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I arrived at the garden centre/ to speak with you/ but you were busy packaging bulbs. / You said you could not help, you were /leaving work in just two days/ but I saw blue iris in my mind. / I came back when the store had closed. / I bought you a gift, a saucer/ inherited from my mother, fine white /china encircled with golden Fleur de Les/ You said you believed I would come/ and made some tea. /You said the stately purple blue iris are the flower of Hera Queen of Heaven and the gold the Lily of our Lady. (100)
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You said that once the graves of women were planted with Iris so that the goddess of that sacred name could find their souls and walk with them over the rainbow way to their home in Heaven. I saw white Iris for the little girls gold for women strong in life and purple with that flame of gold for older ones, and also for the very old. Tears fell. You said Cleopatra wore the golden Iris uniting spiritual and temporal power,also the intention of the ancient kings of France.The Fleur de Lis of wisdom, faith and valour was emblazoned on the banner, and the heart, of Jeanne d'Arc.We finished our tea. I said I carry the white and gold within me- I will plant the purple-blue Iris at my door. May she always find me.
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Tears of fire/ burning on your skin/ a flaming heart/ not cold as Keal sang so long ago/ using this same phrase/ to express his lover's pain-/ The pain's the same but not the heart/ I saw the rose burst into flame../ You see far beyond yourself/ you ate each fruit of selfless love/ you see us entirely if we ask/ fill us with steady/ golden power-/ help us lend a hand/ guide us to the task/ crying tears of fire/
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Spiral/ Kotu/ unfolding fern/ teihei mauri ora/ let there be life! / Shell/ a cascade of kundalini/ Rose/ burst into flames/ Pearl / patiently transforming irritation/ Apple/ bearing apple seeds/ Pomegranate / initiation into sex and death/ Hearth fire/ ensuring life is faithfully maintained/ Cooking pot/ holding the evening meal/ Watering can/ ensuring growth/ Boab seed/ ensuring shelter/ Mother Mary / ensuring holding and essential nurture-/ Athena's olive/ ensuring food, oil and the light of understanding/ Artemis' great forest/ ensuring wild strength/ Kali's sword/ ensuring necessary death/ Hygeia's grace/ ensuring healing/ Iris/ offering the path of true Imagination/ Sophia/ setting Wisdom's table Bridget's Green Door/ Ah who knows what it means to go in at the Green door?
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Pink bird what do you sing to the fish in this tree? you are far above here, you are free You don't have to stay what are you singing today? I sing of the beauty below I sing of love and all that I know I sing to the fish, you are free Come to our world, come see, come see. Pearly fish what do you sing in the shelter of the crescent moon? I am on the way back, the bird song is true there's trouble but there's beauty, come soon. Come soon, come see, come see. This why the pink herald sings sings in the heart of the world tree sings in the dawn of a new dawn Come see, come see, come see.
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We met again in the East.Wise men from the East? Doubtful. Maybe? they knew our lucky stars. Paddington bear greeted us on his way.It began to rain spring crocuses as we ducked into the Korean BBQ.You sat at the wooden bar. I went into the interior. Suddenly happy, you flipped. Backwards.I've heard of turning somersaults for someone, flipping out, back flipping on a deal, but I didn't think at all. I knelt and caught you, stopped you smashing into that concrete floor. You just smiled, shook yourself and got up to pay for the excellent food.
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What is brewing in my black, rounded, steaming tea kettle? The water of life obviously and there will be tea or perhaps some bitter herbal medicine to be sweetened with honey but this old kettle has seen a lot of service.I have used it a long time on fire and stove. Before that 100 years of thoughtful women have lifted it as they sent out love and care and prayer for others and mused on their own plans and desires.. But I ask now, what ancient weapons and wands of power does this kettle cum caldron also secretly contain?
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Is there a labrys in my kettle, the two edged blade that cuts both ways? You bet there is! Is there a cross with holy circle brewing up the Resurrection?Yes certainly.Is there an ancient key belonging to Isis, Hekate and the Greek grandmother with flowers on her skirt who waits at the entrance to the cave? Is there a cowrie for our sexual opening, a scallop shell for pilgrimage and birth? Yes,yes and yes. Stella Maris infuses every drop in this kettle and should you lift it you'll find the star of Venus etched into its base.(100)
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symbols of the feminine? Earth and cross within. Moon holding the sun River flowing Jug overflowing Cornucopia She who wears a Crown of Stars, Sophia, Lucia. Mother, mother and child, maiden mother, crone, wise woman and witch, peasant, call girl and Queen. Cleopatra, Helena and Jeanne d'Arc.. The vulva, the yoni, Sheila na gig ,the Lady of the Lake and the Lady of the Ways ley lines and songlines, the harpist the singer and the song, the peacock and the swan, hands working, hands holding, hands warning, hands praying, heart aflame, the hearts' power of sacrifice, sacred fire contained. The Shakti, all manifest creation. Mary, Mary, Mary, Sarah, Martha, Miriam, Ruth and Eva, Kwan Yin, Parvati, Sita, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Durga, Kali, Chinamistra, Papatuanuku, Hine te Po and Hinemoa, Haumea, Pele, Hygeia, Hecate, Hera, Demeter and Persephone, Medusa, Circe, Athena, Artemis, Aphrodite, Iris, Isis, Nepthys, Hathor and Sekhmet, Freya, Bridget and a wild tribe of blue Celts, all the African Mama's,Yemana and all the creation sisters of the Americas and that's before we even get to our mothers, our sisters, our daughters and you and I..
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Hands to Hold/Hands to Bless/Hands to Make/and Hands to Rest/Hands to Scrub/ and Cook and Sweep/Hands to Pray/and Hands to Sleep/Hands to Dance/and Hands to Fight/Hands to Fix/and Hands to Write/ Hands to Warn/and Hands to Love/ Hands that are coming home at last/ Hands, our hands, are playing their part/ Hands, our hands, are making art.
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She came and stood on the verandah /in the waning moon/ just after Easter/ the keyhole black of her robe like that of a Russian doll not yet painted upon/ or like the robes of old women who live where olives grow/ black, not so much for sorrow/ as to enfold their changing being./ Come this is a portal to be born in a greening world. Turn again, a mantle of blue wonder falls/ by day and in the dusk. /I open my robe. Just a little./ The evening light makes roses visible./ I am here on the verandah./
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I was born/ at 1.16am in a pea soup fog/held close by my mother/already dying/ I was born/songs of dolphins echoing in utero/born with the ascendant in Scorpio/ born to know deep waters/ I was born/to be christened in the ship's brass bell/into traditions that could not hold me/ I was born/an Aquarian to make a jug/ to pour what I am given/stars, fishes, soma and living water/ I was born/into a world of milk and honey/ where chemicals rain from the sky/landmines wait and dolphins sigh/ I was born/ to a beloved world dying/ our hearts cracked open/loving and crying / I was born/ with Hekate and Hades/on the midheaven/here as a midwife to spirit/ I was born/ to stand in her robes/ to become/as mother to worlds/ I was born/to find you/who can set white fires/around holy ground/ I was born/ that death shall have absolute dominion/and none/ I was born/that innocence/be found again and the world become young/
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Trapped in an icon/how would that be/ for a divinity/dismembered / to be remembered. Thou shalt not make to thyself any graven image/ nor the likeness of anything in heaven or earth/for I the Lord thy God am a jealous god/and I would rather you listen to me, talk with me, be alive in your love.../But presence is too scary yours and ours /we prefer to paint some aspect of you in order to know ourselves.. we are trying out our roller skates, getting up some speed, before we try skating with you in the park. But don't feel you have to stay put in those images, you can come out any time you please.
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Chaos is brought into order in the forming In the beginning.. the ungendered divinity or gods and goddesses created and saw that it was good. Me Here Now is a basic exercise for knowing,what is arising through me here now as we create we see and as we see we cease to be, momentarily in the flow. Insight is antithetical to life but without it there is no awareness unless it be the breathing of a tree. The trick is to amplify and see, take a deep breath and bring our seeing to the newest Me here now. That's integration, being, skating, creating in the flow, knowing and letting go, knowing flow..
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It is one thing to take a symbol and put it in a containing circle, and use it as a portal so that the divinity can arise again, that's called religion the reuniting with an aspect of divinity that got dismembered in infancy and wedged more firmly into dislocated form with every firmer shaping of identity.. So if you haven't got a self to lose you shouldn't come, you will just let loose confusion!Its no good letting a bunch of god's have a riotous party in your psyche !It's one thing to let the gods speak back, but then you need to learn to dance with them. That symbol will never hold them any more, though if may be OK as wayside shelter. You'll just have to build a new house Together!
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Who is this lot? Were they invited? It all started, the word went out when The Mother asked Yeshua to turn the water into wine..the party's just gone on since then. All those despised have now arrived! Samaritans and Egyptians and black Nubians and Galatians painted blue! And what? here comes Solomon and Cleopatra and Hiram too !And Miriam and the women dancing with their tambourines and Dionysus and his retinue! Here comes Ishtar and the holy whores of Babylon.What oh what is going on? Here is wild Artemis with her lions and boars..Shh Yeshua is putting up his hand. There is silence. Welcome, welcome one and all. It is true my hour has not yet come, yet welcome, welcome everyone. Please honour this couple and the traditions here.. and the crowd is giving a mighty cheer.. Now it is late, most have gone, the couple have retired in awed delight and the family clear up through the night and The Mother ponders these things in her heart.. I have other flocks than these.. welcome, welcome carry on.
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It's fun to buy a cowgirl hat to wear with an orange rose- It's fun to buy three summer tops in autumn (seventy per cent off), designer pinks and beads, along with those poolside culottes, perfect for the heat. It's fun to buy some winter boots, for walking Melbourne streets, plus pants and a winter T.. Sounds like I've been off on a bit of a spending spree! Soon I'm going to Thailand with a few days on the way in lovely Ubud with my family, then it's off to Melbourne, it's really quite a dash- Cross your fingers will you that I don't run out of cash!
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That goddess with flaming hair and knowing eyes the one looks like she is about to birth new worlds, took on physical form today.She brought the snakes inside and sat peacefully by the pale jade sea. What colour is your skin? I asked and as she did not answer I made her an Anglo Celt like me where she was oddly reminiscent of Bridget, until I painted her face and suddenly, oh! You are Polynesian. Haumea! Fire mother, nourisher, mother of Pele, mother of many...but Don't worry She said I am of your lineage or rather you are of mine.No matter how respectable you make me, She said, shifting her weight in her new sarong or, She chuckled you pretend to be, you are mine, like me. Look see: fire streamed from her yoni to her heart where a flower suddenly bloomed.
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Mahuika is the younger sister of Hine te Po, once dawn maiden now the spirit protector of human souls from utter destruction in the underworld-it is she who crushed impertinent Maui when woken by the piwakawaka calling as it always calls in the presence of death.A version of the fall, henceforth we die and enter her realm. Mahuika threw her last toenail of fire at this ever curious hero causing great conflagration and Maui as hawk to bear red wings. Tahirimatea brought a storm to assist and Maui threw the fire into the hearts of trees who treasured it for humanity.What does this second gift of fire signify? Fire must be rekindled by our own efforts and guarded for just a start, and in the underworld our fire shall be rekindled, protected from annihilation.
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I am Hine te Po I am here with you as you are not afraid to call me I come. I give you this fire that you know.. I give you fire I give you irrepressible joy I give you vitality beyond your imagining for I am also Dawn Maiden and my warmth embraces all. But I am tired of receiving blackened bodies of my children burned for their wise work, shot for their faith, starved and their bones burned.I do not wish to receive more charred bones. No more deaths in gas ovens. No more fire sticks in homes and schools and streets or sudden explosions in quiet fields. I will ask you every day what have you done to teach my children the wise use of fire.
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Katabactic winds/ from Antarctic glaciers are flung with icy fierceness into/ perpetual storm. /They sweep in upon us./ Protect your home./ Let nothing be flung through a window!/Nail down your roof! / Take down that overhanging bough that/ you tied a child's swing from./Katabasis takes us down./ Down. Down./ From mountain to the flat, grey sea and an eerie stillness. Hope and success, planning and commonsense have no meaning./ A life has ended and there's no telephone/to the other side./Face it, it was a defeat./You died. / Listen for the little Piwakawaka / or the Raven's /100 harsh call.
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You would rather walk in the wild storm/ anorak turned against stinging rain/ than enter the gaunt, still place/ where your teeth ache and your head aches /and your bones ache and everything/ tastes sandy and dessert- dry/ you see poppies everywhere/ sweet fruit tastes sour/ and you are awake,/always awake past the midnight hour./ The dead, from failing hands/ passed on the torch/ and you/ were fool enough, hero enough/ good enough/ naive enough/ to take it on./ Yes, you held it high./ Now you are dead/ and the war goes on. / Come down, come down, come down/ or you will always be a wraith in the storm/ a shadow in the land of the living/ always at the edge of tears/ or empty, old before your time.
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My body no longer aches/I have crossed the plain of Mars/I have seen what I hoped to do strewn and broken/in pieces after the chariots rumbled on/but it is,just so./ I swam the cold lakes and rivers of lamentation/ and did not drown/ I am better for the exercise./ I was ferried accross the Styx / I paid coin happily/the one bright moment being I refused to hate and so did not fall in/ I am shaking off the waters of Lethe like a dog.. Eh-ka-tey yes the same/whom ignorant men claim/is the Queen of Witches You who guide all who seek you at the cross roads and light the paths above and below, You are sitting here with me by the river of fire with the rich the fertile the seductive the sweet, Persephone, my mother. Yes I remember. I am the child, beloved child, of Hades and Persephone: I am a being born of love's fire.She baptises me in the river of fire. This the Initiation Eh-kah-tey, Hekate, I stand flaming within your robes. Here in the land of the living.I am graced now with the gifts of the goddess of death and in her form as Hine te po
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I once had an American lover/a white man with a black Tee /emblazoned with the words Love Sees No Colour/Black men stopped him in the street/with blazing smiles. Yo brother!/I didn't agree- /Chances are none of them, back then/could have worn that Tee/I said, you're a medic, what happens when/You bleed? He said I hurt-I said, perhaps you could take off that shirt/There is one human colour /we need to see/under the skin we all bleed Red.
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I came down from the mountain/ eating wild figs on the way/ at the end of the first day's ascent/ I stopped at a wayfarers shelter/ I took the bread but not the wine/ for water blessed my day/ I took the bread but not the fish/ I ate wild figs on the way-/ I was told to come into the plaza/ and there I would meet your gaze/ I met your grey eyes clearly/ but you'd had enough for the day./ I understood that I'd transgressed/ by eating wild figs on the way/ so it's a no to the house by the sea/ better get back to the wildness/ that is really me./ There's a pink edge to the shower curtain/ where the rings pass through the rail/ I'm in the shower now and the pink's passing into me!/ It's good to be in the pink! /Theres no way now to fail. / There's a pink in the Vesica Pisces/ and a dress of full summer glory/ likely a Liberty Print!/ Yes to the silken dancing dress!/ Yes to the dancing day./
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If I put my hand/ through this chimera/ will it turn to dust? / Is it left from a celebration/ a crowd/ a party/ a crush/ of possibilities/ that raced to mind/ yours and mine/ You made a dancing/ cockadingeroo/ I made a kangacat/ who could jump from place to place / and try on funny hats/ but can you make a business from this? / You're trying to do just that.. / Well Dr Seuss took out the patent/ on charm and goof and fun/ You reckon we can beat him at it?/ I really hope you can/ Dreaming shouldnt/ turn to dust./
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The baskets are empty / lifted forward on the forehead/ elegant, lacy, black/ a place for butterflies to alight/ before fluttering off/ to adorn a naked shoulder/ The baskets are empty/ There is no sign here of any offering to the gods/ It is doubtful if these girls/ could balance a tray piled high with fruit/ or think to light the incense of prayer/ The baskets are empty/ garments of black and white/ sacred colours/ worn to hold the world in balance/ are slashed at improbable angles/ to reveal midriff and thigh/ The models are oblivious to their own gaunt charm
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What shall I place / in this basket I have woven / so carefully/ from straw, reeds, feathers/ and scraps of fabric / ripped / from long forgotten summer dresses? / What do I place/ now in the centre of this basket?/ It needs to be something centrally about me/ that I offer here/ even if that is simply a question. / Not any old question mind/ 100 but the central question./ It isn't good enough / to have an object symbolise / an intent that is greater than I can name!/ I have come back-/ I will offer my best gift/ even/ if that is simply a question/.
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Balinese villa two little girls jump on me bliss of the morning Red Ridinghood saw A big bad wolf in the bed She cut off it's head! There's no waiting round For a hero to rescue These little maidens... Here is a new day Faint breeze through myriad greens Ferns among old stone Shower outside here with pink bouganvillia and a small gecko Coffee and fresh fruit Papaya pineapple melon the cockrels are calling
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What offerings do I make/ to the Divine that has 1000 names / and cannot be named/ but always carries us/ whispering our name? / What do I offer?/ How do I expect to receive/ when I offer so little? / What can the Divine / who has 1000 names / and cannot be named/ make of these threads/ returned, so worn/ dirty and tarnished? / The miracle is/ that I am clothed anew/ everyday, regardless./ If I offer strong linen thread/ my garment may be more servicable/ there is a good chance the gems of my understanding/ will be polished/ and returned to me.100