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It is 9:35 pm. I have joined the September 2017 batch.
Where shall I begin? (I have already begun! and crossing 23rd word now)
Four members have finished August 2017 batch. Read them.
I am using my home computer and windows and internet explorer (edge) to write this.
My mind is free. It may be free and light because
1)It is a Friday and I need not go to work for two days.
2) There was an outing with wife and we enjoyed some shopping and eating out.
Tomorrow my sister and her family are coming to Hubballi.
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Time now is 11:10 am.
I have been trying to write today's quota of 100 words.
Switched on the computer. The power went off.
Then the chrome did not give me the writing box.
Now using edge.
Wife is not well.
Helping her in the chores.
Watching where they guests are....they are now between Chitradurga and Davengere.
Watching Son's position in the google maps.
Son is travelling with my sister family.
Sister, her husband. Sister's daughter and her husband are the guests.
Wife is preparing some nice dishes. Only thing her giddiness is troubling her.
I am helping her.
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Three and four of September I have to write.
Writing something here improves my self-esteem?
Eight people in two cars.
My brother-in-law with me, my two younger sisters in the back seat. The car is Maruthi alto K10.
My son, my wife, my niece and her husband in another i20 car.
We travelled 35 kilometers and enjoyed in a place called "Agadi Thota"
The welcome was a puppet horse dance. We can wear the horse and dance. The man in the drums will sing. We all danced.
The end was a entertainment show - we all enjoyed.
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Nice. In the previous entry I said about the welcome and the end of yesterday at 'Agadi Thota'
What all happened in between?
We have welcome cecum drink. We get fruits. We walk in the I orchard where more cashew plants are there.
We can make our own sugarcane juice in the manual grinding machine there.
We can play in the swings. We can ride horse, camel, tonga and bullock cart.
We are given dosas and North Karnataka lunch.
We can ride bicycles. There was a four wheel drive mo bike.We tried that.
Our ladies tried the grinding stones -singing.
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The scene was like the reconciliation room we had when we were going to Secunderabad for a meeting.
The seating arrangements were like that.
I am with a lady officer. She is wearing Churidar. She is sitting very proximate with me. I felt I am sitting almost on her lap.
She is questioning me with some official work.
Hey, hey I am describing here today the dream I had last night.
The questions were like the ones, the present lady officer is asking me in reality.
I liked the dream. But after some time, I don't find the lady officer.
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It is 19:13 hrs.
Some fifteen minutes to go for the start of SUNTV soap, 'Kuladeivam'
After writing this my next item is watching that serial. Whether the villain get caught? The other con man is going in search of his cell phone which he forgot while doing that kidnapping drama.
Certain routines are okay and it is running smoothly.
I am fine at this hour after visiting the mutt.
I very badly need a morning routine, something which I should look forward to do. My inertia in the morning should vanish as soon as possible.
I should have.
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It is 07:12 pm.
The lap top is showing the time.
Good, the lap top is picking up the router signals.
What was it I wanted to say now?
Oh, wife wants to tell me so many things.
Whether to listen to her or go ahead with completing this?
Oh, she just went out realizing that I am very busy writing.
Wife, has paid the yoga fees. I thought I would bunk this month.
Now, not possible.
Prepare to go to the yoga classes from tomorrow.
This is what I wanted to say in this entry.
Well said.
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It is 7:45pm today to log into the box and write.
My favorite soap is on the TV. I watched the first scene. The con man - an inspector - finds the lady he kidnapped is missing. He goes our with a rage.
When the commercials were on, I switched on the computer. Earlier the laptop did not pick up the Wi-Fi signals.
I listen to the second scene of the soap. The TV is in the other room. (doing two things)
Involve in pursuits to drive away the unnecessary thoughts.       
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On this 9th day of September, the writing time is 9:25 pm.
It is a Saturday and I enjoyed a perfect Holiday.
(a nap in the afternoon, is the criterion for perfect Holiday)
We had a drive cum walk cum long drive and dinner at Punjabi Restaurant.
The walk was around the Gymkhana ground.
The long drive was at Kusugal road. We stopped the car in silent spot and enjoyed vividhbharathi. The programmes in the radio were Rasagange, news and special Jaymala.
The Punjabi food was sweet. The strawberry lassi had many ice cubes.
I missed my serial today.
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Time 8:21 pm.
Thinking that it would calm my nerves, we went for the outing.
Anyways I should be back home at least by 8:00 I thought.
Wife spent some half an hour in the jewelry shop.
Another half an hour at the hotel where we ate crispy Manchurian.
Everything fine.
Oh, wife has got a big list of items to be bought at the stores.
How much interest she shows to research the items.
My shopping is just buy whatever I want.
Her shopping is too elaborate. The list elaborate.
I got restless. It wasn't calm.
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7:43 pm.
Read yesterday's entries by my counterparts. There were two entries about hurricane Irma.
From this far, I watched some images and videos about the havoc.
Hope the calamity settles down soon.
Writing this, while my regular TV show is on.
It was not an interesting day at the office.
Office days will be interesting only when some works are done with people.
When no work moves or is a worst day.
Hope the remaining 4 days will be brisk.
It is good that during the past days, the routine of writing here is regular.
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We watched a movie. I went straight to PVR from office.Wife joined me at the cineplex with the movie tickets.The movie was "Mugulnage". The meaning is blooming smile. (Or budding smile?)The hero is Golden Star Ganesh. A smiling chap. He utters the dialogues with fine timings. Emotions mixed in a crisp way appropriately. As per the story, he is born smiling and never cries.He loves three women one by one. For one are the other reason the loves fail.He smiles at the failures.
After this he marries a girl - fathers a crying child.
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My car company friend is not accompanying me from Monday onwards. He is on leave.
Wife picked up the evening slots.
On Tuesday, I went straight to the movie after the office.
Today, she said she will be buying something from Reliance and asked me to pick her up at that place.
There I go.
She finishes her shopping.
Comes down.
There is a Pani puri stall. New one.
She asks me to get down from the wheel and take some pani puri.
Yes, took two or there. 
 Tired to consume!
One big piece did not fit well in the mouth!
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This evening I came straight home from office.
Wife had gone for walking.
It was a locked door.
I got down from home, thinking whether to go to Mutt or stay in the car.
Wife came back.
Wife is full of plans and actions.
She wants to be fit for the forthcoming trip during the first fortnight of October 2017.
All her walking is aimed at this.
Somehow I have a feel that the days are moving slow, to reach our travel day.
Let it go slow only. Once we go to the trip, the days will simply fly -right?
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From Tuesday onwards I did not get the evening slot to write.
Today, I have got.
The time is 7:21 pm.
I am feeling fine now.
I did not get so much restless when I could not get internet connection in my computer.
I loved my work. I loved my capacity to cope up with my working atmosphere.
I don't take seriously the hating words said by my younger colleagues.
All this magic because today is Friday? The next two days are free?
Wife is not at home. Today her mission is different. She will tell me soon.
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Wife shared yesterday's mission with me.
She was with my Sister.
My sister is living here in a two bed room flat.
Sister is feeling that the cost is more and is in search of a cheaper accommodation.
Sister will not live in Paying guest accommodation, because she wants some independence.
It is a three year struggle for her. She is facing it.
Sister has seen two accommodations and she and my wife discussed about the pros and cons.
My wife told me about the conversations they had.
I pray for better accommodation and welfare of my sister. 
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Time is 7:32 pm.
Why the lap top is catching the router signals?
Everyday I try a bit. Other nearby Wi-Fi signals are caught. But they cannot be logged into. They belong to others and they are secure.
Tomorrow I will make another trial.
Writing what is happening is wonderful.
These happenings will soon become happened.
This evening wife made me to stay with her and packed the two new suitcases with clothes that we may require for our trip during the first two weeks of October.
All set. I tell her to pack only necessary things.
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7:47 pm.
What is bothering me now?
The thing that bothered two hours ago, is less bothering now.
It is okay.
That youngster has a gang. He is a member of the union.
Some hatred he has developed on me.
He wants to do some mind hitting for me.
He talked rashly.
He is taking a silly issue of transferring people to the union.
What he wants to do?
Let him do whatever he wants. I should not bother. (I bother...I come over)
I have serials to see. I have things to browse on the internet.
Please enjoy.
09/19 Direct Link
Let me write an e mail from my gmail.
Let the subject be "let me write one e mail"
This is to fill up today's  entry in the social tasking site.
There is no power.
The holiday has already waned.
I have exhausted my iPhone battery bringing it to red.
Compiling this in my windowsphone.
Great writing done in my favourite sites today.
Exhausted. I am satisfied.
Now power came.
Wife and Sister came back from their walking.
The Kuladeivam serial has begun.
I alternate between the goo and not good feel of going to office tomorrow.
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While at work, wife phoned. She was excited. I could make out from her free talk.
She first began by saying that, that just she phoned.
She asked me whether I can come home in the afternoon.
She said that our daughter's friend has come and that friend wanted to see us.
I had carried the lunch box and I said I will not come.
My daughter phoned. She said that her friend has come to Hubballi and wants to see her parents.
Something curious.
When evening arrived, the surprise is revealed.
Daughter with us.
Happy - verry verry Happy.
09/21 Direct Link
‘pages’ for Thursday. I take seriously the situation where the POs are not moving. They have stagnated. The purchase grant is used up by the stores department. When things don't move I feel I am responsible. How am I responsible? My job is just to supervise the movement. That’s all. If things don't move there are other parameters. Therefore I should relax - relax even more. The problem is I don't know to distract myself properly. What can I do to distract myself? Let me devise something. The point is I hate sitting in place where working is slow.  
09/22 Direct Link

One Non-stock thing is digitally verified.
My computer at work gives trouble.
It asks for a new 'PKI' server. The chord connecting net work and the computer fails many times.
The work connected with that server is also not ready for paucity of funds.
So, it has to be like that at the work.
I wanted to take one 'off' from the work. It did not work out. A dragging proposal was monitored by bosses, Good, it was done by the evening.
Another similar proposal has come.
When will we get the 'visiting chairs?'
Lousy feel.
09/23 Direct Link

This day is entirely devoted to spend time with daughter.
Did we get up early?
No. It was a leisurely getting up.
What was the tiffin today?
Keshri and uppuma.
Tried linking Aadhaar with BSNL. Could not do that. The equipment at the BSNL office was behaving like the computer at my office.

Daughter said do this later.

Changed the car tyres.
The cost was lesser than my estimation. Good.

Daughter and myself drove to to do these errands.
Then joined by wife,we had lunch at Punjabi Restaurant and watched a movie "Jai Lava Kusha" at Srinagar theater.

09/24 Direct Link

6:44 pm.
Daughter and wife have gone out. They left me with a good intention that I have to come one more round to drop daughter to the bus stand.
Gosh. Her stay ends today. Not a good feel. Yet, she has to join her family.
It is not comfortable for me to go shopping with them.
They question me. They ask my opinion.
When I am silent, they tell me why I am silent. When I open my mouth they don't want to listen to me.
It appears to me that they are not decided.
But they are!
09/25 Direct Link

What I want?
Why this nasty feeling when things are not got?
What will make me happy?
If my daughter is happy, I will be happy.
The other things I don't bother. Let me feel unhappy, happiness will follow.
For daughter also the same thing applies.
She is happy sometimes. Sometimes not happy. Just like me.
Just like me. Then it is fine.
If that is fine....then why should I worry?
She will get what she wants.
She will definitely get what she wants.
Like all other desires of her mother, this also she will get.
09/26 Direct Link
Finding time to write an entry has become difficult.
I want some private moment. I want to read the entries and watch the thread of life.
It escapes. I have to spend time with family. I have attend my office. One chore or another demands my time.
I did some note taking in my 'pages' of 'icloud'
New pages

-     Doing a document in the ‘pages’ using iPhone is not that comfortable.

•     Note taking template is good.

•     More comfortable will be at the computer.

Anyway something for today. Okay?

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Instead of asking why it should happen, I will record what happened.
I wanted to download a song for my friend in my 'iPhone' I was proud that I have an apple ID and my credit card is also tested.
Earlier the company had taken Rs120/- for a music subscription. I don't know how it happened. Okay, I left it there just unsubscribing.
But, someone has tried to have a transaction for more amount and fortunately my card people stopped the payment and have blocked my account. Good.
But something happening like thing with iPhone is bothering me.
What next?
09/28 Direct Link

There is already announcement in the site about the upcoming batch.
Tomorrow I can see the advent feature of who are all writing on the same day?
My 'mail dairy' was pending for the past four days. I just updated that, in the sense I did not write for the past four days. I just jotted down something for today.
Today I came across the word "trailblazer"
Hugh Hefner's personality is described by Sherlyn Chopra as 'trailblazer'
Sherlyn Chopra is the only Indian woman appeared in the cover pages of Playboy magazine.
My wish of getting the magazine never happened!
09/29 Direct Link
 Noting down something helps. What shall I note down today? #notetoself #diary
Chant chant... Think think think... You think, Whatever you think is not good, Chant chant... Chant start thinking again. Chant..
September 29, 2017 at 09:15PM can I describe the day in 140 characters with special mention of gratitude? #notethis
 .Son has come for Holidays. 
 .Satisfying work at office. 
 .Car less day today. 
 .Durga ma ka PRASAD in the afternoon. 
 .Rain now   
Bullet diary. Nice. Nice.         
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September 30, 2017 at 06:15AM lovely day... what are my plans for the day? #plan Google Calendar says “Board the train" we will board Haripriya in the evening.
Haripriya will leave my town at 7:25 PM.We go to Cuddapah. From Cuddapah our journey begins.
"Ramanuja Anu Yatra"
We will go to Ahobilam first.
The journey will be by bus from Cuddapah.
We are going to this Yatra for visiting the places visited by Ramanuja.
The journey culminates at Naimacharanyam.
We will be visiting Kasi, Ayodhya and Puri too.
The journey is from 1st OCT to 14.