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My romance of writing are quixotic. This month my theme is to write about the mood word suggested by

I begin with the word ‘quixotic’ May be all my ideals are not quixotic. Some are Real!

“The hero of the 17th-century Spanish novel El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha (by Miguel de Cervantes) didn't change the world by tilting at windmills, but he did leave a linguistic legacy. The adjective quixotic is based on his name and has been used to describe unrealistic idealists.”  

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There are totally 995 (A-Z) words describing the moods at  For the letter 'R' there are 39 mood words. The number of icons describing (emoji) the moods are 33.

Word 'rad' describes my mood? Rad means something cool. Am I cool? Yes, cool sort of. No, let me see some other word: Rambunctious would be fine.

To be cool, silent without vibrations.... is it life? Things are to be Rambunctious. I should search rad in that.  Yes, the mood of the day Rambunctious.

Synonyms hell-raising, knockabout, boisterous, raucous, robustious, rollicking.     

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Whatever mood that I may go through today, I want to convert them to 'Sassy'. It is easy to convert. Supposing I'm not able to put my thoughts into 100 words, I should still be Sassy. There is no rule that I should write my thoughts. Write thoughts in the mind.

There are 144 mood words beginning with the letter 'S'

Nothing big is achieved by writing 100 words. Trying to be sassy in spite of the incessant burdens and things which we don't like thrown at us, is achievement.

Sassy and boldness is the mantra of the day.

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What is cause of the anguish? Am I untruly telling that I am in a Tormented mood? 
No. Pain is there. Mental pains as well as physical pains are there.
The mental pain can be deleted?
The physical pain is bearable?
If the mental pain can be deleted and the physical pain is bearable, then where the question of tormented?
Mental pain is due to fear. Mental pain is also due to lethargy. Physical pain can be endured. I have to stretch the body quite a bit. I should look out for small routine chores.
Face the fears.

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‘Un’ - prefix means 'not' 
I-MOOD prompts several ‘un-words’ for defining today's mood. 
In other words, there are so many ‘un-moods’ today.
What will give me the feeling of having done a job productively?
The filling up of ACR forms of our staff.  
There are 27 people. These people's self-assessment is to be approved by one officer and another should review it.
The review thing not done.
When will the job be productive?
Crying about the job 'not done' had a good effect today
The evening saw the indications of productivity.    


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The same loop is continued. Getting up in the morning and grabbing a good routine doesn't happen in spite of motivation or non-motivation or UN- motivation

I've to stick to the same routines and go on lamenting ‘why this vicious circle’? The same loop is continuing.

Recorded my mood today as ‘vicious’, went to the cycle of finding more about vicious circle. There is a vitreous cycle. Both the cycles repeat till some force comes and change the loop. Getting equilibrium in both the cycles is difficult. The economic cycle of Vicious and Vitreous fits for the mind too.

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Oh Come on, why think of life and events seriously? When I should not, first of all bother about my life or thoughts seriously, why bother about others? Why think about their problems? Do I have solution to their problems, their body ailments  and their pessimistic thoughts?  

They know better.  They will solve themselves. If they are smart enough they will ask for help. Let me help them, when asked. Let me help them whole heartedly.

Why I am writing this today? Whatever...
Ha ha.. "Whatever" is the mood of the day. 

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'i -mood' portal does not have a word for the mood beginning with the letter X.  I searched for the words beginning with the letter X to suite a mood. No suitable word. The word ‘Xerosis’ caught my eye. Xerosis is unusual  dryness of the skin and mucous membranes of the eye. Okay a word learnt by writing about moods every day.

There are sites like i-mood.  Mood Panda. There is another medical mood checker also. It is health related. What I am doing is for fun.

I am young to control my moods.  

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Don't write. Writing obsession is not necessary. Don't think about writing. Don't force yourself to write. Why should I write?

Keep up the feeling. Enjoy the feel. Let the feel be enthusiasm or lethargy – just feel.

If the writing comes naturally then write. Otherwise, just feel.

i-mood is perfect. Updating the moods is interesting.  I tried mood panda. Mood Panda is not perfect for me.

What is Zen? More words are not coming out of the mind. That is zen.

Right now I am thinking, why this is not happening as I think. That is zen. 


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July 16 is for mood words. The mood-words are picked from
The beginning  was with the letter 'Q'.  In the month of June I was posting my moods at twitter starting from the letter 'B' 
Moods beginning with the letter 'A' are more at i-mood.
Not scrolling till 'Z' was my weakness. To convert the weakness to strength I began this routine of going alphabetically.
Today will be a holiday to go to imood.  Start tomorrow with the letter 'A'       
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What is the difference between the emotions ‘pissed’ and ‘pissed off’? Both mean the same. Why get pissed off for the meaning?
I’m easily getting ‘pissed’ and ‘pissed off’. Today I selected this mood very quickly from the emotional alphabetic list at i-mood. I did not go for the lengthy procedure of selecting an appropriate word for the mood I was feeling this morning. I was so much pissed.
A quotation in this regard:
"Our greatest weariness comes from work not done." -Eric Hoffer
Changed the course of the alphabets. I will go from the letter ‘P’ backwards. 

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Had just time to skim through the 'to-do' list which I had jotted down in the notebook in my lethargic schedule this morning. Out of the four 'to-do' list, I could start and continue two jobs at the work.
This organizing thing, does it  happen on its own accord or I am doing something to plan things?
Evening I organized time to visit a friend who is in the hospital, but, I could not see him because he was taken to ICU.
Wife planned something to go to Hospital. But that failed.
'Organized' was the mood today. 
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Getting neurotic? Do something. Change doing that something. Again the mind takes the path of neurotic?  Change the changed thing you are doing. Go on changing till the neurotic mood changes. It will change. What will change? The neurotic mood will change.

When it will change? - Soon?  Waiting for that change is fun.

This writing is also a part of the ‘do something’. I am getting neurotic now. I change the writing thing now. I will sign some documents which pertains to my work.

Something happened externally. I felt neglected.

Now close this. Feeling is neurotic.

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I was mature enough to pick my mood as 'mature' today.

This doesn't mean that I never had meanness in my thoughts today. I have the maturity to identify the thoughts which are not meaningful and also the thoughts which are 'mean'

This day happened to be a different day because we had the thrill of attending the office punctually. The new biggest boss of the organization makes  a visit these two days.

Small or big thrills makes life disciplined, lifting the meaningless meanness and making me a little bit  more mature.

Thrill and maturity - good. Dull and lethargy - bad
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Am I lackadaisical? Don't think so. I have this drive to write something. I look for words. I want to complete this small goal of writing 100 words.

Am I leery? No. I trust life. I trust my family people and colleagues at work.

Am I extremely angry? I am not livid now.

The above three L words were my attractions at i-mood today.

Having discussed the moods in my mind, I declare myself to be  in 'lovable' mood today.

Moral: ‘Don’t be glum with your moods. Discuss the mood within yourself, you arrive at a lovable mood’

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I tweeted today:

“I'm feeling kawaii. I am not kooky, I am in a kawaii mood”

The eccentric moods also appear to be cute. When 'kooky'  I should understand that there will be kawaii.

Cute is a cute word. Kawaii. Neat.  Ha. Ha.

I could see cute images of kawaii on the internet. Wikipedia also describes that kawaii is cute and neat Japanese culture.

Kawaii is a Japanese word. Do I love Japanese words?

Japan is cute. Their culture is cute. The Kawaii images I saw were cute.

Anybody reading this, don't you think this entry is cute?
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Need to be jittery? No jinx. Make it jazzed up. Need not be jaded. Want to be jiggy? Yes!  ha ha.
That mood of jiggy fascinated me. At this age I should not publicly say that I am fond of jiggy mood.
Anyway, I am still young to be jiggy. I still love to visit urBan dictionary and uncyclopedia and feel jiggy sometimes.
Last month I was recording here the websites I visit, alphabetically.  This month it is about moods from
Last month it was UN site for U. I forgot  Urban and Uncyclopedia.
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The icky feeling comes often - very often.  
I know - to get into a work ‘mind preparedness’ is required.
The word ‘preparedness’ is a high profile word. Preparedness is used to Military Preparedness. 
The simple tasks I have - do not require that high ended preparedness. Yes, this one point is to be borne in mind whenever I feel ‘icky’ I should stick to that feeling. The icky feeling will be with me anyway. (Both ‘icky’ and ‘me’ rhyme?) Icky and me! The other words that rhyme with icky are hickey, picky quickey, sticky, tricky. 
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Chanukah or Ḥanukah is a Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Holy Temple (the Second Temple) in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean Revolt against the Seleucid Empire. Hanukkah is observed for eight nights and days. Symbolically eight lamps are lighted.

I was searching the meaning of the word 'hanukkahy' the mood word for the alphabet 'H' - did not find it and landed at “Hanukkah”

I was in a mood of 'hyggelig' which means friendly and pleasant.

Today was Guru Poornima and we remembered and worshipped our teachers by lighting lamps in the morning at our Yoga Kendra.
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Lovely to come through this day till now. The time in my cell phone says: 12.49 pm.

My small goal of the day is to identify a specific mood to match the alphabet 'G'. The moods vary throughout the day.

I could not visit the i-mood site today till noon. I was quite busy. We dropped our sister to railway station. She is travelling to Bengaluru.

I Could come to office a bit late and was engaged in doing some proposals.

With all these happenings, I shall pick I am 'Genki' as the mood (13.25hrs.)

Hale and healthy.
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Today is  an off from going to i-mood.

I began identifying moods pertaining to a letter in English alphabet every day this month.

I began quixotically with the letter Q on July 1.

Finished the mood picking with Zen mood on 09/7/16

After a little bit of dawdling, I started with the letter 'P' on 11/07/16

I am going backwards from the letter P and have reached G yesterday.

Tomorrow is the day for letter F.

F to A, 6 letters remain -  10 days left for July to end. I can still take four holidays.
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What 'F' word shall I use to describe the mood I am going through?

I am in search of an old circular to attach the note I'm preparing for an important proposal at my job.

Definition of a job is the thing I do for my survival. The definition of work is the thing I do to get a good feeling.

I compose  this at an instant when taking a break from the job I am doing. The work is creating  100 words.

To fit into this mood between job and work I shall use the word: Flummox.
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Eager. I picked up this mood word for the day.

Eagerly waited for son's arrival  for the weekend. Unlike previous occasions, he arrived after 7 am today.

Now Eagerly waiting for the  time to watch a movie at the cine polis this evening.

Simply telling 'waiting' would be normal.

Adding the adverb “eagerly” tells the impatient anxiety I go through waiting for the time to pass, till we start to cine polis.

It is quite some time since we enjoyed watching a movie with our son.

The Rajinikanth movie 'Kabali' - is released yesterday.

Gonna watch Kabali. Eager. Great!
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This old guy is released from Malaysian prison after 25 years. How does the prison look? Better than Indian prisons? The old man sings: 'Fire'

His blue colour prison costumes are fine. His white beard is fine. He changes to his costumes. He wears  shoes. He wears a coat.

He shoots down some 43 gang fellows.

He goes to Thailand and India. Chennai  and then to Pondicherry. Finds his wife. He gets his daughter back.

He thought they were killed by 43 gang.

Returns to Malaysia. Takes revenge. Kills the gang.

That is Kabali story. What is the mood?
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Taking an off from the job requires some thoughts regarding how I will spend the time at home.

Today is Monday and I have got the task of discussing a letter which has to be sent soon. Some examination applications are also to be sent.

I've to wait for some information from another office to do the processing of another proposal.

Having better purposes at the  job - I cannot take an off.

However, I'll take a Holiday from visiting the mood site on the internet today.

Moods, beginning with letters C, B, and A are yet to be filled. 
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Nice Tuesday. We got the official notification in the Gazette about our pay revision. Shortly we will be richer and that is a good feeling.

One job I had mentioned about  yesterday regarding writing a letter, after discussion with boss became fruitful and the letter is finalised and sent to another department.

The examination application is not yet sent. It sucks when good intentions are not materialised. Until the end of the day, the job was not done.

Tuesdays are comfortable. The "not done things" don't make me much anxious as it does on Mondays.

Again mood Holiday today.
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I want to make some changes in my life. I want to sincerely try a very physically active life.

My adventure should be sticking to the new routines I devise.

What is that one thing that will kick my ass to get up early and take a bath soon? What simple stretching exercise I should routinely do to get the chemicals in my body to start functioning soon and generate a grand start for the day?

'Changed' is the mood  I recorded at the mood site today. Let me have a positive approach to the change. Let me do.
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This morning I was sitting in our new toilet seat and was thinking:

I have tried to repair my mother's hearing. I had taken her to an ENT doctor when she and me were younger - when she came to stay with me.

The doctor used all sorts of tuning forks and recommended a machine too. We bought the machine also.

Similarly we tried to heal her RA, which is cruel.

Trials done. But the fate has its own way. She suffers. I feel hopeless.

With these thoughts put in words, let me see the mood fitting the letter 'B'.

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The lovely kid was sitting on the table smiling.

I was strolling in the other department on some errand yesterday.

The kid’s dad was sitting on the chair. He is all smiles and proud of his kid. This person cannot hear and speak.

I sweet talked with the child. With all smiles, the kid's eyes were in my pocket where my cellphone was available. Kids love cell phones.

He sweetly asked me for the phone. Lovely child. He talks.

The kid’s father despite his challenges is an active  fellow  

Mood for the  day: Alive.
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31 days of July 16. Six Holidays for mood picking. No mood word at for the letter X. 
I picked moods for 25 days. 
Alive. Baffled. Changed. Discombobulated. Eager. Flummox. Genki.Hyggelig. Icky.Jiggy. Kawaii. Lovable. Mature. Neurotic. Organised. Pissed. Quixotic. Rambunctious. Sassy. Tormented. Un-mood. Vicious. Whatever. Zen.
At the forum in the i-mood site,a user has suggested xenophilic mood to be introduced in the mood list. Xenophobia is also a good word.
I have all the moods list from the site in a PDF format. 995 words! Difficult to choose.   
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It was fabulous to be at this social tasking website for the last three months writing 100 words every day.
I am grateful: 
1) Some creative juices do secrete in mind.  
2) Reading other members thoughts here builds in me better insights.
3) I attempted something.
4) I've consistency.
5) I learn new words. 
The secretions should be boldly used - absolutely no hesitations. 
The sixty-something words I wrote on a bit of paper yesterday and this sentence in the Rich Text Editor of the 100 words site. 
I love writing on bits of paper.