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When time permits and when there is a mood to write, the equipments will not be available. Laptop will not have charge. It sucks to write on mobile. I have decided to come to a social tasking site to take the task of writing for this month. After the decision, sitting for the task is on 7th April. This is the time when corona-virus is dancing its horror. Work is stopped. Activities stopped. Just can’t plan anything. India is locked down till 14th April. Trains have stopped. Son is working from home. Good, he is at home. Relaxing time. Right?
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Seeing the scores of people who are infected with the virus, the number of deaths due to this virus is alarming. Thank God, there is milk supply. We are getting vegetables. I have taken my notebook and have started writing. My aim is to write as many words as possible and fill up for the month of April. The task is filling up hundred words per day from the scribbling I have done in this notebook. This notebook I am using will be complete soon. I have two more pages. Let me fill up the pages. I have begun typing.
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Thoughts somehow drifted to our balcony garden. Now some thoughts on our balcony garden. Our potted plants have come all the way from Hubballi. Our tulasi is standing well, though not with lush green but with green. We have a pungent leaf (In Tamil Karpooravalli). This plant has grown well. I just made a search for karpooravalli and I got this name in English: Indian Borage. The botanical name of this plant is Plectranthus amboinicus. In Tamil, this plant is also called Omavalli. In kannada they call this as doddapatre. One day my wife made a chutney cutting these leaves.
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More thoughts on balcony garden. Once we cut the aloe vera a bit, after coming to this house, the plant has grown again well. The yellow hibiscus flowered quite well on more than four occasions. The money plant leaves are not quite lush but surviving. A plant with good smelling leaves has grown into a thick bush. The green looks quite good. Thoughts on this garden makes us good. November, December, January, February and March - well for the past five months we are residing in this new house. Wife’s Mandir arrived well before the lock down . Occupied its auspicious place.
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Oh my ‘my’! As the days roll by on April 19, the bulk of typing these words in order to post in the social tasking site becomes more. How many sittings will I take to do this? Government is taking all good steps to contain this dreadful pandemic. There is a complete lock down. People strive hard to supply the daily essentials to us. On the other hand this lock down has hit the economy. Trains have been stopped. Never have I imagined the stoppage of trains. Mention any part of the human activity - it is affected. Hope things change.
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I have never seen the entertainment and sports part of life is shut down like this. The great IPL event is cancelled. The Olympics are cancelled. The mega serials we watch on TV stock are exhausted. The entertainment TV channels have brought out the old serials and are airing them now. If there is leakage of oil in the car, nobody can come and repair that. The leakage of water in one of the pipes at the basement cannot be fixed now. The necessary spare part is not available. That is life now. When will we get the gas cylinder?
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Very good. I have come to the site. I have posted 6 days’ writings. What is for today? We husband and wife reached Chandapura on Jupiter. The first stop was Athreya hospital. The hospital is closed. The pharmacy was open and we bought an inhaler for my wife. Her asthmatic problem is troubling. We did not get masks The second stop was Apollo Pharmacy. Masks and sanitizer ‘no stock’ The third stop was the grocery store. We bought idly rava, idly rice, soap powder and wheat powder. There was a medical store nearby. I bought three masks from that store. .
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My fellow not getting up early irritates me (wife too) He can involve himself in some household chores. He can help his mother in getting the milk boiled, he can put the cooker with rice on the gas stove. He can jolly well prepare coffee for his parents. All these could be done very lethargically. Super activity need not be the necessity for these chores. Instead of keeping his body as a log, he can log into these small works. Our cylinder is delivered. Good work by the gas distribution agency. I could not pay through the HP pay app.
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Today my fellow got up quite early. I think my wife also got up early. He made his mother join a pranayama exercise. He attends this thing which is now-a-days closed and the firm is organising exercise virtually. Then, my fellow got into the kitchen. He made coffee and beans rice by taking an recipe. Fellow is following a diet and doesn’t eat in the afternoons. Good thing is one day I whine about him and the next day he is doing things. It is the concern of a father who has sired him. Perfect. Good.
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Today my son got up after 9 am. That is how life goes. Filial strength. Children should be strong. Parents should recede. Now-a-days I watch one Ranganath on Public TV. There is a program at 6 pm where this guy comes and talks to people. People talk about their problems. He guides them. He helps them too, using his net work. People ask him about paying EMIs. Sick people ask him to help them with regard to supply of medicines. An interactive program and we understand the problems faced by people. The program is: “Maneye Brindavana” Home is the temple.
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Son got up before 9 am today. His mother made him mop the house today. One thing we should understand well is, our children who are grown up very well will definitely do things. We should not expect them to do things as we do today (after we grew up so long) They have their own way. Our son is more than three decades younger than us. They are not to be talked to as we think. Wait for opportune moment to talk to them, (you will get it when they are in a good mood) They are the boss.
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It is Sunday evening. Another 15 minutes for Ranganna to start the ‘Maneye Mantralaya’ programme. One sheet of paper is left for my idiosyncratic routine of writing. I have to update this on my site. Let me do it tomorrow. (or I can find some time before I sleep?) Son got up late and lamented about that? Who cares about lamentations? He got rid of his beard. I don’t know how to move about searching for a match for him. He has to fall in for ‘love’ life. Hope he does soon. How to move about in the matrimonial sites?
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One side of the page is remaining. It is a loose sheet. Yesterday I could not make it to the site. I have to remind my wife to talk to a family who have sent a mail asking for more details about our son. How to move further? To my knowledge this fellow has to talk to girls and he should get a grip. I should try to do some ‘this and that’ with regard to searching for a girl for him. He should learn to manage his finances. He will learn. Sit seriously and try to do little things.
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Shakuntala mami is no more. She left the world yesterday. She lived upto the age of 80 years. She was a widow, lost one son and another son married and not well. She has not seen grandchildren. With all these personal griefs she was a positive woman trotting the world with her friends. She lived independently at Hubballi. However, during these corona times she had come back to Bengaluru and breathed her last here. Sometimes I envied her comparing my mother who is a grumbling type. Shakuthala mami has learnt, narayaneeyam and other good slokas and taught like minded people.
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Shakuntala mami is no more. She left the world Monday. She lived upto the age of 80 years. She was a widow, lost one son and another son married and not well. She has not seen grandchildren. With all these personal griefs she was a positive woman trotting the world with her friends. She lived independently at Hubballi. However, during these corona times she had come back to Bengaluru and breathed her last here. Sometimes I envied her comparing my mother who is a grumbling type. Shakuthala mami has learnt, narayaneeyam and other good slokas and taught like minded people.
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Going by bike, there at a house in the field where somebody has died. I want my thing....I ride ahead. Glances are exchanged between people there and me.... What sort of help I can do to them? Nothing. The world goes .. I have to start writing in my new notebook. When will life resume to normal….getting my things without much movement and anxiety? When can we make some work searching for a bride for our son? Get my car repaired? Till we ‘live’ we move about, think about. Worry about, Dead - Nothing. Thinking stops at least for me.
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So much of planning, so much of dedication and so much of desire to do a thing. The thing is writing something with a bit of coherence. Ooops...happen. Look,a duplicate entry happened two days before. Tuesday and Wednesday. 14 and 15. For two days consecutively I have posted my thoughts on ‘Sakunthala mami’s demise’ Don’t fret about that. That oops happened and that thing is also a thing to write about. This my fellow has not got up till. It is 8:45 am. I have to take a bath….get some groceries. Yes, for now get going.
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Apr 18 This notebook is to be filled. Constantly I should come to the notebook and go on writing. I think in the mornings I come for writing a little and vanish away as the day moves. Ha ha. TK ajji is no more. The old lady at Raghavendra apartment expired. Sad. My children used to call her TK because of her gruff and peculiar voice. The lady was very active and loved her grandchildren very well. This lady had her own bads given by life. Still she moved about loving her grandsons and family. Her family is from Mantralaya.
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This notebook is to be filled with thoughts. It has to be done fast. This notebook was bought to me by my daughter, when she was with us during January 20. That bullet journal is waiting for me. I have to write more in that after finishing this notebook. Mornings, I think I am a bit fit for writing. After that I never come to write. My wish is that I should be fit throughout the day to write. The thoughts may turn into words. Words may turn into action. I may have a good feeling most of the time.
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TK ajji, the old lady at Raghavendra Apartments died on Saturday. Sad. My children used to call her TK, because of her coarse and peculiar voice. She was fond of her grandchildren As per the Govt’s plan the second lockdown period is going on 15,16, 17, 18 and 19…….5 days over. 20(M), 21,22,23,24, 25, 26, 27(M), 28, 29, 30, 1,2, 3(M) 13 or 14 days more. Two more weeks. So much information and instructions to be careful about coronavirus. The economy is in doldrums. Act of God. So dreadful. Next, what?
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Look, if I show a match when somebody calls, it is screened immediately by the wife on the pretext that the star is not matching and the horoscope is not good. It is my thought that we should talk with the family (the horoscope should not hinder) and my fellow should speak to the girl. Only when we get to know each other will a relationship develop. This horoscope thing….Oh! Who is the third person to tell that this will be a good match? (that too by paying him) Well, my wife does not understand. I understand that - oh!.
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I want to write something about the ‘Maneye Mantralaya’ programme I watch everyday at 6 pm. Tuesday 21 Ranganath did not appear in the programme. Another spectacled stout guy appeared in the programme. His name I should know.) A young reporter from Ramanagara named ‘Hanumantha’ tragically died in an accident. His bike was hit by an ATM money filling van. Public TV condoled his untimely death at 33 years. A very sad day for the News channel losing a good reporter. The chief had gone to pay his respects. That is life and nothing is to be taken for granted.
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Two days of words has to be done at the site. I don’t know how I skip the routine. During the several junctures I feel like writing this and that. I come up with a subject like ‘giving a saree to mother’ When I am not able to sit consistently to finish this routine, how can I do the other things like writing more in my other places on the internet? It is overwhelming. I need not get bogged down by not able to fill in the spaces. At least I have the thought that I have to do something
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Lovely evening I say. When something like, not updating the ‘routine of writing’ does not happen in spite of several motivations throughout the day and when it happens suddenly, the mind is cleared of its heaviness and the evening becomes lovely. There is a feel that I have done something. 24th Friday, my task of writing is completed. Today is Dr.Rajkumar’s birthday. I learned that Dr. Rajkumar has given his voice as a playback singer to SPB. Searching something like this after listening to FM radio also makes my day. Anyways, fine tuning will come to mind for sure.
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It is smiling time I begin filling up words from my varied thoughts. The smiling time is 10:10. If you look at the hands of the clock, at this time it looks smiling. Let me smile. World will be alright soon. People will adapt themselves and find ways to cope and improve their economic conditions. *** The day went off. Saturday. Now, the time is 5:45 pm. The Maneyeye Mantralaya programme will be for another 15 minutes. *** Saturday is gone. We had idly as dinner. I am reading a novel: ‘Vishnu’s Treasure’ by Ashwin Singi. 25% is over. mm.
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Two things were in mind today. One, the order at big basket. I was looking forward to that. I think, I have ordered 19 items and one item was not available at their stock. The item was green tea. With slight delay, we got the order delivered around 5 pm. I had get it, going to the gate. We are yet to sort the thing out. The other thing is one family, which we were supposed to meet during March 22, came forward to have a meeting with us through video call. The video call was good. What son say?
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What will son say? What will that girl say? That girl is smart and good. Ok, son was nervous and getting the meeting to be connected first through msn and then through Zoom. Later my son says that he was nervous. That girl was easy going and simple. I don't know what my fellow will tell. It is not so comfortable for me to say, for or against that girl. Just hoping earnestly for something good to happen. Happy birthday. Thank you my wife, son mother, my daughter,SIL and my kith and kin. It is my birthday.
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Good. I succeeded in solving a puzzle. Two digits multiplied by a single digit. The resultant product in two digits is to be added to another two digit number. The added sum should be another two digit number. Fine. We should have the digits 1 to 9. The 1 to 9 digits should not be repeated. I was trying this maths from 22 Apr onwards. Today I got sucess. I feel having achieved something. It is past 7:30 pm. The climate is cool. It rained in the evening. Walk with wife was good. Nice. Nice.
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It is 7:30 pm yaar. Like yesterday, a short walk around our block. We wanted to buy some groceries at SJ. I decided against that because...well let me not spend today, and also I can escape the nignag questions of wife, shall we buy this, that? Now is not the time to do joint shopping... right! ** 8:30 pm. What this fella doing? What sort of work? If he is really that busy....I am glad. ** Why at all serious about a girl for son? If he wants let him find out to his standards. I need not.
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Last day of April. One person has already completed the task of writing for the month at the site. ** Artists die. Yesterday it was Irfan. Today Rishi Kapoor. Rishi Kapoor crossed 65 years and Imran did not reach 55. ** It will is 12:15 pm. One person from Chennai has telephoned. Let me look at the profile. Then we will see what Wife and son will tell. It is tough da....searching a match... ** Month end. May month, can I go out? Will I get my stuffs? The car will be alright? *** Yes, Jesus calls prayed for our daughter. Thanks.