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April 1st, 2010
Writing 100 words a day is more of a distraction than an exercise to improve the flow of words. I have been dabbling with it ever since the new year, when my friends Roy and Laurie convinced me to share the experience with them. As far as I know this month neither of them are participating, but I guess I am hooked because here I am writing my first entry for April. However, like Word Mojo Gold, it delays my concentrating on my manuscript. Funny how I can find many excuses to keep from doing something I love so much.

March 15th, 2010
There is a sort of devious satisfaction I’ve felt as I pay down, and then finally pay off the revolving credit card debts I accrued when I needed cash to keep my and and my mother-in-law’s households afloat. Back then, credit was dished out easily, and I became savvy about shifting balances from one creditor to another to take advantage of better fixed interest rates.

Devious in that I used the system and wasn’t sucked under with the credit crunch implosion. Satisfied because now I’m close to being out from under it all, and they want me back. No way!

April 27th, 2007
Mr. Goode’s dog name was Beaver and he was a big sonofabitch. Kids riding their bikes down the street would cross over to the other side when they saw Beaver. My brother and I grew up with him, so we had no problem. We played baseball at the vacant lot one house down from mine, by Mr. Goode’s. Balls got fouled into his yard, and only my brother and I would go get them, but Jeff got cocky one day and decided to get it himself. Beaver took a chunk outta his leg. My brother calmly retrieved the ball. Hahahahahaha….