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 03/01/2016 was a very interested day for me, I’m know on day 27 of my house build and already there is a problem, the window do not fit, they order it too small, and the whole they cut out for the window to sit is in the wrong place, so know they have to cut the entire from section out and replace it, I'm so made, this is going to delay the whole process, my move date was to be 04/15/2016 but that is not happening know. Another day at my sister house, with her and her kids man!.   

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Saturday, we had my niece dance competition, she was so pretty, all the costumes, and the hair changes, it was a great event, but it was a long day, I drove us there, it was an hour away, I really enjoyed myself, It was a time that me and my entire family spent with each other to support my little niece it was a great day, we really ate a lot from the concession stands, I was tired and miserable, then we went to her fund raiser that Sunday, to raise money for the next dance competition, that she have after Easter.
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work on March 3rd, was hard and long, I work two jobs, and I go to school, so it was long, I'm so tired, but I need to work, this hard until this house is finish, work hard know, rest later, is what I tell my daughter and niece that ask, why am I never home with them, I ate that I'm missing the wound years but it will be better for them, later down the line, when we have all we want, and no stress, I told them do not depend on anyone you work for what you everything. 
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I went to see how the process on my house was going, and I found nothing new have changes since I found the first mistake, I'm so ready to see more process I see a little but I want to see what it will look like so I can start at least shopping for furniture, bedroom items and things I like so that I can turn this house into a home, my daughter ask every day mom are then ready for use to move, is it time, when can we move, I tell her no still not ready yet. 
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I worked over time, I'm  trying to get all the money I can up so I can get everything I need for this house I'm building, I went to the furniture store, me my boy friend and my twenty year old daughter who was not help, but she was a pain, begging for everything, but I see some things that I liked and others that was not so great, I still have a few other stores in mind that I need to shop at to get some color ideas and wall paint colors, I think I have an Idea.
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I went to the store after work and school, which ended about 7:00 PM today, Publix had Irish spring on sale as buy one get one free for 3.99, then there was a Publix coupon one dollar off of one, but the buy one get one made it two items, so I used two publix coupons that was $1.00 a piece, so off of 3.99 that was $2.00 off of publix coupons then I had a manufacturer coupon for $1.00 so that made the items .50 a piece for the largest bottle of soap.
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my Boyfriend went to work at 00 9:00 am, and got off at 11:00 pm, but did not get home until 11:45 pm, I was massaging him for about 30 minutes, this was all after I got off from work then school, I was a busy women, after work doing my girlfriend duties, then doing my duties for my 20 year old daughter,  yes my daughter is twenty years old, and she is an brat that is oh lord, so spoiled, that girl I wish I had another child so she would have had a sibling.
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the house was painted today,  I will be leaving in an developed brand new neighbor hood, it is a neighbor hood, of about 80 homes when they all are built, so far 40 homes are built and I'm the only one with a sunrise color on my house, I love it I'm different so it would only be fair that my house says the same thing about me, my boyfriend when I first choose the color he was like no babe, but I insisted and know he love the color, it is the only house that is different. 
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I went by the house today, there was no work done after the mistakes was found there was no corrections being corrected, just wondering when will they get started on fixing the found mistakes,  I just don't want it to get to the last minutes and its time for my walk through to inspect the home, then I give them the mistakes all over again to fix, and it delays me from moving in, I will really be made, because i have sacrifice a lot waiting for this day, and it will be a real big disappointment, can't wait.
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at work we was waiting for the fire alarm to be turned off, because it started working while we was walking out side because we was not able to be in the building since the alarm started, my hair was messed up I was so upset I just got my hair done, not only was the hair ruined it was the principal on how far I had to travel then the maintenance it took to keep up after I left the salon, then the next date at work I was told that the alarm was pressed in error so pissed.
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My boy friend is a cook, he cooks everything, he once owned the restaurant Obreezy's Chicken and Grill,  I have gained so much weight since iI have met him because he cooks a lot and it is good quality food  clove it, I'm s cook as well so the both of us always trying to see how cooks better or who makes a dish pretty you know my sisters, nieces and nephew's are so happy, they are the test dummy's and they could not ask for a better job, they most of the time encourage the cook off.
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another Dancing event with my niece, I was on the road traveling to another city for what is going to be a long night, twenty teams battling for grand champions, trying to see who will be the best dancer, my niece is really good, they use her a lot because she make the best face expressions, there colors are turquoise, purple and silver, me and my sisters had a shirt made with her picture on it, she have a big support base she have four aunts on her mom side, we have a fund raiser tomorrow at the park
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fundraiser day we are standing her with signs, we are cooking, marching, and promoting Flawless diamonds, the items to sell we have, Tali-pa fish, hush puppies, fries, bar b que chicken, ribs, there is sodas, water, candy apples, lemon, strawberry, red velvet cakes, we have apple, sweet potato, peach pies, everything came together so nice the people are all out here and they are ready to spend some money,  everything is selling out fast,  they have already ran out of fish and fries, one of the girls ran two the store twice, once for food and ice.
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I took off work today because I had an chiropractor adjustment that was schedule for two weeks,  then some one called and canceled it at the last minute  which caused me to waist a PTO day for nothing, I tried to see if i was able to give my day back and use it for another time but it was too late, talk about someone being pissed and filling like I got nothing accomplished, then got to work the next day and see that it was two days I took off instead of the one man man man.
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Tuesday for me is a day I have to work both of my jobs, I be so tried when I get home and I be running on no fuel, I just can not eat when I leave my first job heading off my second job, then when I get home I can't eat either because it then will be too late, then when I get up in the morning and my body is so weak and im so hungry, I can not wait until im don't with school so i can stop one of my activity's and rest my body. 
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I have school to night, my first job that is eight hours, then off to school to use my brain but I'm so tried because of the long work day, but I'm willing to except the challenge, school is helping me get to the next level so i can get a higher pay, with a higher pay I can relax and not works so hard my boyfriend do not want me to work to jobs and go to school but I have to because I like money, my money, his money and your money, I like it allb green money

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that time is almost here for me, I get to see what the counter top looks like, that I choose, the color of the house is going up, and the sinks, im starting to get happy some because it is a long time coming, this what a long process from working and getting my credit right where i need it to be may im happy about that, I have grown as a person and learned what is important and go with that, this is something that im doing all by my self, and I can not be even  more proud
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today Friday at work I read the TBT and learned some interesting things that I would have never thought that I would read, the TBT have some interesting things to keep you entertain, on lunch i invited my boy friend to lunch and I shared some of the story's in there because he never heard of the TBT so he was all in and amussed and wanted to hear more ever day, so I had to bring a paper home everyday for him to read or I read to him, that was a night cap for is over wine. 
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another Sat. another fundraiser, for my niece this time they do not want just her that want us to bring water, Gatorade, and snacks for the kids, not only did I have to pay for gas to get here, but they want to me spend money for the snack and drinks, then when i get to the fund raiser they want me to contribute and support, by spending money one some of the items or food that is there for sale,  remember she also had to get her hair did for this event, I told my niece no more. 
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I need to be in somebody church, I have so many blessings that is coming my way, and I need to properly thank him, for her greatness but I started working my second job on Sundays which is not an excuse, because i was not suppose to let anyone or any thing hold me back that was my fault, but I will find a way to get in a church home, I was  born and raised in church,  I know my mother is shaking her head, saying I know better, my daughter and niece not in church either.
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my niece was caught kissing a boy, she is on this very popular dance team, and her mother pulled her off, not only was her mother, disappointed I was to, not only is she 14 years old, but she gave up a piece of respect of herself, and what me her mother and all the other adult women in the family tried to teach her, I just don't understand, but I do know how she is feeling, because i was in her shoes to and i can understand the pier pressure, those kids at her school and those team mates.
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I had a long day at work, the patients was so confused acting, all day, I ask myself what is going on, I had one interesting patient that wanted to file a complaint on her doctor because she was not happy about the way she was treated by him and his stay, I was ready to leave after an hour of me being there, I had a school programmed I attended, that started at 5:30pm,, An unexpected Journey and I meat two transgender women that had the surgery to change from being a man to a women, different.  
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today I was so mad and not sure why, I guess it is because I had to work and my boyfriend had the day off and he choose to go fishing, I was mad not sure why, he worked almost 70 hours, so I think he deserves the write too, write, well that is how it suppose to be, but I still was mad just the same, I'm in school right know, and I'm so hungry, but it was an interesting class, we was able to watch a short file, by Alice Walker Stitches in time very interesting unique film.
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I worked twelve hours today, that was from two jobs, not bad but leaving one job then going to another, was the part that was  tiring, but you have to do what you need, to get what you want, when my house is done, every thing that I have done will be well worth it,  after all that was said and done, I got in from my second job about 10:30, I was so tired and sleepy I was not able to keep my eyes open, but as soon as I got home I was wide awake.
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work was so easy today, there was hardly no patients, but there was a lot of providers calling, I was so tried of talking to them, same questions over and over, I think I was asked the same questions twenty times, but in different ways, that was a easy day but glad it was over, I got home cooked. Something I never do on a Friday night, I will normally go out and get something for dinner, but because I'm saving for this house I thought I would cook in, my daughter and sister was surprised, but really enjoyed it.
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Been sitting home all day doing nothing, I wanted to go see the new home,  and see what progress have been made, but I was too lazy to move, but i did go to the store to buy  a ham, so we can have Sunday Easter dinner, I will be going to my sister house to have dinner, I'm waiting to cook and eat over there, I'm going to do her like she do me, eat and leave, laughing out loud, I'm cooking the biggest meal ever, that;s how they do my house, we will have fun.
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Easter Sunday, just as I though every one that do not go to church on a regular got up and went in there Sunday best, yet again thinking it was a fashion show, Facebook was crowded with Easter pictures, of kids in the Sunday best, every Sunday rolls around and you do not see a church any of these kids are in or what church they belong to, I have to close Facebook, it was a funny thing to see, but as for me I went to my sister house and cooked Easter dinner for all my siblings great time.
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Time to start work, a whole new week, Monday they day I hate, today was yet another interesting day a typical Monday busy and I was tired, was not ready for work at all, one of my co-workers I can tell was heart broken she had a heavy heart and I seen that it was all over her face, I asked what was wrong and she said nothing all day, I'm good but at the end of the day she started to Cry, I felt so bad because you just want to give them a big huge hug.
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I signed up for a volunteer program at work, called run a mile and lose the pounds, they wanted to try and reach 1,000 people that can together walk off one million pounds, we have wellness Wednesday where you can dress at work in work out cloths, the have extended out time to 30 minutes of free time to hours to our selves to help reach this gold, you can walk on lunch, break for at least thirty minutes, to help towards this goal, there was about the number they needed signed up, but they will not be walking. 
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I was so sick today I was not able to go to work, this was a free day at home, but still I has to ride twenty minutes to go to school, I was going to miss today too, but we are coming close to the end, and we are going over the exam so i can not miss the lectures, I just might miss what I need to study for, on this exam, she stated no matter what you did, in the class or the grade that you received, if you don't pass the exam you will fail class.
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I was not able to go to my first job this morning, but I was able to go to my part time at six pm, I felt a lil better after spending the day at home resting, to night at work was not so bad it went by quick, I was not able to go the other day to my 2nd job because i was not feeling well,, so I will not see but one day on my pay check which will suck, I'm moving in this new home,  i need all the extra money i have to spare.