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05/01 Direct Link
I have successfully completed the April 17 batch.
It is an achievement. We  strive for some achievement. World has made in a such a way that, that nothing is late.
 100 words is made to write 100 words each day. If it is not possible, make up the days.
In April month I tried to say something about my Grandfather and Grandmother and though late, I could accomplish that task.
I had several thoughts, only a part of it I could shape it up in words.
Thank you destiny or whatever it is, I could complete it. Great.
05/02 Direct Link
I have been trying to shape up thoughts. I tried to stick to one thought. I tried to write, what all I can write on that thought.
I tried to tell about my yoga practice. I did that. But  I am not going to Yoga regularly.
I tried to tell about about my promotion departmental examination. I did not pass that examination. Another examination is on the way. Hope, I shall be able to better in the forthcoming examination.
The only confidence I have is that I have been trying to prepare for this  examination quite long. Try.
05/03 Direct Link
I tried to tell about my mother.
This lady is now proud that she will be reaching 80 soon.
The desire is to celebrate her 80 with all pomp and fare.
But, everybody does not have that luck.
My relative celebrated his mother's 80 with all pomp and fare. 
But the desire in me will be dormant as usual.
What is there?
My grandmother did not celebrate her 80.
My grandfather did not celebrate his 80, rather he did not have the fortune of his issues celebrating his 80th birthday.
Some people celebrate each and every occasion. Fortune. 
05/04 Direct Link
Coming to May 17 month gives me a chance to read what other members write.
Each one has a thought. They want to express. Reading them, makes to understand their life. Unique to them. Sometimes I can relate to them and sometimes I cannot relate them.
Just like that I have made four entries.
I read some of the members writing.
I have to take some initiative to contact them. I may like to say something about their writing. May be I want to more about their life in this planet.
It does not happen so easily.Still try sometime.
05/05 Direct Link
Write one more entry. This will bring me to 5th of May. Today is 15th May. I have to write 10 more entries to catch up to this day.
Let me catch up the present day, whenever it happens. It will happen when?
Days go. Just like that days go. It is good that if we catch up the present and hold on to it without thinking about the future.
How can we hold to the present without thinking about the future? Thoughts about future or dreams about future makes the present amusing always. In future I will get this.
05/06 Direct Link
I want to read what others are writing.
The site is locked till I write for the day.
I want to write what all I have tried on this site.
I tried writing about my examination, I tried to write about my mother, I tried to write about my Grandfather and Grandmother, I tried to write about my Yoga practice and tried to write about the web pages I visit.
Anything left?
I should read my past entries to know that.
I have to do that, to find out what I left.
Last May, I came to this site seriously.
05/07 Direct Link
May 6th was opened for my reading, when I completed 100 words for the day.
The day I am writing now is for 7th May.
One member was writing about his existence. Another member about the wrong diagnosis of his health.
Another member about the 'morass'
Some words, I catch up while reading other members writing.
Right click 'morass' ,search google for this.
Morass is described as an area of muddy or bogged ground.
Morass is also described as complicated or confused situation.
What complicated or  confused situation?
Life will be like that. Take some decision. Celebrate or regret. 
05/08 Direct Link
Let me celebrate completing the April 17 batch and writing 7 entries for the month of May 17 today.
This is the 8th entry. As far as today is concerned I have a back log of 7 entries.
I don't know when I will come here again to make the date on hand and entry made on date coincide.
Let me see.
Let it happen soon.
May 16 to now I have completed 8 batches. The April 16 batch, I have not written anything. But the site shows it is 'not finished'
May 16 was the beginning of this writing exercise.
05/09 Direct Link
I will write for 9the May.
Oh, I did not fill the Date Selected. This will not post to the site, if I leave it blank. So fill up right now.
Yes, filled.
Once this is submitted, 9th May will open for me.
10th to 16th The entries are locked.
When I read the last eight entries I noticed that I have repeated the thought of what all I wrote in this site - twice.
Even after writing twice, I did miss two subjects. One is about my daughter and another is the alphabetical order of moods. Imood.       
05/10 Direct Link
I have other priorities. Still wanted to peep into this site and write one entry. Writing this entry will open 10. I can read what others write on this day.
11,12,13,14,15,16 and 17. 7 days to be filled before I come to the current.
Last entry, I mentioned about i mood site while explaining about the subjects I wrote in this site.
It  is a month since I visited that site. The last mood was 'accepted'. Today internet's mood is 'better' I am better today. My mood is better. Doing my chores 'better'   
05/11 Direct Link
It is funny - the mind.
When I cross the road, I want the fellow who is driving a vehicle to slow down. That fellow does not want to slow down. I become restless. I curse him. I tell him - all in mind - to slow down. 'Hey I want to cross the road. That fellow in enjoying his speed. He does not want to change gears or apply his brakes.
When I am driving, with all enthusiasm picking up speed, fellas are crossing the road. I scold them - all in mind - hey why can't you cross the road after I go?
05/12 Direct Link
What, she is not interested in my activities? She wants to continue her activities only?
I am telling her something, rather trying to tell her something. She is deaf and it requires a lot of patience for me to convey her something. I want to tell her so many things. I can only tell her a little. I need all my composure to have chat with her.
She does not give me attention. She is not seeing my face. The time is 11 am. She wants to get the TV switched on.
I get raged. No use. Stop. TV on.
05/13 Direct Link
Who will tell her that missing some part of the TV show won't matter.
She is aged. At that age missing something won't make any difference. 
No, she is like that. Her mind set up is like that.
What, if I don't convey my emotion to her? Letting her in her own world would be better.
Then, why she is interfering with my world? Why she tells that we don't convey things to her. Specially when third party comes her rant would be that we are not conveying anything to her.
No big deal. We do try to talk.
05/14 Direct Link

Reality? Fail? To get raged? Regret?  Laugh it off?
My favorite programme in Vividhbharathi is "Triveni". In 15 minutes from 7.45 am to 8.00 am three good Hindi songs will be broadcast with a Theme.
The theme will be inspirational and it gives a good feel to listen,
I got time today. I will listen. One good song I will select and search in you tube and like there too.
I switched on.
The cell phone rings.
I pick up. It is wife on the other end.
Switch off the radio. Listen to wife. Laugh.
05/15 Direct Link
Planned to write two 'hundred words' to day.  I tweeted about this plan also today.
As the day passed, the day passed no signs of writing.
Lunch. Nap.Reading.
Observing a dog going our of my car underneath when I unlocked the car. The peep sound startled the dog. The dog was enjoying a nap under the shade of the car.
I felt a little sorry for the dog. I disturbed its relaxation.
OK. The dog may seek shade somewhere else.
Anyways, "Sorry Dog"  
The Dog was good one. Good height. I admired him when he came out. 
05/16 Direct Link
Fucks.(mistake) In the previous entry, A sentence should have been....'a dog coming out of my car underneath',  The 'out' became our. 
Fucks (it is okay) It is okay. The intention is to write and the thought is written. No Nobel Prize for the literature here.
Fucks (Celebrating) I could complete two entries. I can tell twitter that I have completed the task I planned for this day when it asks me "Describe the day in 140 characters" The scheduled tweet will appear soon. (10 mt from now)
Fucks. (smiles) I too wanted to fuck, the fuck.
05/17 Direct Link
Why not try making 100 words as soon as I get up? As soon as I get up, it is not possible. I have to pee and all that.
Fucks, how to be a 'man' at the earliest in the morning? Thoughts go on...mind is very fond of thinking negatively. 
Fucks, Fucks, Getting up at 7.15 am is alright.
I want to get up even earlier.
I write this  entry even before writing my plan tweet.
Great. Fucks.
I liked the fucking entry made by that member,yesterday. Inspires me to write  fucks jollily. Fucks.
05/18 Direct Link
'Mayiru' is the equivalent of 'Fucks' in my mother tongue.
Great equivalents are available in my other tongues my country.
"shata' in Kannada. "Lavde ka bhal" in Hindi.
To be precise the word, swearing word, bad word is to vent the frustration or rage.
"Mayiru" I cannot recall the song I heard in the radio programme I just heard. The tune I can recall, the exact words I cannot recall. 
Mayiru. Mayiru. Mayiru.
Shit. Shit. Shit.
Fucks. Fuck. Fuck it.
The mayiru word represents the pubic hair, uttered in disgust.
Mayiru, I can laugh at good thing also. 
05/19 Direct Link
Afternoon. It is hot weather as I write this. My aim is finish as many entries as possible to catch up a day.
Good. I have got an aim. I have got a purpose.
If I complete this entry the writings of the members on this day will open for me.  I will read them.
I may like some entries. Some entries may not interest me.
Some entries I can relate to my thoughts, some entries I will not understand.
It is fun, in opening the entries and reading them. One of the advantage of lagging behind in writing
05/20 Direct Link
Yes I opened 19th entries.
There were seven entries.
One entry began "Strength comes in myriad ways...."  Such sentences also bring strength.
Let me take the strength. Tell the world that strength also comes from people who strive to be in time, do their best.
This particular members writing strikes the mind.
One other sentence from his writing:
We are a fiery rainbow, wild kaleidoscope of colors in an infinite hall of mirrors. 
Fiery Rainbow? Means not mild colors? Maybe fiery mild colours.
Wild kaleidoscope? No. Wild, mild designs. I get wild when seeing wild designs.
05/21 Direct Link
I could not complete the P.G.Wodehouse fiction I am reading now. The adventures of Sally.
Sally, who is now in the Flower Garden as a dancing girl, dances with Ginger's cousin. There is indication that she may marry that guy.
Her first lover also comes to her apartment in a drunken state. Sally is not so sympathetic with him. He, a playwright, jilted Sally. He was jilted by his new lover.
Ginger - the guy who hashes everything - will be hashed by Sally.
Keeping the last pages of the Novel, still open. Let Sally's adventure be not closed soon.
05/22 Direct Link
Great. Today's entry today only.
Made plans to write this entry as soon as I get up. I did not do that.
Got up late. Did not go to Yoga with wife. I had promised that I would come.
Promise broken.
I not only dreamed of writing 100 words as soon as get up for today, but for the whole week beginning from today.
Hope, I make it tomorrow. From tomorrow, the whole week.
Nothing wrong in coming back to routines, plans and intents.
The guilt of not adhering to the promises made to my mind also help me. Yes.
05/23 Direct Link
Gloomy weather. It is evening.
Has it started raining?
Let me go out and see after this entry is over. 
Morning, I did not write an entry. Did not go to yoga. When will I go to yoga? Days roll by.
Okay, tomorrow, I will not lie down in the bed. I will get up. Write 100 words. Definitely. Definitely.
Any sort of preparation, I can make in the night?
Shall I have two or three morning alarms?
I shall write a draft for writing 100 words? Have ready some new words? Try writing extra 100 words? Buffer?
05/24 Direct Link
Thirty two years of togetherness celebrated today.
Our thirty-third year of togetherness begins today.
Great time.
Who celebrates this day with more eagerness?
My significant half of course!
She prepares for the day quite in advance. She selects the dress to be worn for the day. She wants a new pair of dress for me also.
The wardrobe is full of  dresses for me. "Why do I need a new pair?"
She will not listen to that.
She is happy, children and relatives pour wishes over phone and whats app.
My wife's happiness is my happiness! 
05/25 Direct Link
Wife returned from her Tirunelvelli trip last Friday. 
She attended a family function at a place called, Kalladai Kurichi.
Her shopping consisted of buying edibles and pickles.
From Saturday to today, she has been releasing the edibles one by one. (or it Started on Friday itself?)
Let me write them as I remember, or the line by which released each and every item.
Murukku. Mixture. Thattai murruku. Nei murruku. Tirunelveli Halwa.
Citron pickle. Hemidesmus indicus pickle (makani kizhangu). Urad dal papad. Topiaco papad.
Wife is yet to release the green pepper pickle. 
05/26 Direct Link
I should not take life seriously. No one should take life seriously of course! I have the right to tell that to myself often. Why should I tell this to others? Everyone knows how to take life themselves.
The quote said: 
 " Don't take life seriously, anyway you are not going to escape from life alive"
That is true. But let me try to be serious when working or planning.
Then, leave the seriousness.
This week I planned to write something, first thing in the morning.
No. It was not possible. 
It is okay. Try next week. Ha!
05/27 Direct Link
The next batch starts on 1st June 2017.  The announcement in the site is already on.
Including today, there are five days remaining in this month.
My friend has got 5 more service days remaining. He is retiring on 31st May.
This afternoon, I had been to the get together arranged by him.
Good lunch with two sweets and ice-cream.
There are many count downs like this.
Tomorrow and the day after, I will be missing writing these entries. We are going to Bengaluru to attend my Sister's house warming function on Monday.
Our journey, by sleeper bus. 
05/28 Direct Link

I said in the previous entry that, I may not be able to write for two days. Jolly well, took 4 days, Sunday to Wednesday. June month also is born and four members have completed the May 17 batch.
I cannot see the advent feature once the month is over. I can see only who are writing for June month.
This is an entry I am writing for Sunday.
Last night we husband and wife travelled by a A/C sleeper bus. It was romantic, lying side by side in the twin lower berths.
With good AC - a lovely travel.
05/29 Direct Link

This is an entry for Monday.
One of my life worries was the situation of my younger sister who did not own a house of her own.
This day she celebrated the house warming ceremony of her new house.
Great. Thank you God.
The house is a three storied house, the first two floors having one room and hall and kitchen. They say it is 1BHK house. The rooms are small, yet, her house is her palace. God bless her and her family.
Her son humourously said that the house is Bank's and not theirs. Good fellow. God bless him.
05/30 Direct Link

This is an entry for Tuesday.
One extra leave I had taken for the Bengaluru trip.
Jolly well, enjoyed reading P.G.Wodehouse. The book was "The little Nugget"
The little Nugget is the son of Fords. The Fords are separated and Mrs. Ford tries to kidnap the naughty son who is in the custody of Mr.Ford.
Peter bucks goes as a teacher where little Nugget is sent for Study in England. Initially, his work was to kidnap the lad.
Some other interested parties also try to Kidnap little Nugget. There is love, shooting and emotion in the story.
05/31 Direct Link
There are dreams. At this age I know that the dream may come true or it will be shattered.
I walk to ATM. The machine may give me money or it may not. If the machine gives me money, then I can pay the milkman, give money to wife to run the show for the month and I can repay the loan I have taken from the Mutual fund taken in the office.
If the ATM does not give money,wait for another day.
Like this dreams are there. 
The ATM gave money.
Let the dreams be true.