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The rich text editor is not functioning
Words are not counted.
The other people here face the same problem?
How to do this project of writing 100 words for Jan 2018?
The resolution for the new year is:
Just today's resolutions.....just today's plan and that too not a big list...
The plan of tweeting a simple task to be done for the day and trying to do that that day is going on for the past months.
The task for the first day of the year was:
“Simple: Wishing happy new year is the day.”
The task successfully done.
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Read the advent part of the site to read the other friends entries here.
People are facing similar problems.
The second day of the year 2018 is Tuesday. Fine.
The plan tweet for the day was:
Simple. Have a look at the ten day report.
The ten day report is prepared every ten days at the office.
Pending position of the files in the office.
This particular ten day report was for period ending 31-12-2017.
Not bad. The pending things are under control.
My assistants helping and the boss giving the ‘kick ass’ the work can be done well.
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Today is Wednesday.
Three days are getting past in the new year.
If this bug of not getting the word count and RTE is set right it would be better.
Till then counting words and line breaks are to be taken care.
Why this inconvenience happened in the site?
My plan tweet for the day begins with this question:
January 03, 2018 at 06:15 AM lovely day...what are my plans for the day? #plan
This day my simple plan was:
Fit in happily with the happenings that the day unfolds.
Mind - fit in even if you don't like.
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January 4th Thursday.
A plan tweet not composed this day.
Does it mean that I didn't have a plan to record?
No, not like that.
The little morning chores take more time as I get up late and there is no time to record the 'to do thing' that day.
Simple, attainable and ‘must do’ items only are composed in the plan tweet. Otherwise the plan is in the mind.
Great - this day I tried very hard to push those files which were unnecessarily stagnant at the irritable boss table.
I had success in my incessant trials too.
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I noted in my plan tweet today to attend to the file called 'air lifting ' proposal.
Funny it is, a material is to be airlifted from a foreign country and this action costing a certain amount is to be concurred by finance department.
The principal stores officer sends the file to principal finance officer.
The principal officer could have concurred, just by talking with the stores officer over phone.
But no.
The proposal is marked down, to be taken up again.
All movements....taking its own time to the urgent need.
Funny - take the procedures in a funny way.
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Well, tweeting one 'to do' as early as possible in a day and trying to do that is one thing.
Keeping the 'to do' in mind and getting that thing done as the day moves is another thing.
The another thing happened: The cover for despatch is ready.
The cover contained a share certificate which we bought in 1999.
We are trying to encash it. A Mumbai firm is offering to take that.
The formality papers were made ready and the cover couriered in the evening.
The face value is ₹ 1000/-.
How much return we will get?
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We, husband and wife enjoy nice travel now and then.

Today’s plan tweet, I tweeted from Yeshwanthpur.

Son and brother-in-law received us at Station.

Son gets raged simply. May be his age and anxiety.

The getting down from Train and he meeting us did not fall in place as expected.

So the rage. Enjoy it. God bless son.

We had nice travel in brother-in-law’s car.

Niece 1 has built a house. We blessed her with a gift.

Niece 2 resides at Singasandra.

We travelled there and had nice Pani Puri.

God bless the kids.

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I wrote in the plan tweet this day:
"The court case thingee..."
The court case thingee is a proposal, where people proposed to challenge an award given by the arbitrator in the court.
When the proposal came long back, they allowed the thingee to be challenged.
One local court dismissed the case, as it did not fit into a numbered para in a policy document.
Again people wanted to challenge that in a higher court.
The lawyer's fees are exorbitant.
This case went to this boss and that boss and finally, boss decided that this is not to be contested.
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Calmly organise the desk. Only little things.
This was the plan I made for the day. Sometimes, it pays to organise things.
I cannot say that I always succeed in organising things. If I succeed in organising things, then I will be successful in doing one or two fruitful things.
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Damn. Shit.
I hate it.
Yesterday, I could not complete 100 words in the box.
I submitted the entry without 'edit this entry'.
Pressed the 'Submit button' No hundred words.
This cannot be undone. The aim of writing 100 words is shattered.
Whom can I blame for this?
Okay. There is aim and plan in my mind.
Trial is in my hand.
The out come, success or failure is not in my hand.
This day I am aiming for:
"Hope the files scattered here and there, converge and get a done tick."
Two files converged. I am happy about that.
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This is the second day of this month where I have not recorded a plan tweet.
The time evades. I have to go to office. The works at the office are to be thought in the mind only. The work could not be put into words.
If work is put in words - to be more specific about the work in thought -the better will be the doing of the work. That is why a writing of the work thought is planned.
It was a boring day at the office. 
I want to describe my thoughts and work - better way!
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Wife says we should go to Pazhani.
Pazhani is where Lord Muruga is residing deity.
Murugan, she says is our family deity and we should visit him to get the things we are craving for.
She says, a visit to him is long pending and when we go there, things will be alright.
She says we have to Thank him for my daughter's successful completion of studies and marriage.
Yes done, we discussed and a dates in February is fixed and the train in which we should travel is fixed.
My plan today was to make arrangements for the trip.
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It was reservation thingee planned for the day. Yesterday, I could not make it. I got my pass late and I could not go to the reservation counter situated in my office.
I had to go to the reservation counter alone.
On the way, I got my car passenger friend and it was a good feeling to have some company.
We parked the car - and no parking fee.
Got the privilege of getting into a free counter, because of the pass I had.
Reservation done. Fine.
The onward journey is waitlist - 2 and 3.
Return journey confirmed.
Great job done.
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This is how I recorded the plan for the day.
After the household assistance and writing one, one hundred words at the 100, here I come to record that I will pay the three bills. 1)HESCOM 2)BSNL 3)SBICARD.
Yes, the bills are paid using internet.
Our telephone and electric bill put together is Rs.2500/-
This time the credit bill was Rs,18400. Wife had bought some jewellery last month.
That is it.
Son has come for Holidays. He is not well.
His weight is more. He snores. I am worried.
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This opportunity to review my plans of the day and trying to write some 100 words on that is interesting.
This Monday is a Holiday for us. I am enjoying a long week end. Son has come and we spend the time eating and watching movies on TV.
This day I recorded this as my plan:
Write some hundred words in the site. How many pending?
Things get pending, nothing can be done about it. Writing 100 words on the same day don't always happen.
If it happens it's an accomplishment.
I try that happening. I keep trying. Good luck.
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Cool. Start the week. That entry tax thing. That zero based thing.
Both the tasks are uninteresting. Disinteresting. Am I using the words correctly?
It is correct. I can use both the words.
(lack of interest; indifference)
Interest or no interest, It is my responsibility and I have to do something for them.
What they want in that entry tax thing? The taxes belong to some old years. What happened in the old years? Now what they want? Only questions remain in the proposal. Eventually I may get answer.
The zero based thing is to be discontinued...bosses show disinterest...
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The zero based...The special clause...Try try try.
The special clause thing, is not budging!
The stores department is quoting a clause in the the tender condition, the user Mechanical department people want some other condition. I did not understand. The bosses want me to understand and tell them. No....nothing could be said in a convincing manner. The proposal stays...still in our court.
The zero based procedure is to be abolished. Somehow, the procedure is to be changed. Not budging. Not budging.
Interesting things at the work, which I have to patiently budge.
Move the days...budge.
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Madam wanted the PVC thing on priority. Nice to start the day with that na?
The Engineering department wants the new PVC formula tobe concurred.
PVC means price variation clause. If the base price of the material used in the product which we buy, changes the payment is to be made to the firm accordingly.
Our boss wanted this thing to be done on priority. Her boss is on leave and she wanted this proposal to get through this proposal before he comes. (He asks silly questions)
She is shrewd and knows things getting done.
The proposal moved to her.
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Click here to complete another additional entry. Nice, I have good time to do that. 
Clicking, clicking, the 100 words writing has come to even. 
It is up to date. 
Writing about the works I attempt at my office brings me a good feel.
That condition thing....
The condition thing proposal sucks. There are some words like parent parts and child parts in that proposal.
The proposal went one step ahead.
Wait, wait......
Madam wants to know more about the child and parent parts.
What will be the outcome of the proposal? 
Wait  wait!
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Other half.
Better half.
Significant half.
Smart half.
 Very simple. Spend quality time with my smart half.

Okay. Yes, the quality time is to be seen very carefully. Otherwise, smart half takes all the smartness.
Just I have to listen to her. If she has her own time to devote for something else than me, allow it with a broad grin. Help if possible. Otherwise she will be raged. 
Talk little.
Take only the things to be done. Don't give your views (be smart). Avoid the gossip and information about others smartly without she realising that.
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One good thing is happening when I write this now. My low mood is coming to, well not into a high mood but I feel better.
One of the advantages of trying to write.
I wrote in my tweet today:
Petrol and air to car. When to go?
I went around 11 .30 am. I went to Bharat Petroleum instead of Indian OIl. The air was filled.
I read a placard there, that if I buy  petrol for Rs 1000/- I get a lucky dip  coupon and if I am lucky I may get some prize.  
01/22 Direct Link
A bit more about yesterday. I bought Rs 1000 worth of petrol. Got the coupon. Put the coupon in the box. Looking forward...a small dream of winning.
Small expectations, hopes makes the mind feel fine.
I ask for a favorite song on the Radio. I feel like talking with the RJ. Sometimes it happens. The expectations that I will get a connection in the is a fine feeling.
Today Monday, my plan tweet was:
1) Letter to DSD/Depot 2) Child parent part - what do they want?
Both the work moved. Nice. I am about it.
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The POs....Send and clear. Again, facing the same problem of not able to find the facility of not counting the words here. The direct POs - Kiran tries his best and puts up the POs. I do my best and push it Akshay. When the POs are with him, it is entirely his prerogative. He may, or may not clear the work. He will say, he is busy. He will taunt me saying that some other older stuffs are there in the pending box. With all these hurdles and when the files are sent to stores, still some more will accumulate.
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The train at 19:20 hrs. But it was bit late. I checked up with the train app I have in my phone. Wife was held up in a function and could not come to home in time to see me off. I phoned her. She rushed to me. She had planned to make me nice chapattis for dinner. Initially I said that I do not want as the train departure time was very near. Then as the spot the train said that the train will be bit late, she hurriedly made and packed the dinner for me. Thanks wife.
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Today: The dominant thought would be reporting for parkamani seva. In olden days money had the name 'parka' Mani means the room where the parka is counted with security and witnesses. This is what we will be doing in the coming three days. Several people come to this Seva to Tirumala. 117 people in A batch and 106 people in B batch. This privilege is for male candidates who are in Govt jobs or retired from jobs. One can do this seva up to the age of 65 years. I got a friend during this stint. His name is Sathyanand.
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A day begins very early. Pongal and Wada tiffin. Eagerly awaiting to enter the temple to do the Parakamni seva. The batch begins at 10.Till then, plenty of time to think.Cold here. Wearing the green scarf, with white cut banyan and dhoti we wait in front of the temple. The vigilance officer ensures that we are all given the day passes to enter the temple area where the cash is counted. The pilgrims throng with unabated love for the Lord Balaji. We join the pilgrims, have a darshan of Lord Balaji to enter the safe place of counting hundi money.
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Nice. Ready. Today duty at Tirupati. Waiting for the special TTD bus to take us to Tirupathi is interesting. The bus came late. About thirty people, we have to go down the hill. At the TTD office building situated at Tirupathi, there is a parakamani center where foreign currency and coins are dealt. This was new to me. Last time when I came to this seva I did not get an opportunity to visit this place. Contrary to the expectations, the chances of seeing foreign currency was very less. We had to sort out the 2 and 1 coins. Dusty.
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At Tirumala to-do the parakamani seva. The advantage of doing this 'B' batch is that we are taken to have darshan of Balaji twice. The beginning of each session. When we go for 'A' batch of the seva, we get only one opportunity. It is good that I got this. It is also lucky that my return journey ticket got confirmed. My colleague took the initiative of getting me EQ released from GTL division. The schedule of work was not exactly as per the time table.The 4 pm slot actually started around 2:30 pm. We could finish work early.
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The train arrived at Hubballi at around 9:00 am. I had taken half day leave today in the forenoon , so that I can go to the office in a relaxed manner. Naveen's mother Marakatham retirement function was at Swarna executive hall today. Afternoon, I had been there. After the get together meals, time to join work. After nearly more than 4 days of absence from work, getting into the routine of work. What can I try at work? When will that condition thing move? Try today. The mechanical department wants one type of procurement condition. Condition decision still pending!
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Today, there was another superannuation function. Shettigar of stores department retires tomorrow. The function was at Officers Club hall. Prasad, Shivakumar and myself went to the function. Prasad took us in his 'Ford' car. It is nice,if I go to functions with some friends. It was a good crowd. The laddu prasadam from Tirumala was distributed at the office. One laddu fully dismantled for general distribution. Half laddu to Kiran. Half laddu to Somashekar. Half laddu to Dy and half to Prasad. Wife spared three laddus for office distribution.. Later, prasad's half laddu was taken away to give JP.
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If I say something, people generally do. This fellow has to do. But this fellow talks a lot. The things which have come around 23rd of January have to be cleared. This fellow has got plenty of excuses. Very diplomatically, without losing my temper, I should get the pending things get cleared.Therefore I noted down in my plan tweet today: A look at clearing that dodging fellow's work. Couple of things pertaining to older dates are still there. My boss taunts me regarding that. Great. Persistence, coaxing, this and that, sometimes feeling restless, frustrated.....yet.....the older things were cleared from box.