November 30, 2017
There, Anna said to Thomas: "I know we lived crazy adventures, that's clear, and it is true that it brought us together ... " It's good I know it's over between us. Besides, for you it had not really started, "I see " "if I had the chance to have someone like you in my life, no machine, no invention would remove my eye from it" "That's nice ..." "It's weird, I thought we will live together, have children, a dog ... "But ... It will not happen. You know I.." "Anna, Thomas!!!" A strange voice camming form nowhere. Thomas said "Wow, a little rabbit who speaks! He is so cute!" "Well, who are you?" Anna asked the rabbit that just appeared in the room. "Annna, Thomas, it's about your son, it's urgent! I need you to follow me through time. The future of the planet depends on it!" So excited Thomas said: "We had a child ?!" "Huh, what ?!" Anna in a shuck said. "Follow Me!..." It's the end of the story. It's called a cliffhanger. Who is this rabbit? What happened between Anna and Thomas in the future? What threatens the planet? These are questions that Only me have the answer!