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The mind will be anxious that certain things will happen - like - ‘I will be very busy signing bills which have been accumulated due to lack of funds.’

It did not happen. It did not begin as the mind thought. We have not started.

I wanted name this episode of life as “Busy passing bills week”

The business has not started yet.

It will start and move...let the anxiety be there.

Giving titles to the episodes I am doing here is inspired by the titles given to the episodes of “The Big Bang Theory”

Valid reference to life going on.

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Yes, it is Tuesday and I am feeling fine.

A young colleague was wearing pink shirt like me and we took a snapshot of the same.

Eager to show that to my wife. He will send the images through ‘Whatsapp’ and I will see in the afternoon.

Had potato bajji and tea at the canteen with friends.

Quite a number of bills are passed and cash orders for paying the people are prepared.

Unlike yesterday, things are moving.

I am in the process of writing a chapter called “Bill passing week” in my life and posting this - I am happy.

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Last night I talked with daughter and son-in-law. They have their own problems. Hope they get some turning point and get a good hold in their plans and endeavors.

Son is okay. We talked with him too. He is changing job and has his own problems. Hope he faces things boldly and fix himself well in life.

Talked with my Sister- with her not so good health, she is excited about her son’s marriage. Talked with her just now.

Wife is not well….she is just postpones visit to a doctor.

Thinking…. while writing: “Bill passing Week”

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What are the thoughts now? What am I anxious about?

Anxiety and discomfort at the right blend gives focus. I can vouch for this.

This simple thing as writing 100 words for 100 - I am anxious about. I love to set the thoughts to fix to the heading of this part of the writing "Bill Passing Week"

Right Ho.

The Bill passing is going on well. Very well. I love doing that.

The Hospital bills are waiting and my assistant is doing that and he will put them up to me. Check them. There! Sign.!

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It is difficult to record feelings. Why feelings arise we do not know.

Why not know?  Mind is there to feel. That is the answer and  that is the answer. Period.

Those fellows have not given me an official Sim. Just because I am retiring and there is no need to communicate with me immediately that is not necessary. I also did not take it seriously and left it there. I did not also join the official supervisory Whatsapp group. (nor they included me in the group)

Suddenly boss asks me whether I have seen a Whatsapp message .

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Lying on my bed, belly and hips pressing the bed dangling the legs I write this. I use the 'asus' laptop. This juncture in life is called: "The first week end of April 19"
It is cool.
Wife has gone to "mutt" saying have your own time.
I thought a bit about office and was confident that I can manage the "Airtel" and "Jio" bills without Santosh Bisirotti. Santosh Bisirotti is not well. His calf muscle has some problem.
Santosh is my son's name and I love to write and say 'Santosh', whoever has got that name. What is Bisirotti? 
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Yesterday's entry had a question about Bisiroti.  Bisiroti means hot roti. Roti means bread or staple food of this area made out of the cereal corn. 
That is the surname of my assistant Santosh. We have some interesting surnames here. Rokathkatti is another man's surname. This means the bound with money.
That is fine.
Bisirotti phoned me today. He has to take rest. Only when he gives rest to his legs he will be alright.
Okay....I shall do his work using Babu.
I have to do a work, where we have to pay Rokathkatti some money.
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Time now is to write the episode “Second week of April 2019”

Let me list the things bothering after just telling that the Airtel transfer work is over (Which was earlier in the bothering list)

The jio bills. The pending bills of Airtel and the Solar energy bills. Also the retired employees reimbursement bill. (Remember ‘Rokathkatti’ - mentioned yesterday?)

Just on my way to office I visited Tailor’s shop to give one pant and shirt for stitching.  Wife has approved the colour of the cloth.

It is fun, she sees the same color logic for men’s apparel too.

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It is the second week of April story I am writing about. It is the second day of the week. I make Monday as the first day of the week.

The works I mentioned yesterday are moving? Oh, I am anxious about the “Rokathkatti” reimbursement. When will it happen?

Let it happen, sometimes it is better to drift, and not be overwhelmed by the slowness.

I have taken two days leave, tomorrow and the day after. How do I manage to write 100 words for two days?  I am travelling to Vellore to attend my nephew’s engagement function. 

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Doing now: three ‘100 words pieces’ for my social tasking site. These compilations of words based on the thoughts that is prevailing now, have to be posted in the site to make the project working - the present day. The ‘advent’ feature would have been locked and opening it and filling up the boxes would be interesting.

I am in a part of life where the chapter is called: “The second week of April 19”

The Wednesday and Thursday are casual leaves taken for attending Mahadevan’s engagement function at Vellore.

The SUV vehicle which Mahadevan has bought is good.

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I am writing three hundred words on a Friday to fill up my social tasking site commitment of writing one hundred words per day. As mentioned in almost all entries, I am in the chapter “The second week of April 19”

This is the entry for Thursday. The second CL day. From 1 pm to 11 pm I was in the train “Siddhaganga express” I was watching one girl and her mother and two women and their male kids. The girl is practicing to play ‘flute’ and she was carrying that in a long bag.

The male kids were naughty.

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Counting the words in google doc is interesting. I am right now in the process of compiling the third bunch of 100 words. If I select this part of the writing (selecting) and go to tools and select ‘word’ count, it says 32 of 232 - which means that I have added 32 words after completing 200 words. (after selecting and knowing the number of words I have added 34 more words. Hurray!)

I am writing the chapter “Second week of April 19” and am happy to say that the “Rokathkatti” anxiety which I recorded on Monday is done with. Super.

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I am at home. The breakfast was fruits with some homemade cheese.
These two days of life is called: "Second weekend of April 19"
I was enjoying "Two and half men" on mobile. The two men are brothers: Alan and Charlie. The half man is a kid aged about 10, Jake.
Charlie lives in a house nearby the sea. They have a glass door to the house. If they shut the door, what is being talked in the deck with roaring wave cannot be heard.
I enjoy the sound of waves, as though I am in the deck.    
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Lalgudi Karuppaiah Gandhi.
This is the Tamil Movie, I am watching now. A tall man wearing round rimmed glasses is the Hero.
The country is in the process of mammoth Loksabha election. Some phases of polling have already started.
In this context, this movie is a satire on polling and political gimmicks. It is entertaining.
This day marks the new year based on Solar calendar. The year name is 'Vikari'.
This is the year I was born. It comes again after 60 years. Wow!
I am writing the "Second weekend of April 19" chapter of my life.  
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This week is holiday filled week.

17th Wednesday is a holiday because of Mahavir Jayanthi. 18th Friday is Good Friday and is a holiday.

So, three working days. Just three working days.

Wife will be on a tour from tomorrow night.

What shall I call this chapter of life?

“Holiday filled week”

That would be fine.

I just made a phone call to my driving school for the process of renewing my driving licence.

The process is on and I have to go to the RTO one of these days to take digital photograph.

A looking forward thing this week.

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Take deep breath.

Take a mindful break:

Extend a moment of gratitude whenever you become aware of your mind wandering, and are able to renew your focus.

I am grateful:

I can always renew my focus.

Taking a mindful break I am writing 100 words.

I like this heading of this chapter of life: “Holiday filled week”

I like writing in google docs one chapter in one page.

I am enjoying the feeling that ‘tomorrow is a holiday’  

I like the google extension “mindful break’

My son has taken a new assignment and has moved to a new house. 

04/17 Direct Link

My wife is at son’s new house at Bengaluru.  I had a very heavy nap. My body and mind are heavy now. Not at ease.

Afternoon, I had been to my driving school and got my papers to apply for the renewal of driving licence. The first holiday of the “Holiday filled week” is ending. The time now is 5:37 pm.  When mother gets up I should make coffee.

Tomorrow I have to go to the RTO office to get my photograph digitally done at Gappur cross. I have to make it during the office hours.

04/18 Direct Link

The first thing I did after opening the google docs was renaming the doc as “Holiday filled week” Earlier the doc had the name “April 15”  I am now writing the chapters of life as it happens in a single page of google docs.

This is the fourth entry in the page, to be carried to my 100 words site.

It is a wonderful feel to see colleagues and exchanging pleasantries.

I have to go to RTO office some time from now. How long it will take at the RTO?

It took one hour. I enjoyed the RTO trip.

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I am in  the room now, where wife will be most of the time with laptop,writing this.  I am missing her, she got a holiday from her household duties and has gone to Bengaluru. She attended a function at Bengaluru (our niece baby flower ceremony). She will be going to Tiruvannamalai for Giri Pradhakshanam with my sister.

Son and daughter will not be present on my retirement day. The general tradition of retirement functions of my colleagues would be that they will be with their wards.

Mine is different, but I did have a wish...mmm.


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Putting words right into the social tasking site, without bothering to make a draft at the google docs. When the site opens in the chrome, it does not load certain scripts and I cannot have the word counter.
I have to make certain clicks to load the unsafe scripts, so that I can count the words.
It is a chapter in my life called "The third weekend of April 19"
My wife along with son and my sister are in a bus towards Tiruvannamalai.
They will walk around the mountain, which is called 'Giri valam.'
Giri means mountain.
Done 100!
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In the serial I am watching now-a-days -"Two and half men"- Berta is a house keeping character. I was waiting for our real life Berta,Chennamma.
She is now at home and the house is being cleaned. She is silent unlike Berta and does a wonderful and neat job.
The stout Berta character is hilarious. She makes use of the opportunities, for instance when Charlie and Alan with Jake plan to go to Las Vegas, she makes a plan to bring her relatives to the beach house.
This is it I want to say in this Chapter. 
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Slowly invite people for a lunch on Friday, the 26th of April. Fourth week of April begins. It is alternate working days.

Today, I work.  Tomorrow it is Election day and so a holiday to exercise franchise. The day after tomorrow, Wednesday I shall come for work. 25th Thursday I shall take a CL. Friday I shall come to office and host lunch for some 80 people. Great!

It is the penultimate week of April or ultimate week of April? I say this because next week will be just two April working days.

Wife has come back from holidays!

04/23 Direct Link

The second day of the week. Tuesday.

Tuesdays are fine. ‘Tuesdays’ I cannot use in plural? Is it wrong usage? Checked with google. I can use it. Tuesdays are my favorite days.

Fine. Had been to voting booth and cast our votes.

(Wife and me) We had nice breakfast at ‘Shringar’. Earlier we had been to ‘Om’ and we barged out from there, because I got raged with the late service there!

I should try writing more 100 words, not only for the purpose of filling the site, but to enjoy putting stuff on my mind in words.

Please do.

04/24 Direct Link

Days are rolling by.  Wednesday’s work at office is over. I wrote that letter regarding box-boy imprest to Sr.DOM revised by the officer. Pujari had taken good interest in pursuing that work,where an amount of Rs, 10000/- is to be set right.

The draft in my folder was not available. Perhaps I have not saved that letter. I made up my mind to revise that letter, typing everything again. I have put up that for officer’s signature and I should ask Pujari to take care of it further tomorrow. Tomorrow I am on leave.

04/25 Direct Link

Wife is celebrating my star birthday today.

This means that my birth star Pooradam or Poorvashada happens to fall today.

I am in the process of writing the chapter “The last full week of office” of my life.

We had been to Ganesha temple and had breakfast ordering one plate of shira & uppuma and one plate of poori followed by ‘by-two’ coffee. One plate of everything for husband and wife. Marriage bliss. Felt fine.

I have availed one day CL to enjoy.

I will visit HQ, workshops and my office, this afternoon and invite few people personally.

04/26 Direct Link

Right now, anxious about the lunch I am hosting on the eve of my retirement. It is 12:15 pm.  When will the caterer bring the stuff? When will the officer come? Will all the people I have invited come? At what time the lunch start? How much money I may have to pay?

I have call my wife to office. My youngest sister is also invited.

My younger sister with brother-in-law will be coming in the evening. If things were otherwise, could my younger sister made it for the lunch?

Wait and see! Fine!


04/27 Direct Link
Great Saturday!
I have entered my 61st year in my life!
I have become a senior citizen.
I am grateful, my 80 year old mother could see her son and daughters with their spouses on this occasion.
My sisters have taken time to spend time with their brother on his birthday.
We had great time, spending the first half of the day at the Raghavendra mutt. My brother-in-law made me to wear petta (turban) and put on me a pearl garland.
The second part of the day after a nap, we had a trip to Dharwad - 'Chigari bus!
04/28 Direct Link
After the fun and togetherness yesterday, it was an empty feeling when my sisters and their spouses left to their places of living this morning.
Wife got up early and prepared idlies and mango rice for the guests while they travel.
I helped a bit in the packing.
I am catching up with writing 100 words and with this entry, it is up-to-date.
The climate is very hot, and keeping ourselves cool keeps our head heated up.
I caught up with some missed telephone calls, which I received yesterday and was unable to answer.
The last week end!
04/29 Direct Link

This chapter of life: “Monday and Tuesday”  

This Monday and Tuesday dated 29 and 30 of April are special. My writing batch for April will be over and the important thing is: these days would be the last days of regular work in my service.

I have to wind up this computer. I will close the sync of Google Chrome.

I took the company of Santosh with me to visit my HQ office and workshop accounts office to tell my colleagues goodbye.

My friend Subramanian has come all the way from Hyderabad to be present during my retirement.

04/30 Direct Link
The office made a small function in the evening at the expenditure section. Four officers were present. My sister, son and wife were present. My friend’s presence during the function made me happy.

A flower bouquet was given. Three shawls were presented to me. A memory trophy was given. Friends and officers spoke good words. I spoke some good words. My son spoke a few words. My wife spoke a word.

It was lovely -  I am retired.

My pension pay order, retirement due documents with service certificate given.

This entry could not be made exactly on 30th.