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I have joined the December 19 batch to write.
Today is my sister's birthday. It is also her daughter's birthday.
I wished them over 'WhatsApp'
I sent my sister a butterscotch flavored cake using internet shopping.
I wanted to go to their place, to visit my sister and my mother.

It was not possible. Okay. Some other time.

I am in the new house at Bengaluru. It cannot be called pure Bengaluru, because the pin code is 562 106. Bengaluru pin code starts with 560....

The new home is quite big and comfortable. Three weeks we had good time here.
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Let me write keeping a loving track of days. Calling the days coyly with a stress on the days as they roll over.
Today is Monday. Somewhere I read that, this month has got 5 five weeks. It also said that this month has got five Saturdays,Sundays and Mondays.
2, 9, 16, 23 and 30. Lovely. Five Mondays. No. No....Saturdays are only 4.
Anyways, there are five Tuesdays.
Son has gone to office and we husband and wife are of our own. We can have tiffs as we like.
Or, we can mind our own work separately. Nice.
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First Tuesday of December.
I wonder, why everyday is going with expense. Ha ha.
Today my expenses would be paying for the car repairs. This black film is to be removed from car glasses. Putting black film sheets on the glasses is against RTO rules.
We get caught by cops and we have to shell down money.
The other expense would be fixing DTH for the new house.
I should find some way to earn something apart from my pension. Ha ha.
My amma is at my Sister's place now. She is restless there and wants to come over here!
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This is the first Wednesday of December 2019.
The DTH thing is fixed. Today's expense of Rs 600/- done. 
I would have said yes, if I can make a separate TV connection for my mother in this room.
But I cannot make a decision of my own. My son should say yes. My wife should say yes.
They have not yet opened the subject of bringing my mother to this house.
She lives with her daughter and son-in-law.
It is nearly two months since we made her stay there in order to move to Bengaluru.  
12/05 Direct Link
Thursday. Five days have rolled in December 2019.
The permission to have a separate TV for mother is obtained.
Can I make it with concealed wiring? I have to see.

This Sreenivas fellow has taken the phone. I shall ask him once more. I think we can do.

Slowly I just put some words to wife about bringing mother to this house. Smart she is, she is telling that after selling the house at Hubballi we will bring her.

ha ha ha.

I am expecting some transfer amount from my organisation. The expense for that is already planned.

That's it.
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How many writing days are pending?
As I begin to write, do my thoughts channelize to what happened on those days? Will I be able to say something meaningful about those days?
This shaving chore is also pending. When did last shave?
Hair cut is due?
Let one more week go,I will also think about combining Hair cut and shave together at the saloon. One fine day, I will go to that nearby V care.
Let some more bristles come on the chick and chin.
Later, I will buy my brand of simple use and throw razor.
Writing, done. 
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After giving shape to thoughts in the form of writing, the mind seems to go blank. The mind wanders to something else other than the subject I wanted to write.
OK mind, wander. Wander as you please. I will stop this lousy attempt of putting thoughts into words.
I have come back now. The mind is allowing me to write. Nice Mind. I love you. I love your behavior.
This day - lovely it is Saturday. Evening guests came to our home.
My sister-in-law with her husband and daughter. It was pleasant to invite them and have dinner together.
12/08 Direct Link
Lovely Sunday. This day we had an event to attend together.
Our niece's little kid tastes his first food. It is celebrated at Guruvayurappan's temple in Kankapura Road.
The venue was some 30 kms away.
It was fun to go that place in two cars.
My co-brother and myself traveled by their car. Car was driven by driver Murugan.
In the car driven by my son, my SIL, wife and their daughter traveled. 
The function was attended by several of our relatives.
My mother was there with her blabbers.
A sumptuous lunch was organised  at niece home.
12/09 Direct Link
Monday. Second Monday of December arrived. 
My wife has still not got her pooja temple. Oh what a lovely frustration for her.
Waiting for the fellow with whom we had entrusted this work made this day
Trying to get a TV connection for mother in this room. Trying for that also made this day.
In the afternoon we had visitors.
Surendra Bhat, Smithat Bhat and their daughter Soumya Bhat visited us.
We were happy to receive them and we had satisfying moments with them. 
Our Hubballi visitors were visited by a smart girl and even smarter kid. Good.
12/10 Direct Link
Friday, Saturday Sunday and Monday entries I finished today. Lovely Tuesday - the second Tuesday of the month I feel accomplished.
The pooja Mantap fellow may come tomorrow. 
The TV fellow still says that the additional TV could be fixed and the talks are still on.
Let me wait.
One TV is to be bought.
When will my wife decide to bring mother to this place?
Initially she said that she will bring her after two months. Two months are over.
My mother is grumbling at sister's place.
When will she come here and start grumbling?
Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.
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This is my second sitting at the writing box today. The last time I sat here to write, there came wife with a phone call from that fellow who said he would make the 'Katha' at the Marsur village taluka office.
He spoke curtly saying that some other document, he is not getting.
I was waiting for that 'document' for one month.

I had initiated that last 11th. Okay. No problem. Next week I shall visit that office to set right things.

Why get raged over an issue which is solvable only next week on a nice second Wednesday?

12/12 Direct Link
The second Thursday of December 19 rolled by.

The fellow, who is supposed to fix the curtain rods and the pooja mantap did not turn up. We do not know when he will turn up.

This fellow, who was to fix a secondary connection for TV came. It is not possible to have a concealed wire connection for mother's TV. oh oh oh.

The fellow who has to do the Katha for this house phoned. He said that he would take another four days.

I have to remove all these nagging things out of my mind.

Waiting is necessary. Yes.
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Friday, the 13th December is rolling by.

It is interesting to hang the washed clothes in the pulling and placing cloth hangers.

Just now, I did that chore and I am writing this.

Son has gone to his work and wife is loudly doing her pooja.

Let her do the pooja and leave me alone. 

The clock is striking 12 now. Just 12 hrs remaining for this day to end.

Will the TV fellow come? I don't know.

Evening I shall make myself fresh by having a hair cut and shave at the V care saloon.

hey hey hey.
12/14 Direct Link
Just weekend entries and third Monday's entry is to be filled.

We traveled nearly 50 plus kilometers to Yalahanka on Saturday.

We had been to Ashok Upadyaya's house at Yelahanka. We had to give the RC document to them which we received at his previous residence. (the present people we are)

He has to give Rs.4000/- as the maintenance charges for the month of July - the occupancy of this house was in his name.

We registered this house to our name: 6th August.

We collected another set of keys from them.

We got 'no objection certificate' for electricity transfer.
12/15 Direct Link
Sunday. Third Sunday of December 19.
The highlight of the day was the Christmas celebration of Sipani Bliss residents.
The evening was colorful with residents of our Apartment building assembled at the 'Amphitheater'  
There were several cultural programmes, presented by the kids residing in this building.
The programme was organised well and the songs, dance and small skits were fabulous and entertaining.
There were eating stalls. We enjoyed pani puri and doghla.
It was a great privilege for us to witness this event.
We watched a movie also on TV.
Wife is not very well and feeling chill.
12/16 Direct Link
When will this extra TV fixing fellow come? He is still confident that the second TV could be fixed with concealed wiring. 
When will this 'Pooja mantap' fixing fellow would come?
Wife is anxious for her pooja mantap and fixing of curtain rods.
I am, well cool that things will happen this week.

How can I say 'I am cool' when I actually lamenting on this issue on the beginning of the Third week of December 19?

Lament is cool!

The katha transfer document will happen this week? Will we get the due amount of Rs.4000/- (Ashok Upadyaya) 
12/17 Direct Link
The present is Thursday.
I have come to write about Tuesday and Wednesday.
Tuesday..ah...we husband and wife had been to Green Dot International school, which is say 1 kms away.
The other day I had mentioned about a smart girl and her even smarter daughter.
The purpose was to meet them and see the little one's performance in a dance.
The purpose did not happen and the only solace was to see the school and the way, the school was decorated colorfully for the purpose of school's annual day.
How many eager parents! 
Gosh...our kids! 
12/18 Direct Link
It is a Thursday and I am writing how Wednesday rolled by. Third week of December is rolling away.
The question of TV fellow and the pooja Mantap fellow coming to this house for their respective works is hanging..hanging and hanging.
Let it hang. (What else we can do?)
Son was doing his work from home.
After the hanging and damning movement of the day, evening time came for son to get his new vehicle: TVS jupiter.
A pooja was performed at the Kodanda Rama Temple.
The joy of getting a new vehicle was not full.
Mantap? TV? 
12/19 Direct Link
Thursday's entry on Thursday itself.
How joyful the mind is when works are completed within the allotted time frame!
That fellow has to give us the July month maintenance of Rs 4000/-
The time frame is that, that he should have given it as soon as we asked. He is taking his own time.
I just telephoned and reminded him of that.
After reminding, what I should do?
I cannot do anything, I have to wait.
How long I have to wait for these Mantap fellow and TV fellow?
May be they have their difficulties.
I have my own! 
12/20 Direct Link
It is lovely na? I don't have any other word for lovely?
Something attractive to look at. That's what I mean by my thought?
I don't think so.
I am not looking at something.....
may be I am looking at this box to write, which makes me say lovely.
What exactly my thought is that I am delighted to write the pending words for three or four days.
The days are Friday (this one) Saturday and Sunday.
Okay, Monday also has come and I think, I will compose four hundred words at a stretch.
Lovely na?
Delightful na?
12/21 Direct Link
Thoughts flow.
Flow rapidly. I captured a thought thinking that I would write on that. I forgot that in my anxiety to write.
Thoughts are simply flowing but not giving the picture of Saturday of what I did.
It is alright.
I need not record the events in writing.
One thought is there. That I shall try to complete, in the remnant space.
My wife - I call her Jani - she drinks hot water a lot - belches. Lousy. Why should she drink hot water like hell? Will it cure her coughing? Will it remove all her gases?
Oh, what an obsession! 
12/22 Direct Link
Sunday. Sunday. Sunday.
Hi Sunday.
Son has left for an official tour to Hyderabad.
Hope, he meets his sister there.
Hope his mission brings him some achievements in his career.
We dropped him near A2B where he got his bus. The place is some 6 kms away from this place.
I had uppit and Jani had curd rice.
She is avoiding spicy things. ( It is fun....she wants to avoid spicy things and yet wants to taste uppit ha ha ...she had two spoonful from my plate..ha ha)
Driving in the dark is not so comfortable for me - hey!
12/23 Direct Link
Again, it has so happened that I have to write four hundred words.
I have not seen what I have written for the previous day.
Previous day was Sunday.
This day I am writing is Monday.
Nothing comes to mind as to what I have done on Monday.
Ah, as I write this I remember.
We had been to Athibele.
(Jani is still not well, laments about her back ache and tells that she has got acidity and chillness in her chest)
The mission for going to Athibele was to get the electric meter transferred to our name.
First step!
12/24 Direct Link
Tuesday. I have to say, this is the fourth Tuesday of December 2019.
One more Tuesday, December has got. Lovely.
This day we went to Athibele Electrical office again - in the morning session.
Get this notorised.
Get signature from contractor.
We obliged to the office needs in the documents.
The procedure is not complete.
We have to go on Thursday. Wednesday being Christmas - a holiday.
Jani still complains about her acidity and chillness on her chest.
The doctor the other day said that her heart is okay with an ECG test.
I also feel she is okay. 
Okay. Okay.
12/25 Direct Link
Great. Great.
I am writing the third box of 100 words for Wednesday.
Last Wednesday of this year.
Son came back from his official tour to Hyderabad.
I faithfully arranged a guy with all confidence that he will do the curtain rod fixing.
I spent unnecessary money. I should not had that faith on that guy.
He messed up things.
Son got raged. I felt very bad for engaging a non-worthy labor spending money.
There was yelling at home.
Son arranged another guy and the curtains fixed.
Such was Wednesday.
Yell. Failure. Guilt. Long Face. 
12/26 Direct Link
The last Thursday of the year.
Good, the task of writing 100 words is update now.
There are messes to be set right.
I never expected that fixing a TV for amma would have taken such nasty turnings.
The job is not fully done.
The guy whom I had entrusted this work with all my patience and spending money more than required did not make a good job.
I don't know, how many more requests I have to make it to him.
Today is solar eclipse.
I think now the eclipse period is over.
Now begin the try. 
12/27 Direct Link
Today Friday, I shall complete the task of writing 100 words using my journey diary. As I write the words will be counted. Son has not gone to his work. Wife is still not well. We try to counsel her (Son and me) (Daughter also counsels through telephonic talk) Hope wife comes out of her mental and physical ailments soon on her own accord. One thing is sure, whatever ailments whether physical or mental one has to come out of themselves. External advices or help, helps only a little. Meter name change done. Money from Ashok is still expected. Wait.
12/28 Direct Link
In my journey diary I can write for Yesterday. Change the date thing. Done. If some picture is taken for writing and if the picture is taken yesterday or some other previous day the app would ask if the date and time is to be changed. Nice. We had been to Anjeneya temple in the evening. A drive through fields, where flowers are grown. Son had been to a short trekking trip in the morning. He had taken a shampoo bath. If we comment on some of his personal actions he gives a reply which is sometimes very irksome - age!
12/29 Direct Link
Lovely to write journey diary and filling up the task of writing 100 words for 100 words simultaneously. Yesterday was Saturday and did not mention the word Saturday lovingly. I had vowed to call each day with stress during the writing period during December. Saturday I called you by name several times in this entry. Happy na? Today is the last Sunday of the year. December is rolling by and Monday and Tuesday 2019 will be gone forever. Son is in another room. May be he is sleeping. Wife is in another room. The room she has made it dark.
12/30 Direct Link
Penultimate day of 2019. An easy going Monday. Today also I have decided to write for journey as well as for 100 words simultaneously. If the thoughts go hand in hand with the writing it feels fine. The 100 words are completed in a jiffy. The word count moves fast. The waiting is for the Pooja mantap and for the glass on dining table top. The waiting is also for the money to be received for maintenance (July month ₹4000/-) from the previous owner of this house. Why the heck they are delaying? Sigh. Very much ‘sigh’ Sigh. Life
12/31 Direct Link
Our new two wheeler 'Jupiter' will complete 100 kms after travelling another 3 kms.
I thought that it  would be fine to record this while writing 100 words today - the last Tuesday of 2019.
We fixed the number plate at the shop. Yesterday, there was a  number plate malfunction while fixing the number plate. The vehicle donned one number in the front and another number at the back. We could set right that today.
That sales girl in that shop I liked.How fine it would be to get wife for son like that.
It will happen.