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Yes Sir, joined the October 16 batch of writing 100 words per day. I did not venture to write 100 words during the month of September 16.
I was preparing for a departmental examination in my office. There were two papers to be written. One was on 4th October and the other one on 5th of October.
Prepared well for the examination to the best of my ability and wrote the papers on 4th and 5th. Whatever I have written I am satisfied.
The day I begin this challenge is 5th October and the words I am posting on 1st.
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Make more than one entry in a day and catch up with the present date.
Today is 5th. The mission is filling the blanks fast.
September month I see more number of people have taken up the challenge of writing 100 words.
The previous occasion I visited the site, I see 33 members have finished the September '16 batch. 30x33=990 entries. 990x100=99000 words. Wow!
I try to read as many entries as possible. Young Students have written entries telling about their studies. They tell about their studies and the part times job they do.
Glimpses of young lives!
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A plan to write here at 100 words site is easy. Flexible time is given. It is possible to write for the Month of September also now. The site has given ample time to finish this task till 17th October.
For the current month, I can catch up the missed entries in a slow phase, which I am doing now.
Whatever it is, a satisfaction or perfectionism comes when an entry is made on the day it should be done.
The theme for writing this month's 100 words are my experiences and thoughts while preparing for the recent examination.
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-A Service of 34 years and 6 months in the country's biggest transport organisation.
-My destiny was to help the organisation in selling the transport initially for 3 years and 8 months.
-Then the destiny took me to help the organisation in keeping the accounts. This continues to the present. 30 years and 10 months.
During this great service of three and half decades, I could clear three Statutory departmental examination and could fix myself in the organisation. 
When I could clear three examinations, why I could not clear the next level of examination?
I tried again, now!
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If I had got through the examination when I was in my thirties my position in the organisation would have been better.
My envy priorities with my peers would have been different!
The Supervisory position level in the organisation, I could reach when I was 36!
The examination to get this position was written when my age was 30. A wait of 6 years!
The next level of the exam was to take me to the officer level, which I became eligible to write even before getting the supervisory post.
Let me proudly say that I've been trying and trying.
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Writing is not easy. Still, I try!

I think I can explain or define to some extent in words about things I do. It is very difficult to explain something abstract which I don't do. The fullness in either case does not come.

I listed points to write about the examination I wrote in a note book.
Similarly, when I was studying the subjects for the examination, I jotted down points on the subject I read.

I wanted to fill the note books I had with points and thoughts.

The point is: there is difficulty in expanding the points.
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Why is that, that I could not get through 'great exams?'
Why I did not pass important exams with 'flying colours'  These nagging questions are perennial in my life.

I should be glad, because my aim was to pass out the examination with 'flying colours' that I could pass through certain exams and fix myself somewhere in life to earn my bread.

These small get through have given me the qualification to compete in the departmental examination.

The departmental examination about which I am writing here is called "Limited Departmental Competitive Examination" (LDCE)

Great to be eligible for examination!
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I love notebooks.
I would love to make my study based on certain sentiments and wild imaginations for motivation and inspiration.
Now I shall make a small list of the imagination and sentiments which I made during the study for the recent departmental examination.

1) I should write and fill up all my empty note books.
2) I should purchase a new notebook, if possible.
4) The presence of my younger sister during this examination may bring me some luck.
5) The examination centre is the same as the one which was for me during the initial examination for accounts.
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I have caught up the days! The work for the missing days completed. I am playing at the 100 words box for the present day.
An entry pending for yesterday is okay. Yesterday is not very far from today.
I am writing the examination related thoughts. Thoughts take me to my service experiences. Thoughts tell me to write about my organisation.
Thoughts order me to write: "I love notebooks"
I want to share that sometimes when I read the thoughts on a later date, it brings me an elation. 
The elation is not guaranteed, yet I crave for that!
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'General Knowledge, General English, and Official policy for Rajya Basha' form the portions for the first part of the Professional Paper I prescribed for our 30% LDCE examination. (I wrote this examination on 4th October)
The Principles of Government accounting and audit with special reference to Railways form the second part of the professional paper I. (ah I work for Indian Railways) Great to read about this for the examination.
The third part of the examination for professional paper I is Books and Budget including Traffic book. Traffic book is the compilation of the earnings of Railways earned, selling traffic! 
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Very nice to record in writing that I attempted one more time the professional paper II on the 5th day of October 2016. (to be precise last Wednesday)
Financial justification and traffic costing is one part of the Professional paper II.
The other two parts consists of Workshop Accounts, Stores Accounts & General expenditure and Management Accountancy as part A and part B respectively.
We can choose Traffic Accounts and Establishment also instead of workshop accounts, stores accounts and General expenditure. One choice is given for choosing a part in the professional paper II.
I once attempted with this choice.
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This year I wrote two departmental competitive exams. One exam was during February 16. The dates I don't remember. To remember the exact dates, I've to refer to my diary
If my memory is like this, how do I expect to remember all the information I study?
February 16 exam is called 70% LDCE exam. This 70% is exclusively for senior people of the organisation. People are selected based on seniority cum merit basis.
In the seniority list I am not within 10 ranks. I am placed somewhere the number 20+.
In this exam only one paper is to be faced.
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It was on 4th February that I wrote the 70% LDCE exam. It was a Thursday. The date and day I retrieved from my diary. (memory is only to know the needy things. Like Sherlock Holmes says, the unnecessary stuff to be shelved)
This was my second 70% LDCE exam.
Unlike the 30% LDCE exam, where opportunity for young people are given and two professional papers are to be answered, this 70% exam consists of only one paper having only departmental subjects.
Ah, that is very fine. I record here that during 2016, I attempted 100% exam. 70%+30%=100%
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I was trying to explain the 70% and 30% LDCE exams in the previous posts.
Picking up a point from the scribbles I jotted down in my notebook, now I want to tell about using computer for my study purpose.
Writing in the note book seems to be more concrete than using a computer - that is how my mind is set up - however, I did make use of the computers that I can reach. Home computer, office computer and my son's laptop.
Our big boss while wishing us for the 70%  exam gave us a CD with study materials. 
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C-TARA (Centralized Training Academy For Railway Accounts) is a training centre for Accounts at Secunderabad is the Head Quarters of South Central Railway Zone.
The lessons regarding Railway Accounts is taught in this centre by experts. The subjects are taught in the form of Power point presentations.
A compilation of the various accounts subjects by various officers at C-TARA was given to us by the Big Boss.
His great wishes was to boost confidence in us to face the exam.
I tried to assimilate the subjects by studying them on the computer.
I selected some for printing too.
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For the General Knowledge portion in the Professional Paper I anything can be asked.
I tried to keep the 16 zones of Indian Railways in my memory.
1) Central Railway.
2) Eastern Railway.
3) East Central Railway.
4) East Coast Railway
5) Metro Railway (Kolkata)
6) Northern Railway
7) North Eastern Railway
8) North East Frontier Railway
9) North Western Railway
10) Southern Railway
11) South Central Railway
12) South Eastern Railway
13) South East Central Railway
14) South Western Railway
15) Western Railway.
16) West Central Railway 

I pegged a acronym: CEMNSW

C-1, E-3,M-1, N-4, S-5, W-2.

How long I can remember?
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The laptop was made use of for studying for the examination.
A good Samaritan at South Central Railway is maintaining a blog for the guidance of LDCE aspirants.
The section officer of the South Central Railway is also maintaining a blog for III A examination aspirants.
Incidentally IIIA is the examination that I passed long ago to hold the present position in the organisation.
I finished reading the LDCE blog once. There were129 entries in that blog when I finished reading that.
The author has collected all the past questions papers for the LDCE examination and PPTs in the blog.
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I am continuing to tell about 'the blog' and my studies done on the computer.
In one of the blog entries the blog author has uploaded question papers right from the year 1993. He has scanned the question papers and given them a digital form. These were the question papers pertaining to South Central Railways.
The current affairs of 1993 may not be relevant now, still I searched for the answers to keep my learning tempo. The purpose was to keep as much information as possible in the mind.
I have this question papers bunch in my google documents now.
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I never thought that the present unexpected turn would happen while writing my thoughts on the 30% LDCE exam.
Administration has now cancelled the Professional Paper I exam which was held on 4-10-16. Some rules were not followed while setting the question paper is the reason for the cancellation.
A re-exam is scheduled on 4-11-16.
!2 candidates who wrote the exam on 4-10-16 have been informed about the re-examination on 4-11-16.
My mind is in a quandary.
Whether to face the exam on 4-11-16 or not?
Sick. Sick.
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I am slowly forgetting the specific thoughts, which I jotted down as single words in my notebook, about preparation for the department promotional exam, which I planned to write in 100 words during October 2016.
All my colleagues who appeared for the examination on 4-10-2016 are now ready to write the examination again on 4-11-2016.  There are twelve candidates. Everyone wants a promotion! The people who are writing the examination are younger to me.
Time is there. Tentative schedules are being allotted by the mind to study.
Let the experience continue with fun!
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There were questions, specially GK questions - I messed up on 4/10 professional paper of the promotional examination....
"Discovery of India" was written by Jawaharlal Nehru. I wrongly answered as "E.M.Foster"
There were three English words for which I did not know the meanings. 1) Endemic 2) Ramification and 3) Belligerent.
This Ramification (complicating a problem) is endemic (wide spread). Am I belligerent? (eager to fight?)
Yes, eager to fight the in the examination again on 4/11!
And you know there was a question in the 4/10 examination to write about 80 words on a subject?
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Yes, a question was asked in the cancelled professional paper to write about 80 words on either of the following titles:
1) Upholding moral values in Public life.
2) Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
I answered the first topic. Manually counted the words. It was a little more than 80 words.
Practising writing 100 words helped me in writing the exam with interest. In the revised examination which is scheduled to be conducted on 4/11 will such a question be expected? I wish I get one. 
The week ending with 28 October, I should start studying - again!
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When I talk with my competitors who are writing the examination with me, I have a feel as to how I will be fit enough to compete with them.
They are younger to me by 10 years. They have more retention power and can spell out more points for the questions asked in the examination.
Anyways, I  have decided to compete with them.
I will start studying again by filling the pages in my note book.
Hopefully, I can finish the notebooks. Hopefully I write better in the re-exam.
Hope. Only the incessant thing I want is imagination.
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Did I write "Vague plans are occupying my mind for the study of the forthcoming re-exam?" Yes, two or three days back.
One such plan is taking leave for study. If I take leave for two days, one day could be used to dawdle and worry about study. The next day could be used to study a bit. "ha ha ha ha."
Do I see this opportunity as a fog of uncertainty?
It is an opportunity.
Only twelve people are privileged for this chance. I am a young old man given this opportunity. Try playfully - certain! 
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The stress or heaviness in the mind due to this re-exam is not required. The guilt due to non-study of the subjects consistently need not be there.
But it is there.
And that is the life at present. These non-sense things and a purpose being present now, should make life more fun.
Yes, I remind myself again and again that this is purely fun and the heaviness should not be taken seriously. Writing 100 words may alleviate the heaviness.
Never stop the persistent trying.
Never stop trying 'trying'
Books are there. Notebook is still there. Read. Write. Try.
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What should I do?
I think a lot about the 'mountain'
Not only think about the mountain, but stand at the foot to scale through the mountain.
Come on!
The flow comes: "I should start climbing the mountain" In the same spirit the flow goes away.
I climb. I perspire. I climb nearly 60% of the height. Why I stop there? What makes me to stop there?
Why the stretching is not done further?
There is a big fat book among my study materials. I refer to this stout book as my mountain. 1487 pages are there.
Study. Beyond 60%
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The mountain is fantastic. I enjoy climbing it.
Yes. Yes, I am talking about the consolidated stout book, I have in my hand.
I have gone through the book, several times and can find out which subject is in which page.
I wonder about the people who have compiled this book taking the subjects and arranging them meticulously. They could have passed the examination as well. But they are serving the people to take the examination and making some money out of it.
Let me read the book as many times as possible.
Let me read the book once more.
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The stout book I am having is a borrowed one. My colleague at my office has given me that to study.
It is a 2004 edition. The basic Railway accounting concepts are the same, with improvisations as time passes. It is our discretion to inculcate the new things.
I did have my own copy of the stout book when I was studying earlier for attempting the LDCE. I could not get through, during those earlier attempts. I am using the book given by my friend during these three attempts now.
The mountain climbing I like.
Want to hoist the flag.
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Sometimes a flow happens. I get all sorts of good feels and see that the study materials I read are retained in mind.
A link is being formed to attempt the questions that may be asked in the examination. But...but... the feel is very short lived.
I don't like this. I hate this. I get frustrated.
Overcoming this frustration gets me get more frustrated.
I have to cope up with this.
Retaining this frustration...I should go on.
Whatever I read, that will do. Whatever I retain in my mind, that will do. Let the whatever feel continue. God.
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I remember reading Harry Potter's experiences in his examinations or life situations or  during quid ditch matches.
He will have preparing difficulties. Sometimes he cannot concentrate. If I remember correctly, his middle portion of the forehead will twitch.
Somehow, he will enter the examination or the difficult situation or the quidditch match, with the what all possible preparations he could make before the event.
Something will help him. He will win the event or lose the event which will lead him to some unforeseen victory.
This Harry Potter inspiration I bring to my mind, while I am very down.
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Oh, there is a limitation to patience. Persistence. At a stage I want to throw everything away.
Don't bother mind. Stay a little more time. A little more time. The good feel will come.
Whether it is possible to get through the exam or not?
I have recorded my thoughts -split thoughts? coherent thoughts? - on the subject of my preparation for the examination.
If someone reads this writing for the month of October, will they give me marks more than 60?
I want marks more than 60 to get through this exam.
Some Harry Potter effect?
I want!