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November 9th, 2009
Unlikely Villains #1: The Mischieveous Yarn Lady
She seems harmless enough, and even talks to you about your faaaaavourite subject. She is helpful, although she also tries to sell you loads of stuff you don't need. She's in her middle ages or older, and seems quite the sweet little lady.
However, if she thinks you're not worthy, or didn't buy enough, or didn't listen to her advice, or didn't listen to her at all (didn't make small talk), she will 'forget' to pack all of your paid-for yarn into your bag, so you miss *that* one ball.

November 1st, 2008
Every Hallowe'en, I find myself asking the same question: whatever happened to Hallowe'en candy? Of course, people still give out candy (in decreasing numbers, to decreasing numbers of kids, it seems ... in my neighbourhood, anyway).

But I'm referring to those toffees that used to come in the black and orange wrappers with pictures of pumpkins and brooms and cats on them.

Not that I liked getting them. Actually, next to the always dubious homemade treats, they were just about the least desireable thing to get. It's just sad to think they are part a bygone era now, like penny candy.

October 1st, 2007
There are things about book publishing that drive me batshit. One of them being novels that say "a novel" on the cover. Presumably, given that I procured the item, I am aware of it's nature. This drives me insane the same way nails down a chalkboard drive others insane. The other thing I find irksome, are books that have the author's name printed larger than the title; especially annoying when the title is a person's name, and you can't tell which is which. Someone said they are merely marketing, but marketing carries with it a whole other set of unpleasantries.