December 7, 2020
Listened to a Joe Rogan episode today where he was speaking with a vegan and just totally flipped out. Seemed to want to protects his carnivore-based lifestyle at all costs. Though maybe he was just stressed. Had some other things on his mind. Who knows. The Spotify situation maybe didn't go as smoothly as he hoped?

He's only human, but lately I feel there's some kind of arrogance starting to shine through. A lack of reflection and self-discovery. The second Wim Hoff interview went pretty shit too but this...

I don't know. Maybe I'll switch over to some other podcasts. It almost seems like the more you listen to JRE the more you realize maybe he isn't all he makes seem... or maybe the last few I've listened to have just been oddly disappointing.

We live in stressful times though. Maybe here that stressful shines.

We'll see.