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"Dear Grammarly, I am happy to share with you that I've completed writing May 2016 batch at 100 words site."

"I was one among the four people who have completed the May 16 batch on 31st May."

Grammarly is my recent friend. He corrects my Grammar. I miss the inclusion of necessary articles in the sentences I use.

Grammarly corrects them. Double click a word, I get synonyms for the particular word.

He provides me with a home where I can store my writing drafts.

"Grammarly I feel proud to mention you here on the first day of June 2016. 

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More words I want to say about my friend Open Diary. He left the internet world after giving us a wonderful time. My friend OD (open diary) was a community of global diary writers. I could read simple minds. 
I was so happy when OD introduced WYSIWYG word composer.
I had lovely friends there. The Nonagenarian Willy had an  enjoyable diary.
I had friends from Philippines and England.
The ex-military doctor from India maintained a superb diary.
I have not met any of them, but sure  that they will remember me as I remember them now. 
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I would like to have some paid devices, services on the net.

Prudent I'm that, when I want a paid service, my work on a project should pay me something.

 I would like to have Grammarly premium to write better.

Long back I was using the services of the open diary. They had a plus service. I wanted to subscribe to that.

Payment from India had to be done using a credit card. I did not have one.

Thanks to a great friend at Open diary, she gave me a gift subscription for 6 months, I enjoyed the premium benefits.

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MSN groups were one of my old friend on the internet. Fellow no longer lives.
Why Facebook is such a success when MSN groups were not successful.
What all I do on Facebook now, I was doing at MSN groups.
I was following one group and that group followed me and we had great conversations.
I have a MSN group friend on Facebook now.
I met a virtual Papa at the groups and it is a good feeling to remember him now.
Virtual Pa sent me a novel entitled "Luddite" through the hot mail. 
Great times!      
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Good - this idea of writing about the websites I visit.
Make a list alphabetically.
The list is presented here:
AOL, Buffer, Chirbit, Diigo, Evernote, Flickr, Google, Hoot suite, I-mood, Jolidrive,Klout,Lucas,Mashable,Netvibes,Opera,Photobucket,
quora,Reddit,Stumbleupon,Tumblr, UN, Vox, Wikipedia, Xango, yahoo, Zee news,
Writing about these websites shall be the theme for this month.
America on Line. I have an email id here. Love to use the features, AOL reader and a bookmark capability where I have special bookmarks. Verge and Huffington posts I read occasionally.             
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Little buffer in anything is better.

Extra off to cushion work is fine.

"buff...buff.." Cushy.

I use my buffer app on the internet to send tweets in a staggered manner. My buffing equation is five per day. I've selected evenings for the publication of my tweets. (6 pm to 10 pm) Every time, I can't keep five tweets in stock, however I try doing.

Buffer has got several novel methods to keep the tweets on their shelf. Pablo and Buffer through e mail..are some of the interesting methods. For scheduling tweets, buffer is my first preference  

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Chirbit is nice. Just like Sound cloud the Chirbit site stores sound bits.

Tweet. Chirp. Exquisite words. The sound of the words are cute. Tweeting and chirping birds are nice to hear. A fine feeling is tweeting in the mind.

Compiling words are one thing. Hearing sounds is another thing. Both the activities keeps me involved. I am focused.

Listening makes my eyes closed and I enjoy the Chirp.

At Chirbit, I can convert my texts to sound. I can speak a diary entry.

I have a couple of chirbits at Chirbit.

A good useful Website. Hear it.

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Interesting thing I find at Diigo is to make outlines for writing projects.
Something I always outline. Pity is that that, the outline develops very slowly and the outlines become outdated.
I don’t bother.  Creating outlines itself is a great project.
The topics I have now in my outlines are: diary,blog, ideas and interesting web links.
I take screenshots, Favorited tweets are linked, I annotate web pages. I write sticky notes.I review my library.
As I write about the websites I visit, I remember another productivity website beginning with the letter 'D' - “Dropbox" 
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Elephants remember everything?

Light Green colour is fantastic.

Blue for Facebook. Green for Evernote.

I love Elephants. I love Evernote. I love Evernote Green!

Great friend  my dearest Evernote is friendly with me on the internet for quite a long time. He helps me in writing journals. He keeps in store  images and web clippings for me.

I was trying Evernote product skitch sometime. Skitch helped to annotate and study things.

Whatever monthly quota of space Evernote gives me is sufficient for me. (Around 60 MB)

Great things to read and write at Evernote site.

Note - Evernote.
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What is the storage space Flickr gives me to store my images? It says four Terabytes. 

That is a quite big space for random internet wanderer like me.

How many images I can upload, when most of my time goes favoring photos at the site? I've not uploaded any videos to the site.

A Nice friend at Internet Flickr-  he has arranged my photos giving suitable headings.

The other day when I visited the site, I was surprised to see the photographs on a title"buildings"

I was so thrilled, I have such good building images with me. 

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In the beginning, I was searching things at Yahoo. I had my first email ID at Yahoo. 

When I boarded the Google vehicle to roam around the net, I never thought that Google  would be my basic vehicle.

The G-mail invitation to open a new email ID is to be remembered as a special moment in my internet journey.

The Google vehicle introduced several add-ons.

G reader, Google buzz, I-Google, Orkut.

The extra conveniences were given and taken away. They were all really good.

Boarding Google Omni bus is always good.  



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It is great to be in a comfortable Suite with Wi-Fi facility.

I can hoot and I can immerse myself in a comfort bath.

One of my acquaintance on the world wide web will be only at the Hoot-Suite to tweet.  He uses no other client for tweeting.

I love my Hootsuite as well.  My suite is designed to visit my twitter accounts both in Tamil and English.

I have my Stumble upon and Word press also attached to my Suite.

I tweet from my Hootsuite with  a Trade Mark ^cg. Hoot. Hoot.

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I mood.

The internet mood -  'good' and my mood is 'ashamed'. I was ashamed of the negative thinking

It is a 'bad' mood to select the exact mood I am feeling from the options given in the drop-down menu of the i-mood portal.

Simply my moods are bad or good. 

One day I can pick up one mood from the site and begin to write 100 words on  that  mood.

I shall try that as a theme and begin writing every day.

A future planning mood is 'on' now.       


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Jot-Story, joli-cloud.

Let me mention two internet friends whose names start with ‘J’ 

Jot story expresses our life thus: "Our lives are humorous, depressing, exciting, boring, adventurous, and unexpected -- sometimes all in the same day"

Capture one event and just muse over that. Wonderful place jot-story is.  It is Calendar driven and visiting the past is very comfortable. I can upload interesting images too.

The Jolicloud is not as it was earlier. Now I have only my storage places.

Both the sites are very jovial things.

Visiting them is a jolly affair.  

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The tagline for Klout says: "Be known for what you love" 
What do I love? 
I love to scribble. Scribblings sometimes take shape into 100 words.
I got stuck up in the middle of the month to continue my scribblings. My theme of writing about the websites Alphabetically  halted due to my other absorptions. 
Klout I was not visiting very often and writing about Klout became difficult. 
My Klout score is 44. 
What are my scores?  
Number of Tweets? The number of blogs I have?
The number of times I smile?  

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Lycos was giving "Tripod" to build websites.
I should improve my scores here. 
A good value, if I finish writing on a theme consistently.I had the spelling problem in writing Lycos. I was writing Lucas. Lucas is an automobile spare parts company. In India we have Lucas-TVS.
When exploring the portals in the beginning of my internet journey, I have come across Lycos.
Now, Lycos is not available locally. I had a blog with the theme: 
"Wife Web and Walk" 
The entire writing mission I wanted to revolve around the three WWWs  
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‘One stop shop’ – that is how Mashable is described on the net.  This shop is the go in source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content. It was founded in 2005.

I am happy that the portal has got an Indian edition. Today, to write 100 words about  Mashables I made special visit to the site.

The contents I read today:

*cheap water cooler designed by Bangaladesh Students”

*A tortoise injured in the leg is fitted with wheels to give him mobility to reach his food.

*Recently in Korea a competition was held to do nothing. 


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To write about 'Netvibes' I have chosen the 'Webnote' app provided in the Netvibe page.
I have named my webpage as 'My public page'
This page at present consists of one Webnote at the left top of the page. A calendar beneath this, showing only the week.
In the middle column I have 'Netvibes' blog. On the extreme right I have social search Netvibes.
This page  is meant to place everything I do on internet in one place.
Similar friends I was playing with on the Internet:
'My Yahoo', I-Google, Prototype page.
Interesting - arrange things in boxes.
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There was a mistake in yesterday’s entry. 
The page I mentioned, which is similar to ‘Netvibes’  is ‘Protopage’ and not prototype page. I feel more comfortable at protopage. Netvibes is not that comfortable. The mobile version of Netvibes is not good.
I have the protopage in my ‘mini opera’ browser in my cell phone.  Protopage mobile version is very comfortable with Opera.
I feel a special love for Opera browser, both the web version and the mobile version.
I was having a blog at Opera.
The Opera blog is shut down now. 
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Photo bucket.
In my internet journey, ‘Photobucket’ is an important destination.  Several unique pictures and GIFs are available here.
During my open diary stint at the internet, ‘Photobucket’ was my host to store images, which I used in my posts in the open diary entries.
It is a great feel to visit my old pictures, which I’ve stored at Photobucket. Now-a-days Photobucket does not open fast - so many ads. The mobile version loads fast.
One of these days, I should upload some more images. Do some editing works.
Today - glimpse of Photo bucket India pictures. 


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Do I use my physical and virtual friends to get appropriate information?

Do I gain  the correct knowledge without burn out?

When I questioned 'quora' about the meaning of the word quora, the site describes:

"Ideally something with double Os in it for good luck (Yahoo, Google, Facebook)"

 Quora, no double O, yet quora is a lucky friend of mine on the internet. Easy to say quora and easy to write.

Easy to find (Q)uestion (A)nswer at Quora. -I should not get besieged with the answers         

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I read it. I read it. Want to say something about it.
I read it at reddit. This friend at internet is not as simple as Twitter.
Reddit is the front page of internet. Perhaps!
I just now counted the number of subreddits I have subscribed. It is 27. Good I say, With not much of attention as Twitter, the following is okay.
I find more Imugur images and NSFW reddits. Read them any way.
I have to spend a little more time here to learn more intricacies of the site.
Let me have more interactions with Reddit.
Learn something.
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Should I write 100 words simply following my thoughts - whatever thoughts come to me-or channelise the thoughts choosing a subject? If I choose a subject, simply I cannot write haphazard thoughts. I have to refer to something. I have to have the feeling of the subject.
This is an entry about my friend StumbleUpon. I can go to him without any focus. Just Stumble, Stumble! 
Stumbling here and there, I can land in a feel of Serendipity. I come out with a focus on something.
I may also land up in a site which displays NSFW item.  
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Good: to write about StumbleUpon and Tumblr. 
I had a satisfying visit to these sites these two days. 
My tumblr blog is fine. 
I just call it an instant blog, the URL has the words “cybermaniac”
The things I post in my cybermaniac blog are simple and instantaneous. I queue up postings. 
They are posted two entries per day. The items are mainly from Tumblr blog, flickr photos, instagram photos; you tube videos I liked and interesting Wikipedia articles. I write 100 words diary now and then at Tumblr.
Easy and charming friend on internet: Tumblr.  
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United Nations.
I visit the great organization of the world and try to find out what is happening in the globe regarding democracy, climate conditions wealth and health position prevailing now.
Uncyclopedia describes UN thus:
"Democracy everywhere (at our discretion)" is the internal motto of the Members of the United Nations.
Wikipedia describes UN thus: The organization was established on 24 October 1945 after World War II in order to prevent another such conflict.
From the UN site: The United Nations is an international organization founded in 1945. It is currently made up of 193 Member States.  
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Voice operated switch?
Vox site contains good voices on news, categorized under the headings  ‘world’ ‘politics’ ‘culture’ ‘identities’  etc.
Earlier, I remember to have seen ‘vox’ as a blogging platform. That no longer exists.
Now, reading the voices on the latest news, well written by people is very informative. 
News, well explained.
For the past two days, I was reading at the Vox the following topics.A doctor explains the killing effects of painkillers. (features)world of ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) (explained)What is Brexit? (world)Do fathers matter? (feature)Brexit: a short, simple explanation   
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What is Wikipedia?
Wikipedia is an internet encyclopedia supported by Wikipedia Foundation.
Who founded Wikipedia?
Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger.
When was Wikipedia launched?
Wikipedia was launched on Jan 15, 2001.
What is Portmanteau?
Linguistic blend of words. Wikipedia is a blend of wiki and pedia from encyclopedia. When I do not know something, I Google or Bing or Yahoo. The search engines definitely define and explain the item I've searched giving a link to 'Wikipedia' in the first page itself.
Usually I end my search for knowledge immediately. Sometimes  I travel in Wikipedia full swing enjoying links.
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In real life I can't be friends with everyone. Some persons may be attractive, they will be smart and awesome. However much I wish to be friends with them - I just can't.

This happens on the internet too. I became friends with Open diary. I couldn't become friends with Xanga.

Recent search on Xanga made me to realize that Xanga.2 version is available and the Xanga is for old group of friends only.

One more website beginning with the letter X  of interest on the internet is....XKCD comic.

This site I met three days ago. Interesting. 

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There is a Hindi song. "…chahe koyi Janglee kahe'' - meaning let any one tell I am a ruffian in the Jungle.

At the internet I shout "Yahoo"

Let anyone tell, I am mad. Shouting Yahoo will not bring material benefits. I don't care. I just want to Yahoo.

I Began my internet journey at Yahoo.

Shouting YAHOO is interesting. Browsing YAHOO portal is interesting.

Yahoo geocities, Yahoo photos....My Yahoo  and Yahoo notes were the beginning  for me in respect of site building  image uploads note taking and saving links.

Love life. Love Yahoo.

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Zee News

Write about Zee News using Zoho writer. Another site which begins with the letter Z is Zapier.  My theme of writing about the websites alphabetically is a success during this month of June2016.
As a default news channel, Friend zee news' is Okay.

I was reading about the latest pay commission approval in the Zee News Channel.

Our TV is provided with Dish TV to give us TV channels. The Dish TV is the part of Zee company, In the Zee Media Company, I like The Zee News Channel and Zee TV which give us good programs.