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I love this site asking me when I begin to write "Which batch you are working on?"
I like working. Working alone sometimes is okay. Working for doing something good to others is fine. Togetherness in working is fantastic.
Writing here combines all the three in a subtle kind of way.
I write alone. Gather thoughts from others and open my life's window to a certain extent.
I plan to write my experiences in the new cell phone I have got recently.
"Hey Siri" love to talk to phone. Nice. Start working for the month of July 17.  
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My cute jet black iPhone is blaring songs by Vali. Vali was a famous lyricist.  His words are simple and touch your mind and heart.
Last night I downloaded about 30 songs. I also downloaded some Indian classical music too.
Two hours ago I was learning something about the new Goods and Service Tax (GST) on the You tube with my friend Umesh. GST has come into force in our country from yesterday. This preparation was for the forthcoming viva voce on 4th Tuesday.
Last night like a mad fellow I was using the voice notes in my phone.
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Be Kind
Be kind to yourself. What if I don't sleep properly for two days continuously. The iPhone entertains me. The Sunday quota of the jio data of I GB was exhausted by the time the darkness of the day could vanish. By morning 5.00 O'clock the entire I GB of the speed data supply was exhausted. 
I down loaded 30+ songs from i music.
I watched a movie "Queen" at jio cinemas. The story line was about a woman who goes to Paris for honeymoon alone!
At Paris and Amsterdam she realises her personality.
I watched "Big Boss" 
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#Eat Well
Yes, we should eat well. Good things in very moderation. Certain things we have begun to like when we walk through life. Let us eat them and be healthy.
iPhone eat well. Your master will feed you well if you show him that you are hungry. Of course you will tell him that 80% of my stomach is empty. He will take care of you.
Eat well the 1 GB of the data provided by my internet carrier. Jio is my carrier. 
If you cannot eat the full quantity of the data, watch you tube. Watch videos.  
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Chittappa died last night. Say around 9.30PM. I got a phone call from my cousin Ganesh.
I don't prefer the word 'died'  I would like to say Chitappa left the world.
He leaves, his wife four children and eight grand children.
He was R.Kalyana Raman fondly called as RK.
He had an operation for some colon related diesease and was hospitalised for a week.
We thought he would come back. No, he left the world.
Acitive man he was, making a record of visiting 'Sabarimala' more than 50 years.
He was a teacher.
Vedaraniaym - his fond place.
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It is Thursday. The third day after RK left the world. Days go on fast. Soon, there will be 10th day ceremony.
Weeks will pass. Months and long as I am alive we will be counting the days. We will be remembering the departed relations.
When I was in 4th or 5th standard, the newly married Chitappa and Chitti would come to our home for celebrating the first Deepavali after their marriage.
Chittappa would take me to hotel to have breakfast of Idli and wada and Masala dosai.
He would buy me rockets to celebrate a grand Deepavali.
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It is Friday. I have come back home.
It is the fourth day since Chittappa's departure from this world.
He was of lean build and could jump fast. I have envied him for his fast movements.
I reported to my work.
Tuesday night no sooner I got the message of my Chitappa's demise I boarded a bus to Bengaluru. The bus was at 11.45 pm. A long 57 seats Benz bus.
From Bengaluru it was car journey to Chennai . My two brother-in-laws and my sister travelled in my brother-in-law's car.  
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It is okay, if I don't consume the 1GB data the jio gives.
It is okay, but this obsession is there in mind that I should use it. Use the phone and the data.
The data is used up  when I see some videos.
You tube? Jio TV? or something else?
There are lots and lots of stuff. I would like to select something and watch. Sometimes I stumble upon something and begin to watch.
Right now, I watch 'Big Boss' program on 'hot star'. 
Artists of tamil filmdom are in a house without cell phone or TV. 
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This task has become pending. Outstanding. Nearly 9 days of 100 words I have to write.
What stuff I can write? can find something.
One thing I can write just now. If I can write two entries per day, I can catch up the present day soon.
By this weekend I have to finish writing - to come to the present day.
An Aim?
A task?
A looking forward?
A chore to be finished?
In the previous days of this month, I was writing about my iPhone.
I was writing about my Vedaraiam Chittappa.   
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I have a diary at 280daily.  
I write words under the following heads. 
I shall take help from that diary to complete the outstanding posts here. Great idea! 
10 July was a Monday. We had a condolence meeting for our Ex boss who left the world on Saturday. He was ailing when he was working. Fortunately he was alive till his retirement.
I was worried about buying visiting chairs for my present boss. The damn thing is not taking shape.
I was thankful for my bullshit thoughts.   
07/11 Direct Link
Now: The chore of buying visiting chairs for boss sucks. The bloody thing is not getting over. I have written my views on certain Indents and have put up to boss.
Yesterday: I enjoyed watching "Big Boss" on iPhone. Little by little at Random.
Thanks: To my iPhone and hot star app. They are entertaining me very well.
I was feeling: Things should happen. Boss should get his visiting chair. My work should be successful.
Next: I should look forward for lunch break. That will be a good looking forward to. 
Nice, faster way to come to present day.
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I record 12th 100 words on 17th.
This is an extract from my 280 characters diary.
Now: Arrived at office. I have to be calm. With calmness I should immerse myself in work.
Yesterday: I slept off without using the jio data fully. I should plan things, so that I may fully use my internet data.
Thanks: Fine, I encounter many uncomfortable situations with a brave heart. The mantra is to like uncomfortable zone.
Feeling: Take deep breaths. Go on. Go on. It is easy.
Next: Try. Do things. Start with clearing your desk. Slowly. One part by one part.
07/13 Direct Link of coming to the day, catching up the present day the writing task got accumulated.....
No problem. About ten days 100 days entries are to be updated.
Let me allow myself a leisurely margin. By the next week end let me meet the present day.
Fine. What did I write on 13th in my diary?
I wrote that my daughter has given us a good news, under the heading 'Now' I also added a prayer to keep her well in the 'Now' heading. I whined about the difficulty in utilization of  1GB.
07/14 Direct Link

Friday entry began with a 'Now' about waiting for my friend in my car. He is my travel partner to go to office. I think I have mentioned about our chats while travelling in one of my 100 words.
For the heading 'Yesterday' for that day, I wrote that I completed my 1 GB data listening to Jaggi Vasudev speech in you tube.
I was thankful for downloading an app called 'Sunnxt' to my wife. She can view Sun TV programmes using the app. It costs Rs 130/- for three months. I recorded my feeling as smooth. 
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I want to write the immediate thing that I am doing when I log into my diary. This day, I had the craving to write on several occasions. On one occasion I wrote something. That something did not get saved properly. So, I recorded Now: Something I wrote and that thing vanished.
As a part of Yesterday's record, it was a whine of things that are pending. My boss' visiting chairs and the audit letter of my deputy.
My Thank you record for the day was the greeting of the Saturday Holiday.
I felt relaxed and I wanted to read.
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A Sunday. What I did this day? I am referring  to my 280 characters diary and compiling one hundred words paragraph.
Nice. Very nice.
I began tapping the characters that day by telling the dear diary that we are starting to visit Duga temple near Janata bazar.
The next sentence in that diary was about 'Yesterday' where I mentioned that we visited the Padmarajanagar Venkateshwara temple.
My thanks that day was for reciting Vishnu Sahasranamam leisurely.
I recorded that my feeling was active.
The next sentence was about removing hairs from face, armpits and trimming the pubic hair.
07/17 Direct Link
Writing this for last Monday on 24/7/2017. Trying to catch up the present day.
Last Monday I took half day off. Exhausted my CL quota for this year.
I had begun the diary that day while waiting for Chandrasekar, who is my travel companion. I continued the diary remembering yesterday i.e. Sunday.
1)I found out that the new "Republic" channel is available in our TV.
2)We had a 'face time' talk with our daughter. (iPhone and iPad)
I noted my thanks for getting time to write.
It was a relaxing Monday. 
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Last Tuesday's task is being done this Tuesday. Somehow I have to find time and come to the present day. It so happens that the month will end on Monday and there is a week-end before that and I earnestly hope to reach the present day by Saturday.
Last Tuesday, my friend Madhavamurthy  had come and it was a nice time together.
Evening I could come home with him and visit the Raghavendra mutt.
We compared the 'life' notes together. We travelled to 1980s when we worked together.
The great thing at work was - the absentee statement finished. 
07/19 Direct Link
Assuming that this entry will be posted soon, I have seven more to complete.
Morning I tried to write. There was no internet connection. 
 After coming from yoga I tried to update. Failed, as I could not get words within a limited time.
(Psst....I am trying this at work)
On 19th also in my diary, I wanted to write during several 'nows' I wanted to record several 'nows'
The 'nows' accumulated and became wasted time. Not exactly wasted time....but the time when I could not accomplish to record a 'now'
Anything can be begun with a 'now'  
07/20 Direct Link
(Psst...I am at work and posting another 100 words) 
This post is for last Thursday done on 26th July)
Thursday, I was worried about getting the visiting chairs boss wanted. I went to the dealer and collected a quotation.
My good intention is to try my level best to get what boss wants.
By doing so, I left my work early and after getting the quotation, I could get approximately two hours for me to fiddle with my cell phone.
Whether boss gets the chairs or not is to be seen. 
Trying is my bound duty.
07/21 Direct Link

I was wearing 'T' shirt to the office this day.
Ah, the thing was it was complimented by female colleagues also.
Last night I did not sleep early. Was worried about exhausting the BSNL data.
(I did not use up the entire BSNL data....nearly 200 MB data was not used up)
A dragging thing at work called 'Zero based AAC' moved a bit.
This 280 diary is taking me to the day where I missed writing. This helps me to remember that day.
I skip the bad, and add some more good to the good and write this.
07/22 Direct Link

Son was there this day.
I was not very happy this day. Son and his mother (my wife) had some misunderstandings. They were shouting at each other.
Fortunately, I had little patience that day and did not interfere with them and the shouting continued to certain extent.
Then it stopped, we went to Reliance digital to look out for a kindle for son.
I was frustrated to write 'Next' this day. I wrote 'bullshit to next'
Sometimes, we don't like the 'next' at the present.
Such things happen quite often.
Don't be serious. Take away the seriousness and enjoy the 'now'
07/23 Direct Link

This day I got up early. My people are still sleeping.
My people are my mother, my wife and my son.
I am worried about my son's snoring. He snores a lot. I am also worried because he sweats quickly.
We had been to my sister's house which is nearby with my son.
It is difficult to be consciously to be good with son. I cannot support all his whims and fancies. I cannot give advices or help him for all his frustrations.
I have come through all this. He will also come through all this and that - life!
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Six days entries have to be updated here. Writing here requires a certain minimum amount of patience and privacy. It is the mind that I am trying to pour.
This Monday, attended the funeral of my colleague mother's funeral at Mukthidam.
When writing this I was confused a bit, Mukthidam or Shakthi dam.
My daughter's relation with her mother-in-law is not that fine.
I need not give much thought to this. Both are adults and it their egos and prejudices. Let them deal that themselves.
But one thing I wish to pray, let my daughter face things boldly.
07/25 Direct Link

A pause between two entries is a must. It is difficult to write more than two entries per day. But the task falls into arrears.
So many tasks fall into arrears. So many things in spite of motivation and determination face epic failures.
At work things don't move.
These is supposed to be an interview for selecting candidates for the promotion of gazetted rank.
That is not happening at all.
This month it is not going to happen.
Till that happens and results come out I am gazetted officer.
If some turning point happens like Harry potter, then also -GO.
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When I write this, the third 100 words for the day, the arrears in the task is 3 more days.
How was 26th July? Wednesday?
I reserved for a journey to Bengaluru to attend a wedding. It is my friend daughters wedding reception on 1st August.
I spent lavishly for the journey taking AC class for the travel for me and my wife. After reserving I had that irritation: "Could have travelled by ordinary class?"
Let me and my wife enjoy a comfortable journey. We deserve it. We have worked well to earn this jolly trip. Go away irritation.
07/27 Direct Link
"I didn’t have to pretend that it was all peachy when it actually wasn’t."
This one  I learnt.
Things need not be peachy.
The getting of Visiting chairs to the boss is not in my hands. The futile attempts to get them to his liking and that too quickly is frustrating. 
I cannot do all the things. 
It is true for them also. They cannot get what they want. It is not 'peachy'
So I need not feel guilty or anxious to get them what they want.
Trying within the office hours is a possible thing.
07/28 Direct Link
Let me not dye my hair. Let it be grey like that. 
My wife is insisting that I should blacken it.
Arguments. Shouting.
Somehow, I could convince her that I will not do that. Hope she does not bring the subject again.
It is a waste of time and money. Some discomfort I feel when I dye my hair.
So much dying has been done to the hair. May be from the year 40.
Let me accept this gracefully.
What if I don't look good to wife?
What if others dye their hair?
Let me comb my grey hair.
07/29 Direct Link
Evening - a trip to Vantanjeneya. I was trying to learn driving using google maps. I did not know how to set the destination. This is to be learnt.
I clicked some good pictures and shared in facebook. It is nice to be with the iPhone.
While driving daughter calls us and we share the car driving live with her.
She whines about her mother-in-law.
Let her face life and live.
It is not peachy life. We have to accept everything.
I tried to touch the 'personnel rules' book given by my friend.
The interview may come next week. 
07/30 Direct Link

Hey! I have come to the day!
Today is Sunday and penultimate day of July. Seven months will be wiped off from the year 2017.
I am writing for this day and it is great event to be proud of. I have to pat myself for having accomplished this task.
We had been to 'Yellemanna Guda' near Soudathi. Soudathi is some seventy kilometers away from Hubballi.
I learnt use the Google directions using the iPhone.
Great, wife was there to see the map. One needs navigator in life.
Sister was with us during this trip and it was nice trip.
07/31 Direct Link
If I write this 100 words and submit I will be the first person to finish this batch for the month of July 2017.
Sometimes I overwhelm.
"Overwhelm is insidious. It is vague. It is real."
This definition of overwhelm, I quote from one of the members writing done during the last decade.
Sure, overwhelming is insidious. It harasses the body and the mind. Sometimes in deceptive way. Coming from the insidious condition is again overwhelming. Ha ha ha.
Overwhelm I cannot define properly. It is very unclear. Clarity comes after a certain amount of time lapse. 
Overwhelm is real.