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Railway Assets. Alternate source of Finance. Extra Budgetary Support. EBR. Extra Budgetary Resource. 
Official Language. Continuation of English. In addition to Hindi. Section 3 (1).
Hindi or English Language. Used for the purpose of communication. Section 3(2)
Both Hindi or English Language should be used for 1)Resolutions. 2)General Orders. 3) Rules 4) Notifications 5) Administrative or other orders for press. 6) Communications. 7) Contracts, Agreements executed, Licenses 8) Permits 9) Notifications 10) Tender forms issued in the office.
I Begin my October attempt of writing.
I shall stick to the principle of writing in the box..
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I have a mission.
I have to do.
Think on that mission.
Nothing else.
Territory A? No. Regions.
'A' region: Bihar, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh...which is the other Pradesh? yes, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi and Andaman Nicobar. 
Region 'B' Gujarat, Maharashtra, Punjab and Chandigarh.
Region 'C' Other regions other than mentioned in A and B.
There are certain rules of 'Hindi' communication between the regions. There are rules where Hindi and English is to be used.
Oh, Oh, I have to read and remember the facts. 
The mission is read, write and think. Please.
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No one has written today?
I am from India writing this and the time is 7:45 pm.
After four days of studying, I went to office today.
The office consumes time. Not that there is plenty of work there, but some how the time moves.
This feeling of restlessness is misnomer. 
I should bring that to normalcy.
Let me read very lightly after dinner.
Say, let me hear the study recording I made. Let me read that Hindi and other light things again. Say for one hour.
(Restlessness gone?)
Appropriation Account. Bibek Deboray. Section 3 (3) of OL.
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I made to this writing box on Friday the 5th of October at around 9:15 am.
I tried to come last evening. The laptop is connected to a big screen with key board. It is as though we are working on a desk top. I did not have the patience to switch on the small button of the laptop at a convenient position.
I tried thrice and told bullshit and went on to rant and feel low in the mind.
I had been to office these three days.
My reading is not at the expected level. Buck up, please!
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Friday has two entries. One in the morning. One now, in the evening. (7:30 pm)
Okay, last week I had four days of studying. (29,30,01 and 02)
These three days I went to work and could not give full justification for studies.
Again, the coming three days I will be off from work, hope I pick up the thread.
Speed and consistency is required.
Appropriation accounts. PAC. Excess over expenditure. Annexure J. Misclassification and mistakes detected. Defects in budgeting in Budget Estimates and control over expenditure. 
Administrative audit. Accounts audit. Performance audit. I have doubt. Lookup. 

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It is Administrative Audit, Accounts Audit and Approximation Audit. It is not performance Audit as I mentioned in the entry yesterday.
The thing is, I should go on referring to the notes, questioning myself often and recall the words and phrases as often as possible.
Really, the time is flying and I cannot afford to lose time.
The time should entirely spent on the study, whatever method I adopt is worth the struggle.
Fast reading. Slow reading. Writing. Byhearting. Continue. No time to waste,
Internal check. Workshop Accounts. Audit. Suspense accounts.
Good, I brought the blue diary and browsed that.
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It is okay to feel restless. It is okay to feel discouraged when the link and retention of the study is not happening.
Sit, Read. Speed read. Write. Scribble. Let one word go to the mind.
Feel happy. I have something to get frustrated about. I have some competition to participate, in which I must win. I should get scared of the young competitors who have come into the fray. Do or die.
The asset register is to be maintained in Indian Railways to shift to the accrual mode of accounting.
The asset value should be in the asset Register.
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(copied - journey diary) This evening, as the holidays end, I am somewhat satisfied with my study.
It appears that some of the study stuff remains in my mind.
It seems I am getting a confidence to face the exam.
The exam is on 25th of this month. I should keep this tempo. I should hold tight this tempo and never leave the thread.
Even if I feel 'very down' I should be with my study materials.
If, I sit before the box to compile today's entry later, I may struggle to put forth the thought which occurred during the day.
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It is office day. The car was not started for the past three days. It refused to start. People helped me and the car starts well now. Anyways, I should find some time to check the battery of the car.
The new ASUS computer is good in my seat. It has got Mozilla Firefox browser in that. Some five years back I used that browser in my office computer. Now I will use it again. 
There was discussion about the forthcoming examination with my competitors.
Oh...oh...I ache for calm mind to win.
Browsed a bit: Audit. 
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What is this mind? For very long hours it thinks of doing. The actual doing is very less when compared to the actual thinking.
The actual doing should be done in a spur.
Two long days of office. I am in a new section and enjoyed working there. My thinking of taking leave did not happen. I postponed leave taking. Let me enjoy the new seat.
Okay. In the new seat I tried to imbibe the phrases from a question bank material given by Umesh. Full imbibition did not happen.
Whatever little happened is good.
More little things should happen.
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The time is nearing 7 pm now. Three working days over. Only thoughts about studying like this or like that. Doing is nothing.
I don't want to sit in the present seat for long. I want to go inside the officer's chamber.
For that I have to study hard. Harder than what I do now. There should not be long gaps. Whenever I find time I should sit with my studies.
The blue diary is to be speed read today. Then I have to scare myself with question papers. I should try to make a link with the Umesh's material.
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Now. 7:50 pm.
Thinking how to study.
Watching serials.
Earlier, Big boss is annoyed about three bills which are pending for more than a month.
Monday we will see.
The other section guy is not present. His bills I have to pass.
My competitors are around. They ask me questions. I am getting nervous. Ho...time is short!!
Had lunch at Ajantha. I could not go in the new bus as planned.
Opened google drive. Studied some material from the google drive. 
Read some question papers also. 
Oh...Oh....getting scared and getting low.
No. Buck up.
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I am telling you seriously my dear mind, my dearest mind, my lovely mind, my friendly mind "don't be serious" (underline the word 'seriously'; or make it bold, or italic it or make it a bigger font or color it red)
Again seriously my mind, don't be serious.
And dear friend, I am calm now and want to be calm and composed till 25th Morning. I don't want any distractions.
Starting from now, it is 12 days of studying....I have to study seriously...No No....should study with fun. Dear mind give me fun in the mind. Fun. Read.
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It is 11:15 am. If I could have written this at 11:11 am it would have been lucky?
I am lucky enough already.
I have an opportunity to compete with 12 guys in writing a promotional examination which is 11 days away.
Even if I have to face the examination tomorrow, I am ready. I have that mind set.
Successful in driving away the distractions. Hope I am endowed with more focus and flow in the coming days. No time to waste. Think and think about the exam.
Finance Accounts to comply with Government accounting.
Hindi is used.
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Excited or troubled with that three bills pending longer than 30 days.
The big boss was annoyed because of that.
Two bills have been returned and one bill was altered and passed but the corresponding  registration numbers have not been removed from the system.
Great man me, I have found out the holes and shut them up.
Evening, I told boss that I would like to avail three days of leave from next Monday onwards to prepare for the examination.
I have told him and I hope that I keep myself calm and poised - best requirement for exam.
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Still some part of the day is remaining, four and half hours to be exact. I shall study for one hour after dinner. Definitely.
This day, the trouble is one bill is missing. That is overdue and we have to get that bill.
Worried, worried and still worried.
Hope tomorrow morning will bring some good news that the bill is found.
Wife is not happy, I shout. 
Why should I shout? That is the only question she asks.
She is not bothered about her sayings which triggered my anger.
Oh, How I cannot get angry because of her?
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This Wednesday to end still 5 and half hours left. Hope I will study a bit after dinner, like yesterday?
There were Pujas at office.
We had lunch at office. Nice pooris and bajjis.
The lost bill could not be found.
I got my leave sanctioned for three days next week. 
It is a good sign. My mood while leaving office was good and confident.
More than anything the confidence should work. I should not let loose the confidence. In the coming days, confidence and then reading. Both equally important. No time to waste except studies.
Read, read confidently. 
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It is nearing 7 PM. Wife has gone out. When she will come?
She will come back before I finish these 100 words?
I thought I could get my hall ticket this evening. I could not make it get it signed from the officer. It is okay. Hall ticket is not important. The cool mind and fun filled study without thinking other things is important now.
Yes, that is important.
When closing time of the office came, that officer was with a list of pending things.
It is okay...things will be better next week.
Relax now, study well tomorrow.
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What is it? This is a transport organization. We sell transport. We carry passengers, we book parcels and goods. We spend a lot on salaries, and buying materials.
These are to be classified. Accounted. There are several systems. New things come in.
On expenditure side we have construction, stores and workshops.
There are rules, budget.
There is Account current and appropriation account.
We use Hindi as official language.
There are some terminologies. Funds. 
Trying to build up a story. Trying to link them in form of understandable pieces.
Today is Vidyarambam, which is auspicious to study - am doing that. 
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Oh, it is day 20 of October. Just 4 days left for my examination.
Did I tell, that my examination is in the afternoon. The earlier exams I have faced during the morning sessions.
I attempted fast reading of several papers I have. I could not get the mood to write something. Hope I am bestowed with some consistent writing moods during the coming days.
It is Sum Major head. 
Gross earnings is Gross receipts minus suspense.
Similarly, Gross expenditure is Gross expenses minus suspense.
Rate contract, agreeing for fixed rate irrespective of quantities.
Specified quantity, - Running contract.
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It is 11:35 am in the clock, we have in our bed room. Yesterday the clock was set with new cells. Great.
I missed counting the chimes at 10 and 11. I was present in the room. I was at the computer. I was reading some PPTs in connection with my studies. Though the clock bonged I could not count 10 and 11.
What are the subjects covered in the PPTs?
Audit. DP etc. Annexure J. PRIME/AFRES > IPAS. Vigilance awareness Tender and all. eRecon. Contractual Management. Expenditure, some topics.
I seek some dreams about studies. Get one.
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No dreams about studies. I should get one or two. Only then I will have the confidence that the subjects are going deep inside me.
With only three days left, I have to buck up. There should be a discipline to make the mind confident.
Whatever it is I should be with the study material. I should shun all other trifles.....
I will do that.
Wife has told me todo a Puja reciting the shiva mantra "Triyambakam yeja mahe…." I did it today. It is to be done on Mondays. I am supposed not to eat rice. Only Chapatis. 
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The dream about studies or facing the examination did not come. Some other dream I had. I don't remember.
Yesterday's evening study was calm and quiet unlike the afternoon session.
That was done after receiving my hall ticket. The hall ticket was received after visiting Shiva Temple at Station Road.
My number is 187002.
I hope I get a dream about the exam and study during these two days left for the examination.
I jotted down to study this and that after watching a you tube tips about preparing for the exam in one day.
I am trying some tips.
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"The wishing never stops. Even after every star has fallen from the sky. Wait for another night."
The above words I copied from the 100 words written by a person in the year 2012. This I saw in the cover page when I opened the 100 words for the day.
The wishing is to write well the exam. I have studied to my best. I don't feel that my capacity to retention has not dwindled and it is the same. I have passed some exams with this capacity. Wish is-that I crack this exam like that.
Dream well today.
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The wish of getting a dream about exam did not happen at all. The early morning study for the exam did not happen at all.
This morning I got up late. Murali wished me good luck.
So many other people also wished me good luck.
I was wondering whether to write this piece before the exam or after the exam.
Yes before the exam.
I have passed so many examination. I will clear this also. (affirmation)
Had been to office for reporting after the LAP.
Just the saw the room which I am eligible to occupy after passing this exam.
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Ok. I write now.
Straight into the box at 8.35 pm. Let the dinner of curd rice be consumed after writing this. There is little rice only.
We had Masala Dosai packed from OM restaurant when I returned from office. Mother and me are at Home. Dear wife has gone to Chennai.
I like the simple demeanor of that lady section officer whose place I am occupying in the divisional office. Simple and humble with an air of innocence. I met her when coming out of office.
I wrote 100 words in Tamil.
Little thoughts about Yesterday's exam. 
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Hurray, the announcement for the beginning of November Month batch is already on the site.
On the last day of the month I cannot see the advent feature. 
How days go! They run past. I waste time for all sundries.
(Sundries also make life is another matter)
How fine it would be to have someone help me to get the liquor I want!
Going, driving the car to get the need  - I feel lethargic.
A man Friday is the thing I mention here.
Okay....think that I am the man and I am the man Friday also.

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Writing Sunday on Monday morning.
I was enjoying things, which is dearer when dear wife is around.
One is watching movies like "Strip Tease" and "The Girl Next door" etc.
The "Strip Tease" movie was good. The actress - well what is her character name? Eric?
Her fight to get the custody of her girl child from the clutches of her husband and she getting entangled in several dangers.
There is Murder and strip tease dances.
The heroines dances were good. 
Who will get a chance to visit such a places? Ha ha.
"The girl next door" - about school boy.
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On 31st October the advent feature won't work.
This will work on 29 and 30.
My 29 and 30 entries are done on 30th October.
It is nice thing that people will be asking about the results of the exam which was written last Thursday.
Wife returned from her Chennai trip.
On the office front, Babu Ratinam's brother expired and he sadly conveyed the message to me.
Santosh takes leave for the next two days.
I am worried about the two re-imbursement proposals which are to be dealt soon.
I could not continue watching movies as during weekend.
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Click here to complete another entry.
That is what I have done now. The time is 18:40 hrs.
Nice Tuesday.
The sad news of the day is my collogues young son died.
What an uncertain life it is. This evening I read an article on Wikipedia about the meaning of life. 
Actually there is no meaning in life. We are trying to create something as our process of survival goes on.
Out of the two reimbursement proposals one is done. Hope I do the other also and put up to the officer.
My demat account of SBI? 
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By the time I could come to the site today, three people have completed the October batch. I have been trying to get the site from Microsoft and google. The whole month I was using the box at the site. Today, since I could get the writing box correctly, I am writing using google doc. The mind is weird. The dreams about getting success in the exam. Am I confident? Everyday I get good inquiries from my colleagues, “When is the result?” They are wishing me well. I too wish. Shall I ask the question myself: “When is the result”