November 1, 2020
I feel drained today.

For anyone who doesn't know: I wrote and recorded a verse every day of October, for the Inktober challenge. And then I did an additional one every day, cause why not challenge yourself twice as much? Then I decided to write a hundred words each day in conjunction to said verses here too, as combined poetry/freestyle/freeverse.

And I did!!! Every single day. Inspiration didn't wane, as I sometimes fear it will, but recording took some time, and mixing took some time, and occasional collabs where I recorded to an instrumental for the main challenge (16/31 days) took even longer, the month flew by and... I feel drained.

Not on inspiration. Just on energy. But the more you push yourself the more you realize what you're truly capable! Hope I won't let myself down this month, just need to rest a liiittle after this.