November 17, 2020
Been playing some RE:DS again lately, and I just started with Rebirth mode. I just noticed something. A few things, but mainly two things:

1. It looks way better. Didn't remember both angles and texture/overall clarity being improved so much.
2. I underestimate it.

For some reason I suppose I've believed Rebirth is easier. Just because your ammo never seems to run out. Just because you get a few extra bullets with each knife fight. But it's really not!

The monsters aren't just moved around, but they're more. And more vicious. And more lethal. More unpredictable, overall.

Spent last night going through the exact same boss fight twice and not caring to save after... and dying shortly after. Twice. 

Get a grip now. Treat it like it really is life and death now. Won't repeat that same mistake tonight...