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On a Sleepless night, I begin this project of writing 100 words per day for a month.
I have been reading the batches in this site for over a month. People write good stuff.
Though the people are mostly from US, I can relate some life aspects with them.
Simple and basic thoughts about life.
There are well crafted writings, which I enjoy. It brings solace to the mind. No images. Only writings. Words. Mind to Mind.
Ah, word count is there.
I have been writing 100 words elsewhere on the world wide web. Practice to write here. Try here.
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The second of May is turned to third of May here in India.
It is 4.00hrs past 2nd May. I was reading the writings of people (both male and female writers) till now in this site. 11 people have completed the April batch.
Sleep escaped me today. Sick!
Perhaps to make me to venture into this project.
Initially I thought, I would join this forum during the month of June. Suddenly I said to myself, that it is only 2 days gone in May. Why not this month?
Yes, joined.
All signing in formalities over. Started!
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It is not 3rd of May in US.

I am happy that the social tasking 100 works well in my windowsphone too.

I am wide awake. Little worries bother me. Without

 sleep how can I face the day. I will be in a shaking state. My concentration at work will be affected.

Two hoots.

I came to know that the April batch is

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In my over enthusiastic mood, the third May entry contains less number of words.
I tried writing in my Windows phone. My thought process was on. But, I pressed the submit button. I thought I could save it on the file. I thought I could edit it.
OK. ok. ok.
It happens. I should not try writing on the mobile device. It does not work well. I should use only computer.
What I wanted to say on 3rd entry was that April batch is still open and a chance is there to write for April also. But No. I won't.
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I was looking forward to write in this social tasking force.
I was waiting for the chance to come here since yesterday.
I feel like a child.
I feel I got a new interesting toy.
I feel like I got a new car.
I want to enjoy the ride.
Everything is comfortable in this car. (ah ah ah...I am driving now)
To complete writing a month's batch 30+17 days are given. 
This day around 8.45 am I got a chance.
Spending a cool 20 minutes here.
When will I drive the car tomorrow? 
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Here I am, to drive my new car today around 7.35 am. It is a Sultry hot May morning. Friday.
It is 'missing wife' time. She has gone to Chennai to attend a debut Bharathanatyam program tomorrow. Our niece is performing the dance.
I have chores to attend after finishing writing this.
I have bought broad beans (Vicia faba). The grocer had also brought the after shave lotion which I had asked him. So I have to shave.
Using a 'new thing' is always exciting.
So, now to cook. Let me make Broad beans curry.
What menu tomorrow?
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If I think,I should do it immediately. I wanted to write this entry around 6 AM. 
I want to be myself early in the day.
If I get up late, preparing to be myself takes time.
The Yoga master says, do things in a jiffy. 
All things are not possible to do in a 'jiffy' 
Anyway, let the attempt continue seriously.
Let me attempt to write early tomorrow.
Today, I will make broad bean Sambar. 
Son is there with me and is a patron in the chore.
What show I am watching now?   
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The # indigo color (or violet?) indication is there for 8th May. ('needs an entry') 
So the system is ready to take my 100 words for this day. The blank grey with # says 'Entry on file'. The other day I mistook this indication for a facility that my entry will be in a draft file which can be edited later. It is not so. This entry remains on file till the batch is finished.
Ha ha....
Blank grey with no # in that, is I cannot write future.
Kapil Sharma show was the comedy we watched yesterday.
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I did not end yesterday's entry with a question. The content did not have any questions in between too.
Questioning myself and answering them subsequently may help me to realize myself. (That's what great people say/said)
What is the use of realizing myself? That will not carry till the end. Oh, it may help till I live. Perhaps realizing everyday? New realization everyday?
Ah, there two question marks in today's content!
Writing a simple idea or questioning myself in one entry and trying to bring into action the idea in the near future may be a purpose for writing?
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1) If I sit with all preparations in front of the PC to write about realisations, I cannot definitely write.
2) I will give room to distractions.
3) I will feel guilty and self-pity for allowing myself to be distracted.
4) I know that I will not be calm until I consume the need of my obsession.
5)Realizing that death is the ultimate realisation and that nothing will be there to know that realization.
Have I listed properly the realisations I have thought over till now?  Listing things nice know?    Yes, is great! 

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A list of things that can be done at work is going through the mind. Nothing that charming. 
In the mind field itself, I am trying to play this 'do this or not' game. No physical writing of the to do things at work.
Only sometimes we feel like writing the to-do list. 
There are a countless number of sites and calendars on the net and applications on the phone. List them?
Listing them is a waste of time. The time could be used to do something else.
Do you read articles which list everything?   
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Auto lists are there to become a 'man' for the day. Mind should say: "You get up man" Then the piss, taking care of the teeth. No, doing these lists are not that charmful. A thing is popping about in the mind: "Write 100 words"
Oh, I have to bring milk. Wife says get extra milk. Wife says get green chilies. I have to help wife in getting the coconut and chilly cut. If I come out to do the charm of writing the 100 words, it will not be good.
I have to shower.
Yes, now made it - write.
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I did not answer the question “Do you read articles which list everything?” This question I asked myself the day before yesterday and I didn't  answer yesterday. Yesterday, the entry was telling the morning lists and the difficulty in writing 100 words.

The purpose of writing is realized and that is put in words: “I should answer the questions which I ask myself. I should do that. Otherwise, the realization will not be realized.”

Now, answer : “I like reading articles which list  maximum 5 items. Reading beyond that makes me listless”

Which is the best list referred?   

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Sometimes a divine experience happens, I become enervated. Listing the listlessness becomes dreadful and a mamooth blank space is formed.

The divine feeling should be curbed soon. A list is to be made. A question is to be answered.  A question is to be asked.

The best list I can refer to is: List of lists of lists. A great list that is excellent and can be referred to, is available on Wikipedia. Some of the linked articles are themselves lists of lists of lists.   Picking something from the list of lists would be remarkable.       
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Take a wand.
Magic wand.
joom.. joom...
Zoom zoom.
"Wikiwand please choose a list...
List of cinemas.? List of authors? List of Parks? Countries? Galaxies? Sceptics? Scepticism? List of fictional detectives? List of amphibians, birds"
"Dear Wand...why are you moving? Here and there? With sparkles around you? Select one. Fast.Why are you taking me to mobile Wikipedia, to Wikipedia available on the PC? I can't remember all the things I read. You cloud my mind with overwhelming links.Let me stay at a place and relish a particular information." 


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An after thought or a thought inserted to explain the content in a better manner to the reader is called Parentheses. (thoughts inside brackets - explained by inserting dashes are interesting)It is the fascinating time when I am in the page 'list of lists' in Wikipedia.The list of pairs in solving mysteries in fiction is good. (I recollect Ganesh and Vasanth pair in Tamil fiction created by Sujatha)Isaac Asimov's creation of detective pair, Elijah Baley, and R.Daneel Olivaw, and Agatha Christie's Tommy and Tuppence are some of the examples of deductive pairs. More pairs: next entry.
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Thoughts should be written.
Reference cannot altogether be avoided. I need better words. The twin purpose of referring and writing is ok. Allot just the minimum required time for referring.
I am in the lists of lists in Wikipedia. Detective pairs I am referring.
Thomson and Thomson in Tin Tin comics is one detective pair I have enjoyed.
Sherlock Holmes with Dr. John H. Watson - (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) is listed in the list. 
Bertha Cool and Donald Lam - (Erle Stanley Gardner), is another detective pair. Perry Mason is stand alone lawyer. He is not paired .
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I've had fantasies as an anchor in a show.
This desire will increase, when I attended a function.
Three and half decades ago that young girl was anchoring the Railway week function at Tiruchirappalli.
(fantasy one:  how nice it would be to join her in anchoring a function)
When the team for a TV show came to our city to shoot  'made for each other' event I placed myself beside that chubby dame to anchor another fantasy show in my mind.
Ha-ha. Couple of anchoring fantasies presented here, after reading the super couple list in Wikipedia.
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In the previous post I was telling about the anchors'  who presented the 'made for each other' show some years ago.
The male presenter (Ramesh) was telling us that we forget the best gift sitting by our side (our spouse) and long for some lousy gifts.
His words still remain in my mind and proudly admire my gift.
Ramesh and Chitra Shenoy were the presenters. (super couple)
Just watching a Telugu movie "Mithunam" with my wife.
Only two characters in the movie. S.P.B and Lakshmi. (Super Couple)
Love ages gracefully..means lot. Super Gift! 
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Just thinking of the couple who pair themselves as lovers in movies, I am not shy here to reveal that some pairs have so much chemistry in between them that they  have stirred  love, lust and emotions inside me.  
Pairs I've liked: Shivaji Ganeshan and Jayalalitha  
Kamalahasan and Sridevi. 
A song "muthu irukkuthu, sippi irukkuthu..." showing the best love by Kamalahasan and Sridevi is evergreen in my mind.  
In the Hindi filmdom, the best I rate is the chemistry between Sharukkhan and Kajol. The epic film is DDLJ.    
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Dreaming. Wondering. Writing.


Today, the 100 words would be a short compilation of the good words written by people at this site. 


Let's go:                                                                                                                                                                                           

 If the people who know you too well and even the people, who merely know you by name, believe in you, why don't you, too?  


"Blessed are the weird people, the poets & misfits, the artists, the writers & music makers, the dreamers & the outsiders, for they force us to see the world differently."  


The struggle is never fucking over. That’s life. When the struggle is over, you’re dead.  


Thanks, people. These are real realisations.

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I straight away come to the Rich Text Editor here provided by 100 words.
Making a draft at 'word' marking something in red, copy paste here in the social tasking site shows the word count something as high as 302 words. Perhaps the 'html' things count.
The main purpose of coming here, is to stay focused for some time, like taking coffee half a cup so that I get a good feel for some time. More coffee - the purpose is not solved. The caffeine should be the required amount to boost to do work in a productive manner.    
05/23 Direct Link

Nice to be at my ( drafting  my 100 words. 

Slowly, in a leisurely manner let me make my thoughts into words. Words into sentences. 

Some creators here, have nice themes to write. One writes about dreams. Another about love. Interesting to read. 

I go by random and by featured 100 words. 

My theme here would be the thoughts triggered by the lists in Wikipedia intervened with my personal activity or thoughts. 

With this basic step, I think I will not have any dearth of stuff to write about.  

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I wanted to record something interesting I read at the Wikipedia list, in the previous day's post, but I began the post by telling  where from I am drafting the words. Then I had some words describing the good things in this site. 

The words went on. I look at the end and realise that the thought I intended did not materialise in the entry. 

This happens. Come with a thought and write something else. When I write, some other thought is gesticulating in the mind. 

Wikipedia has a list of happy countries. My country comes 118th in the list. 

05/25 Direct Link

World Happiness Report.

I was trying to say more about World Happiness Development. Right?

UN made this development in 2012. Since then World Happiness Report is being released.

Bhutan first adopted gross national happiness instead of gross domestic product as their main development indicator.

The World Happiness Report is a landmark survey of the state of global happiness

Explained by: GDP per capita, Social support, Healthy life expectancy, Freedom to make life choices, Generosity, Trust or absence of corruption.

As per the Wikipedia report, my neighbouring countries are happier than us.

Happy to go through this list - happy factor of countries.
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Wandering to wonder. Yes!

Wandering on internet reading random things is a super wonder.

I was wondering at the seven wonders of the world page this day.

The classic seven wonders of the world were:

Great Pyramid of Giza

Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Statue of Zeus at Olympia

Temple of Artemis at Ephesus

Mausoleum at Halicarnassus

Colossus of Rhodes

Lighthouse of Alexandria

The only ancient world wonder that still exists is the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Taj Mahal was introduced to the wonders of the world later. The world wonders keep updating.

If get  an opportunity I would like to visit the Great wall of China. 
05/27 Direct Link

Today's wonder -  the list of Elephants.

I learnt the term "pachyderm". It is commonly used to describe elephants, rhinoceroses, and hippopotamuses.

The Elephant page had the Mention of Ganesha, God with human body. The page also mentions Gajendra, the Elephant King who was attacked by Crocodile and saved by Vishnu.

Gajendra shouts " Oh The beginning of everything (God)" when he was captured by the Crocodile.

Haathi is character from Rudyard Kipling's Jungle book.

Another character in Indian mythology is Airavata who is the creator of clouds.

We have air-conditioned state Transport Volvo buses with the name Airavata.

Travel in clouds.
05/28 Direct Link

Google document is perfect. The 100 words put in here almost perfectly fits the 100 words count in the Rich Text Editor at the 100 words site.

The Internet has got an innumerable number of facilities and people around to make writing interesting.

Quickly I can note my thoughts in “Google Keep” and can copy to Google Docs to count the words and revise my thoughts.

I can double click a word, Grammarly tells me, to include the missing article and suggests better words to be used.

Control+Click, WikiWand helps me to know more about the stuff I write.

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Involvement and interest got into the mind, when the giant slingshot was hoisted on the screen  to shoot the angry birds one after the other to the pig kingdom to bring back the eggs.
The beginning was drab, no entertaining waves were flowing into the mind.
Red, is sent to Anger management school. He meets Chuck and Bomb. Not much fun even when the pigs land in the birds Island to loot  the birds eggs.
We watched Angry Birds movie and these words I write bringing the liked part of the movie in the first para.
05/30 Direct Link
These people are my friends on the internet:
Stumble upon, AOLreader, Wikipedia, Googledocs. Drop Box.Yahoo answers. Quora.

Close friends are Twitter and Google Calendar.
Facebook is asking me: "Am I not our friend?"
"Yes, you are my friend, but I'm a natural introvert. I come to you only when extrovert trait visits me now and then" 

 This is my latest friend. 100words Social tasking site.

Whatever it is, I am not very good at groups. I listen to people. Okay, good listener, however, I feel that they are expressing better than me.  

05/31 Direct Link
In the previous post, I mentioned some of my internet friends.

It is because of my memory and mind.

My memory is okay, but my mind does not list the required information in an organized  manner.

"Missing friends -  definitely you will be mentioned in appropriate entries - because of your presence on the internet I am happy to write."

"Dear OneNote, I got raged at you. I deleted one 'notebook' because that notebook  was not synchronized properly all over my devices. The deleted note pages in one device keep on appearing in another device."