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My sweet dear darling, why don't you laugh so? Today is time for fun, joy, and even a little bit of harmless acts upon another. You can't take these acts personally. It's all just for laughs. My dear, laugh with me. It wasn't harmful. It's rather quite funny if you think about it. You can return the favor sometime today if you please to do so, surprisingly. My dear, join in and laugh with me. Please don't be upset. I'm sorry my darling. I won't do that act again. I'll do a more simple one next time. Darling laugh, please.
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Why have you done me so wrong? What have I done to deserve this? I was wonderful to you. I did everything you asked. What made you do such a thing? I can't understand why. Why would this happen to me? Why God did this happen to me? I'm a good person. Don't I ever get some good things coming to me? I just simply don't understand. Help me understand why this thing, in particular, happened to me. What should I do? I'm at lost for words. What caused this horrible thing? Tell me why it happened to me? Why?
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Ring, ring, ring. Looked at the clock. "Oh crap! I'm going to be late!" I rushed out of bed onto the floor. Only have ten minutes 'til I need to leave. I plowed through my clothes in my laundry basket, "Does this match?" I threw my clothes on and run to the bathroom to grab my toothbrush and toothpaste. Then I dashed to the kitchen. I brush my teeth as I tried to pack my lunch. I spit in the kitchen sink. Put my toothbrush back in the bathroom. Pulled my hair up. I grabbed my stuff and left quickly.
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Well it's been a fun and interesting ride, college. My first semester ever is ending and I truly can say that, beside the late nights trying to finish an assignment, it has been great. So much better than high school. Although I do miss some of the fun times that high school has created for me during my senior year. I do miss some of my old friends but meeting new ones is great. I guess it evens out. Now being able to actually work towards my goal successfully has me excited for the future. Bring on the next semester!
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Happy Birthday to my big brother in South Korea. I can't wait 'til you come home in May. I'm so proud of you. I can't believe you're already twenty-one. Seems like it was just last year we were fighting over the TV remote so we both could watch what we wanted. I'm in awe that that was about four years ago. We need to stay in touch more but I do understand that it gets hard for you because you haven't seen us in so long. I hope you have an amazing day! I love and miss you Bro.
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Don't you ever get tired of waiting at a doctor's office for like twenty minutes? Especially if there's only like three people in there, including you, early in the morning. Why do you have to sit there for twenty minutes or more? Most people, like me, have other things they need to be doing so they would appreciate it if they could get in and get out as fast as they could. Other people are sitting in fear, so they're basically are just paying to be sitting in fear. Why have us wait that long? Get us in there quicker.
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Walking in the hot sun, sweat coming down your brow. Energy level is becoming weak. You need cool water to quench your thirst. To gain back some energy, to make it to your car because you have another ten minute walk 'til you arrive at it. There's no water in sight. You need it very bad. You start to feel your dry, cotton mouth become cool at the thought of nice, cold, clear water pouring down your tongue and goes down your throat. Making this cold spot in your stomach when it goes through your lower esophageal sphincter. Water, please.
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I try to keep working on entry eight but for some reason I can't seem to stop looking off at this hawk center piece in the middle of the courtyard at the Plant City College. The bright sun beaming down on the back of the hawk statue that's surrounded by youthful, green plants with a few tiny, yellow flowers poking through. The hawk seems more powerful with it's eight foot detailed feather wingspan with a slight blue tint and a gold, yellow tint on it's tail feathers. It's beautiful. Just stuck mesmerized on how green, big, and beautiful it is.
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Isn't it amazing how you can find 'the one' at such a young age? You listen to all of these stories from these elderly people about how they were head over heels in love with their sweethearts and end up married to them for fifty-five years. That's a true love story. I was lucky enough to find my true love early. Although most adults now days don't agree on young marriage. But why should we wait on our happiness? I found my high school sweetheart during my senior year and I don't plan to live one day without him.
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The number one key to friendship is trust. If you don't trust your best friend then why are ya'll friends in the first place. Your best friend should be the person you can rely on when you need them the most. Or someone who doesn't judge you for doing stupid things, yet do those stupid things with you. You should be able to tell all your deepest dark secrets to your best friend in confidence that he or she will not tell anyone. But you must return the favor. Tell me, Are you a best friend to your best friend.
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Does it help that I'm procrastinating on finishing my English work but, yet, doing my entries for extra credit in English? Does that count as procrastination? I believe it does to some extent. Well at least it's not a bad procrastination, if it is procrastination. It's for a good cause. To make my English grade higher. But this is now bothering me. Is it really procrastination if I'm doing the work for the same class, it's just not the work I should be doing but both of the work benefits to me? That is the real question of the day.
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Dear diary, why doesn't he notice me? I sit right behind him in math class. Every time I walk past him in the hallway it's like he doesn't know that I exist. I don't even think he knows my name. One time he needed a pencil and he asked me but he didn't say my name. He just said "hey you." But he's super cute and I can't get him out of my mind. He is extremely dreamy and I would know because i daydream all the time that he would ask me out. Why doesn't he ever notice me?
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Is it wrong for young adults to still watch cartoons? I mean if you watch them as a child it's totally okay. But what if you continue to watch some of those cartoons? It's not as terrible as the junk you see now days where there's nothing but cursing every five seconds, and all of these sex scenes in pg-13 movies. If it's the really childish cartoons such as Dora the Explorer or Paw Patrol then I believe that you may need to change the channel. But if it's like Spongebob Squarepants or KC undercover then that's totally okay.
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How is it possible that I'm with such a handsome person. Crystal blue eyes as deep as the ocean that's so mesmerizing, you cannot look away. Hair that is golden as a coin and luscious. A jawline that will travel for days. Round, plump, full lips that anyone can climb over for a month to reach the finish line. Perfect, chisel body that can wash his clothes. Rippling biceps that takes a year to one climb huge hill. It's like looking at a god. How can someone like that be with me? I am the luckiest girl in the universe.
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So many things going on this week. One thousand word paper due Tuesday. Choreography phrase due Wednesday. Math test is Friday. Funeral is Saturday. So many things.. Stress is steaming out of my ears. How do people live like this? I could not be that person that's stress everyday. I would be that crazy white woman with no hair. Stressed out adults should really relax and slow down. It's not good for aging adults' physical and emotional health. With all the toxic chemicals released in your body it can help cause heart attacks, cancer, etc... Go buy a stress ball.
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Round quarter pound meat surrounded by green lettuce leaf, yellow cheese melting all the way down to the table, juicy tomato, sweet pickles, and the tastiest onions on top of the cheese. All held together by a tan, round bun with seeds on top. With a side of long, yellowish, skinny, fried potatoes in a red cup shape container. Medium size cup container to hold tasty, carbonated liquid that can be any flavor you would like. From grape to coke zero, to all the way to plain, refreshing water. There you have a colorful and delicious meal...unless you're vegan.
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He walked outside feeling the invisible, calming breeze against his rugged face. Closing his eyes to hear the sweet whistle blowing off of his ears. Smiling as he steps off of the porch to feel the soft green grass squeezing for a rightful place between his toes. Causing him to be relaxed from the top of his head to the soles of his feet as he looks across the flower filled meadow with trees cascading in the very back. The sun beaming down in the right spot across the horizon giving it the perfect amount of warmth for this day.
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This joyful light in the pit of my soul every time I create a movement to further my phrase. As I get deeper with each movement, the brighter it shines all the way through to a smile on my face. Starting off small 'til I finish with a huge grin from ear to ear. As wide as the sea. But not just stopping at my face, it goes all the way 'til you can see the light shining through the very tips of my fingers and toes. Having me walk off the stage with a bright glow outlining my body.
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Honey, I love you. The way you move. The way you speak as if I'm lock in a trance. The way you look at me. Causing me to feel like you know what I'm saying deep down in my soul. The baby blue eyes of yours that goes deep as the ocean. The way you hold me so tight. The way you smile at me while I'm doing something stupid. The sound of your laugh. The sound of your voice. The way you talk about being on the stage but knowing that I'm the only one. Honey, I love you!
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If you leave me where would you go? Where will you stay? With what money? With what job? How will you be able to afford to wash clothes? Where would you wash clothes? How will you be able to afford rent? Or groceries? You don't even know how to do taxes. Why would you want to leave without knowing a clue on how to do anything? No body is going to help you, especially for free. That's what I hear all the time and you know what? It's none of their business. That's for me to figure out. Thank you.
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One day out of the junior or senior year that almost every girl looks forward to. No school work. No drama. Just a night of fun and dancing. Taking hours that morning to turn out like Cinderella going to a ball. Waiting for their prince to show up to carry them off to dinner and the ball. Everybody looking their absolute best in their blackest tux and sparkly dresses. Wondering if your best friend is there. If so, what are they wearing? Telling them how gorgeous everybody is. One night to feel free and just like a princess til midnight.
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The deep annoyance that's building up inside. From the pit of my stomach. Trying my hardest to be patient but after asking for the fifth time, it gets challenging. What do they not understand that I'm getting very aggravated every time I don't get an answer. It's a big night. They're suppose to already have this planned but its two weeks til the event and they expect it to magically come together. No. Life doesn't always work that way. I'm trying to tell them that and they're just not getting it. I guess they'll figure it out sooner or later.
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Yesterday was not my best day. I think I truly now figured out how college works. First of all, I got up to go to my 8 a.m. class to find out that there's no class. Then, I try to return my books and get a little bit of cash back. They wouldn't because it was a loose leaf book that I had to throw in a binder to hold together. It made me mad because that's all they would sell and I'm never using that book again. I have to somehow sell it, which will take a while.
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Why does everybody stress so much on love? On what is right and what is wrong. When he or she actually finds it, they tell us that it's wrong because it's not how they would love. What is right or wrong on loving a person? Setting aside all the abuse. Can love really be wrong? If he or she is young and in love, is that wrong? If he or she has an age gap with his or her partner, is that wrong? If she spoils her partner, is that wrong? If he can barely support her, is that wrong?
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I got my boyfriend concert tickets for an early birthday present for him. He might not be as excited about it as I am. It's going to be awesome. I actually get to see four favorite rock bands of mine. Apparently it's an annual concert and if it's as good as the radio says it is, I want to go every year. Considering if I like most of the bands, of course. It's only four days away and I'm counting down every single moment. I should probably go because I'll probably just ramble on until I'm just saying one words.
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It's Tuesday. I'm just trying to count down the days until my first semester of college is over. Trying to embark on a new milestone.. Graduating after next fall term. If I work through the summers, I believe I can do it. I have calculated what my advisers have told me and If nothing has changed I will graduate with my major. But it's college, so you never know. They might tell me something different every semester. I figured out that the two campuses I go to, does that. I now know which campus is right. Bring it summer school!
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I think I can make it through college. If I do things ahead and accept nothing lower than a B, I should really make it. And that will increase my chances of going to a University, if I choose to do so. I'm not sure yet. I really haven't decided yet. I'm that type of person who just has to get through one thing at a time. And right now that is my major. I get paid to go to college and I love going if I make good grades and gets paid. That's the best kind of college ever!
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Math final, bring it on! I love math plus this course has been really easy to me so I believe I will do well on this final today. I just need a few minutes to study a little bit, just in case. Math has always been my best subject. It has always been able to just click to me. I get most of it with no problem.. haha.. No pun intended. Anyways, I don't get how people just don't get geometry. Like for me, that is the easiest math subject in the world. It's simple if you think about it.
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Today is the day! Concert day! But first I have to take care of some business before I can go. Only a few more hours 'til show time. The time seriously needs to hurry up. I don't know if I can hold in my excitement anymore. I'm fixing to flip out. I wouldn't be surprised if I lost my voice by tomorrow. I'm going to be screaming. Loud. I haven't been able to sit still at all so far today and it's only ten a.m. It doesn't start 'til six p.m. How can anyone wait this long? Help..
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Update on the concert...Whoa! It was totally epic! The best performance, hands down, was Shinedown. They hit every note and every beat. And hearing it in person was like falling in love all over again. Like eating your favorite piece of cake. Absolutely amazing. The rest of the bands were great as well. But none of the other bands brought it as well as Shinedown did. Seeing the dreads sling forward and back every time the drummer hit the drum. HIGHLIGHT! I definitely want to go back next year! 98 rockfest! I'm coming back for you! I can't wait!