April 16, 2018
Who is this lot? Were they invited? It all started, the word went out when The Mother asked Yeshua to turn the water into wine..the party's just gone on since then. All those despised have now arrived! Samaritans and Egyptians and black Nubians and Galatians painted blue! And what? here comes Solomon and Cleopatra and Hiram too !And Miriam and the women dancing with their tambourines and Dionysus and his retinue! Here comes Ishtar and the holy whores of Babylon.What oh what is going on? Here is wild Artemis with her lions and boars..Shh Yeshua is putting up his hand. There is silence. Welcome, welcome one and all. It is true my hour has not yet come, yet welcome, welcome everyone. Please honour this couple and the traditions here.. and the crowd is giving a mighty cheer.. Now it is late, most have gone, the couple have retired in awed delight and the family clear up through the night and The Mother ponders these things in her heart.. I have other flocks than these.. welcome, welcome carry on.