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I am writing what I am thinking? I wish...
Thinking comes in bits? One thought deletes the other thoughts?
I do forget the important point for which I come to write.
I try hard to organize my thoughts.
I want to put the written thoughts in appropriate folders.
This one folder I have now is  'Think' - what all I am thinking is being attempted for writing and put into this folder.
Yesterday I was thinking that I should join the July batch of writing 100 words. I should try to tell the activities I have during these retired life.
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Now I am thinking, why should I have jotter pad in my phone? - If I can manage my writing through dropbox paper? 
I also think why the hell I am writing without attempting to sleep? what do I accomplish by writing?.
I see that there is no facility here at the dropbox Paper to count the number of words.
So let the jotter pad app also remain in my phone along with dropbox paper app.
The writing began narrating my thoughts then it turned out lo something l am doing.
Something that I decided.
To have two apps.  

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I am fresh. Some time ago I was tired. 

l didn't feel like writing. The mind was bogged. Watching movies was also a bore. 

Shut everything off. closed my eyes. Put on some music on my iPhone. Did not bother to set the time for an auto off also. 

A Small trance

A small doze happened.

A nap.

Just for a brief period. 

I got up.

I was fresh very fresh. 

I began writing this - and continuing.

I use the Google board where I can write with my index finger - the ‘hand write’ board.

Not thinking.

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Masala Dosa was the breakfast today.

Yesterday, I did not use a half cut piece of beetroot for making curry though the beet was ready with its outer layer scraped off.

I don’t like vegetables to remain long in the fridge - particularly the cut vegetables.

So, today the cut piece of beetroot was made use to prepare masala for Dosa, with onion and potato.

This is the interesting activity of the retired man.

Just the masal was prepared by me.

The entire credit of meticulously preparing the batter and spreading the Dosa on the pan goes to my wife. 

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Planning is also one of the retired man's activities?  Ha!

Having accomplished a grand walk to his sister's place at Desai cross on Tuesday evening he and his wife plan to have a walk in the evening to Krishna temple at Deshpandenagar on Wednesday. 

while going to sister's place they had bought nice masala vadas at Mahalaxmi stores. 

The shopkeeper smilingly  told them that new snack items would fill the case the next day.

The retired man planned to visit place on Wednesday. 

Wednesday and Thursday evening: 'the walking activity' the couple did not perform

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Retired  man was telling his woman this day: 

"why go to a beach and watch the waves? 

Imagine the thoughts that comes to your mind as waves. 

They rise up. They settle down. 

One wave slowly settles splashing water with some froth on the beach. The water slowly recedes back. 

The receding back is nice to watch. 

The huge waves coming one after the other is scary.

The receding back is soothing."

The thought waves appear to be scary! 

The thoughts will soothingly recede.

Thought activity of the retired man!   

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The evening walking planned on Tuesday was performed on Saturday. 

Pleasant it was. The rainy weather was awesome. 

we did some shopping in a baby store. Tomorrow is the first birthday of my colleague's granddaughter. There will be two more of his grand daughters. we bought three presents. We bought one tiny T Shirt for our neice' son also

we visited Krishna Temple also. We bought snacks.

oh! I wanted to write some more activities of Saturday.

Do I have some quota of words?

Yes - I5 words left! 

I filed my IT returns. 

More activity writing tomorrow.

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Yesterday retired man said that he would say more about his activities.

His major activity is shifting his family to Metropolitan city.

Now that he has retired he has no job commitments in this city.

His mother can be nearer to her daughters when his residence is shifted to the Metropolitan city.

He can be nearer to his son. He can be of support to his son.

He is active in arranging to buy a flat in the big city.

The other activity is arranging health card to his family.

He also explores his two smartphones with all smartness.


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No News about the status of loan from the bank. 

The activities on cell phone is mammoth. 

I have videos, readings, audios in plenty. 

I get bogged down many times.

Sometimes I get perturbed to make a choice.

To read, write, listen or watch?

Read what?

To write what?

Which music from which app?

To read or listen to the reading?

I let the mood prevailing then to betide the decision.

Waiting for a phone call from the son or the man who is selling the property to know the status of the loan from the bank.

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That particular day's writing on the same day?

It is an ideal rule I should follow when I write on this site.

That means that I should open the writing box in the site and begin to write whatever comes to my mind.

During the day several ideas and plans do come. I wish I could make those thoughts as a painting in words. 

For that purpose I use a dozen note and document apps.

Alright, let me do that painting with words. It is my coveted activity. 

I write this thought in Dropbox paper.

Happy to write.

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'Audible' experience is nice and pleasant.

​​The story I am listening, is about the growth of two boys.

​​One is born in Poland and another at Baston.

​​Poland boy - Wadek (am I spelling the name correctly as I heard?) has rough times. 

​​Bostan boy is born rich to a Banker. (Baston Brahmin)

​​What a lovely narration. I am hooked to the listening to the novel. 

​​Kane & Abel is the title of the story.

​​Jeffery Archer is the author of the novel.

​​Narrated by Jason Culp.

​​The original name of the Polish boy is 

​​Władek Kostkiewicz.



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Today, I have not written 100 words so far. Nor do I have made any 'ready to post' in any of my note or doc applications.

The car front left door window glass did not work smoothly. we husband and wife are relaxing at the Customer lounge at the Revankar maruti Service center.

We are waiting for the words from the service people that 'the car is ready'

The fiction reading activity (Harry Potter - The Goblet Fire) is still pending.

This ‘Goblet fire’ reading I started at Bengaluru in my son’s kindle gadget.

Now continuing the reading on the computer.

07/13 Direct Link

With a dozen of writing and uploading to the web apps and equipment I have, now I include 'my word' – Microsoft word also to the platform.  Every day let me use one app or one word processor to help me to turn my thoughts into words.

Better words, better sentences.

I was successful in listening to the story of ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet fire’ this morning from the PDF document I gathered.

Hope by Monday, I would cover a listening to quite a chunk of chapters- I am at page 223 of Chapter 20. 



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Sunday evening.I got up from sleep at around 7:00 pm.  I slept off for very long.  I don’t remember whether I have taken meals or not.  How I am forgetting that part! Ha ha.

The weather is gloomy, but it is not raining. It is such a time that my wife has gone to have the Darshan of ‘Athi Varadhar’ at Kancheepuram . She has gone to this trip with her friend. She enjoys her time with her friend and me, my ‘me time.’  Ha ha.

I am not feeling that brisk.  


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When transferring the thoughts to words, the description of that particular moment takes away all the allotted quota of words and by the time I come to the exact thing I wanted to say, the counter says that I have completed 91 words. 

It is a sucking feeling then, to edit. The editing then takes away the thoughts and the flow of writing or thinking stops. 

The mind begins to focus on which word to remove, where to say what and all that. It is an advantage of making the mind to get involved in something.   


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Let me name files alphabetically. Let me store files in the folders in ‘recently modified’ way.  I can continue the work which was done recently.  Let me not store more than 26 files in a folder.

I get so many ideas to organize my work. Some of them work only for a short duration.

Don’t say “I will not be distracted, several times to the mind. Bloody fellow will definitely go for distraction.

Similarly don’t tell him to stick to a regular routine. He will not listen.     






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If you finish writing 100 words, without telling the main point to which you came to write, don’t worry. Write another 100 words. Very fine; if you still don’t feel that you have not finished telling try another one.  (Wonderful tips and ideas come...)

‘The Harry Potter and the Goblet Fire’ reading was good.  I could read two chapters. The chapters were ‘The unexpected task’ and ‘the Yule Ball’ (chapter 22 and 23 respectively). Hermione (Her-my-oh-nee) choosing Viktor Krum as her dancing partner in the Yule ball was awesome.    

07/18 Direct Link

1) I could finish two chapters in the book: “Goblet Fire”           2)The movement of loan thing to buy the house at ‘Metropolitan city’ has not taken into the final step. It is just lingering. Two thoughts are in mind? Think of some more thoughts:Wife has comeback from her trip to Kancheepuram. 1)Wasted plenty of time fiddling with my three cell phones and the result was restlessness 2)  Learnt that, reading document file (PDF) is not comfortable like reading book.    




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First day at Bengaluru

Good. The arriving to son's place was a very smooth ride.  Absolutely no physical exertion. Son met me at the Tea Shop where I was drinking tea. He surprised me saying from  behind, "get me also one tea"

I felt very good. He helped me to pay for the tea, through the android phone in which, I have installed Amazon pay UPI.

With the big anxiety of the loan process not moving, there were small hindrances like no internet connection for the android phone and the Goblet Fire book vanishing from my son's kindle device.

07/20 Direct Link

Second day.

20 July 2019 SAT


Second day at Bengaluru is Saturday 20th July 2019. Son and me learnt to play ‘online chess' using our respective android phones. It was fun. 

It is good and fun writing on a ' day to basis' what all I remember in a day here at One-note, later to be posted in my site. 

e.g. I am making this ready in the morning hours of Sunday.   

The entry is about Saturday. 

The entries so far are entitled : 1) Bengaluru 2) First day at Bengaluru 3) Second day.

07/21 Direct Link

22 July 2019

The third day here at Bengaluru is a Sunday. Son was lazy and hazy. 

Youngsters - I shouldn't take their moods seriously. 

Okay. The day went. 

Whether our moods are fantastic or not, whether our loved ones are lazy, hazy or crazy ;  whether it rains or not, the day moves and ends.

It rained. Thank goodness the bag in which we carried gifts for Pulkit (my niece' kid) did not become wet.

We made a visit to see the new born in the family 'Pulhit' That was our evening noteworthy productive part.     

07/22 Direct Link

22 evening. At 18:25. I have to see where my son is in the google maps.

The water has stopped now. I have to put on the motor to pump. I did not switch on the motor immediately. Good. There was no sufficient water stock in the sump.

The water can siphon did not work. I bought a new one.

The one note page ‘Bengaluru’ has got some conflict issues. 

The loan giving fellow has asked for some more time.

That is it.

Four entries are to be made at the 100 word site.

07/23 Direct Link
So, from today let me have the 100 words I make at One note here. Son sent me to go for a walk. Water supply was good and very seriously he did the house cleaning work. He was concerned about me and didn’t want my hindrance/help. So thoughtful of him. ‘Lad. My lad. Why re, you need not be serious. Do things in a humorous way.’ He washed his clothes and asked me to put it on clothes line. ‘Lad, I gladly do that.’ He has gone for work now. I would like him to shine in his work.
07/24 Direct Link
Enjoy a bathless day. The guilt of not taking a bath would make me to take a good bath tomorrow. Son is obsessed with a diet Schedule. He prepared Ragi Kanji . He thinks by this diet he can reduce his belly. Let him succeed in that venture. His night dish is sprouted pulses and egg. He feels bad that he could not serve his dad with regular food. On Monday I ate his diet. The message is : I support him. Tuesday I went out and had regular food at hotel. The message is : He need not feel bad. Today? Hotel!
07/25 Direct Link
Already Thursday. Guilt and the feeling of 'not done thing' helps in doing things. Had a neat bath. Washed the veshti. How will be the water position? The Sump is very empty. Corporation water? Cauvery water? Bengaluru water problems is enormous. We are also going to join the city's population and face the water problem. (When will our loan disbursed?) Son says his over head tank will be full. Anyways today's bath is over. FM Radio 102.9 was giving information about the 'Water crisis' at Bengaluru when the morning was moving. Son prepared nice vermicelli Upma. Relished the dish.
07/26 Direct Link
Tue Wed Thus postings + today's posting are to be done at the site. Yesterday I used a cyber center near Vinayaka temple to update upto Monday 22. Posting work at the cyber center is not smooth. First of all my google will not open without my phone. Phone will not have BSNL signals. I should pat myself with these itsy bitsy hindrances I could post 4 entries. When I tried through journey journal, I was not able to do the work. Morning, wife told me that our watchman expired. Sad. May his family have enough courage to face this. RIP
07/27 Direct Link
00:27 hrs: Fiddling with my cell phones. I am not sleeping yet. It is okay. Good number one of Friday was, I am up to date in posting my 100 words entries in the site. I used cell phone to post entries. Good number two of Friday was, we got signs that our loan would be finalized next week. Damn. I was trying to link a wordpress post as a starting tweet. But it did not come out well. Felt bad about it. Damned and swore. Son contacted the bank and some documents sent by email. Fingers crossed.
07/28 Direct Link
Dropbox time ​​Trying different apps to write. This is dropbox paper I am writing on a Sunday morning. ​​Writing 100 words has become a source for my writing journal too. ​​Attempt to write hundred words then simply copy and post that to my journal. Easy. ​​If I happen to read that with some complacence then I will write some bullet points after drawing a horizontal line beneath the 100 words. This will consist of missing details and some points I have forgotten. ​​If by chance I write more or less than 100 words I have the fun of pruning words.
07/29 Direct Link
​​​Write - ​​the relaxing activity I love. ​​My mind is satisfied with the fact that, I am up to date in posting at the site. ​​Son has gone to his work. The original Sale deed is to be produced and some fee money is to be given for the loan purpose. ​​​My son gave me instructions from his work and accordingly the work moved. ​​The other things at this moment are. ​​My daughter has to be given a wake up call. She is in Canada. ​​Looking forward for the Water connection to be repaired. ​​Skipped bathing today. Great! ​​ ​​ ​​
07/30 Direct Link
​​Dull pursuit ​​I sat on the door sill, watching the Cauvery water filling in the sump. Such pursuits are very good. ​​Watch that particular thing only. No exclamations and questions in the mind. God I love to have more dull pursuits. There is a dull men’s club. ​​ ​​Our house owner Naushad’s devotion and concern for filling water from Cauvery supply and corporation supply of water to his tenants is to be admired. (Now shifted to exclamation) ​​ ​​What a forceful drive in him! ​​ ​​Naushad very meticulously negotiated with the motor and filled with water. Namasthe Cauvery. ​​ ​​
07/31 Direct Link
It is 1 O'clock. The last day of July 2019. How fast the time flies! 2019 has eaten 7 months. May, June and July. 3 months after my retirement from service. Enjoyed 3 pensions. Counting time seems to be irrelevant at 60 plus. My children are seasoned Adults. Enough of bragging about time. Right now it is 20 minutes past 2 'O'clock. I have to go to the Bank with my son. He will join me at the bank. Now I have to travel alone by bus. Hope our loan is disbursed today. (wrote taking my own sweet time.)