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The first time that I read "The Story of an Hour" the ending shocked me. I did not think that the wife would end up dead. I thought that the way the wife was reacting to the news of her husband’s death was foreshadowing a long happy life for her. When I read the poem the second time, my reaction changed. I could see that the wife wanted to be alone so that no one would notice that she had mixed feelings over her husbands death. This poem taught me that you can't form an opinion before you finish reading.
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The poem “This be the Verse” was obviously written by a person from a broken home. He tires to blame his parents for everything that is wrong in his life. He says they may not mean to, but they fuck up his life. He thinks that parents pass their faults on to their children, and even throw in some extra faults. He says that parents pass down misery and that it gets worse with each generation. The author recommends that children leave home as quickly as they can. He also says each person reading his poem should not have kids.
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The poem “Another Brown Man” deals with the way someone deals with the death of a friend and coworker. The poem is about a Cuban man that works in a cigar factory. He is a man that is liked by the people around him. He teases the women he encounters at work. The author describes the mans dead body and said, “It practiced stillness”. He says that he hears the funeral music and hears the Cuban mans voice. Then when the man turns around the man is not there. Everywhere he saw the man before, he cant find him now.
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The poem “Promises like piecrusts” by Christina Georgina Rossetti is about more than two people making promises to each other. The poem is about two friends that care for each other, but don’t want to ruin their friendship. She says promises are never false and never true. I think they are involved in some type of forbidden love. They could be biracial or maybe even homosexual. The author says that if he makes a promise he is afraid he may break the chain. The author believes she should just be friends with the other person instead of breaking the chain.
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The poem “Black Hair by Gary Soter describes a case of puppy love. He talks about an eight-year-old Mexican girl. The girl is in love with hector Moreno because he is Mexican and plays baseball. She would sit in the bleachers with her mom and cheer the players on the field. She describes how she imagines herself running the bases with hector as a group of Mexicans waits for them at the home plate. She says that her black hair is lifting in he wind. I think this poem says something about the pride Mexican people have for baseball players.
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The poem “A Bedtime Story” by Mitsuye Yamada describes the selfish and materialistic attitude that many of today’s children have. In the poem a grandfather is reading a bedtime story to his grandchild. He is telling the child about an old women traveling through a town looking for a place to sleep. When the town’s people deny her a place to stay she keeps walking. When she climbs up a hill she sees a beautiful full moon. This story is intended to teach the child that you can always find something good in ay situation, but the child is disappointed.
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The poem “Coca Cola and Coco Frio” was a very interesting poem. It tells the story of a fat boy that went to Puerto Rico to visit his family. The boy was in a place that was foreign to him. Every time the boy was at a table someone would offer him Coca Cola and even knew the jingles in English. Then at a roadside stand off the beach the boy tried a Puerto Rican drink called Coco Frio. This poem is not about a boy. It is about people wanting what someone else has instead of just being happy.
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The short story “A&P” was a very good story. The story was set inside a small grocery store near the beach. The main characters were three young girls, a young male cashier, and a store manager. The girls came into the store just as they were dressed for the beach. The male cashier really admired one of the girls. When the girls came to the register the manager began to scold them for what they were wearing. The cashier did not like how the girls were treated. So he quit his job to impress them, but they were already gone.
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I really enjoyed the movie called “Anger Management”. The movie was a comedy about a man that was accused of having a problem controlling his anger. When the man was falsely accused, he became really angry and was sentenced to an anger management program. Once he met his therapist he realized the therapist was the person with the anger problem. He was put through some very bad tests by the therapist. The therapist even stole his patient’s girlfriend. Then when the patient thought he was losing his whole life the therapist revealed that is was all part of the program.
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The song “Courtesy of The Red White & Blue” is a very emotional song. The song is about the terrorist attacks on America. The song begins by describing the singers father served and was injured in the army. He said his father fought so his family could grow up and live happy in the land of the free. Then he voices his opinion about people that don’t want to see TV coverage of the attacks. He describes the attacks as a sucker punch. Finally he says that we’ll put a boot in their ass, because it is that American way.
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Today I heard a beautiful love song on the radio. The song was by a young black man that was trying to express his interests and desire for a certain woman. He used phrases like “Girl you looks good” and “You’s a fine looking thang” to describe the object of his affection. The man also describes the manner in which he wishes to acquire the woman he desires. He exclaims “Girl you looks good why don’t you back that ass up”. These romantic words almost brought me to tears. It was so beautiful. Some guys just know what to say.
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The television show “M A S H” was a very diverse and interesting program. The show looked at the war from a whole new perspective. The show was all about war, but you never saw much fighting. It was more of a behind the scenes type of show. It showed you different types of people that were in the military. Everyone was not a hard-core military man. One of them even seemed to be a homosexual. The show also gave one a look at the things military doctors had to deal with. Its unique perspective is what helped it last.
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I just finished watching the cartoon “King of the Hill”. It is one of the funniest shows that I watch, me being a redneck and all. The characters in the cartoon are just like some of the people I know. They stand around in their front yard and drink beer. One of the men is a drunken exterminator. Another of the men is an older fellow that has trouble with everything he tries to do. The main character is Hank Hill, a propane and propane accessory salesman in Texas. My favorite thing is that we share the same last name.
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The movie “Big Daddy” staring Adam Sandler was a romantic comedy. It is about a man that misunderstands his girlfriend’s request for him to grow up. He thinks that if he adopts a little boy that was left on his doorstep, she will want to stay with him. When he introduces her to the boy she dumps him for an old man. Then the man begins to have feelings for the boy. Next the man finds a women that he falls in love with. Once she sees how good he is with the boy they start a healthy new relationship.
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I think that Mike Meyers is a very talented actor and writer. I really enjoy all of the Austin powers movies. I especially enjoy movies in which one actor plays more than one character. In his Austin Powers movies he plays about four characters. His Austin Powers movies are all parodies of James Bond movies. He plays a secret agent from the 70’s that is stuck in modern times. He also has an arch enemy in each movie. Also like in the bond movies, he always gets the woman. I am looking forward to seeing the next Austin Powers movie.
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The poem “Mountain Graveyard” is a very different type of poem. The poem only has twelve words in it. At first sight the poem doesn’t seem to make much sense. If you look closely at the poem you will see that the words on each line use the same letters in a different order. The words on each line are related and even give you a visual when you read them. The most amazing thing about the poem is the way each line completes a perfect thought. Each set of words describes something related to a graveyard and its surroundings.
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The poem “Night time Fires” is about a boy reliving some of the things that happened in his childhood. He talked about how his father would wake up in the middle of the night and see the same old news in the paper. He said his father did not have a job and would listen for the scream of the fire trucks siren. Then he would make the mother gather up the 5 children and they would drive to the fires. He said his dad really liked to see the rich people’s houses burn. I guess misery really loves company.
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The poem “Magic of Love” is a poem that is in the form most people have heard of. The poem is written in simple words and is very easy to understand. The poem also follows a very steady rhyme pattern. The first line has two rhymes within it and then it begins an A-b, A,B pattern that continues until the end. The poem also has a simple straightforward message. It tells of all the wonderful aspects of being in love. The poem starts out by telling you about the magic of love it ends with the same kind of message.
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It’s the Law, A Rap Poem” gets right to the point. The poem talks about how bad the state of the USA is. It really focuses on how many laws we have on the books. It says we make laws for things we fear. The poem also states that you can’t respect people that don’t respect themselves. It stresses the importance of learning to read and write. Respecting you body and not doing drugs is also talked about. The main point of the poem is repeated at the end. Don’t do to me what you don’t want done to you.
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Louis Simpson’s poem “In the Suburbs” was interesting. The poem has a very sad tone. The author says that the people in the suburbs were bound to end up going down the same path as the families they were born to. The author also states that people in the suburbs were born to waste their lives. The poem also says that there is no way out. Although this poem is interesting, it sends a very negative message. The author seems to have grown up in a middle class family in the suburbs. A positive message would get a better response.
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The Ronald Wallace poem “Dogs” told the story of a boy’s struggle to grow up with the consequences of something he did when he was six years old. When the boy was six he accidentally hit a dog in the head and broke its jaw. The dog had to be put to sleep. The boy describes how he is sentenced to a life of misery by his memory of the accident. He talks about how dogs have bit, barked, and humped him over the years. Then he finishes the poem by saying a loving dog is what hurts him most.
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The poem “Sadie and Maud” by Gwendolyn Brooks compares the different life path that two sisters took. The story begins by telling how Maud went off to college and Sadie stayed home. She describes how Sadie was a wild girl. Sadie also had two children out of wedlock. Her family was very ashamed of her. Then Sadie died and her two daughters went on to be just like her. Now Sadie and both of her parents had passed away. This left poor Maud, who went to college, all alone. She spent her whole life trying to make her parents happy.
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The poem “The Bustle in a House” by Emily Dickinson deals with something most people are forced to do at some time in their life. The poem talks about what happens when a loved on passes away. It talks about the way a house gets very busy the morning after a death. I believe the poem is about losing a husband or wife when it says “The sweeping up the heart and putting love away”. Then it says. “We shall not want to use it again until eternity”. This means that you will see you loved on again in heaven.
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The poem “The road not taken” by Robert Frost is a very descriptive poem. The poem is about making the right decisions when it comes to what to do in you life. The author refers to the grown up road as the one less taken, but actually in the poem he takes the road that is more traveled. The poem is not about the road less traveled but the road not taken. You can catch this when he says he took the road less traveled by. This person is obviously wondering if he could have done something different in life.
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The television show “Even Stevens” is a very well written children’s program. The show is a situation comedy that deals with things children encounter at school or at home. The show stars a brother and sister that do not get along well. Most of the time in the shows thy end up helping each other out of a bad situation. The show is very good at helping the children watching it deal with character issues. The show does not use any foul language and the stars are really good role models for young children. More shows should do the same.
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One of my favorite shows on cable television is South Park. South Park is a cartoon made for adults. The show has very little visual attraction. The thing about this show that draws the crowd in to watch it is the way the characters speak. The characters are young boys that use profanity in every thing they say. The show also deals with current events. Most of the time the events are controversial. The boys say what many people think but are afraid to say. The show also makes fun of homosexuals, Christians, and handicaps. This show just kicks ass.
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The Disney show “That’s so Raven” is a hit with the young children. The star of the show is Raven. She was one of the small children on the Cosby Show. She is a middle class African American girl. She also has the ability to see things in her head before they happen. Usually the idea of the show is for her to have a vision, then try to do something to prevent it from happening. The visions always involve her and two of her friends. The show really looks positively at the daily lives of middle class children today.
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The Jane Kenyen poem “The Blue Bowl” deals with the death of a cat. The poem describes how the owners just dig a whole and scrap the cat and his bowl in. Then they just push dirt in on top of him. After the cat is buried the people just hang around the house and eat. The poem states that it stormed all night but cleared up the next morning. One of the people in the story says that there are sorrows keener than losing a cat. It is just like the person that always seems to say something wrong.
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The poem “The Panther” by Rainer Marie Rilke is about a caged Panther. The poem talks about the cats vision is affected by the constantly passing bars. The constantly passing bars are actually the cats pacing back and forth inside his cage. The poem also says that there is now world behind the bars. This means that the panther has always been stuck inside his cage or enclosure. The poem describes how the cat is powerful but is paralyzed by his surroundings. The poem says that the cat doesn’t even open his eyes for more than a moment. Poor Panther.
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The poem “Richard Cory” By Edwin Arlington Robinson deals with a very common problem in the world today. The poem makes you think that Richard Cory has the perfect life. When he goes to town all the people look at him. He was always a gentleman from head to toe. The man was also very rich. He made most of the people that saw him want to switch places with him. Some of the things in the poem make me think he may have been a homosexual like when he fluttered and glittered. Finally Richard could not handle life anymore.