December 10, 2020
Never get into a disagreement with someone right before bed!

Even better never, if you can avoid it, but sometimes these things occur. Unfortunately also especially easily during the end of day, when you're at most susceptible to overreacting; when your emotions have potentially bubbled up during the day and the tension so too.

So I responded to a PM I wasn't happy with, and wasn't all happy with my response either. Had a hard time winding down. Watched a little Yoga video with a deep-breathing exercise. That helped. Slept like a log but woke up a bit earlier than usual...

So maybe it is possible to wind down after all; maybe this particular dispute wasn't all that serious; maybe there were other good things going on that weighed against it and let me calm down a bit more easily... and maybe I didn't overreact to the point I made things even worse, but still.

Never get into a disagreement with someone right before bed.