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Joined the June 17 batch.
I am a great artist of writing 100 words. It is fun. Fun to write on the same day itself. One entry per day.
Let me visit some of the poems told by my Grandfather, read them again. (reading itself is fun)
I shall write my thoughts about that. I shall select some mood words from i mood and write things using those words.
This is my plan for writing this month.
I shall also try constructing more 100 words apart from posting one here.
June has just begun. Hope I have more fun.
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Which batch you are working on?
My mind feels proud. I am working on June 17 batch.
As I opened the site now, I could see three entries. I don't remember the names of the writers.
The  first one describes melencholy. The word melencholy is liked by the author. I get melecholy as soon as I get up and when return from work. Why this? Let me not bother about this. Let me enjoy the self-loathing.
The second entry is about rain.
The third entry is an oldman of 76 years. He says he has begun saying ThankGod.
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So, thatha  wanted me to tell the plain everyday story to me?
Thatha, "I learnt and that is not enough. The everyday plain story is not so plain...we make it complicated. Reading such poems makes life simple.....As I age I learn better"
The Village Black Smith I got from Wiki Source.
Thata, we have got world wide web now and if we make a simple search we get all the information.

Each morning sees some task begin,
Each evening sees it close;
Something attempted, something done,
Has earned a night's repose.   
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Let me call myself something when I want a conversation with myself. 
That is fine.
Girmit: 'So Babu you are  up to writing conversations?'
Babu: 'yes, Girmit tell me an alphabet to record my mood today' 
G: 'P'
B: 'Am I writing the mood exactly or I want a name for the mood I am going through now. It becomes Paranoid'
G: 'That is great 'Paranoid' is the mood you are undergoing.
B: 'Yes, paranoid about three things. To dream positively or negatively?
G:'Whatever it is dream. What are the three things you are Paranoid about?'
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Life is not so shady or worthless as it looks like, and it has much more potential than we think of.
"For the soul is dead that slumbers,"
The Psalm of life is the Poem that 'Thatha' gave me early in life.
No slumbers for this soul. 
Let me not sleep more.
Let me dream. Dream for the negative also. No problem.
Act,— act in the living Present!
Heart within, and God o’erhead!  
With God over my head, the three dreams will come true.
A fourth dream has joined.
Let me not sleep. Be awake. Dream.
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Sure, no one can be happy all the time, but that’s no excuse for being querulous.
I was searching for a 'Q' word for the mood I am going through now. I did not get so easily. I mood site did not help me.
(I am being querulous?)
The things are not moving. The files are there on officers table. When will be the results coming for the exam I wrote?
Why I am not getting up early? Why my children are not as smart as other children?
Not so happy at this time. Being querulous is good!
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When 'Thatha' first introduced the Poem "The Inchcape Rock" telling us about buoy and the bell hung by  Abbot of Aberbrothok, the name Abbot of Aberbrothok interested me. The story part of the poem was okay. A pirate removing the bell, which guided the sailors about the danger of Inchcape Rock. Consequently the pirate himself dying miserably for his fault. The full poem I could not memorise.
I remember "The good old Abbot of Aberbrothok" The poem says I read now "The holy Abbot of Aberbrothok'
I read the poem with interest now at Wikisource. Great.
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Girmit: 'Hai babu'
Me: 'Hai Girmit!'
Girmit: '....what then...what were you doing today?'
M: 'At the office, people tell me to do things which I don't like to do. But I had to that thing. I asked internet to tell me a one word for such a situation...I got a good answer for that. The one word for that is work'
G: Ha ha ha...So, you were in a hateful mood at work? Really working - means doing the thing which you don't like.
M: 'Yes...tell me some other words for mood?'
G: disposition, vein.
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Thatha I am reading "The Solitude of Alexander Selkirk" by W.Cowper.
Reading some notes, I find that Alexander Selkirk was a real head long man and wanted to remain in an Island where there is no humanity.
The poem begins "I am monarch of all I survey" It is nice to be in solitude for some time not for long...that is what the poem tells.
He questions the sages who say that 'solitude' is charming. Really 'solitude is not charming.
Better dwell in the midst of alarms, Than reign in this horrible place. Solitude - No!   
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Thatha I cleared the departmental examination which I wrote on 19th May. Exactly three weeks and the result is out.
When my Dy sent me the congratulatory message for this accomplishment, I could not believe myself.
Later the bigger picture of this results were out  - more congratulations.
Fifteen people have cleared the exam and only 3 people have failed. No one above my ranking in the seniority have failed. I stand 7th in the ranking for four posts to be filled.
Thatha, unless some miracle happens dream of getting the promotion.
Next, we will be sent for medical examination. 
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Counting engages the mind. I would like to count. I was counting days for my Thirumala trip which happens to be on Tuesday. Two days more for the trip.
There is another pilgrimage trip planned for the month of October. More than three months for that event to happen.
I was counting the days after the departmental examination, wondering when the results will be out? Whether I will pass or fail? The date of the results was not known. It was a count between the exam and the results. Three weeks.
Counting. Search for a mood in the letter 'C'
06/12 Direct Link
Searched for a mood starting with alphabet 'C'. Chose the word 'copacetic' which means everything is in order.
Everything is in excellent order. Okay everything is in excellent order and without excitement or lethargy I should follow the order. Order ordained as the time moves.
The train is around 7.30 pm tomorrow for Tirupati. 
Whether to take a leave for tomorrow or not? Not necessary. Save one leave.
Whether I can manage the medical exam tomorrow is another thing to be seen.
Everything is copacetic with little surprises here and there. 
Now, see the present work.
06/13 Direct Link
I am feeling daffy or daft?
It is not eccentric or silly or absurd.
What if my eyes need a re examination.
I could not read the 'C' in the different equipment doctor used. I could not read the bigger font with the present specs I have. 
The matter is I went to medical examination for the next promotion which I may or may not get.
With this opthalmology issue, the doctor is not moving further. I have to wait till next week to see the number of my specs.
I am going to Tirupati today. Writings pended now.
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I write so many things in my mind.I plan to write - more number of 100 words apart from what I write here.
Availability of computer is not possible during these five days: WED, THU, FRI, SAT and SUN.  I cannot use word counter to count words.
I have come to 'Tirumala' for 'Laddu Seva', to sit in the Laddu counters of this place and distribute the laddu prasadam to pilgrims coming to Tirumala. Duty starts tomorrow.
I Count the words manually and record one entry in the note book I have carried with me.       
06/15 Direct Link
One entry per day in the note book I have brought with me. It is a nice experience. (I use the word 'nice' frequently?)
The first experience of 'Laddu Seva' at the Laddu counter was nice. (nice using 'nice')
The duty hours are A) 2.00 am to 8.00 am B) 8.00 am to 2.00 pm 
 C ) 2.00 pm to 8.00 pm. D) 8.00 pm to 2.00 am
I got the 'A' slot.
So the days 15 to 17 will begin for me at 2.00 am.
Excited to scan the laddu coupons.
06/16 Direct Link
I remembered the Friday 9th of March this year, when I attended 'Parakamani Seva' at Tirumala.
I was waiting at the queue compartment - beginning from Thursday night to Friday morning almost 10 am. It was a long wait to have the darshan of Balaji.
This I explain here, because the laddu counters will be busy on Fridays only after 8.00 am, only then pilgrims finish their darshan and throng for the laddu counters.
I was at the laddu counter, this Friday morning between 2 am and 7 am and we could distribute only 42 laddus.
Slack Friday morning. 
06/17 Direct Link
The counter number 9 became busy from 4.00 am. People began to clamor the laddu counters.
There was a joint tension from all of us at counter number 9. The ladies Srivari Seva were too eager to distribute the laddus. 
Too much of eagerness is not good sometimes!
Some coupons (specially the angapradhakshanam laddu tickets) will not get easily scanned as they will be crumbled and wet. In this case I have to punch the numbers on the main key board. The side number keys did not function.
We moved 1500 ladus. 4 short. mmm.   
06/18 Direct Link
It is a Sunday morning at Tirumala. The time is 7.00 am and I am writing from my dormitory cot number 66.
Yesterday, I could not completed my 100 word entry in my note book though I began and wrote quite a few words. I completed that now. 
Yesterday was a heavy day. I was bit upset because the laddu count did not tally and 4 short and 4 damaged laddus were booked in my name.
We were provided the darshan of Lord Balaji during our Temple duty between 4.00 pm and 8.00 pm.
Venkateshaya namaha!
06/19 Direct Link
The train stopped at Gadag. I can manage to write in my notebook till the train moves.
I was trying in the mobile internet, 'things to  make me feel fine soon after I wake up'
I could not catch up any noteworthy point. 
Okay, some other time I shall try to catch up this issue.
(Train moves now)
Now, thinking, how long I will take to catch up the 100 words posting of words I have written in my note book from 14th to 19th. 
Soon I will make it.
Writing this makes me feel better.
Some Purpose.
06/20 Direct Link
It is great to write the word 'Great'.
I ticked off the entries made in this note book from 14th Wed. to 18th Sun. as posted in the 100 words site.
Now only two entries are to be updated (Mon. & Tue.) and I have caught up the days to the present day.
I can post 100 words everyday directly to the site counting the words in the word counter provided in the site from Wednesday onward.
Great! I wrote this entry while boiling milk and heating water to brew coffee.
A small bit of motivation. Great work done!
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The time is 8.16 AM. The lethargy and inertia are slowly getting erased. The property of the body to refuse change is inertia. The tendency to remain unchanged. 
Okay, the body may be appearing in a state of inertia. The mind is not inert. It wants to get out of the idle state. The thoughts try to move in a way so that the body and the mind have an equilibrium.
It says to the body, do this and do that. 
The body and the mind try to flow evenly.
So, it will be yoga day.  
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The conversation with my friend when we were going to yoga day yesterday was like this:
Me: C you were in Scouts?
C: Yes I was, we had been to scout camps when I was in Railway school.
M: Oh, that is better. I was in cubs (kiddy scouts) when I was in 4th Standard. I have a group photo of that in our album. I was in the air wing of NCC when I was in High school. I was in the Army wing when I was in PUC I year.
C: I was not in NCC during study.
06/23 Direct Link
It is a great moment everyday to go to work with Mr.C. Very accomadative and sportive guy Mr C is.
We have many things in common. Conversing with him is a nice experience.
We were talking about our college days and the activities we participated.
My stint in the Air wing during school days wearing the blue uniform with special cap ended with me losing my cap. The good moments I developed physically ended.
The army wing ended after my first PUC days after collecting the washing allowance.
I could not have a prosperous life in uniform. 

06/24 Direct Link
My son has introduced me to iphone today. I am excited. I have made nearly three apps to downloads. One of them is icloud pages. I can write in the pages and count words too. The updated version of 'pages' is still downloading.
Let me see that later.
Symbian phones used, android phones used, windows phones used.
Now time to use iphone. The phone my son has bought me i phone 7.
It is a costly one. I said I will do well for my scribblings in my existing windows phone. My son says try iphone.
Apple phone.
06/25 Direct Link
The 'page app' of 'icloud'  is now used in this edition 100 words. It is difficult to say something in words. I am very much excited with the new iPhone 7.  
 Son has spent nearly ₹65,000 for this.
The window phone is neglected now.
I have this page for writing. I have downloaded twitter, Paytm ,one diary app for the present. I have this new jio sim. I have to remember this new number and make use of for some purposes.
I am proud of my son.  
God bless him to earn and spend.
06/26 Direct Link

Fine to spend time with my 'page' facility in my new iPhone 7+. 
The words are counted. I am using a blank page to compose this.
My other diary writing activities are deferred, because I am fully engaged with my iPhone.
It is restlessness when mind is confused, with so many things.
Whether to spend alone time or with my people.
I have to decide for one thing.
That one thing I have to love and enjoy.
When alone time , no others.
When with others forget the lonely time absolutely and enjoy with full involvement - absolute living way.  
06/27 Direct Link

This entry I will make, using my voice. when I say 'using' to the diction facility in my latest iPhone it says, rather it writes as 'you sing'
I spelt the word U S I N G in my voice and was recognised as U  'SING . 
I am practicing the dictation method of composing words.
Fun. Real fun and excitement using iPhone bought to me by my son.
Let him earn well and have a calm mind and able body.
This is a great gesture from him - very stylishly he taught me tips using the phone.
I sing....  
06/28 Direct Link

I wanted to give shape to my wandering thoughts in words. The day moved without giving me time to sit and focus on a single thought.
I have to attend my work.
I have to answer the queries of my wife.
I have to help her in household responsibilities.
June 17 will be available for another two days. I wrote 100 words at Tirumala in the pages of the notebook I carried with me and in the ‘pages’ of apple 
Great June.
Yes, the thoughts about writing in the month of June is written again using ‘pages’.
06/29 Direct Link
We had been to Durga Devi Temple this morning at Dajipenpet. Durga Devi has also a sister named Damanavva. The goddesses were decorated with nice saree and flowers.
It was divine to go to the temple in the morning.
What we prayed?
We prayed for our daughter. 
"God give her enough courage to face the fertility procedure she is undergoing now"
"Ma, make her bold, give her the voice of 'don't care policy' if necessary. Let her not think about the future much"
I have lamented a lot on this issue during the month of November 16,
Please God.....
06/30 Direct Link
My viva voce is on 4th July 2017.
Did I record here that I have passed the departmental examination? This is the 70% examination on which I had laments and thoughts in this site during the month of October 16.
Fifteen of us have passed in the examination.
Would I have scored well in the examination? Better than my colleagues?
I stand 7 th in the seniority list. I have secret fears that some of my juniors might also have done the exam well.
Well, I hope for the best. This time I should get what I want - this time.