010
I got some books from the library for the trip and I'm all packed up. God gimps need to pack a ton of stuff, chargers and changes of clothes. I'm broke again. It makes me irritated. "Hi money, bye money!" Most of my remaining $207 will go to the bus, At leaser, I'll meet Alice Walker tomorrow and give her my books if I have the nerve (my God she's so famous). I put my 100 words up yesterday. First month in 2010. I did 3 batches in 2006, one in 2007, 4 in 2008, none in 2009. Total 9 complete batches in 4 years! Ugh! I'm all packed. I'll leave the suitcase somewhere. No idea where yet. I hope to finish my book before I leave. I just started disc 5 of 7. I want to print of my greyhound rewards card. I just found out that 1199 is going to reimburse me for the DC fare! Can you say awesome?