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I was screaming, trying to fight off the restraints that bound my wrists together in a tight and uncomfortable bond. I could barely stand with the shackles that held me against the plain white wall that surrounded my sight. There was no colour at all in this room, nothing. Nothing. NOTHING. I screamed once again. My voice was becoming hoarse and constricted due to the lack of hydration in the past few hours. I hope they'll come with some water soon, because I'm beginning to become a little light headed and the metal handcuffs were forming bruises on my skin.
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I cautiously opened my eyes and immediately groaned, squinting due to the blinding light that came from the door. Someone's here? He was blue. No joke. He was at least 7 foot tall and had enlarging muscles, he can't be human. There were visible veins that made random patterns lead down his armour. His eyes were a bright shade red, staring at me with a blank expression. I tensed and curled up tighter, my knuckles almost turning white in defense. I was about to speak before I noticed the plate of food and water in his hands. 'Finally' I thought.
12/03 Direct Link
"The King would see to you after your meal." The giant said to me. His voice was darkly menacing and deep, I found it difficult to stop trembling as I hesitantly reached out as far as the shackled would let me to silently ask for the plate of food.

'The King would see to you.' His voice echoed in my head.

What king?

The man turned stiffly and left the room. I winced before I took a glanced at the meal, expecting to find some half dead animal, but to my surprise, it was simply a plate of fruits.

12/04 Direct Link
I don't know if the guard was watching me eat or not, but he appeared back at at the door the moment I finished eating my food.

There were two guards this time, both looking the same species, and they grabbed me by my arms and silently but forcefully dragged me through the halls, barely giving me a chance to catch my footing so I could walk myself.

I ended up in some long hall-like room which appeared to be made of ice... unusual.

At the very end, sitting on a menacing looking throne... was the King.


12/05 Direct Link
"Release her." Laufey's deep, threatening yet royal voice commanded.

I suddenly felt the force as I was dropped carelessly onto the cobblestone flooring, barely able to catch my breath.

"Look at me." He hissed. I slowly raised my eyes to look the King right in the eyes.

"You possess something of mine." He said, almost questionably. "Something that runs in your blood. Something cold. Dark. Something... powerful."

"And what would that be... Laufey?" I spit the last word out.

He rose from his throne, looking taller and all the more dangerous. He took a few steps forward. He growled;

12/06 Direct Link
After the talk with Laufey, the King, I was taken back to my... cell. I was able to actually walk this time. (Thank you very much, guards.)

I sat there, leaning against the cold wall with my arms leaning on my knees as I curled up, a scowl on my face as I thought through the situation.

Aether, Laufey had said, running through my veins. It can't be!

That wretched source was ripped from my body a couple of years ago, how can there possibly be any left?

Perhaps I can get Laufey to meet with the owner of this.

12/07 Direct Link
"Hey," I whisper for the attention of the guard outside my cell. "Hey over here."

He straightens his sword in his grasp which makes me swallow my words, before he walked threateningly towards me. He tilts his head in question.

"Look, I realize your people need the Aether, but it's not me you need. Look, Malekith, he's the King of Svartalfheim, he can give you the Aether!"

"We have no alliance with Svartalfheim."

"Well you have no alliance with Midgard either, so let me talk to the Malekith. I can get you what you need."

He looked thoughtfully.

"Very well."
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The guard told me to wait a few more hours before I could see the King. I don't see the point, but I don't question him either way.

I'm slightly excited when the door creaks open. He unlocks my shackles and allows me to stand and gain my balance.

"What took the King so long?" I ask questionably.

He doesn't answer.

I'm starting to feel a little anxious about what is going on when we walk right past the Kings throne room and out of the castle entrance.

"Where are we going?" I ask, hissing.

"Svartalfheim. To see Malekith."

12/09 Direct Link
We made our way outside, I was a bit stunned at the guards choice of location but it will have to do.

Either way, it'll get me out of where ever I am. (And perhaps let me know where the hell I am.)

I knew Laufey was a king, but of which realm? I was unsure. But I guess this idiotic guard is about to let me know.

"How do you suppose we get to Svartalfheim?" I ask, not exactly desperate; mere curiosity.

"With this." He forms... what's that in his hand?

The casket of Ancient Winters.

...This is Jotunheim.
12/10 Direct Link
I've been extremely tense since we left the castle.

"Jotunheim." I whisper to myself. Still in awe at where I've been this whole time.

Laufey is King of Jotunheim... who knew.

This realm has been pretty isolated and kept quiet since the war against Asgard. I was starting to wonder what they've been doing, but now they're personally asking for the Aether, a powerful essence, I'm guessing they're not using it as a trophy... no, they're using this as a weapon. To kill? Or to protect?

I was distracted, then realising we used the Casket to transport to Svartalfheim.

12/11 Direct Link
I don't like this place any more than Jotunheim itself. The place is a ruin and the species aren't looking to make friends. I don't know about any alliance between the two realms but according to the way the guard holds a firm head and an unsettling expression, I can only trust he knows what he's doing.

We teleported only a few minutes away from Malekith's throne room, only this time the Jotun actually let me walk by myself, not even holding onto me or putting me in chains considering the fact I'm still his prisoner.

Perhaps trust is key.
12/12 Direct Link
The King was muttering something to one of his Elf guards when another came in, standing stiffly and marching through the room.

"Malekith. We have visitors… both Jotun and Midgardian.”

Malekith rose immediately from his throne and stared accusingly at the Elf. “Send them in.” He says, quickly yet questionably.

A few seconds later the Jotun guard and me were forced through the grand gate and were face to face with the King.

“What are such species doing on my realm?” He asks, using mocking tone.

“We come in question of Laufey. He requires your assistance.”

…I don’t like this.
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"We have no alliance with your realms!" Malekith all but yelled.

"Perhaps that's what we came for? An alliance." The guard seemed awfully calm about this situation, I'm beginning to wonder if he even knows what he's doing.

"An alliance? With your ice world? And with this... mortals? Midgard has nothing we need."

"Midgard is not necessary, Malekith. We come within question."

"Explain." He said, a little quieter than before. The guard strutted proudly a few steps closer.

"Laufey would require your Aether essence.."

"And in return for such a delicacy?"

"In return, we will trade... the mortal."


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I tug on the Jotuns arm lightly but forceful enough to get his attention.

"What are you talking about?" I hiss silently, staring furiously into his red eyes.

"Hush, mortal." He whispers softly. It's not reassuring in any sense.

"What use is the mortal to our realm?" Malekith interrupts. The Jotun grips my arm again and pulls me forward slightly.

"She has something that... is worth more than all the nine realms."

Malekith tilted his head slightly, as though in consideration.

"What exactly are you offering?" He asks.

"How about you find out yourself?" He granted. "Deal?"

Please say no.
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Malekith looked uncertain as to whether or not to accept the offer.

What would he do if he did? Would he lock me up like they did on Jotunheim? Would they cut me open and rip the Aether out of me? Or would they merely kill me just to save the trouble, because why would any immortal King post a safe procedure for a worthless mortal who is bound to die soon anyway.

Anyway, I'm sure Laufey won't be happy if one of his guards just gave away one of his prisoners to another king without permission.


Oh, no.
12/16 Direct Link
This was not what I was expecting at all.

On Jotunheim, I was dragged through the halls, carelessly thrown into the cell like a criminal and treated like dirt.

Here? On Svartalfheim? The guard, he bowed to me. He led me calmly to a room. Not a cell, a room. It had a bed, a chair, books, and a window. He tended to my bruises and treated me like royalty.

I was utterly confused beforehand. Why was I being treated like this?

Then it hit me.

The Aether, it's vulnerable. They don't want to ruin their only source of power.
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I sat and scowled on the bed in my 'room' for about an hour or so before another Elf guard entered and bowed down to me. I wished he wouldn't.

"Stop that." I hissed, arms still crossed and sulking like a teenager.

"Kings orders. You are an ally at this point in time, and so you shall be treated as one." He spoke softly as he walked over to my bedside casually.

"At this point in time, you say." I mimic. "But the moment you take this worthless Aether out of me you'll all most probably kill me."

"...Most probably."
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His sudden change in tone doesn't reassure me in any way.

"How are you even so sure I have the Aether?" I ask challengingly, tiling my head up in question to add empasis.

"You think we cannot tell whether or not you possess something of ours?" He asks.

"The Aether does not belong to you." I growl possessively. He hums out a laugh an tilts his head up and walks towards me, mimicing my previous threat.

"Foolish mortal." He says lowly. "You think you can control the power? Believe me, the Aether will kill you before we even touch it."

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After a long staring silence, he bowed forcefully, his face with a strong twitching expression, just burning with the chance to yell something at me. Anything. Like, 'Know your place, mortal' or some useless excuse like that.

I sighed heavily after he left, fiddling with the sheets of the bed in deep thought.

I still don't understand how there could possibly be any Aether left after it was removed as I previously remembered. Unless Odin didn't find all of it... or maybe he left some in there on purpose.

I'll speak to the Jotun.

We need to go to Asgard.
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I wait until the next servant comes by to give me my daily meal before speaking.

"I wish to speak with the Jotun." I keep my gaze forward when speaking, voice clear on what I'm asking.

"I cannot grant you this without permission from Malekith."

"Then get it!" I demand, shaking with emphasis as the
 servant looks at me, unimpressed.

"No guarantees." He simply states before stiffly marching off down the hall.

I'm panting slightly after the conversation before looking down, somewhat ashamed at my outburst.

A little while later, the servant comes back.

"Your request has been denied."
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I mutter insults and curses under my breath as the guard walked off without remorse. I can feel his smirk as he told me the news.


I'll need to get to the Jotun somehow, because there is no way I'm going to be stuck here. If Malekith wants the Aether, he's going to need me to get to Odin to remove it. Not that I know if Odin is any more grateful about my life than the Elf is.

I turned towards the window and looked out to see if there was anyway I could see the Jotun.

12/22 Direct Link
I proceeded to throw pebbles at the window adjacent to mine, knowing not to risk yelling for the Jotun in case there was any Elf guard standing outside my room.

A few seconds later the blinds open and the Jotun looked out towards me questionably.

'I need to speak with you.' I mouthed. The Jotun just looked around his own room before turning back and raising his index finger indicating one moment, then leaving my sight.

I turned back to my room, looking around patiently before the Jotun suddenly materialised in the middle of my room.

"What did you need?"
12/23 Direct Link
"W-" I stutter, amazed yet confused. "Did you just appear out of god damn thin air?" I whisper harshly.

"One way or another." He said, like it was the most simplest thing in the world. "What did you summon me for?"

"Oh, right." I remember. "Look, I know I may be making things about 25 times worse by only noticing this now, but Odin may be able to help us in this situation." I suggested. The Jotun sighed heavily and crossed his arms.

"My people aren't exactly fond of Asgardians."

"Yeah? I'm not fond of anyone right now."

"I agree."
12/24 Direct Link
"So? Think we can get to Asgard? You could use your whole teleporting specialty and get us there, right?" I ask eagerly. He winces slightly so I sigh and limp slightly. "What is it?"

"I can only reform myself to a place by myself, I cannot bring you with me unless you had the ability alongside me."

"B-But what about the Casket? You used that to get us here, why not do the same thing?"

"It can only be used for a limited time, it takes approximately a month of your Earth years to regain the power once more."
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"We can wait that long, can't we?" I ask hopefully. He shook his head before I had even finished the sentence.

"We cannot risk the wait. They might take the Aether within a year, or maybe even tomorrow."

"And going alone will make any difference?"

"I will barely be gone 2 days."

"You just said that it could happen tomorrow-"

"Do not twist my words." He said annoyingly. "I said it as a risk, but it's better than nothing, is it not?"I sigh.

"I guess. But you can't blame me for... worrying."

Even I'm surprised I'm caring about him.
12/26 Direct Link
The Jotun told me that he can apparently create clones of himself which he left in his 'room' so that no one would notice he had gone.

I felt a shiver run down my spine when I saw the Jotun disappear. I'm suddenly wondering if I should have trusted him so easily with information that only I knew.

I had told him that he needs to ask Odin to use the Bifrost to get to Svartalfheim and see me without the Elves knowing. That's asking a lot from such a king, but it's important.

I hope I can trust him.
12/27 Direct Link
Apparently I'm treated with a bit more decency that I expected. A few hours after the Jotun left Malekith came into my room and offered me his hand to take a walk. I took it hesitantly but knew better than to refuse an offer from a King.

We were walking outside in the nice weather, watching all the younger elf children play and some unusual insect like bugs flying around. They must be natural to this world.

"Midgard is more dangerous than most of us believe it to be. Becomes such a cliché planet over time. I'd love to visit."
12/28 Direct Link
"It's not exactly, uh... specie friendly."

"Oh, I've been told. You have quite a strict ruler ship, barely any freedom. I'm not surprised you chose another realm to settle in."

"It... wasn't voluntary." He looks at me with a questioning expression which I choose to ignore, knowing better than to go into more detail with what's happening on Jotunheim right now.

"I did offer for the Jotun to join us, although he decided to refuse."

"Yeah, he's not very social." I admit, laughing with Malekith for a few seconds.

He seems more friendly than the Jotun described him to be.
12/29 Direct Link
Time has passed rather quickly whilst speaking with Malekith. He's not talking about the Aether, or Jotunheim, or Midgard which are subjects I'd all like to avoid. Instead he's talking about adventures he went on during his childhood.

"You we're quite the curious type, weren't you?" I ask.

"Oh, believe me, I was never where I was supposed to be. Always in the wrong place at the wrong time."

"I understand." I say honestly. We're laughing together. And it sounds normal? Elf King and a random Midgardian enjoying each others company. Who knew.

But I'm still thinking about the Jotun.
12/30 Direct Link
The King left for business reasons and I remained on the bench-like seat thinking about... well, anything.

I'm beginning to wonder why I didn't just ask the King if I could speak with Odin myself, wondering if the servant previously was just pissed with me. But then again, King or not, he still doesn't like Odin, so I guess it wouldn't have made much difference; and I can't ask now in case I risk blowing the Jotun's plan.

It's quite homely here, but the Guards words before still linger.

'The Aether will kill you before we even touch it.'
12/31 Direct Link
The next few days pass rather quickly, although I am still anxious about the Jotun's return. And when he does, it's not a pretty sight.

"What happened to you?" I gasp, eyeing the Jotun up and down. He's covered in blood, and he has no cuts so I don't think it's his own. He's sweating, panting, and limping as he slouches, attempting to catch his breath.

"Asgard..." He groans, attempting to force out a sentence.

"What about Asgard?" I ask. "What happened?" I walk up to him. "Where is Odin?" I whisper.

He looks up to me.

"Odin is dead."