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March 11th, 2010
Got up late today and my boss was here so it didn't look good. I am really enjoying the conference and I am stretching my boundaries and am talking more to a lot of individuals. My wife and I are working hard on a few articles I was hired to write and I am excited about the potential of this aspect of my career. I want to find a way to provide this service to myself and my friends with businesses. I think I will start with my personal trainer friend and see how it takes off. Should be interesting.

May 1st, 2009
Last day of school: thirty-five days away.

Mood: excited!

In this past school year, I have had so many different changes. My school and teachers have changed. My thoughts have changed. My friends have changed. My taste in music has expanded. Iíve had my first MySpace, Face Book, Twitter, screen name; my first ďjukingĒ dance, kiss, make-out, boyfriend, exó he dumped meó then my second boyfriend, first love, first break-up óme ending it this time. Iíve exercised, been lazy, procrastinated, somehow always finishing my homework, gone to Driversí Ed, Range, and Traffic, and joined 100words.com.

And itís been a blast.

May 3rd, 2007

I read many peoples hundreds yesterday and today, and some of my old postings.† I'm enjoying our 100words community.

And I've been nosing around the new site.† Seeing the photo of Riverdame-- how cool is that?† I've been reading her for so dang long, now I can picture her as she writes.


And I've posted some images of paintings as my 'mug shot'.† A risk--† almost no one sees my paintings, I'm so dang shy about it all.

I'd intended Houston today, that art show.† Maybe tomorrow.

This 'place' is so important to me.† I'm sure glad we're here.