April 12, 2018
I was born/ at 1.16am in a pea soup fog/held close by my mother/already dying/ I was born/songs of dolphins echoing in utero/born with the ascendant in Scorpio/ born to know deep waters/ I was born/to be christened in the ship's brass bell/into traditions that could not hold me/ I was born/an Aquarian to make a jug/ to pour what I am given/stars, fishes, soma and living water/ I was born/into a world of milk and honey/ where chemicals rain from the sky/landmines wait and dolphins sigh/ I was born/ to a beloved world dying/ our hearts cracked open/loving and crying / I was born/ with Hekate and Hades/on the midheaven/here as a midwife to spirit/ I was born/ to stand in her robes/ to become/as mother to worlds/ I was born/to find you/who can set white fires/around holy ground/ I was born/ that death shall have absolute dominion/and none/ I was born/that innocence/be found again and the world become young/