November 2, 2020
Aaaand I'm rested. :)

That went quick huh.

Actually slept horribly yesterday, I tossed and turned and think I managed to drift away early morning, around 5-6... was probably a combination of eating something weird just before I went to bed and having swapped out liquid coolant on my car the same day, which is highly toxic, and can if ingested cause serious renal damage and worst case even death...

But you really need to ingest something to be in danger, and I didn't ingest a drop. Might've got some on my hand though, might've eaten something with my hand, you know, the thoughts start spiraling there in the dark of night...

So I barely slept at all, but oddly enough I'm still feeling alright. I'm back at it already. Making music again. No rest for the wicked.