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Travelling in their routes is irritating. What exactly do they want? Okay. Cool. Cool. It is Covid-19 time. The lockdown may be extended another 15 days. Where the world goes because of this Covid-19 we do not know. It is good a family approached us through virtual contact on Sunday. My son, what is his mind? Fellow will be thinking about his job and other things. Okay let’s wait. Let us enjoy small things...forget the big things. What are the small things? What are the big things? What is allowed? What is not allowed? Covid-19, how long? How long?
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It is 12:40 da. Yesterday I did not write at journey. We had some fun today with Skanda, Deepa, Saanvi from the other part of the world and our daughter SIL and sambhandhi mama through WhatsApp call. We all read three scripts each one of us getting a part. It was entertaining and amusing. *** We prepared Palak + mushroom rice which was delicious. *** Our TV plug has burnt and when we will get to watch the tv...don’t know. **** Plenty of time available now to update the site with words for the day. *** Love to read others words too
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Right. Right 'O. Alright. Three ways of saying 'right' ### Like the conductor saying 'right' to start the bus, I am saying to myself 'right' to move on with the writing. (When will I get a chance to take a ride in a bus?) ### Evening we watched Shivani and Suresh Oberoi presenting a live program 'Sankalp se Shrishti' on awakening tv. Shivani is good. She is calm. She drives the calmness into us very calmly. We used an extra pack of 6 GB from jio. Worth it. ### There were celebrities from the entertainment and sports fields driving shanthi at these days. ##
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With nothing going 'perfect' wife came with a proposal - where earlier it was declined. She says that she consulted some astrologer and he says that the charts match. I said sorry to that Chennai man and gave the phone to talk to that man. How long this charts business? I would rather welcome my son to hit by a Cupid arrow than these finding matches through matrimonial sites. ## My son says that he would have to go to work from tomorrow. Worried, but something has got to move. Son is tensed a bit. Hope he eases himself out. God help.
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Several thoughts come and go. Only certain thoughts find their way to get converted into words. Son has gone to his office. We will wait to hear him out when he comes. Definitely he will come early, as the Government has said to return home before 7 pm. ## He returned early. We have planned to have lemon rice and papad for dinner. We had chapati for our morning food. Son said there was traffic. He said some constructions are going on. ## Okay. Tuesday past. Hopefully world will come to normal slowly without much problems. ## We have to set right car.
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Start off I say, writing for today. It is 10:44 am. We had rasam and pudhina chutney. ## Son said that he would go out. He is staying right now 12:00. ## Phoned Maruthi. When they will come? If car is attended, we could take small rides. ## Car leakage photos sent to the person. Waiting. Our fellow has gone out. He is some 17 kms away. Seeing maps location sharing after a long time. Waiting. Gopinath of Raghavendra stores is our milk and grocery supplier. We have ordered rice and all. Waiting. ### Time is almost 6 pm. ### Dinner today: pizza.
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Read some throwback entries for the same date, 30 days ago, one year ago and two years ago. Time is flying. ## Thoughts get cut off. It becomes blank or runs very fast. I may have to do the daily chores. If I get myself involved in writing, then wife may call in her bossy way. She will tell me ‘don’t sit doing that’ ## Reached afternoon. It is past 12:30. This month’s electricity bill for this house is ₹1127/- Set right the payment of Gopinath of Raghavendra provision stores. ### Car is towed away by Maruthi repairs. Expenses for repairs.
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Wrote one hundred words in my laptop folder this morning. The inspiration for organizing and trying to do this is of course this tasking site. The good thing to brag about is that, I have written one hundred words for the day and this is the second one. Good know, that I am doing something more. Do I remember, what I had written in that 100 words note? Yes, it was about the people in my family, who have taken bath at around 10 am. My hidden whine was that son is not taking bath early in the morning. Sigh!
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Attaboy! Today, I did a 100 words thingy in my mobile folder at my 'Mydrive' This is the second attempt of writing the thoughts and activities. How fine it would be to find more time to do this. It would be more fine, if I have good subjects. I am not happy that my son doesn't take bath in time to take food with us. I have things to do like paying the electricity bill of our Hubballi home and paying the property tax. Then, with no further active movements the 'search for a girl' is to be activated. Activate.
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Attaboy. No. No writing thing in the morning. Son got up early, because it was 'mother's day' We waited for the reading story thing with our American relatives. That did not happen. Nap happened. Very nice. For son, nap nap happened...very very nice. # Some movies. Fully seen and half seen and a bit seen. Plenty of movies available and watching movies is not as amusing as it used to be. # Wife cries. What we can do if our daughter has no issues. Our relatives children have children. Consoling her with reasons or logic is not possible. # I also feel.
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Filled water for mother to bath. She had a slip in the bathroom. She fortunately mananged to sit in the open bucket. Thank God. We husband and wife, lifted her up. # On Saturday we bought green tea. Liptons and some organic one. The Liptons stuff was opened when son asked for the same. Ok, today he took bath and had his food with us. # And then, to move about in fixing him with a girl? # This wife with horoscope and he not showing any opening....what can be done? # Unless, he gets something specific...I am helpless. # Sigh.
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Good. After several attempts I posted the entry for 11th. Somehow, the opening up of the site and writing in that did not happen fast. The site was not opening properly. ## The hip region has some problem for me. A sprain? Some how I should try to get that straight. Otherwise wife will be behind that asking me to do ‘this and that’ and applying gel. ## Son, mother and wife all are very concerned about my back. Son helped in getting the car back from the repairers. He also paid the tax for this house. ## The tax paid Hubballi house?
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Sitting at mother's room. Son has gone to work. Heck, when will he get up early? Someone has show interest at KM matrimony. I have to sit seriously for that work. I will sit. But when? I have to apply some sandalwood paste to the big blister on mother's left eye lid. When will I do that? It is one 'O clock now. ## It is past 5:30 pm. Waiting for son. I am watching Maneye Mantralaya. FM has given some financial packages. ## It is easy for Son and wife to blame me for their failures. They can face life. ##
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Damn Why damn? Fix to things as the day takes you. Suddenly at a time, you will not be even will feel that you are taking the day. Day taking me and me taking the day have come to an end and this hour around 3:25 pm is a bore. ## I applied sandalwood paste to mother and gave a slight, very slight touch to that KM matrimony. ## We went around in car for 10 kms and bought medicine for mother and some groceries. ## The day went, whether it went or I made it to go? It went!
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Good. A collection of things is being made here. How well I use this is to be seen.

Today, let me do the 100 words here.

For the people, who are not aware of this, it is an exercise for me every day and post it in a social tasking site.

I will give the link for that.

If I happen to compose 100 words from here at this telegram channel, I can go to the link from here.

So many things are planned for curation of things.

Curating things creatively is not that easy, but keep trying.

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Seeing beautiful women on screen and admiring them is one thing. The beauty described in words and enjoying the picture it brings to the mind is another thing. The describing thing of what it brings to my mind is vain. The picture is already in my mind with the aid of the words of the author. Last night with the darkness and calm environment bringing an apt moment I was thrilled to get a mind picture of Nandini a wonderful character in the epic ponniyin Selvan. Like Vanthiyadevan in the story I also had a crush for Nandini.  Oh! Oh! 
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The day ends. The time now is 20:29 hrs. Thought, I would watch a Shivakarthikeyan movie. The movie is ‘Enga veetup Pillai’ Made great plans to watch the movie with mother. Watched Sun news and began watching the movie at 6:30 pm. Then got bored there. The movie had cinema director ‘Bharathi Raja’ also as one of the cast. Thought I would continue to watch the movie with wife. Wife wanted to go for a walk. With the utmost courage, I would rather watch the movie. Watched. Wife returned from walking. And then, she said something. Stopped watching.
05/18 Direct Link cgbalu May 18, 2020 What title I say? Okay. Finished posting yesterday’s 100 words at the site. Today, I am doing a morning composition of writing words using It is 8:45 am. Yesterday it rained and cool breeze is comforting the body and the mind. I can’t complete this, just now. I will go for a round. Wife is already giving me some work. So, the works over. Had lemon rice and green cereal sprouts. Titled this as Telegra.Ph # Very fine. It is still cool. The problem of finding where the tax money went - to be seen.
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I was brisk today. I was feeling good so far. Now the time is 13:06. Now I am feeling bored. I should be friendly with boredom. If I do something to drive away the boredom, that fellow will behave erratically and will start making me to loose focus in whatever I am doing. That fellow needs care from me. I have to celebrate him. See now, I am with boredom coaxing him. I am not heckling him. "I will be with you yaar, dear boredom. I will not venture for doing anything. Let the damn jobs go to heck"
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11:30 yaar.  yaar means friend. I am friendly with me. I don't hate myself, when I cannot succeed in searching and finding about millets or in particular what is  kudo millet. The, internet connection improved and later I found out what kudo millet is in my native language. I am yet, friendly with myself...I have not achieved anything by doing this. It is all doing something....  Everything is doing something thats all. I get elated or I get depressed. I swear. I shun.  What is the other 'I' doing all this? One 'I' loves, one 'I' hates. Done. 
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We hadn’t ’decided as to what to cook for today’s food. Our wedding anniversary is on Sunday, 24th May. A surprise happened. My brother-in-law and his wife came all the way travelling 48 kms from their home to wish the marriage anniversary today. Sunday is lockdown day. 24 and 31 are lock down days. Thursday, Friday and Saturday are days where people can move about. So, RS took this opportunity to surprise us with wishes and goodies. They presented a wet grinder on this occasion. We played cards and it was a lovely Thursday. The item they brought us: TPS
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write write It is 10 minutes more to strike 1 O Clock. From today I should have separate things to be posted to the diary journey. I will not have the same hundred words I post at the site. What are the other great ideas going on in mind now? Nothing I say. What Shall do? What special thing can I add at journey diary? It is 7:35 pm. At journey app I will post some photos. Son is back from work. Today is Friday. It is windy with scattered rain. The dinner is vermicili and rava uppamav. Ready!
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Colour notes. Colour notes. I love to organise things. I attempt to organise things. My writings - I try to organise colour wise, but fail miserably. If I look keenly I feel, I am writing the same stuff and find it difficult to differentiate the shades. Anyways let me change the colour of the notes for the heck of it. It is just fun in writing in new colours. After a while I get bogged down and find it difficult to get a flow and focus. Life is colourful at times. Life does not allow to realise the colours many times.
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Yesterday, there was a meeting through zoom. A family, the girl working at Bengaluru came for a video meeting. I observed that my son talked comfortably with the girl. Wife had some comments on the girls looks. It appears that the horoscopes match. I wish, this could bring some click to son. I can only wish and pray for a click in son’s mind. (Also that girl) Another alliance is also in open. Hope for some click. Next week shall I try to speak to some more families with the available resources next week? God drive me. Drive me well.
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Son and wife inside the vegetable store.Wife, when I ask her to shop independently, why does she get angry? I avoid going with her to escape questions of selecting things. She always has authority to question my decisions in buying. She will not make a quick decision, nor she will allow me to execute my decisions in buying. If I go with them two, they will blame me for taking decisions of my own. Let me see what things they buy. Just for today, I escaped from going with them into the vegetable shop and am enjoying scribbling this
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Search. Saturday was the meeting with that family. yesterday the girl's father telephoned. He asked what will be the further? Remember, wife was telling about the physical appearances. It is established now that the girl is taller than my son. So this may be rejected. we have to tell them. This is a case of horoscope matched. The other family where my wife is not fully satisfied with the horoscope is kept open. (searching moves on.....) I think some more families have to be contacted. I will be happy if my fellow interviews some more girls to get a click.
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Burden What is there in my mind to write? I have not sat till now to write for the site today. I am on the job now. I wrote about , or whined about not sitting for talking with families. Then I deleted it. I shall sit seriously. Any other thing I can write to erase the whining tendency? Whining won't help. Yes, I have to do certain jobs with a light heart. I should not have the burden in the mind that I am doing something seriously. Perhaps writing this would clean my mind of the heaviness of the job?
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Conference call. It was a conference call meet. A Srirangam man had organised the meet. We are supposed to register in the said meet. we registered. We came to the group on our phone and laptop. People who are in search of grooms and brides will speak when their turn comes. When our turn came we husband and wife were on our laptop and phone simultaneously. We could not read our son's profile. As such we could not get a proper leverage to a girls profile. More grooms profiles were read. The rare brides profile read, did not suit us.
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Friday yaar.
Big basket delivery.
Big basket delivered the grocery and food items. They don't come and deliver at the door, they deliver the goods at the gate. I have to go and collect the items at the gate. The bag was quite heavy. There were mangoes, papaya, Sapota and plantain. 
There were toor dal and Idly rava.
We tried a different method to make out a search of a girl for our boy.
Some groups at telegram and whatsapp. 
Got hold of a match maker triggered by yesterdays Conference call meet.
Some way will be open? Way open please. 
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What is OTT? An over-the-top (OTT) media service is a streaming media service offered directly to viewers via the Internet. OTT bypasses cable, broadcast, and satellite television platforms, the companies that traditionally act as a controller or distributor of such content. We watched the movie “Pon magal Vandhaal” It was nice to watch the Veteran Artists Bhagyaraj, Parthibhan, Thiagarajan and Jyothika in a thrilling way. The court scenes with Prathap Pothan casted as the judge were good. The story is about getting justice for the girl who was wrongly convicted and killed as a psychic killer. Jyothika has done well.
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What shall I write at this hour of this last day of May 2020? Five months have passed. For more than two months the world is wondering how to contain covid 19. The rules are relaxed for the people to move about. How long can people stay at home? They have to do something. People have to earn. This Pandemic has made people forget so many things. We are dependent on each other and how can we survive keeping a lot of distance from each other? We shall keep just the social distance and be of help to each other.