BY *Lucy*

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She no longer see any hope in her life. Brandishing her blade, she drags it along the veins in her wrist. Crimson blood flows, her life is in a puddle in front of her. She has lost the feeling of pain, nothing can amount to the pain you caused her. All alone, crying on the floor, she looks at her bleeding wrists and realises what she has done. On the way down she will watch you burn for what you have done. Ruining her life until she was in a world of despair. Leaving her alone after stealing her passion.
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Look into that mirror, say to yourself that it is you. Does the mirrror tell you lies? Reality shows the bones, but the mirror lies to you. You are skinny, but not beautiful. Bones are not beauty, and food is a necessity. Step back from the scale, step back from this life. Measures are small, but you yourself aren't measuring up to life. I will suduce you until you are nothing. I will steal your weight and happiness. You are mine, you will always be mine, you will never stop. I will be your thinspiration. Lose your life. Love Ana
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My bottles almost empty, i feel like giving in. My heart is always racing. I feel like flying. Load that needle up, put it against my skin, press it down into my vein, and then it begins. That instant high inflates me. My pupils dialate. I am gone from this world, it makes me feel so great. Preparing for the comedown. Grasping onto the high, watching my life just fly by. Reach deep down into my bottle, i'm down to the last drop, I don't know what I will do, if I don't have that prop. Put that needle in.
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Feel the music enter your heart, the bass making your body shake. Flow with the music, feel beautiful. Sway with it, jump with it, headbang with it, skank to it. Every person dances their own way, and it all looks beautiful. It's so real. Away from daily shit that drags you down, you forget all of your problems, music is all that you think about. No worries, because everyone looks as stupid as you do, and you are accepted for it. Going deaf for a couple of minutes because the music is so loud. That is what i live for.
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Drink away your sorrows, drink away your pain. Your liver is turning to dust. Not incontrol, and with one false move you are alone. GET AWAY FROM ME! "it is so hard, and you dont understand" why wont i understand? that you are a drunk? that you dont care about what you do to others? The bruise on my cheek from a drunken slap in the face. You are right, how could i understand? i dont know what is going on. I am completely oblivious to the fact that you dont love me and even worse, you dont love yourself.
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The world is a masked ball, and by hiding themeselves they reveal their character. There are hiders and there are seekers. Those who hide behind a facade and those who seek to find those people. People mask their innocense, their jobs, their age, and the whole time, they are lying to themselves and others. I do it, you do it, we all do it. And yet, do we notice? Do we notice that we are hurting people around us? For some people that may be a yes, if it is a yes then WHY? How can you be so cruel?
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Suicidal tendencies, with homicidal acts. Killing you will kill her pain, killing you will show others that she is not joking around. Maybe another Columbine is in order, maybe not. But she will get you back for making her life a living hell. It is not enough that she has to deal with people like you at home. She has to deal with it all of the time. No more fuzzy bunnies or chandelier skies, you are gone. Never to return. To rot in hell with all of your friends who broke her down so diligently. Do not forget her.
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You break me down so delictely...just kidding, that is what you believe. I am beaten by you. I am scared of you. I am never going to leave you. No matter what i do, it will never change. You will never change, i will never change, we will never change. I cannot, will not, choose not to forgive you. I will hold onto this forever, I will hold onto you forever. No, I don't love you, yes, I do miss you. I want you, I need you, I dream you for the rest of my life. Come back to me.
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I miss you i kissed you before they layed you in your grave i sit here i cry here things were not ment to be this way another day sad day as i brush the leaves from the stone I wait here, I love here, As I remember your life forgotton life stolen life i couldnt make you change your mind i love you i miss you nothing can change the way i feel to be with you not forget you as i look at this metalic gun a few seconds slow seconds and i will be with you again
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what do you need to find me? use your compass, use your heart. you listen to your head and what other people say. but does that really matter? why cant it just be you and me? instead, it is you, me, and everyone else. you care too much about what other people think. but one day you will notice me. and one day, I wont be able to be with you. I will be to lost in someone else. So this is your last chance, come find me. Try for me. Love me. Love me and don't love anyone else.
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One more word for you to choke on, one more knife for you to use to stab me in the back. Walk away, walk alone. Twist that knife, stumble on those words. You don't care anymore and I sure as hell don't either. Leave me here alone. An area that is unsafe. You should know better than to leave me here alone with my thoughts. If you want to say that you are sorry, then I will hear it. It takes a lifetime for me to trust anyone, it has been 14 years wasted on nothing. Something that never was.
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Am i beautiful? Am i usable? She looks into the mirror after coming home from school. He told her that he couldnt go out with her. He said that he couldnt go out with her because she wasnt pretty. She looked at her face, and at her body. She began to believe that what he said was true. She took the blade so sturdy to her wrist. She dug deep and bled. Her mom came home looking for her daughter. She went into the bathroom and her on the floor. Dead. On the mirror it said, Am I beautiful now?
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Break the chain to jump, to fly, to leave loose those shackles, No longer a slave to life. free yourself no need to be afraid no need to cry It will all be okay, You can do it without anyone else. Climb up to the top Be a bird making it's last flight. enjoy the drop leave this world and everyone behind be happy it is possible to acheive go to the edge take the step spread your arms feel the air feel the freedom and surprise just let go leave it all behind just kill yourself to live again.
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Use those words to threaten my life. Threaten to beat me down. Am i weak? Do you think that i am depleted? Leave a bruise break some skin on my body. You dont scare me anymore. I am used to your beatings. Maybe this time i will call the cops, maybe this time i will stand up for myself. I try to fight back, i try to defend myself but you make it so fucking hard. Can I handle it anymore? Am I meant to live? We will see. If I am dead tomorrow then god has answered my prayers.
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Beat me down like I mean nothing. You mean nothing to me. Rot in jail when i call the cops. Sibling affection? Where is that in my life? Hatred is all you give, and that is all that you are going to get back in return. You can try to drag me down, but I won't be forgotten, I will make my presence know. I will make sure that I will never be the victim. I will fight back and overcome the defeat. I will not be silent any longer. This is your final notice. I am not the victim.
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Shielded. Living life and not letting people in. You can't trust anyone. People always leave...only because I make them leave. I drive them to a point where they will never want to be around me. I can't trust anyone because of what has been done to me. It may just be one of my abnormalities. Or, maybe everyone has this problem. I will push myself away from anything unfamiliar. Not spontaneous, not trusting. Looking behind my back, keeping my head low in public. I stay in my room and dream of losing the chains that bind me to this fear.
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Broken hearts, caused by broken promises. Whether it is because you were dumped, your best friend betrayed you, and even if someone dies or attempts to. It is all a sick game that gets to our heads. Life. People bringing guns to school, people constantly being bullied. But we are supposed to get through it. Our parents did, but why cant we? Is the bullying worse? Have the circumstances changed? Or are we just weak? Life. There is no stopping it, yet we try to. We are all pawns in a game that we don't want to be in. Life.
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The curtain opens and i recite my lines. Words that are rehearsed and memorized. Written down for me to use to get by in life. Stage lights shine down on my face, and the thrill of people watching, people breathing, people living their lives is exhilarating. The curtain closes and it seems like i breathe for the very first time in ages. Here comes the curtain call, i am about to take my last bow. What did you expect from me? This is the last time I will act for you. Scene over. The show will be over very soon.
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I have lost all faith in what you can do to help me. Why should i believe that you can help when you have let me down so much in my greatest time of need? The bible is full of lies. My life does not consist of making people who are blind able to see again. I can not help what i have become. I have prayed to you to make me better, to make me strong, to make me understand that you want me to have a good life. But that doesn't matter anymore, you have let me down.
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I just want to pass the peace along. I just want to brighten up someone's day. A simple hug can go a long way when someone feels bad. It isnt hard to reach out to someone and give them a simple hug. Everyone needs them, everyone deserves them. The world is coming together through the free hugs campaign. It makes me feel good to give someone who was sad a hug with out a reason, without a motive. Spread the love, give a stranger a hug. You never know, it might just change your life. Everyone needs to be loved
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She points her toes, she spins around. She leaps and then she lands. She stretches out, and she turns out her hips all for a dream. She sweats and she smiles pretending that it doesnt hurt. Everyone leaves but she stays and looks at herself in the mirror. She doesnt see someone who is graceful, she doesnt see some one who is beautiful, she doesnt see someone who is thin. She works so hard and doesnt eat, she thinks that she will be beautiful when she is nothing. She thrives on every pound that she loses, one every bone gained.
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You walk into that old familiar building. The comforting scent of incense and doughnuts enters your blood stream. You put on your smiling face and greet all of the old farts that say hello to you. Every week is repetition, except on those weeks where you get a mid service snack. You sit up straight and pay attention to what the man in the robe has to say. You sing the hymns and say the prayers that have been etched into your brain since birth. In the end you still don't lead that holy life that is expected of you.
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You fall down into the depths of despair, and not knowing what to do you panic. You are the one who got yourself into this mess but apparently you are incapable of getting yourself out of it, because you are WEAK because you are least that is what they want you to believe. You will never make it, you are the underdog. But that is untrue, you just have to be there when your chance comes, you have to be there when it is your time to shine. You cant hide from your fate. You need to step up.
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Why does it have to become so extreme for you to notice? It isnt like she is hiding it as much as she could. She knows that it is isnt your fault for not noticing, but she feels like you do not care for her and what she needs. She talks to you about getting help but you just shrug it off. How is she supposed to get better if no one helps her? She is already having trouble confronting you, but now she is ready. She does not want to hide her life anymore. She desperately needs your help.
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Why is it, that in most books that i have been reading recently, someone or someones DIE? It is getting ridiculous. I do not think that I will never forget how hard i cried when Dumbledore died in the 7th harry potter book. Is it because we are addicted to tragedy? or is it because death makes us want to read more? some people would say both. WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?? I mean, it is becoming ridiculous. Our fascination with tragedy is causing wars and death and horrible genocide. I would much rather keep it in the novels.
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City lights, calm my mind, city noises calm my soul. The diverse people enlighten me. I do not mind having different races and creeds all around me. I am accepting to all who accept me. I do not keep to a single group; i bond with everyone who wants me to. I wish that i could do more to bring people together. A world that is united under the same stars. Be nice to everyone and one day it will come back to you. And in the end when the lights go out, we are all in the same darkness.
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Giving up, going out. Just letting it all go. I will lay here with no worries, no thoughts, no lies. I will be a dreamer, not a sermon less disciple to a desperate demented priest. I will relax, i will not be afraid. I will live my life and i wont give it least not today. I will write what i want, i will rejoice in the untainted words. I wont be censored i wont be suppressed. I will express myself, and i will not hold back. I don't have to please anyone, i am in my own world.
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If the plural of tooth is teeth, why isn't the plural of booth beeth? One goose, 2 geese. one moose, 2 meese? Doesn't it seem crazy that you can make amends but not one amend. you have a bunch of odds and ends, get rid of all but one of them, what do you call it? Is it an odd, or an end? Quicksand works slowly, boxing rings are square and guinea pigs are neither from Guinea or is it a pig. And why is it that writers write but fingers don't fing, grocers don't groce and hammers don't ham?
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English was invented by people, not computers, it reflects the creativity of the human race, which is not a race at all. That is why it is funny, when the stars are out they are visible, but when the lights are out they are invisible.How can a slim chance and a fat chance be the same, while a wise man and a wise guy are the opposites? You have to marvel at the unique lunacy of a language in which your house can burn up as its burning down, in which you fill in a form by filling it out.
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You will notice that America gets mad when people don't know how to speak English but in reality, it is Americans who don't know how to speak their language. We have taken traditions, food, languages, and much more from other countries. America is supposedly a beacon of light for those who want a new start. But does a new start come with learning a language when that is not on the top of your to do list? We need to give people a chance. We ourselves were foreigners to this country. There is no need to get mad at all.