November 4, 2020
Inktober's done and gone now, but I'm not stopping. Only planned to keep going with more occasional musical projects, but as to really force me to stay on I'm doing another Inktober.

Sort of. No collaborations, just quick verses every day, with the aim to keep me inspired and warmed up for anything that might come my way... let's see how this goes.

I'm not feeling as serious about daily deadlines if I don't really upload each track on the day in question though. I write, I record, I upload/post a series of posts according to template when there's time, but as long as I just keep doing these...

Big thing today though: leftover collab from Inktober 2019 with good buddy Nick, old vocals but revamped instrumental and generally very vamped out mix. :)

I know this ain't the right place for promos so I'm not even posting a link, but you know where to go if you know...