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During this month of March I am beginning a new trial.
Just discovered that I can make book mark of tweets for later reading. I shall have favorite tweets and book marked tweets. I should have some countable things and remember to make use of them.
From today, I should try to spend more time to compose this tweet using all the 280 characters.
I have to please myself first and not to be taken aback when my dear people are not pleased.
It is upto them #just.
If my dear people are not pleased why should I get displeased? 
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Rules of describing the day:
1) Using the complete 280 characters.
2) However much nasty may be the day gratitude should be recorded.
It is holi day and Holiday.
Good. There was time to visit medical people to give us some solace to the health problem faced by my dear one.
What are the problems of our son?
His weight is more.
He snores.
The chest doctor referred to ENT.
The ENT doctor says test for thyroid.
OK. Son is staying with us for holidays and we are taking care of him.
We pray for his betterment.
Thanks. Thanks. 
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It was the second day of the long weekend.
Amused myself, recording the events  of the day at Instagram.
Morning visit to the ground, the breakfast of akkirotti, the evening witnessing of the festivities of Hubbali Halagi Habba were recorded at the Instagram through iPhone.
A 280 characters writing makes 45 to 50 words. It is nice to compose another 50 words trying to explain further what was poured earlier.
It gives me another chance to read what was written earlier.
I do this later and write them in my 'journey' diary.
I get word count. Very Good.
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"Watching a movie" 
The title of the movie: 'Anegan' Thanush had acted in three characters.  Murugan. Kali and Ashwin. Three janmas.
First two births, he is killed - love going awry in the previous births.The third janma, wins.
Son recommended the movie.
Movie watched at sis/my home.
It was nice to be at sisters place for more than one hour.
TV, napping and coffee made by sister. She gave us some tie biscuits and papdi.
We husband and wife, dropped in to her home after leaving son at Railway station.
Good Sunday.         
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We generate fears while we sit. We overcome them by action.
1.Time to compose this 280 characters tweet.
2. Read the description of the day for the past four days.
3. I transfer this tweet to my diary called 'journey' 
4. I make some explicit expansion of the description here, adding some more words. Make 100 words to post in 100.
What is that 100 you ended the tweet with?
It is 100 words social tasking site.
Have I started the posting task for the month of March?
When'll I start?
The day after?
Please do soon. 
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Never lose hope. Storms make people stronger and never last forever.
******Promised myself today that I would update the words at 100 words social tasking site from today.
Not yet begun.
May be Friday or Saturday? 
After what happening I come here to write this?
Watching Kuladeivam serial on youtube channel.
Why did you miss the serial at 7.30?
I missed the serial because we went to doctor.
Why did you go to doctor?
Left nostril blockage.
What did doctor say?
He said 'polyp.'
CT scan to be done...
So, tomorrow morning, visit to Hubballi scan centre. 
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I remember yesterday, I began the 'try describing the day' tweet by writing that I watched Kuladeivam on mobile youtube. Today the same. 
Whenever the description of the day task is given to the mind, it remembers the 'just now' and the other events of the day is -forgotten.
If I want to update further things happened today...nothing more triggers.
Think of the plight when I want to tell something about this day after passing two or three days!
Today I went to doctor for the nose block accompanied by my wife.
Doctor has given me steroid medication.
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I was not able to fill 280 characters on twitter for describing the day.
I just noted down:
Spouse birthday.
The alloted time for 'describing the day' tweet was spent on a conference call with our two adult children. The boy at Bengaluru and the girl at Hyderabad. Each one with his/her smartphone and logged on to facebook messenger. 
We were enjoying making ourselves funnier with the  facilities given in the app. Mustache, beard, long mouths, crowns.
Wife was happy and me too.
Son-in-law joined a little. 
It was International Women's day today. 
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Do what you love, love what you do, and with all your heart give yourself to it.
Fine. The* just now *enjoyment was #paneer soaked in the remnant syrup in Haldiram’s rasgulla tin.
The GOL rasgullas were consumed and emptied.
This paneer in rasgullua syrup was good.
1. Got the berth for journey to wife.
2. Half day CL and 95% relaxed.
Wife is going to Bengaluru. Her brother's silver jubilee wedding day on 11th March.
Two days holiday for her.
I got a EQ berth for her.
Why 95% relaxation only?
Some silly disturbances: phone calls.   
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Fine. The time now is 7:19 PM. I have updated my social tasking website transferring the 'journey' diary content.
It was nice to re-read them and to a certain extent the happenings gone by are remembered with gratitude.
Just reminiscing the event. It is 44 words now. Let me wait for the 'describing the day' tweet later after two hours and complete this. Now 65th word. 
The apple was losing it’s freshness due to heat. Cut it into pieces and added to the uppit made for dinner. Thanks, mother relished and appreciated my work. Nice. 
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Right ho. Lone time and sleeplessness helps me to have wonderful activities on the internet. Suddenly I forgot what I should do.
Actually I came to computer with the intention that I should start the journey diary now.
Half of the 100 words to be written.
Another half at the end of the day.
Sunday ends, sitting along with mother at home watching A.R. Rahaman singing #Suntv.
The songs going on in bits, interesting.
Hope everyone gets the relaxation and easy attitude in life. #just
Awesome daughter is sending me a message.
So called vexes gone!
Yes. Yes.
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Journey entries pending from 12th Monday.
Working days have begun.
I don't remember what happened on Monday, right now.
If I go to my twitter notes I may remember something.
Ah, this is the day, when in the evening I bought palm jaggery.
Two thoughts with gratitude for the day.
That is a good goal indeed.
The buying of Panai vellam in the evening was good. The ordinary one was Rs.100 per KG. The masala one with ginger and all cost Rs 240/- per kg.
Wife has come back. My regular habitat is on from now.
Jaggery hot drink. 
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It is worth the trouble to update journey to enliven the present free time.
Thank you journey. Thank you 100 words.
First thought:
The Saksham session in the evening.  He presented the RIB thing with respect to the present day door step banking. The rule says debit. The practice now is credit. So many things. Ha!
Second thought:
So tired - I loved the fatigue and it helped to sleep in a jiffy.
The ‘Saksham’ session was by Murali Yadav.
Smart fellow.
People make their career interesting and more meaningful.
Thanks, I get opportunity to be present and enjoy these.
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I am in the groove.
I could not make the twitter note to 280 characters.
This is all I could note.
1.Lovely to come back home early
2.That round,round Adai sweet and salt with butter. Did not get a chance to take pictures of them...(more in a hurry to devour them)
Wife and sister were doing a Pooja called ‘karadian nonbu’ and tied yellow threads around their neck.
This is done for the welfare of their husbands when Tamil months Masi and Panguni converge.
Hope their respective husbands are nagged to the minimum possible.  
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Chatting with that young Dy. while coming out from office gave me a fine feeling.
I admire him.
Today I enjoyed home coming for lunch.
Ah, -  that was my 'describing the day' tweet. Did it in my window phone and not 280 characters.
The Dy mentioned in this: Sri. Gopal. His work, and no bull shit man he is. That is why I admire him. He is bold and humorous and respectful. I just enquired about Akshay his friend and the stores officer.
Came home for lunch around 11:45 am and reached office around 2:30 pm. Great!
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Friday.  The time I begun is in the heading. Now update my 100 words and yesterday's journey. Fast.
Yes. Done.
And what happened in the evening of this day?
There, out of the four to do things I made for the day, two were done!
A sudden plan developed and implemented in the evening for family.
What were the two things done?
At work,
bunglow peon ✅
Selling scrap rails.✅
That Dell AMC for❎
The sudden plan done for the family is the decision to go to Bengaluru and see son.
Tell ‘we are there for him’
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The special eating of the day and to be with near the dear are really great things of this day.
Why God you took away that young father?
That young father: Mr. Venkatesh. Daughter has reached 10th class? Son the little one. May be in 6th standard.
Mr. Venkatesh was seeing his daughter and son, as if they are my daughter and son when they were young. He wanted to see them growing.
Damn it God, why did you take him away?
I was at son's room when the demise of Venkatesh was told by wife over phone.
Very sad.
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Successful to be in blissful state this day.
Very easy.
Throw away...simply...throw away without any hitch the things that hinders your blissful state damn them....
Son has got problems.
His paunch.
Job related problem. He has taken some decisions while arranging some consignment delivery to customers.
He sleeps too much. He is sleepless.
He has to face it.
He should understand that the problems are to be faced.
Simple exercise and hobbies and friendship can help him.
I was with him the whole day. I wanted to establish that I am there to help him.
The SriSri ashram 
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Rained this evening. Asked friend, to buy me some snacks. The craving was for Pokara.
Well, we got Mirchi and Girmit at the canteen. Nice.
So what? Things are there to be done. It will get done. If it doesn’t get done - so what? Be present. Keep trying with plenty of gap in between.
Some tasks like cleaning the store room at work, one zero based budget AAC proposals are simply not moving.
My drive, motivation etc absolutely don't work. I get frustrated and don't know how to damn them.
Get done or don't get done.
I don't care.
03/20 Direct Link
Did not go to Saksham.
Could not get the normal chores done.
Dear ones don’t get pleased.
If they go on self pitying....who cares?
This may lead to my ‘self pity’.
Therefore...thankfully telling two hoots for things not done and to self pity.
Look. There may be self pity. Concern for others. Anxiety for the tasks and chores
Think a bit.
Am I sacrificing my food?
Don't I eat well?
Am I not interested in watching my favorite shows on TV?
Am I going away from wife?
Don't I lust her? Don't I love her?
Self pity - lie. 
03/21 Direct Link
Self pity, it is a damn lie.
When I realise, it is a lie, it should be a lie for everyone.
As long as one enjoys their lives within their blessings, don't worry about them.
There is a young world there with cultures like gay, booze,lesbians  different types of relationship.
There is a colourful web serial about this.
Well, finished watching the 11 episodes of DEV DD. There is a modern young world like this.
It is their problem. They will come out of that.
Just watch them without any attachments.
They will be fine.
Super fine.   
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Days drag. At work, things don't move to end product.
It will be like that. Period.
Do the little things. Getting something for the loved ones.
Caring and getting wild lovingly.
Thank God.
I have caring people around me.
Thanks....I have this crazy caring freak in me.
My wife likes bannana chips. Today before reaching home take the car upto the hot chips shop near the Ashok Nagar bridge. Comfortably park the car where there is not much movement of traffic.
Buy chips. The thought that I am caring for my wife boosts my self esteem.
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I was searching information about koorkang kizhangu and English name for the same.
It is koorkang kizhangu time at home. This is also called siru kizhangu
The kootu prepared from this Tuber has special Earth smell.
The small tuber was bought at Bengaluru on Sunday when I was with my son.
These three days our eating was dishes made out of this Tuber.
It was tasty.
When I was with son at Bengaluru, I bought Jack fruit chips, for son and wife and this Tuber for home.
Wife likes to get things when I return from my journey.
Just Do it. 
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I liked that moment, when I visited the week beginning of this week.
I had scribbled some happening.
Rant. Muse. Crap. Whine. Jots. Whatever.
Visiting them and adding some more words seems to give it a meaning.
Giving meaning to life. #meaning #life
Give meaning to life always.
Life is meaningless unless you try to give it a meaning.
My thoughts are created in this way, to find a meaning to the happenings.
I try to record whatever thoughts I remember.
Sometimes I wonder why I miss important events and stick to mundane moments.
What is mundane? what is important?   
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Vishaka Hari, this lady clad in colorful sari in a traditional way and smiling with full of serene feelings is awesome.
Listening to her HariKatha is blessings.
Today is Ramanavami - birthday of Sri Rama.
The day was nice yaar.
Too much of caring is too bad, that is the lesson learnt.
Little care....then get off the spot.
Visaka Hari's Valmiki Ramayana on TV was good.
The mention of taking too much care in this entry was about the care I had taken to take my wife to Rama temple.
The trip did not give full satisfaction to her. 
03/26 Direct Link
Vishaka Hari is accompanied by a chubby little boy. Her son.
He sits by her side. Mother gives him opportunity to continue the narration at important moments.
He nicely tells slogas and some description of the story.
The program of this Ramayana is a live relay from Mumbai, in Sri Sankara TV. We watched it on PC today.
Vishaka Hari was telling about Seetha Kalyanam.
Rama, after helping Vishwamithra in destroying the demons, who were hampering his penance, goes to Mithila. In fact sage Vishwamithra takes Rama and Lakshmana to Sivadanusu Pooja performed by Janaka, father of Seetha.
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Writing my journey - looking back the week that just passed by seems to be good amusement. Looking back the Tuesday. I have to look back, Wednesday, Thursday.
Great. The POs which were refusing to move, moved. Thanks to my buddies.
VishakaHari, we listened getting Sri Sankara tv on computer. Today the episode was the sadness of Dasaratha. He had to send Rama to forest.
The story telling superb with Thyagaraja lyrics.
Tygaraja has composed great lyrics in praise of Rama in Telugu. Vishaka Hari explaining the lyrics touches the heart.
What was Tygarajar's feeling is now our feeling.  
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My plan at Twitter is to describe two things from the day.
Good. I am doing that.
This is what I tweeted for this day:
What are the two thoughts?
Sometimes I don't feel like writing the thoughts. I complete the chore of describing the day, the next day.
Thanks. I did this today itself. 44 minutes to reach the odd hrs.
The mind thinks weird thoughts. At the same time, knows the thoughts are weird.
It is good that the mind knows when weird thoughts come.
The mind identifies them. Another good thing is, the mind forgets the weird thoughts. 
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Life has shown all its mercy for being lenient and tolerant.
I am ageing gracefully and sometimes bewildered by the fact that existing in this world is but an illusion.
When I was enjoying a 'me' moment at my favorite joint I heard the waiter telling his colleagues, "look at the old man enjoying things"
I was happy about that.
This was a great moment and I recorded in my Twitter:
Thank God, I am #ajjavaru.
Ajjavaru means good old man.
I am good old man.
When I hear people saying that I am enjoying life, I acknowledge their recognition. 
03/30 Direct Link
It was good Friday holiday.
Puri was the breakfast....delicious.
We chalked out a program to have a trip to the market area.
We started well in the evening when the scorching sun became timid.
We had to courier gift cheques to our daughter and son-in-law who have birthdays during the month of April.
God bless them.
Pant and shirt cloth were bought for my birthday too.
We had Gopi Manchurian at place at Kopikar road which was not nice.
Made use of the internet time  to the maximum.
My '100words'  is updated.       
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The time now is 7:29 pm.
Kuladeivam  serial has begun. I shall watch it and come back during commercials.
Character Seetha is searching for her husband and in-laws at Mahabalipuram. Aaarathi is confused. Commercial is going on.
Four members have completed the March 2018 batch. 
When I hit the submit button after completing this entry, I will be the 5th.
March month is out. A quarter of the year is gone. The problem is only the moments, large chunks of time is just swallowed! 
Happy to complete March batch.
The time now is 7:51.