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I'm pleasantly surprised to see myself sticking with this project. I've a tendency to start a lot of things at first but (for various reasons known and unknown) can never seem to complete or finish them well. Most of my writing projects tend to be written halfway or dropped altogether. Once, I tried writing from the ending but that didn't quite work out. I must confess, though, that I don't write every day. Some entries remain blank for days before I get around writing them but I do make it a point to finish them by the month's end. Well, here's to another month of writing 100 words each day.
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"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven."

It is curious to see how two people can be so close to each other and yet know nothing about the other beyond the superficial. I see know that it's true; that timing is crucial in all if not most things. It all makes sense now. He really does makes all things beautiful in his time. As lovely and strange as it sounds, indeed God knows best in allowing things to work out the way they do every time. Thank God I listened.

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You check the clock, it is ten o'clock at night. She has not come home yet. You do a quick calculation. It has been more than 14 hours since she stepped out of the house today. While it is not unusual on weekdays, it is certainly unusual today as it is a Sunday. Okay, tonight not today. Though you try not to, your mind start to wonder of all the possible things that could happen. Before your imagination run too wild, you take a deep breath, telling yourself to keep calm. So you sit and wait. Hoping. Praying that she will come home safely.
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Greenwaves by Secret Garden is a delightful piece of music to listen to. The beauty of the song lies within the rich imagery and simplicity of the lyrics accompanied by a hauntingly beautiful melody that makes you yearn even as it transports you to a dreamy landscape; reminiscent of the lush countryside and rugged highlands. Composed in a sweeping rhythm of 3/4, it makes a beautiful song to waltz to. Listen to it and just picture this in your mind: blue skies above, wind in your hair and rolling hills that stretches as far as the eye can see. Lovely, isn't it?
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You have always been tall and broad-shouldered. Probably the result of genes and playing basketball with the boys during break and after school in the afternoon sun. That white shirt and plain black tie suits you well. With the hat and sunglasses, you look every inch the smart, capable pilot. I remember them well - your cheeky grin and infectious humour. You were always the class clown from freshman up until senior year. Were you like that too during your time in flying school? I bet it was fun.

When I look at the blue skies, I wonder; where are you flying off to today?
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Swirling the liquid in the delicate wineglass, you watched as she glides down the red carpet like a regal queen. Her hair was swept up in an updo that framed her oval face. Diamonds sparkled on her earlobes, drawing attention to her slender neck which was free of adornments. Confidence rolled of her in waves, intoxicating all those who are drawn towards her. The dress swathed around her lithe form was the colour of the darkest wine. Rich, decadent, luxurious. A well aged Pinot. When she looked at you and smiled, your breath hitched. She was a sight to behold.
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There is something from learning ballet from the basics and see it building up to the major steps that wow people. It's so beautiful I can't begin to describe it. My achievement of the day: double pirouette en dehors en pointe! I'm allowed to feel a little proud about it, yes? Then again, if an Advanced student can't execute the step and an Intermediate could - it'd be rather shameful. I love barre, adage, centre, pirouettes, grand allegro just to name a few. Well, except batterie. I can't seem to get that right. Y'know, my French pronunciation isn't half bad thanks years of listening to ballet terms in French!
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I wonder, how you are doing? From what they tell me, you have certainly done well for yourself. I'm proud of you. But since I was not with you every step of the way in your journey to where you are today, I don't think I have the right to say that. I know. It's my fault. My negligence. For what it is worth, you did grow up beautifully. All the blood, sweat and tears you put into improving yourself has certainly paid off. I hope you find yourself worthy to be loved by you. Know that I still do.
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There are always, in each of us,
these two: the who stays,
and the one who goes away
~Eleanor Wilner

As much as
I would like to go,
you're always
the one going away.

Be it exotic cities of South America
or the rustic charm of South East Asia or
even the old splendour of Europe
you would know, we would know
when you'd return
that you'd return.

But, this time
uncertainty reigns
like a king upon his throne...

you spread your wings, flying
to lands whose names
I do not understand

come back home
safe and sound
to us
to me.

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Funny, how the tears fall easily these days.
Funny, how a simple meal can lift your spirits.
Funny, how spending an afternoon with a mentor does wonders to dissipate dark thoughts.
Funny, how soon that hopeful feeling is dampened the moment you leave.
Funny, how the prospect of spending the weekend holed up in a book cafe makes you giddy.
Funny, how he hoped that she would seek him out.
Funny, how people take things for granted.
Funny, how well meaning intentions tend to mess up perspectives.
Funny, how things are to one but to another, they aren't as funny.

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She looked at him, puzzled. "Indulge my curiosity - why are you telling me one of your greatest secrets?"
He shrugged his broad shoulders. "You asked."
"But a normal person wouldn't be so quick or casual about divulging a secret, let alone the greatest one."
"Ah, there's where you're mistaken." He leaned in to whisper into her ear. "I never said I was normal, now did I?"
"So, what's your deepest, darkest secret?" she asked.
"If I tell you, will you promise not to tell anyone else?"
"I promise."
"It's coffee in a tumbler. It's deep and I like it dark."
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"Directly, or indirectly, everything we write is for someone."

I beg to differ. Not everything that is written is for someone. Sure, there are some things written for others but most things, I believe, is for the writer alone though it may be few and far in between. Most of the things I write are for myself. The child of my whimsies and imagination. It does not matter how others perceive my writing. I write to please myself. It is for me. For me, myself and I. Not for you. Not for anyone. It is for me. Don't forget that.
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The postcard slipped under the door since morning was still lying there when he hurried past the front hall into the kitchen at the back of the house. Cook bustled around the kitchen, making preparations for dinner. Ding! goes the microwave. Popcorn spilled everywhere when she popped the door open. Upstairs, Holly started to wail at the top of her lungs. He gazed heavenward, a wry twist on his lips. Since the arrival of the baby, the Lee household was hardly peaceful these days. Yet, he found himself smiling at the sense of joy he felt. Life just got better.
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Today's date brought back memories of a series called D.N. Angel which I really love when I was a kid (I still do, by the way!). There was a short side story on how the main character's mother met the father. I found the fact that he gave her a simple gift (wrought with meaning, in my headcanon) - a white satin ribbon - terribly romantic even till today. It gives me feelings that I cannot describe. Pity I don't write good fanfiction or I would have written a wonderful account on the aftermath of that faithful encounter-

Err, excuse my fangirling back there. What I meant to say is Happy White Day!
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"You are my sweetest downfall."
Samson; Regina Spektor

If Samson never did give into his desires, I wonder; what would have become of him? He wouldn't have lost his pride. He would have fulfilled his destiny of delivering his people from the of the Philistines' rule. Oh Samson, if only you didn't give into that folly of yours. You would have been so much more. Much more than what was recorded in the book of Judges.

What about Delilah who betrayed him to the hands of his enemies? What if she really did love him? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

"I loved you first."

But in the end, she loved money more.
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Kids smiles are really precious. It is truly a sight to behold. It's the same as that sense of fulfilment that warms you from the inside out. What's even more special is when you know them by name, especially amidst hundred of orphans. Each time you call their name, a seed of self worth is sowed in each child. Telling them that hey, you are special because you are unique. I know your name because I care. It is the gift of identity. The other gift is priceless and yet most people find it difficult to give. The one thing all of them crave: love.
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Strange, how the thought of you blossomed in a dusty corner of my mind after five years. You were quite the gangster; always scowling, acting cool and all that. The way you wear your pants hung so low on your hips - I fear it's in the perpetual danger of pooling around your ankles at the slightest pull. But when you smile, you look like a grade school kid with an ice cream on a hot day. Harmless. Approachable. Happy. It's sad to think that not many know this gentle side of you. 'Cause when I think of you, it's these little things that I remember.
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Felt a pang of sadness when I glanced at my planner earlier. Missed the T4YP audition last weekend. There's another one coming up for a musical but I'm having trouble choosing songs as singing ain't my strong suit among the three disciplines of theatre. But then I figured perhaps this is not the best time to indulge in these things. Gotta get my priorities right. Joining the musical will be one too many things on my plate 'cause time management ain't exactly my strong suit. Add a weak willpower and tendency to procrastinate to that list. Ugh.

Well, high time to clean up your act, sistah.
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It never occur to me that there is so much knowledge and training one has to accumulate before one is qualified to fly. I used to think that it's just a matter of service few hundred thousand feet in the air but there is so much more than that. To know that it is not the efforts of one but the whole crew from the engineers to the cabin attendants that ensure a safe and smooth flight - it sure made me appreciate the airlines industry all the more. 'Attention Please!' is truly an inspirational, entertaining as well as educational drama to watch.
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From knowing and understanding different cultures to first aid to being experts in emergency evacuations to memorizing time differences and be able to rattle the accurate time at the drop of a hat is truly amazing. All that done with a friendly smile, poise and grace in delivering an efficient customer service. Hats off to these lovely ladies who had to endure demanding passengers, long hours and lack of a social life. It made me wonder how Aunt Jennifer was back in her days as an air hostess. She must have been quite, if not the woman to grace the skies!
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This is the third time I am typing this entry. Frankly, I'm frustrated. But the sound of the piano instrumental composed by a super talented friend of mine calms me down. I guess there is truth in the old saying 'music soothes the savage beast'. There is a raw power in music to influence each of us. It can either rouse your spirits to greater heights (think Les MisÚrables 'Can You Hear the People Sing'), lull you to sleep or even move you to tears when paired with equally impelling visuals. Fascinating, how music moves the soul of the person listening to it. I know I am.
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One Friday evening on the roads of KL:

"Aiyer, why so jammed wan?"
"You dunno Friday always jammed meh? Normal what."
"Gah. Doesn't change the fact that I hate it."

"What the heck. Haven't moved more than five metres in the last fifteen minutes. This is crazy!"
"Eh, we're gonna be late leh. Better SMS Yap that we'll be late."
"Sudah loh."
"Aiseh, this really siao leh. Why so jammed wan... ish."
"Apa you mumbling?"
"If the cars are jam, then the road is bread! Now all we need is butter to smooth things out-"
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Light is an entity but darkness is not. Just as how salt is salty by being what it is, light shines and illuminates by existing. Its very existence is an influence on the surroundings. When salt is no longer salty, it loses its existence. How can salt be salt if it is no longer salty? In the same way, how can light by light if it does not shine? In the absence of light, darkness reigns. Yet, darkness cannot overcome light. It flees, disappearing into nothingness whenever light floods in. As long as there is a pinprick of light, darkness will cease to exist.
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"The stars are beautiful," she said. He looked up at the night sky, frowning. "I don't see any."
"Just because you don't see them doesn't mean they're not there."
"But really," he scoffed, "A star is just a ball of burning gas in outer space. There is nothing beautiful about it."
"It's called poetic license."
"It's called poetic bullshit."
"You're not very romantic are you?"
"I, am a realist. And you, are obviously an idealist."
She gazed at him. "I wonder, do you enjoy life at all? Your realistic world-view seem to negate any semblance of joy in your life. How sad."
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Start. Slowly, surely. A single step. Into the vast unknown. Uncertainty and fear grips you. You forge ahead with dogged strength. They don't see your balled fists, trembling. They don't see your gritted teeth, chattering. No one knows it's a fašade you put up. In truth, you are just as vulnerable as the next person. One is more likely to act into a feeling than to feel into an action. After all, it is easier said than done when it comes to being courageous. Remember: it does not matter how you begin. It is the journey you take that makes all the difference.
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it's here
in the air.
Can you sense it?

do you remember our promise
from five years ago?

At the end of winter
when the snow melts
and the sun
hides less
behind brooding clouds

I left my gloves
at home that day
but I still had
my scarf on...

It shines more often
The sun, I mean.

Before you left
You told me
"I'll come back"

but when,
you did not say.

You promised though.

So I'll wait
for the promised day to arrive.

the day we meet under the cherry blossom tress once more.
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Food doesn't taste as good when one eats alone. It's the universal truth that eating is a necessity but somehow, food tastes better when eaten with another or a company of friends. Even if the food ain't exactly all that tasty to begin with. It can get rather lonely during meal times if one lives alone. You find yourself looking for friends to have lunch or dinner with.
It's half past ten. Your stomach growls. As you debate whether to make a cup of milk or go out to grab a bite, the phone rings.
"Hey. Wanna grab supper?"
A smile curves your mouth.
"Sure. Where?"
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I'm dedicating today's slot to you. If you're reading this (which is highly unlikely but if you do, oh wow), I still can't get used to your adopted name. You'll always be the dude whom I call by your surname. Since I won't have to call your house phone, it's all fine. It's been ages since I last saw you. There is a possibility of awkwardness to arise if and when we meet but that's okay. We'll be awkward together. Y'know, I still don't get why the comparison to Tsunade's pet pig after all these years. But who cares?
Happy birthday, old friend :)
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Words wield tremendous power that more often than not, they are taken for granted or treated lightly. It is rather unnerving how careless we wield the power of words in our day to day lives - especially in the heat of the moment. An apt word spoken at the right time can be edifying even as it encourages. In the same manner, an ill can destroy a person from the inside out. There is a solid reason as to why the pen is mightier than the sword in this day and age. So choose your words wisely. You never know the full extent of the impact they have on the person you speak to.
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For the first time in a long while, I remembered that I dreamed a dream. More often that not I will wake up each morning with no recollection of whether I dreamed the night before. Whenever someone asks me, 'What did you dream recently?', I could never answer. Imagine my delight when I woke up this morning with a vivid recollection. Not only did I remember that I dreamed, I recalled dreaming two dreams! The first one featured Daisy, a broken elevator and several spiral staircases fashioned into an obstacle course. The second one was about... darn, I can't remember it now.
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Central to all love stories - aside the tension and dilemma that usually follows the pursuit of love - is the element of sacrifice. Otherwise, it is like the old saying; easy come, easy go. I saw a short clip of the movie 'Most' (Czech for 'The Bridge') today. When the father pulled down that lever, I visibly winced in pain even as tears pricked my eyes. It struck unerringly at the heart of the matter. That seemingly simple act meant saving the unsuspecting train passengers over his beloved son. Like the greatest and most definitely real love story I've ever known; God's love and the beautiful exchange on the Cross.