November 14, 2020
Having some shoulder problems lately.

I played a round of frisbee golf with a weight vest on, and I think the straps got in the way during one particular throw because I could hear the shoulder creak or crack or strain in some weird way during one of them, and it didn't feel that good after it. Still finished the game though, and won. :) Something with the rotator cuff, probably, reading up later.

I'm now dabbing it with Arnica massage oil before bed, and stretching in whatever ways I can stretch that don't hurt, and it seems like it's getting better, maybe it was just a minor dislocation, maybe just a minor inflammation, hopefully no type of tear that might still be there and just no longer noticeable...

Gotta keep up with those exercises now though. And no more weight vest. And no more frisbee for at least a few more days.