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Again this problem of not able to count the words at the site. OK. Do something. Write something. Count the words elsewhere. I noted down this today: A day is just a day, don't try to describe it, because it will never repeat itself again. Dive deep in the energy of Love that this day emanates. Love the day. Speak with someone. Do little chores. One chore after another. Feel good or not. One chore after another. The chore not completed, no worry. Try another. Note down,if possible. Note something every hour of the day. Do. Do. Please do.
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It is easier to count words in the word document. The word count appear down in the bar down. I have composed 23 words now. What is this? At the twitter, the note tweets are not coming exactly on the dates I click. No problem. Why worry about the dates? All the days are the same. I am trying to emanate the day. One chore, after another. My twitter notes: “We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, Mother Night Let me pretend, that I do.
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So many days have gone. 31 days of January 2018. Three days of February gone. Catch the days writing words. Catch the day writing notes. The calendar designed by Velukudiar is bought. Two versions of the calendar. English and Tami versions. The calendar gives the path to Bhakthi. The Calendar is accompanied by one MP3 of Kaliyugam and Bhaghavatham. Bhaghavan Vishnu is inside Bhagavatham. If we listen to Bhaghavatham, it is as if we are worshipping the lord himself. I noted down that I should listen to Bhagavatham. Vellukudiar has done a beautiful job of narration. I should listen properly.
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“Life is amazing. And then it’s awful. And then it’s amazing again. And in between the amazing and awful it’s ordinary and mundane and routine. Breathe in the amazing, hold on through the awful, and relax and exhale during the ordinary. That’s just living heart breaking, soul-healing, amazing, awful ordinary life. And it’s breathtakingly beautiful.” This is from imgur image I noted down. The author of these words is L.R.Knost. The words are amazing, I breathe in. It is awful - want to hold on to this. I want to continue the mundane of noting things as amazing, awful and routine.
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5th Feb, I have no notes. What was the day? It was a Monday. I was anxious about taking leave for three days. Wed to Fri. The quote about not trying to describe a day recorded here on 1st February is by Paulo Coelho. His enough wishes: I wish you enough sun to keep your attitude bright no matter how gray the day may appear. I wish you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive and everlasting. I wish you enough pain so that even the smallest of joys in life may appear bigger. I have to read more…more..more ..
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First, don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid of laziness or lack of motivation. After all these years of living I have learnt that I do get out of the scary moments. One example I can cite is meeting the boss. Very rarely I go to the boss with full confidence. There will always be a nagging feeling: what he may ask. They have the authoritative voice. I go. I do the job. May be I am not of the same view as boss. Scary moment encountered. I do come out of the lazy moment to write this. I am bold.
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The scripts from the site were not loaded when I opened up the site using my Google Chrome. I now allowed the scripts to run from unknown source and Vola....I have number of words counts and line breaks.
Suddenly the problem I faced, has a solution. It happens. Perhaps it happens for the things I really want.
This is the quote I recorded in my note thread at twitter today.
President John F. Kennedy said, “Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate.”
How irksome it feels to negotiate out of fear - Oh!
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People make live tweets. People are lively and tweet with expression including fantastic images so fast. I don't have this talent. I concentrate more on the chores of journey, searching for accomodation, conveyance etc and don't tweet at all.
I did not note down anything this day. 
We got down at Dindugal, reached bus stand by a taxi. The Taxi driver was 75 years old and very active. 
We boarded the bus going to Palani. The fare was Rs.48/-.
After some searching, we got good accomodation at Kadamban Kudil.
We climbed the hillock and had nice darshan.
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Yesterday, we pulled the 'Thangaratham' of Lord Muruga and it was a fine feeling.
We had lunch at the 'Annadhanam' centre which was very good.
We had several darshan of Lord 'Dhandayuthapani'
Wife took four darshans and me three darshans. I had a nap after food, wife used this time to get the extra darshan. She is so fond of having several darshans.
Today, I noted down a gif in which a girl throws colourful flowers. It was a lovely gif. I will pin to my twitter timeline for sometime.
We also visited Madurai Meenakshi amman temple this day.
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We were in the train right from getting up to reaching Hubballi at around 3.30 pm.
The entire journey I wore 'Veshti' only. Very comfortable.
The food ordered in the train were not that savvy.
Ok. I was just listening to a video clip where Vijay TV anchor young Gopinath interviewing old man writer Sujatha. 
I get envy when I watch such things.
"Why I have not achieved anything like them to come to limelight"
I noted down this clip in my twitter. I also used an image from wife's phone saying Hell0W tweeting from her ID.
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Last Sunday I quoted the amazing words of L.R.Knost. It was about breathing in the amazing.
Breathe in the amazing, hold on through the awful, and relax and exhale during the ordinary.
This writing now is amazing, awful or ordinary?
Amazing when a good idea strikes. The quote is amazing. Breathing in. am I going to present this amazement in 100 words? Questions marks are Awful.
It becomes ordinary when the idea is completed. This is okay. This entry is coming fine. Exhaling.
I searched and knew more about the young author who specializes in parenting. 
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Work is boring. Things don't move as planned. One such moment.
Such times are used to search something on the internet. What shall I search now?
Suddenly I put the word 'Raghavendra' in the search box of google.
Google search led me to wikipedia page about Raghavendra, who lived in15th century
Raghavendra swamy was a sage, who was born near Thanjavore. 
I came across the word
plural noun: oeuvres the body of work of a painter, composer, or author. "the complete oeuvre of Mozart" a work of art, music, or literature. "an early oeuvre"   
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It will be fine day if I move those dragging proposals. No, that is a plan tweet. What I am doing here is writing 100 words based on my 'note' tweet.
Yes, Continue,
This Tuesday, I had time to trim my 'likes' list at twitter. I try to trim my list to keeping 50 tweets. I remove some tweets to accomodate new likes.
I like somethings for some time and go in search of new likes. 
OK. My likes tweet list is trimmed. I have some space to like a couple of more tweets. What are they?   
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Holiday, not because of valentine's day, but because of Shivarathri.
I made a plan to be with my wife through  the day and I did that.
1)You’re not lazy, you know. You’re just afraid.
2)The pulse. The thread. It comes and goes.
3)To live in the pulse is to be outside of the box where purpose drives my creativity. I long for it every day. I search for that thread in everything around me hoping to find the pulse. 
4) The 'pulse' in this thread are copied from social tasking site 100 words. 
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It is a struggle to get flow.
I should keep on trying several things to get a flow into something.
I struggle and get the flow.
Getting a flow is difficult, even if I get the flow with great difficulty it stops suddenly and my struggle begins again, fighting with lethargy and incoherence.
This day my notes were:
Struggling, to get a flow. I note this tweet for inspiration.
Expectation kills. Just go with the flow, you might be surprised when something better comes along in an unexpected way. 
If it doesn't flow, it's not for you.
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Sometimes you just need to relax and remind yourself that you're doing all that you can and everything is going to turn out just fine.
What I noted down at twitter today was:
When I have time, just can't write. When I want to write, I just can't find time.
I remind myself, that I am doing fine. The writing time happens, when it wants. Sometimes I do succeed in forcing myself to write.
These little steps of plan, notes and description do help me to write.
What do I write?
Yes, what do I write?
What do I want?
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I read in mental floss that, India is the country where people spend 10 hours 42 minutes per week reading. That is a nice thing.
When my wife talks to me, I thought solving her problem is my priority. In a jiffy I try to solve her problem.
It is not like that. When I do that she is not happy.
I was wondering why she is not happy even though I tell her solutions to her problems or solve them immediately.
I read today, that women want their men to listen to them. They don't expect to solve problems.
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Don't wait for inspiration. It comes while working.
Always find time for the things that make you to be alive.
Yes, decide for something, let it be a nap also - work for it. Inspiration will come and you will enjoy the nap.
Yes, getting a scheduled nap for 15 minutes in the afternoon is an energiser. It is a lovely thing to make me alive when I get up.
All my earlier stress and tiredness are erased.
New courage, new inspiration comes.
But not when the nap is beyond 30 minutes.
Therefore, work hard for a short nap everyday. Okay?
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17 and 18, the note tweet did not go to my evernote, through ifttt. The arrangement was for one year. The aggregation of note tweet to evernote was arranged for one more year. 
From today, the note and plan tweet appear again in my every note.
I like to do things. Small chores. Do small chores and then quit to take a nap or simply while away time.
I don't want to philosophise about life. There is no need. Life is meant to do things. Do things which I like.
philosophise about life - no point there - simply tweet.
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It is a Tuesday. Somehow it happened that these days I come home for lunch. Yesterday I came. Today I came.
Wife actually wanted to get some treatment for her tooth. The tooth is to be extracted. She is postponing that. The dentist told her to take sugar test.
She went to hospital for taking sugar test. For that she had to leave home early. It so happens that the mornings are lazy and I preferred coming home for lunch.
Today my note tweet was an image from bitmoji. I am in a yellow car and coming home. Very nice.
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Yes, it is home coming days these days.
One thing I can enjoy by coming home is taking a nap.
During Parakamani Seva at Tirumala, last month I made friendship with a man called Satyanand.
We walked together at Tirumala and I had clicked some photos with him in my iPhone.
I transferred the images which were taken at the location of bedi anjaneya in front of the temple to my windows phone and today I shared the images with him through Whatsapp which I have in my windows phone.
That was nice chore. Some social sharing activity note.
02/22 Direct Link
Dushyanth Sridhar. He is of my daughter's age. Talented man. He makes nice religious discourses.
He holds Engineering degree from BITS Pilani and very lucidly quotes from religious books and Thirukural. It is interesting to listen to him.
There was a video in youtube where  he shares his experiences with Kanchi Periava.
He has not seen the Kanchi sage. But when his visit to the Brindavana at Kanchi made some changes in life. He was in a blank state when he wanted to write an examination. The visit made him to remember things.
My note today: "Fully watched video"
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It is a celebration note tweet today. 
A grand week. 5 days of afternoon naps.
It is hot in the afternoons. It is a bit more of expense to travel another 8 kms in the afternoon from work. 
I will be missing the the afternoon walk with friends and relaxing time at work in the afternoon.
It is worth the trouble. I can have lunch with my mother.
Wife, after the hospital visits has the time pass of visiting the 'mutt' where Raghavendra's birthday is being celebrated. She  has lunch at the mutt. 
It goes..... 
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 1.a short low-pitched noise emitted by an electronic device."a few bleeps and bloops"
 2.a mistake."a typical beginner's bloop"
What was the bloop?
My parkamani seva is from May 18 to May 20.
The onward reservation was done using irtdc site. Fine.
While reserving for the return journey by Haripriya train, there was no free accomodation in the train for return journey. The site reserved for alternate passenger train on 20th. I should leave Tirupathi in the evening. The passenger train leaves in the morning.
I wait listed. Cancelled the passenger reservation.
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Venkatesh and Sumathi had invited us for Upanayanam function of their son Tejas, at the hall opposite to Lamington Road.
It was good to attend the function along with Mani mama.
We met the sisters of Venkatesh. All have become older. I was wondering about life. How people age.
The car was serviced. Expense nearly 6000/-
Today's note at twitter was two clippings of Sridevi songs.
Sad, the actress died last night. She was 54 years old.
Classic actor. We have seen most of her movies.
A charming lady. She lives with her innumerable movies in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. 
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Something was noted down in the twitter timeline when the office hours were ending.
I Record this when the work time'll end in another 10 minutes. There were 'troubles' Accordingly plans worked out. What more to accomplish?
I faced the troubles.
One trouble is the 'Big Boss'
He will phone and give some assignment. The assignment will be of further coordination with other people.
Really it is trouble.
Trouble is a good plan. 
Trouble will only make us to plan.
I planned something. Took help from people. Though the work is not fully coordinated, I feel accomplished. I can do!
02/27 Direct Link
Today's note at twitter was:
Great. Lunch over.
That is a great note, because I don't have any other worries. The troubles are faced. Plans made to face the troubles. Some troubles resolved. For some troubles fences made.
The Big Boss is not in town.
I made a search for the words noted in my twitter timeline. It lead me to several sites which gave ideas for great packages in the lunch box.
Nothing impressed me.
I am all in praise for the items wife makes me and packs in the lunch box.
Now-a-days I carry two boxes.
02/28 Direct Link
Things should move. Things should move. Rant based on today's plan tweet.
What was my plan tweet?
That room. Clean.
The trouble is the cleaning work is moving slowly. Some old items are to be removed from the store room at the office. Those office equipments are no longer in use.
The procedure is list the items. Enter them in a form. Get approval from the authority, arrange lorry and send them off to General stores Depot.
Yet, the thing is dragging. 
The task which I don't like is on me.
So, rant rant rant.
Then, do do.