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The way of life during my child hood back home on the farm in southern Illinois, was like hill billies. There were plenty of water wells that you could lower a bucket down to bring up water, there were also hand pumps to pump the water up.  We also had out houses and tin bath tubs to take a bath in.  We did have electricity.  We also had a coal stove to heat the house with, and a wood burning stove to cook with. We had cattle, horses, goats, sheep, hogs, rabbits, ducks, geese and chickens. 
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During my early years on the farm in southern Illinois, my days and nights were filled with hunting.  There were several dogs that were used for hunting raccoons, which were sought for their fur.  We skined the raccoons carefully so as to  not  punch a hole in them, and then we put them on a strecher to dry, for about a month ,  Then we sold them to the fur buyer at the feed store.  The fur buyer would come around once a month.  We also hunted deer for their meat. Deer meat  also called venison makes a good  winter stew.
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Reflections of my early days on the farm in southern Illinois.  There were squirrel hunting, and frog gigging; we would go gigging at night, shine bright lights in the frogs' eyes, and when the frogs were blind, we would gig them with three prongs on the end of a long pole.  Yuck!  We also hunted wild rabbit, which is my favorite meat; cooked on a wood fire for breakfast, it's delicious!  Two more of my favorites are quail and dove breast.  Then in late fall, we hunted Canadian geese and ducks that were on their migration south for the winter.
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 I learned things as a child in order to grow a bountiful vegetable garden.  In early winter, I would cover the ground with cow manure.  Then, when spring came, the ground would be plowed.  After that, it was time for planting, then the garden grew, and I chopped out weeds and cultivated the soil using a garden hoe.  Then, more fertilizer was added, and in a few months, there would be a beautiful vegetable garden ready for harvest.  There were tomatoes, potatoes, green beans, beets, carrots, leaf lettuce, onions, cabbage, eggplant, rhubarb, corn, pole beans, bell peppers, garlic, and sunflowers. 
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As a child living in a rural area in southern Illinois, I was assigned a variety of chores. In the spring season, I was sent out to the woods to gather Morel mushrooms.  Another spring chore was to go along the edge of the woods and pick the young, tender, tops off of a green plant called Poke.  I also had days filled with gardening during the spring and summer seasons. For another summer time chore, I was sent into the woods to pick wild black berries.  Then, during the fall season, I harvested English walnuts, ripe apples, and pears.
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Some of my childhood chores and activities I had growing up on a farm in southern Illinois kept me very busy and tired most of the time. My daily chores were to feed the livestock, the cats, and the dogs, every evening. Another daily chore was to wash or dry the dinner dishes. Weekend chores were to clean the house and clean out the horse barn. My winter chores were to fill up coal buckets and then to carry the heavy buckets into the house, then to take out the ashes from the coal burning stove and the wood burner.

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From infancy to about fifteen years old, I was a child abuse victim. I was beaten on a regular basis; my legs were always bruised, sometimes so, I could hardly walk. If I slept late, my step dad would grab a hold of my ankles and pull me out of bed until I hit the floor. He would throw me in the air, gouge me in my ribs with his elbow, and kick me in my back; he took away my school books and did not allow me to do my homework, and my mother let this happen to me.

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When I was a child, not being allowed to do my school home work, I failed the third grade spelling and was passed on because of my mothers request. In the fourth grade, I was sent to the slow class. When I was fifteen, I was sent to a private baptist christian school, where I made As and Bs . Later, I attended Erwin Technical school studied anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and made mostly As . Thank God for my grade school teachers because they taught me to read at school with out home work. School was a good, safe, place for me.    

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When I was a student at Erwin, something very strange happened to me. After the first month, I made principal's honor roll; I was so happy that day!  Then, my teacher asked me to come to her office and told me to not come back to class and to quit school.  The happy smile left my face. I could not quit school I told her that I was going on a grant.  Ms. Harrison even wrote a letter asking me to quit school after I was in a wreck, but my grades were all As and two Bs; I graduated!

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How I became a taxi driver: my mother came home from church one Sunday afternoon and told me that a friend of hers from church asked if I would like  to drive one of her cars / taxis?  I replied, “No! No! No!”  I felt frightened.  At the time, I owned a house, but I didn't have transportation.  So after about three months of walking in the Florida heat,  I decided to accept the job, with then called Paradise Taxi of Dade City, Florida.  After about three days, I thought, “this is the best job for me.”  I lasted ten years.

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During my career as a taxi driver I had many experiences; some so mundane, I don’t remember, then there were stories I just cannot forget, like the time I found two under age children at the Seven-Eleven in Redington Beach, when I stopped for a cup of coffee. The children were from Lakeland, they had lost their car’s driver when he was put in jail.  When I found them, they were sitting outside the store, broke, no money, and no way to get home.  I feared for their safety and wellbeing, so I took them home, free of charge.

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    During the time I drove for United Cab of Tampa, I got to choose my route, so much of my time was spent driving on Davis Island, where I would go to Tampa General Hospital, pick up patients, and take them home; they lived all over the state of Florida.  I thought, what a good place to work.  I also took many of the rescue workers back to their fire stations all over Hillsborough County.  Another place I took patients home from was Saint Joseph’s Hospital.  My favorite places to drive my taxi were Tampa International Airport and Bayshore Boulevard.

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For much better health and good hygiene, hand washing is very important to keep down the spread of germs.  Personally,  I wash my hands before cooking and eating, after using the restroom or pushing around a grubby germ laden shopping cart, and after a germ spreading hand shaking session.  Several other things people can do to improve their health would be to walk daily, don’t over eat and drink red wine in moderation.  The reason so many people disregard good hygiene, might be because they don’t fully understand about the spread of germs, laziness, or perhaps they just don’t care.

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Well, today is Valentine’s Day, and I keep thinking about the story I just read for my developmental reading class, named, “Sweat.”  The story takes place in South Florida in the early 1900’s.  It’s about a  black wash woman named Delia, who always sweats as she washes her white patrons’ laundry.  Her husband, Sykes, is financially dependent on her.  He is also a wife beater, a serial philanderer, and a party spend thrift, who always comes home broke.  Sykes calls Delia, “an aggravating nigger ‘omen,” and Delia calls Sykes, “a ovah berin niggah.”   I found the story “Sweat” very interesting. 

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I had a great weekend starting Friday evening:  I took my grandson to Fossil Park in Saint Petersburg; he had baseball practice.  The coach, the parents, and the grandparents, said that they were very cold; I was very cold also, but it is worth going through it for the children.  Of course, I think my grandson is just as cute now as when he was a baby. He said to me, “Grandma, look at how clean my shoes are.  I ran so fast that I didn't even get any dirt on them.”  I said, “Now that was very fast, Ky-mani.”

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Today is February 16th and I really can’t think of anything to write about, but I know I had better come up with something soon because it is now 10:16 pm.  I think that I should start reading the newspaper; maybe that would give me something to write about.   I just thought of the time a columnist called and asked if I would give him a story about the scariest situation I had been in while driving the taxi.  I gave him a story, and sure enough, I made the newspaper.  Maybe I could write about that story another time. 

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Well, I guess it’s back to telling taxi stories.   At the time, I really enjoyed driving a taxi; it was fun and exciting, and it paid well.  I have been told that Tampa is not a cab town; in other words, people in Tampa, Florida, do not like taxi drivers.  Somehow, I find that strange.  As far as I know, it’s an honest job; it always paid the bills, and I had plenty of money.  Also, my credit score was more than 700.  What is not to like about that?  I enjoyed it, so I guess that’s all that matters.

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There is nothing very exciting going on today; that’s probably a good thing.  I went grocery shopping yesterday and I bought some really good food.  I buy water at Publix because they sell it for $0.75 a gallon.  Recently I started shopping at Aldi for groceries.  They have some really good buys and good food.  Wow, the way I get my food and water now is way different than I did in my childhood.  Also, my surroundings are very different; I am going to school in a big city and dodging automobiles in between classes.  How my life has changed.  

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Today has been a long day; I got up this morning at 6:30 am, then went to school.  I really enjoy school because I am learning so many good things there.  After school, I went to Aldi grocery store to shop, then came home and cooked dinner.  I made dried black eyed peas, some ham hocks, and collard greens. I got a recipe by Paula Dean off of the internet; she has some really good ones. Then, I shopped online at a site called for a new or refurbished computer.  It is now 8:58 pm and I am tired.
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I started my day at 6:30 am and was in Saint Petersburg by 10:30.  I took my daughter to pay bills, first to her bank, then to pay off her car title loan, then to pay taxes on her house, then to Amscot to pay off another loan, and finally stopped at Target to buy baby diapers.  By that time, it was 2:30 pm, and we stopped for lunch at Burger King, then picked up my grandson at 3:00 pm, and took him shopping at Play It Again Sports.  Then, we were at Fossil Park from 5:00 until 7:15 pm.

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Today was another good day; I slept in until 8:00 am, then I got up and went shopping at Walmart.  After that, I went to Fossil Park in Saint Petersburg.  Today was opening day for baseball.  My grandson plays on the Timber Rattlers team at Fossil Park.  The park had a celebration today:  they had bounce houses and food vendors, and they also had some other activities going on.  I had a good time at the park, enjoyed some good food, and my grandson’s team won.  Then, I took my grandson home, and after that, I went home to nap.

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I slept in again today, and when I did finally get up, I worked on my homework for school.  After that, I went gift shopping at Game Stop, where I bought three games for my grandchildren, then I went to Walmart to pick up some hair color, tea, and some pasta.  After the shopping trip was over with, I went home and studied some more.  After I finished with my studies, I had a late lunch that I had bought at Walmart:  chicken tenders, mashed potatoes with gravy, and corn.  Then, I drove to Saint Petersburg to deliver the games. 

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Today was a good day.  I started the day off at 5:45 am.  I had a nice day at school, came home from campus and took a nap, then I got up and finally ordered a computer off of the Internet.  After that I ordered a pizza from Papa John’s, and now I find myself working on my one hundred words homework for extra credit.  At first, I was afraid to try to write one hundred words a day, but now I’m so glad I did decide to try. Before I started this assignment I could hardly write at all.

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Well, you must be thinking that I lead a boring life; I probably do.  I get up in the mornings, study and go to school during the week, and I try to sleep in on the weekends.  Nothing much happening today, and I’m having a little trouble thinking about what I can write about.  I have been sick lately, my feet and ankles have been swelling up on me.  I have COPD, and the medication the doctor gave me made me sick.  I don’t smoke cigarettes anymore, and I wish that I had never started smoking those bad, bad, things.

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Today was another day in the Sunshine State, also known as Florida.  I’ve always missed my hometown in Illinois; I would have moved back many years ago, but my children were here, and my ex-husband would not let me take them back, so I had to stay to be near to them and now they’ve had their children here also.  I think that when I go on vacation, I will be sure to visit southern Illinois.  I did go back home once, about two years ago, and I had a really good time there, and also some really good food.

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I did not sleep very well last night.  I woke up several times.  I had a sore throat; I think I may have gotten it from being out at the baseball park.  It was cold out there from 5:00 to 7:30 pm Wednesday night, and not only cold, but foggy, and there was a wet mist in the air.  I thought that the game would have been canceled with bad weather like that, but the boys played anyway.  I really like taking my grandson and granddaughter out to the ball park, but I will be glad when it warms up.

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 I am just going to write down my thoughts for a moment. Today is February twenty-seventh, two-thousand-fifteen.  Wow, how time flies!  I only have today and tomorrow left to write one hundred words, and I will be finished writing.  That’s good, and I will have finished my homework for extra credit.  Today I got up early, did some homework, then drove to Saint Petersburg and ran some errands for my daughter, Carolina, then brought my grandson back to Tampa, and went to Game Stop in the mall to exchange a game.  Then it was time to go home, sweet home.

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I got up early this morning at 6:15 am, and by 7:30, I had taken my grandson to Al’s Barber Shop, where he got a haircut.  He saw Superman’s picture on the barber shop wall and said that was the kind of haircut he wanted. Then, by 9:00, I was at Fossil Park in Saint Petersburg.  Today was picture day for my grandson’s team, but they got rained out, so no pictures or game today. Then, my companion Ryan, my grandson Kymani, and I, went to McDonald’s for breakfast, where I broke my tooth eating a sausage and egg biscuit.