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Let me write 100 words this month.
I have not started on 1st January. I am starting on 13th January. 

I hated this chore of writing, for a simple reason that, whatever I wish to have, is not happening.

Then why write?

Then why attempt things?
Somethings fall into place of its own accord and happen as intended with little effort or no effort.

Somethings don’t happen at all in spite of best efforts.

Why, why?

Yes that is life and I should enjoy both and accept both.

I should accept my envy, lethargy and hesitation.   
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We landed at Siem Reap.
Awesome Airport.
We travelled by Air Asia.
The time may be around 11:30 hrs.
Earlier we enjoyed roaming Bangkok Airport. (DMK)
So many shops. So many gates. I remember the gates may be around 65.
We met some people at Thai Airport who also participate in this 'Yatra'
One bearded scientist, his wife and their daughter 'Kushi'
One Srinivasa Murthy who travelled alone.
I started spending the dollars. The Thai currency is 'Bhat' If I give dollar, they give the change in Bhat.
The other big group also reached Siem Reap simultaneously by Malaysian Airlines. 
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This is the second day at Sieam Reap. Am I spelling the town correctly?
We stayed in a Hotel called Tara Angkor. Our room number was 229.
Nice room. To get used to the etiquette of staying in 4 star hotel it took time. By the time we learnt how to stay in such places the time was over.
However, we learnt how to use the electric kettle and make coffee and tea. The kettle did not work three times and we changed the kettle taking the help of the room boy. Great!
It was Dushyant Sridhar who arranged Yatra.
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Dushyanth Sridhar is of my daughter's age. Well read man. He did his Engineering and Management courses in big universities and schools.
He has learnt Sanskrit and Tamil very well. He has established 'Desika Daya Trust' 
 What an expression! 
Love to hear his discourses.
Sudharshan and Sujatha Sudharhnan manage 'Beyond boundaries'
We enjoyed their plans and it was a fantastic Yatra.
Actually I wanted to record the names of places we visited using the cute coaches.
Today is fourth and we visited Angkor Wat - a lovely non-functional Vishnu Temple. 
Let me write more, capture thoughts.
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Today it is Saturday and our penultimate day of the Yatra. The place we visited today was little more in distance wise. May be more than 60 kms from Tara Angkor hotel.
The buses were longer buses, unlike the small coaches of 15 seaters capacity which we travelled.
A red bus and a white bus.
I chose the white bus and front seat. Last time we missed the front seat in the 15 seater coaches. Dushyanth Sridhar also travelled in this bus.
I have to find out the names of places and tell something more about the bus and eatings.
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As per the itinerary of the yatra, these are the places we visited.
3: Bayon Temple, Bakong and Preah Ko. Preah Khan, Prasat Kravan and Srah Sarang. 
4: Angkor Wat. Ta Prohm. 
5:Kbal Spean (1 hr.). Banteay Srei & Banteay Samre
I can remember and pronounce Ankor Wat and Bayon Temple very well.
The other places I cannot pronounce and don't remember.
The climbing of Ankor Wat and walking at Kbal Spean I remember very well.
The huge trees (strangler trees) standing rooted with the stone structures I still remember.
It is all Indian style sculpture depilated.
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Yes, back to office after the short and sweet trip to Siem reap via Bangkok..
I was late. I could not make to office around 10 was well over 11 am.
The flight reached around 10 only. It started at Bengaluru late due to fog conditions.
The attendance was not kept open as my friend promised. There was a cross.
Alright, good will made me to sign the attendance late and the leave equation is perfect. I managed the trip with three Casual leaves and one Restricted Holiday.
I was tired, we stayed at Bengaluru Airport without sleep.
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This is interesting. Starting late to fill in the 100 words and struggling to come to the current day.
In the entries I mention 'we' and we are the husband and wife.
Fortunate enough to enjoy a foreign travel with wife. We had made the pass port some twenty years ago and we got the opportunity now.
The preparations were made three months in advance (September 18) 
Our wish for the 'yatra' was accepted by the 'Beyond Boundaries'
The cost of the trip Rs.59,400/- was paid in two installments.
The Air ticket was booked by ourselves.
Great! great!
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The air ticket cost us nearly Rs.35,000/- each.
Hubballi to Bengaluru, Bengaluru to Bangkok and from Bangkok to Siem Reap.
The Siem Reap timings and Bangkok timings was nearly two hours ahead of our local time.
Only, while returning back I could understand the itinerary of Air-Asia.
I was wondering, how it would take such long to reach Bangkok when I board the flight at 11:45 pm and reach Bangkok at 4:30 am. 4:30 am means Indian time 2:30 am. 
Keep on reading the entries I make, write about the 'Yatra' 
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The Cambodian time is 1:30 hrs ahead of Indian Time. In the last entry I approximated it to 2 hrs.
The mission is to come to the present day, filling all the boxes. I do not know when that thing will happen.
My google photos had gathered all the photos from my phone and I could see them on my office computer.
I shared our trip photos with (rather showed my photos) to Tara Devi. (I told her that the name of the hotel we stayed was Tara Angkor.)
I also showed my photos to Michel.  
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There were other persons whom I shared the photos. Kudachwad. Samuel. Vinay and Jayanth.
There are people who see the photos with interest and some people don't bother.
Having gone that far....I should show my photos na?
The exam I wrote during October. The results are out. I could not make it to the promotion.
Two youngsters have cleared the exam. They have nearly 10 years of service and can enjoy the elevated state and they will get the next promotion also.
I wrote the exams several times and failed.
Okay....the game is over and the end. 
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The duty free shops.
All Air ports have. The Bengaluru Air port. The Bangkok Air port. The Siem Reap Air port.
The perfumes and liquors are the main attractions.
Perfumes for women and liquors for men?
What attractive shops!
What brands!  What names!!
Cognac!  Vodka!  Scotch whiskey! 
Chivas regal.
I don't remember the other names. But I am overwhelmed by the designs and shapes of the bottles. Their packages.
Their was a bigger travel bag with more bottles in that.
The small bag with three bottles was nice.
How nice it would be to buy one!

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We travelled by 'spice jet' from Hubballi to Bengaluru on 1st January. It was an evening flight.
The arriving flight was late and our flight was late by - say, one hour.
Our ticket was hand baggage ticket only and earlier, the spice jet people had messaged me that I may have to pay for the 'check-in' luggage.
We can carry 15 kilos in 'check-in' luggage. 7 kgs for hand luggage. (things learnt practically - reading the messages gives only little knowledge)
We were asked to pay Rs.400/- only for one baggage. We have nice violet colored aristocrat trollies.
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In the last entry when I came for writing, the thought was to tell about the 'lucky-pamphlet'  the hosts of spice jet people gave us while alighting from the air plane. During the writing process I wrote about the check-in luggage experience.
The small shining pamphlet had to be scratched at a square. We scratched the square while travelling from the run-way to the air port lounge by the space jet bus.
We won wrist watches of good brand.
We get it 'free' at a particular shop by just paying taxes amounting to Rs.2900/- 
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Twelve days are locked. I have to write and unlock them. Add to that today. It makes 13.
Overwhelming! Thirteen hundred words I have to write. When this entry is complete, it will be 1200 words. Sitting on this task on a Sunday. I am wearing a T shirt bought at Angkor Wat. 
It is a nice white shirt with green prints of Angkor Wat.
I was telling about the 'gift' we got in the spice jet.
We went to the shop at Bengaluru Air port.
The watches were tempting.
But no, we decided to spend money only later!
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One more entry. 
Though my intention is to complete the task and come to the present day, thoughts are not converting into words.
The 'subject' I want to write is not getting shape.
This Sunday is long. Let me force myself to write 'now and then' and have the feeling of coming to the present day.
Coming to present day means 27th January.
( 5 days left for January end.)
I had the privilege of tasting liquor during this yatra.
One: Bengaluru. Vodka.
Two: Siem Reap: vodka mixed with coffee and Bloody Mary. 
Three: Beer. Bangkok.       
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Bloody Mary.
I have read in novels and seen people drinking bloody mary  in movies.
You tube has given me the knowledge that vodka mixed with tomato and lime juice is 'bloody mary'
Siem Reap Airport gave me the opportunity to order for bloody mary.
The boy in that shop did wonder. He measured some quantity of vodka from the bottle. He added tomato juice, he sprinkled some pepper. 
The glass in which it is served is an attraction.
He placed a sliced lime on the ridge of the glass.
Lovely. What a drink. It was like Rasam. Wow!
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The month has already come to the 29th day. A quantity of more than 10 days entries is to be filled to complete the month’s task.

I want to complete the task - the flow does not happen.
I want to sit in the morning. I am not sitting.
I want to sit in the evening. I don’t sit.
I want to complete on a Sunday.
It is not happening.

It is not just happening.
I don’t have answers as to why this is not happening.
I don’t want to know the answers also.

The answer - weariness.

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What is lethargy? Is it weariness or as they say ‘thamogun’?
Is it due to weariness that I can’t write?
Am I over exerted that creative juices don’t flow, to describe some thoughts I have?

What exertion I say....somewhere, something is to be done, some crap to be done to keep the weariness under check. It can be done, as I am doing now. Exertion will be under check.

Incidentally, I have decided to write 10 entries in ‘word’ and keep ready for posting at the social tasking site. I can do this in the evening - second.

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I have to wait.

Wait for five minutes? More than five minutes?  A chore at a different office. I was half way through composing a 100 words entry in the computer at my earlier place. That had to be left there hanging.

I shall finish that when I go there after finishing this chore at this office.

This I am composing in my windows phone. Nice. This will be the third for the day. Hoping to finish 10 entries for this day.

Still waiting. The other person with whom I have to do this work will come shortly.

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Sometimes after lunch I take a wonderful nap. If it is a holiday, the nap is a must. The nap is rejuvenating. When something ‘to be done’ occupies the mind I just skip that nap.

Today, I have done that. I have come early to my work and it is lunch time here and people will come somewhere around three pm.

What is occupying my mind? Writing 10 entries each consisting of 100 words, to be posted at the social tasking site. This is only the fourth file and am doing it directly in the google docs.

Great, very great.

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The special is a pickle we bought online, using Amazon. The pickle is made from jackfruit - that is what the site described the product. The package we got are two pickle bottles and in a cover some samples of various other pickles. Wife liked the sample pickles. This pickle is made up of -  well - not the jackfruit, but the raw jackfruit. To be precise the fibrous. Lots of mustard oil and not spicy. We did not like it as we liked the earlier pickle we ordered.

The earlier one we ordered was green chili and red chili pickles. Yummy!

01/23 Direct Link

It is enjoyment and 'nice looking forward things’ - when we order something ‘online’ and expecting its arrival.

The anxious waiting period is wonderful.

When, the product arrives with the arriving messages posted by amazon like - ‘the product is dispatched’; ‘the product will be delivered today’ we are happy.

When the product arrives - opening the package and opening the bottle. Nice nice….

The earlier pickles of ‘lal Mirch’ and ‘hara Mirch’ was good and spicy.

It was ordering and expecting things from  Amazon and tasting things on arrival  during the last ten days.

The Siem Reap trip writing Paused.

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Catching the thoughts on Siem Reap trip again, what do I remember to begin with?

Let me begin with some sweet.

The ‘sweet’ thing is the palm fruit sugar we bought at the ‘Kattumaram’ hotel at Siem reap.

We bought there some sugar and Cambodian pepper.

The hotel people sold the palm fruit sugar as ‘brown sugar’

The brown sugar is very sweet.

‘Kattumaram’ was the hotel which our organizers had hired to cook Indian food at Siem Reap.

The cooks were Mohan and Vijayan and the food served there was delicious.

We used pressed areca leaves plate to eat.

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Catching  the Siem Reap trip thoughts, I mentioned about the brown sugar in the last entry.

Wife has put two things in transparent bottles in the kitchen shelf. One is brown sugar and the other is Thai rice.

The Thai rice we bought at the big Bangkok Airport. Spending dollars at the Thai Airport was fantastic. There was some tension when we had some torn dollar notes. Slowly we exchanged them to Bhats. Disposing the ‘little torn’ dollar bills was difficult. The shop people refused to accept them.

We, slowly disposed the torn dollars - happy.

“Never accept torn notes’

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A girl holding small cute bags wanted to sell them to us. We were walking at the old temples around Siem Reap.

She was staring at my wife’s face and tripped on a stone. The hurt pained her. I was sad seeing her pain.

The pain feeling vanished from her face in a split of second. Pain to wish.

She was looking at my wife’s face, you remember? That little Cambodian girl was attracted by the red ‘bindi’ my wife was wearing and she wanted one like that.

A pain forgotten and curiosity making her move forward again!

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Great. This is my tenth file. I could write 10 one hundred words.

This has brought to me very near to the month. Month has got only two days remaining. This month saw the result of the promotional exam I did during October 18. So many seniors failed in the exam and only two people who have 10 years of service left were selected

Seniors failed like me wanted a representation to be given for ignoring the seniors.

What is the use of signing that representation?  I have little time to serve the organization.

Leave it!

Discouraging mind! Loathing mind!

01/28 Direct Link

When I have finished writing nearly 10 entries and have posted them to the ‘simple social  tasking site’ on the net, it will be child’s play to complete this month’s writing - well within the time. It will be easy.

The task seems to be doable wonder!

Does this make my mind to take some other task which can be made as doable without the ‘doubt element’ accompanying it? Can I accomplish something else also with a light mind?

Mind will not be light.

Doubt and fear will be there.

Passivity will be aplenty.

Involve - the office chores.

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This man’s name is Mantesh. I like him, in spite of he not attending me immediately. I took his assistance for cleaning my car. He cleans the cars of people who bring cars to the office.

I am just  6 months old to this office.

I just had to take the help of my colleagues to get an appointment from him.

Once I walked with him, while he was carrying a bucket full of water to wash cars.

He didn't care.

Somehow, he made time to clean my car on two occasions.

His good pain for perfect clean.

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17:15 30-01-2019

This is a dull Wednesday evening. The log note I have on my computer shows the time and date, no sooner I open the note.

I begin this note with that date stamp. Weariness starts or things can be sorted out tomorrow are the things to stop the work now. Ok.

I can leave the office only at 6 pm.

The time flows slow. Temptation of leaving the work spot creeps.

The cons are: I have to inform my boss. What shall I do going home early?

Walk here and there.

17:28 30-01-2019

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It is evening here in India. Time is around 7:30 pm. Four members have finished the January 2019 batch.
Some sort of void is there in me.
How can I help my mother?
Her arthritis is bending her fingers.
How can I help my son?
He should get married and get settled in life. He should have an interesting career.
My daughter and son-in-law, how can I help them?
My sister's son - he should also get a partner. How can I help them?
Pray. Pray. Pray. Pray. 
My wishes for elation, elevation don't come near at all.