November 28, 2020
It's cooking up to be a busy day today, I'm pondering if I should call a buddy or not, we spoke about hanging out last weekend before that weekend, but didn't, and talked about hanging out this one instead then, but...

There really is a lot on my plate today, and I don't just mean breakfast.

Take down Christmas boxes from the attic, fix a shoe, sandpaper an umbrella, put up a Freelancer project, post a couple blogs, record/write 2-3 tunes, playtest a couple games if I have time for them, but most importantly tend to a mixtape I've just been delivered. Listen through a few times and see that everything's alright, and it's an hour long...

You can't really listen properly as you do other things, but I'll probably have it as background music for most of the day; just see how it works like that. Then listen attentively a few times too.

So... buddy or no buddy? Guess we'll see in a bit, at least this first thing's now sorted...