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I have come back. It is 2020. This is a leap year. The basic concept for this year is just one word. The one word is #Fun. * Fun is writing little things. Already I have this one page reading and some writing apps on my phone and computer. * Have Fun in doing that: The one page reading at one note is about accuracy. Do your best to get your point across and then let it go. Your packed schedule doesn’t leave you much time to backtrack to explain your message. Wyatt Earp said, “Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.”
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Fun is the one word I chose for this year. Whatever I do or don't do; whatever worry I have or the worry I don't have; If the intentions go as per plans or goes awry - it is all fun and pure fun.
We had 'Chennamma' as our maid at our old house 'Lalitha Krupa' Now our new maid is a Bengali....her name starts with A.
It is past 12:30. We are expecting her. When she will come?
She did her job yesterday.
The second day today...when she will come?
This is the waiting - fun - now.
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Navarathri. Nine nights. There are nine types of human behaviours. Wonder (Athputham); Fear (payam); compassion (karunai); anger (kopam); equanimity (Santhanam); disgust (aruvaruppu) elegance (singaram); bravery (veeram) and brightness (anandam) Today I enjoyed watching the movie Navarathri today. 1964 black and white movie. Nine different characters depicting the navarasas is played by Nadigar Thilagam. The heroine is Nadigayar Thilagam. This movie made me to ponder over the nine behaviours of humans. The movie was telecast by the channel murasu.
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I am up to date with my watching of Kalyana veedu serial.

I have come in groove with the story.

The sunnxt app has helped me in achieving this.

My wife and son  nag me when I watch this serial.

Simple nagging is alright but they see it as though I am committing a sin.

My son blabbers that when he comes home there should not be any serials running at home.

Damn it, I have our my interest and likings.

Let him see whatever he wants.

Let me not make this - can get my likings without their notice.

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I am a wise husband.. I think so. The page E reading in the ‘New’ section told me this: “The King did what all wise husbands do. He did as he was told. Toby Forward Life is very simple. Do whatever told by wife. Don’t ever try doing anything independently. Even if you by chance dare to do something without being told ‘todo’ it will not be a good governance as a king. If the doing becomes a success, then credit will be taken by them. If the doing becomes a mess, the king will be taken up.
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Great. My ‘F’page in the latest section of ‘OneNote’ has something written about the F word. There is nothing wrong in the F word. F. Utter a it as you please. Spew it. If you are happy, happily say FF F F F F F F k. If you are angry... spill F F F K you. Actually nothing will happen. I mean by uttering the word nothing will happen. “Cause if you shoot a bullet someone dies. If you drop a bomb many die. You hit a woman, love dies. But if you say the F-word... nothing actually happens.
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I could not combine my 'journey' diary entry and 100 words writing together today. 
The poem I selected for quoting in journey application was more than 100 words and I could not do that.
The pooja mantap thing and the reimbursement of Rs4000/- from the previous owner are not happening and feel very much helpless.
Like a mad fellow, I am just going on requesting them, they playing a deaf ear.
The phone number change in the paytm account is not as easy as I thought.
How to change the phone number?
I am trying to minimize to one..
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I love my google maps.
Thank you google maps.
Every evening, when the time is nearing 6, I see the location sharing.
I look out for my son's whereabouts. I am happy when the kms between me and him reduces.
Daughter is coming home today from Hyderabad. Naturally I look at the location sharing.
She is 22 kms away from us. She has reached Bengaluru. She is near HAL road. Come fast. Please, the number of kms that is separating us be reduced fast.
I write this ode to google maps app while waiting for the arrival of my daughter.
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I was walking, taking the other gate of our apartment building. Suddenly a thought scared me. If I think further correctly the thought need not scare me. The thought is reality. It is 2020. My daughter is 34 years old. If everything had gone as it goes with other families generally, she should have been taking care of a 8 year old kid. We would have been talking about our grand kid. Okay, I was scared by the thought suddenly. About the lapsed time. The mind accepted the reality. This is our time passing...fleeting…. Accept jolly well. Jolly well.
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What shall I write for this day? Okay, daughter served me pancakes for me. Of course the batter was done by my wife. While eating the pancakes (dosas) done by my daughter we talked about the Pooja mantap story which has not ended. Daughter asked me whether the fellow will give back the money. Where to find him? Even if we find him will he give back the money? The item itself is not delivered, where he will give the money back? My view is if he gives the Pooja mantap, it is alright. The story continues...continues...and continues.
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We had been to Chandapura Market consecutively on two Saturdays. Last Saturday we visited the place with son. It was evening time. We parked the vehicle at the top vertical end of the market area and walked inside the market. Today the visit to Chandapura Market was with daughter.The visit was in the morning session. The vehicle was parked on the main road on the horizontal side of the market to walk inside the market. It was a nice experience shopping vegetables. We bought peanuts to puffed rice. We also bought onion which is dearer. Vegetables for a week.
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The family decided to go to the movie 'Darbar' The 6 p m show. The theater was Srinivasa theater at Hebbagodi. Rajani is a cop in this movie. His name is Adithya Arunachalam. Wife said that daughter wishes to watch this movie. I just wanted to skip the expenses and was for watching movies at home. No. The family wants to spend and every one in the world has to get money. The petrol fellow gets money. The theater man gets money. The snack vendor at the movie earns a little. The parking fellow at the theater gets some money.
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FOOD Meal of the day. Remnants of yesterday’s rice was made into lemon rice. Lemon rice with papaya and a some spongy seeds which daughter had brought from her home made the morning breakfast for the day. Daughter told me to cut okras vertically. Done. Radish was was horizontally cut into round pieces. I demanded a curry made out of bitter gourd. (Bitter gourd was lying in the fridge for more than a week) Therefore it was okra curry, bitter gourd curry and radish Kuzhambu with some fried items for lunch this day. Evening snack was ‘Girmit’ special for daughter.
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TUESDAY It is all trying to fix into a routine. Routines, routinely routinise. Ha, ha ha. Watched son staring to attend his work, for this day. (not much I got up only at 8 am) Daughter also gets up late. Wife made menthya leaf chapati for breakfast. My task was plucking the good leaves from the leaf bunch and cutting chow-chow. Watching movies on smartphones is a routine. The title of the Kannada movie ‘a selfie with life’ and I am enjoying that watching in the app ‘sunnext’ Don’t be overwhelmed by routines as a routine. Routines change.
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AND TODAY’S ROUTINE. Routinely, the milk sachets were thrown at the door every morning - the milk man did not turn up today. Today is PONGAL festival. Wife cooked sweet and spicy Pongal. Son’s getting out of the house today was very early today. We dropped him off at the Chandapura bus stand around 5:30 am in the morning. He along with his friends is attending a marriage function at Kundapur. (Did he sleep properly last night?) Today daughter will be leaving to Hyderabad by flight. Children out of the house, we husband and wife will be alone till Friday.
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Sometimes- especially in the morning hours, after having a good clearance of bowels and a neat bath before 8 am - it appears that whatever I do have some meaning and purpose. Mind wants to do well further. The mind plans a lot. I like such feelings. Two debate programs I watched on TV during these Pongal days. Yesterday: Suntv. The moderator: Solomon Papaiah. The topic: “The traditional mediums or the modern social medias- which is better?” Today: Vijay tv. The moderator: Suki Sivam. The topic: “The Tamil culture is taken care of, now or then?” The programs were very interesting.
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Great! I have been writing my drafts for posting to this site in my Notebook during the past days. There were 12 writings I have done in my handwriting. This is my 13th draft I make on paper. Writing on paper has advantages. The mind connects well with the paper. Browsing my scribbles on paper gives me satisfaction which is soulful. I feel I connect easily with my previous thoughts well on paper. Further thoughts seems to swell. Previous thoughts: 1) wife and horoscopes 2) enjoyment of ride in our new two wheeler ‘Jupiter’ Some more thoughts tomorrow? Do it.
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Some more thoughts I had written in my notebook: Looking at the location of my children in the Google maps app when they are away from home. The thought that my children have sufficiently grown old and we are simply much older. Going with children to the Chandapura Market. And about the routines, life is throwing at us. Looking up at the thoughts written in the notebook earlier, makes me feel fine sometimes and scares me sometimes. Mistakes happen. Mistakes are sometimes rectified. Mistakes go on sometimes. Mistakes make me laugh many times on retrospect. Great thing to live, life.
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Let me write in the box right now for today. Let me count the words later using Google docs. The mobile interface here doesn’t give me the counting words facility at the site box. I am listening to Bollywood instrumental music using Alexa. Nice, and now: I want to quote a dialogue from the movie I watched yesterday. The movie was Ajith starred, Viswasam meaning loyalty. Replying to the con character the hero Thooku Durai says: “There is no rich man who has not ever cried nor a poor person who has not smiled’ I share one more quote tomorrow.
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The rich text editor is not showing even on computer. How to count words? Okay, The heroine is to give an injection to the injured hero. Hero is scared. She asks him why he is scared of the needle poking him when he was not scared of getting hurt by a knife. Hero replies: "He now knows that a needle is going to poke him. When he was hit by a sword or knife he was with all courage and never knew that that the sword would hit him. The interesting quote from the Tamil movie Viswasam is worth pondering.
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Awesome. I am at Lalitha Krupa Raghavendra apartment Hubballi. We arrived quite early by Belagavi train which dropped us around 4:10 am. The journey from Sipani Bliss 1, E 201 Bengaluru to our earlier home was splendid. I feel fine to be at our house at Hubballi. Twenty years stay at this house, the family had a wonderful time. Children had their education. I tried to come up in my organisation by preparing for an examination. The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship is a thing to be looked at with awe. The husband and wife relationship had all the nutrients.
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I wanted to write early in the morning, just like I did yesterday. But, it did not happen so. Got up after 7 am only. Nice to wake up from our Hubballi home. Nice to wake up and start feeling various emotions for the day. Thoughts cause emotions or emotions cause thoughts? Emotions are based on happenings and relationships? The simple happening is,wife says come with me to the jewellery repair shop. I say no and start writing this. She is engaged and I am engaged. Fine for both of us. I was with her throughout yesterday. Good. Good.
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Mind becomes bogged. No thought or activity is amusing. At such times some erotic fantasies do entertain me. Thoughts about imaginary sex and romance lifts my soul up and tries to give meaning to life. All other thoughts about forthcoming or past activities or nonsense thoughts are sent to oblivion. In my fantasy I meet a woman whom I had seen as a girl in my rushing teens. It so happens that she is alone in a flat. (all my imagination and very juicy imagination) We flirt with all romance, together with touches and caresses. We snuggle and cuddle. Fantastic.
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I can’t help it. I get attracted to some women. Okay, in the age group as I am. This lady lives opposite to our home. Smiling and when she talks the expressions are polite and elegant. She dresses well and has got a chubby physique. She will utter pleasantries from her heart (I can see that in her face) every morning as I pass her house. She will be doing her house cleaning or doing some Pooja. I feel happy in her presence. Flirting (done playfully just for amusement) with her is a fantasy for me. Wink. Wink.
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New things. Wife will be happy to get new things. She will be happy if I get new things too. Describing that feeling of getting new things is the aim of writing this. First and foremost is I got my new shirt stitched. The shirt cloth was given by our neighbor, when we moved from Hubballi. I got it done when we went to Hubballi. My wife and me got new soft footwear from the shop where my wife regularly buys near the Nehru ground. We had been to the temple of Huligiamma at Munirabad. I bought myself two handkerchiefs.
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Now, I am living in a metropolitan city. Suddenly you see fields, immediately you see well laid roads. You see crowded residences and then gated community buildings with many apartments. Metro trains ply very comfortably. On Friday, we got down at Yeshwanthpur Railway station and enjoyed a six coach metro train ride from Yeshwantpur to Banashankari. Today the metro train ride was from Yelachenahalli to Chickpet. I enjoyed the various constructions of the stations. For example the Chickpet metro station is almost in the ground level. Love to observe humanity travelling in the train. Where shall I travel to next?
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A movie is going on in my Netflix. The title of the movie is ‘Oh Baby’ That old lady character's name is Baby. This part is done by the actor Lakshmi. She has done the part very well. I liked the character’s curt behaviour and jolly dialogues. The old lady lives with her son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren- one boy and one girl. Baby has got a boyfriend named Shakthi. They are childhood friends. The story moves - that by some magic she is turned to a young girl. Young girl with teeth but with talks and love like an old lady.
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Sunnext- the movie going on, in this app now is ‘Charminar’. Kannada movie. It is about people arranging an alumni meet at a village school. The hero’s name is Mohana. Mohana loves a girl named Radha. He couldn’t succeed in this love. The first reason being that, he should give first priority to his studies. The second reason is that, he couldn’t get the girl’s mother's approval. He studies well, with his love dormant. He goes to America as a CEO in a good company. The alumni meet is well organised. Radha is not in the function. Hero’s love succeed?
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We are in a state of anxiety. We do not know when son will get married. He is almost 29. He still hangs around with us - old people. We wish he hangs out with his partner. But where is the partner? I see Cinemas, where youngsters are with girls or in search of a girl doing all sorts of endeavours. What is this fellows endeavour? Wish, this fellow fix himself some healthy dates as it happens in movies or it happens to other contemporaries. This searching for a match for him through a matrimony site is not happening. Something happen.
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Need a reason to write this? I have thoughts, feelings and emotions. I have people with whom I am related. I need not have valid reasons for what I am doing or what is happening but my relationship needs reasons and validation - they expect. Everything needs a reason? Every happening needs a validation? Heck. No. Not necessary. Don't look for reasons for every happening. I retired from service. Lived long enough at Hubballi. Enjoyed life during my service. It so happened that I had enough money and thought coming over to Bengaluru would be fine. Hey, hey started giving reasons?
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January is still there. More than 7 hrs left. It is a wonderful time now to write this. February is endowed with 29 days. Plenty of time available. Plenty of time is available for what? The time for completing January batch of writing will be for another 17 days, but I will finish the writing today only. How many members would have finished writing this batch within today? That will be a surprise for me when I see advent today. It is a great achievement for me to write about various things here during these 31 days of January 2020.