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I have a cold thanks to my son! He has a cold thanks to too much beer on a very hot day and a system over loaded with toxins and worry. Get over yourselves shmucks and learn to live in peace, if I had money I'd work for habitat for humanity , he says. But how much money is enough!? Toss a coin and go with the emotional energy when you want to make a fresh decision. I got a flower meaning I should keep the property but my energy was with the eagle meaning I should sell. That was very clear there.
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What is the shape/ I wish to create/ of my life? if/ I would / see it/ from/ a/ very/ central/ place calling/ me into form now/ according to a the/ sacred mythic story/ I wonder what I would see/ what is it that I would see?/ or is this forming first to be felt as a pulling as sticky toffee is pulled as it cools I feel sticky like toffee now everything had melted together in the fierce heat of my surrender but I am still formless resting with a heavy cold not able to think Needing to call the bank deal with tenants and invitations and myriad deep feelings and scams and enquiries and silences It is always question of how I am pulled, shaped by others and by my own response to them
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Lady of Stars I make you absolutely central. Above you the dove and olive branch The labyrinth has disappeared because you stand on it. The foundation is the house of love. My house shall become a house of love. Above left the shell, then the greening cross then the Koru, there's foundational trust in the abundance of nature being renewed.. To the right above there's the jugs of soma and the milk has become the milk of human kindness liquid pearl, middle the bowl of honey gold and there are bees everywhere, the base the rose burst into flame.100
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What impressed me most? It was the absolute composure and trust that both my grand-daughters showed in a very new, tropical country with unknown languages, traffic, statues,temples and drinks like mint smoothies.. both of them three years old and utterly secure in the love of their parents, delighted to see each other and entranced by cockrels, goldfish and geckos, finding it essential to gather frangipani to float in pools and lily ponds.. not in the least surprised to be sitting at a table by candlelight under a vine laden with passionfruit and having fruit offered and cut for them..100
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She says we are birthing, collectively, a new world, as Uranus sky father moves into Taurus on May 16, that is about ten days from now. As it happens this occurs as my progressed IC ,my home base, is at the same place 1.01 degrees Taurus today, with progressed Venus and Eva. If my body is my home ground it got shaken up unexpectedly with a cold coming back from Bali, head like shards of glass and wet sawdust and no I cannot digest anything.A new world needs it's mothers and fathers to be strong not weak as newborn kittens! 100
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roses are flaming and it's raining pearls/ flaming and raining-/ flames rise while tears fall/ sorrows turn into fishes,so/ feed the hungry:/ pearls descend behind the mad Tea Party/ even this bewildered one is loved!/ The Magdalene and Kwan Yin?/ qualities within? / offering? / will my breath bless?/ will I also rain/ on sore weary hearts, confused minds/ battered backs/ on lame elders limping painfully/ moved along/ or maybe dead in the street without anyone noticing? / treasure tears of compassion! pearls/ the quality of mercy which falleth as a gentle rain from heaven:/ Yin to the ardent and hardy rose/100
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Nudging at the edges what is it I value most? People, people, people! Especially my people- my tamariki. What a beautiful word that is. Te Ruru, the Owl, wise one who did Peace Studies after leaving the seminary to marry and before becoming a counsellor, told me that the father of the only daughter of Ohinetahi, the healer whose land I stood upon, was a man of peace who refused to kill although his father had been a fierce warrior killing many local Ngati Mamoe. Why is that important? It proves one man can make a stand and everything changes.100
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I'm tempted/to move interstate/ not for the climate/but for the chance/ to develop a humming business/with my friend./I would want to live bayside/ walk to the station/and to Wabi Sabi/and to a gym../ Costs there are double not to mention/ /flights to the north and west/but see ten people/and problem solved-/the real problem/would be missing my son and grand-daughter/swimming in the turquoise ocean/ walking amongst/ breathtaking/ spring flowers/and letting long term friendships/fade into connections with people I once knew well. The other problem? Owning my deep desire.(100)
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I've been there often/I like it/ that buzzing city-/with tramlines and festivals/the vibe is instant/ it runs on coffee/rather like New York./ It's dressy, full of galleries/and full of nasty snarling traffic/No outer suburbs for me!/ Yes they will notice!/ style,hair,skin, clothes, shoes,/ Pay a premium,charge a premium/ would have to become my motto. Workout, network, dance.. There is a softer, quieter, lazier part of me/ that would prefer/to pick figs and thyme and olives/than be that focussed! Have I got that energy and would I find true friends?(100)
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Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn the very days of the week are names for the ancient planetary gods and goddesses of Greece and Rome and in the case of Thursday, Thor's day and Friday Freya's day, of the Norse pantheon. Perhaps Zeus and Aphrodite were too wanton to name a day and Hera too jealous? In any case there is a subtle rhythm to the week that it might be well to pay attention to. Tuesday mornings "Mythic movement" 9.30-10.30 "Art smart: invite an archetype" 11-12.30 Mars to get them active! But dream work breakfasts on expansive Thursdays.(100)
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Blue Apple. That's a very cool customer. Doesn't invite much. Doesn't say much. Gets a lot done as in he's a blue apple isn't he? We think A is for apple, the number one go to guy- Blue, cool like blue diamonds, and brilliant, and of course I have an Apple Computer Apples are healthy keep the doctor away but blue ones? They promise the sky while I cannot eat more than one third of a Red Delicious. Blue Apple I could see it as a lab in the sky where I go to organise my ideas. A good idea.(100)
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When I was expecting our first child/ the wind swept crunchy brown leaves/along grey streets/ and I had the feeling/that ice might begin/to form on the inside of the windows/my grandmother/gave me a hundred pounds/to buy a good winter coat. /We needed to fix the car. /My husband trudged through the fields in sleet to share a lift. Buy a wonderful coat, he said. So I did. It was woollen with large squares of soft indigo, cream and grey /cut on the cross/ to fall in a circular way/ warm and elegant for years. (100)
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Mothers Day greetings to all who labour to bring forth new creations, new babies, new policies and books who help others achieve new insights, greetings to all who delight in new birth, trees budding, blossom bursting,greetings to those who sit up at night to hold and to nurse, greetings to those who pace hallways and bear with frustration, who worry when their babies, or their initiatives, or both, run into trouble, falter or scrape their knees. Greetings to those who share triumphs and bear losses. Thank you to those who mother their children and thank you to those who mother the world. Thankyou
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I realise my body is detoxing not only coffee and tea but meat and sugar, additives and every kind of substance that I should never have poisoned it with in the first place. I have no excuse. I know a lot about nutrition. My body has just said NO. CUT IT OUT!! I want to be mainly vegan. OK to some organic eggs, OK to some feta, ricotta, a little sharp Parmesan to meat, milk, fish, and anything boxed or tinned. Yes to green smoothies, 100 glorious vegetables, fruits nuts oil honey and yes, back to my home-made bread. (100)
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Spinach, rocket, silver beet, sprouts, green beans, broad beans, peas and snow peas, green cabbage, chinese cabbage, savoy cabbage and bok-choy, salad leaves, green chives, leeks, beet greens, raddish greens, dandelion greens and kale, brussels sprouts, brocolli and brocollini, cauliflower, celery, endive and six sorts of lettuce, feather green fronds of fennel, green asparagus and of course basil, parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme, mints and the almighty creamy avocado. Then there's kumera and red sweet potato, red, blue and white potato, yams and Jerusalem artichoke, pumpkins, tomatoes parsnips, carrots, celeriac and turnips, sweede, beetroot, sweet ripe corn, onion, garlic, ginger ...(100)
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And of a hundred fruits available so easily here I will be buying olive oil, sunflower oil, almond oil and coconut oil plus apple cider vinegar and coconut water for smoothies. Lemons, limes, oranges, blood orange, manderins and grapefruit, local grapes, pears, peaches, apricots and nectarines, passionfruit and pomegranates in season. Local blackberries, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. Fresh figs, a few feijoas with the apples. An apple every day. From further north, bananas, pineapple, mango, pawpaw, dragon fruit. There are oranges in the garden and from the wild, olives, loquats and mulberries.Dried raisins, dates and apricots complete the pantry.(100)
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I saw a video of a man
who rescued 380 women
and counting 
from sex slave markets 
and lives of callous abuse
in Northern Syria.
Women with children cost less, 
those few with blue eyes more
in the ISIL markets: 
the servitude continues. 

Because of death threats 
he sent one of his two wives, 
the gracious elder woman 
and all her sons and daughters to Turkey
where they were caught trying to enter Romania 
and three years later are likely to still 
be queuing in a refugee camp.
The younger woman, mother to three infants 
remained with him, suddenly lonely.  

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Life is not better in Lebanon
I mean it's better than during the civil war
but Shia and Sunni continue their ancient struggle 
and the power brokers in Iran and Saudi Arabia 
push and pull
what influence the Maronite Christians
actually have I cannot tell.
Four million Lebanese,  three religions and more than a million desperate Syrians.. 

Tomorrow there is  finally an election
the diaspora can vote from Australia 
recalling the flag and the Cedars of Lebanon-
The young are joining a secular party-
perhaps they are weary
weary,  of unemployment 
dogmatic pronouncements
and simply want to enjoy their lives. (100)
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I was supposed to be 
at my friends' wedding today
celebrating their love and committment
with even some special words to read.. 
both wise women of mature years
offering the rivers of their love to one another
rivers that will surely flow 
out to bless the world
Both gorgeous in white and purple
beaming,  celebrating with friends
in their lovely garden
I could not bring sickness
to this new beginning 

The world saw the photos of another
wedding of two happy people
in Westminster 
with celebrities, speeches and flowers
but the photos that brought me delight
were nearer to home. 
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I am up and dressed an improvement but I cannot hear there's an infection in my ear it will pass the doctor says and the acupuncture lays me out all day again my body has taken charge and announced a radical detox no milk, no meat, nothing at all that has been manufactured no action, no travel, no painting, no thinking oranges from my tree, herbs from the garden, vegetables, spices, oils a shower, clean linen, a gentle walk in mild sunshine the roses are fading my friend sends an oil for deep exhaustion it is called Soothe the Soul (100)
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Yes, you stand under all that we do with deep committment. A lifetime collaboration. I am grateful for your presence in my life. I got up and folded a paper into thirty two squares. Into each I wrote key words for an online course of eight times four classes. It only took three hours then I walked down to the plant shop and bought some oregano seedlings and a lettuce (I will have to juice it with kiwi fruit) and then I walked home a different way noticing the shadows of the trees and thinking about the zen of drawing.(100)
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I am thinking about another ten children murdered in Texas by a young man, an ordinary teen refused by the girl he wanted to date. That's all. No behaviour problems, he played football and belonged to a cultural dance group at the Greek Orthodox Church. He took his father's legal gun, and far from being beside himself, spared those he liked. He didn't have the courage to kill himself. Here there was a murder suicide of a family of seven in a country town. Three generations. Another legally owned gun. These are not war zones but we make them so.(100)
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I am living next door to a medicine woman. I enjoy visiting her and playing in the garden. The atmosphere is light, it's fun, we do things that are significant together. Other people come to play there too. They say she needs someone to help her. She needs you. You seem to be the last to know it! I take this on board and then water begins to flood in from the left side. It's not very high but I am concerned. Of course I know this might be about emotions, about feeling happy. Happiness can be so very unfamiliar!
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Robert Moss is talking to Stanley about dreaming, about noticing all the physical details of place.. not just characters and events but landscape and objects, even car keys and lipstick. They talk about parallel lives and the power to dream across past and future timelines to bring back what is needed now. If it comes up now, what action do I need to take now? They say, the big dreams are hunting us. You say we are part of the same dreaming. I am that medicine woman in your dream, I am also the man who finds happiness very unfamiliar.(100)
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what if I ate seventy percent organic seventy per cent local, and seventy per cent raw? with nothing packaged at all? that would mean three fruit ten veg every day, salads! make almond /cashew milk, make my bread,buy coconut water,good oils olive sunflower coconut sesame almond, make four sorts of smoothies (green in coconut water,fruit in coconut like a puree, banana- chia- cacao in almond milk, and banana and berries in nut milk) oats, millet, maca, barley, brown rice and biodynamic flours with occasional aborio rice. I would eat at seven, ten,two and five and thrive!
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The very first night the front door lock came away in my hand. Should I have kept the door open? The next week bees swarmed all round the back door.The queen needed a new home. I had to shut the door. Some sought out a crack above the bathroom to make a new hive in the roof, some a crack by the room for clients next to the orange tree. The bee whisperer was the gentlest old man I have ever met. When you came to visit we sat on the front verandah. A bee settled at my heart. (100)
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Consider island living: a Queenslander, elegant height, 2 beds, breezes, wooden floors, gas kitchen, legal height beneath, long verandahs, 760 block,trees, birds, organic markets, yoga, large living, possible retreats, $300k plus sleep in van, half price rego plus $100 monthly barge return for a few days with family and shopping.($55 taxi to airport each way, no parking fee, specials to Melbourne and Perth) Downside is mowing and regular painting of exterior. I can manage now but doubtful in ten years. This should leave $150k to reduce loan in Perth, sell when infrastructure, rail develops five years. (100)
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I woke with the new moon holding the full moon in her arms.It is full moon today, shining, shining full of promise. Our youth carries our full promise and the years when the radiance shines from within. We came with intentions that we may not entirely fulfil, they shine around us anyway. Every love allows them to shine, every love allows us to belong, every love is witness to the Mother who holds us all. We also meet the dark of the moon, shadows of sorrow and places we stumbled and missed our way. We learn compassion here, understanding and deliberate intention that ripple back through the clouds of glory that accompanied our birth having arisen anew from sweat and the fresh dew of earth. Every love allows our intention to shine, every love allows us to belong, every love is witness to the Mother who holds us all. It is full moon. The young moon is holding the full moon in her arms.Shining, shining,full of promise, full of power.
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I saw a trailer for The Homecoming. 
I saw a tall man with long white hair over his shoulders and down his back standing on a small boat guiding it to shore through the shallows. He did not stop at the pier.
I don't think he knew it was there. He avoided the mangroves, deftly brought the dinghy to the shore line and passed a rope to an eager young boy of about twelve. 
The boat was loaded with coins and fruits of all kinds. 
People ran onto the beach to help him while the boy held the boat. Then he turned and helped the boy drag the boat well up the beach indicating that everyone should freely take what they wanted,  sweet fruits, money and delight and prepare a feast. Then he saw that men and some women had dragged the boat up safely, well up beyond the tide line and had turned it over safely. He hugged the boy and told him he had done well. Perhaps he was his grandson? I felt the fullness of his heart and I saw through the blazing  eyes of this older man. We went to a great feast around the fire full of stories, warmth and laughter. A tiger came from the left and the jaguar from the right and curled up at the outer flanks visible only to those who had no fear. 
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A tall white haired man is deftly steering a small wooden boat to shore using a long pole. He does not use the jetty it is perhaps so unimaginable to him he does not even see it. A young boy of perhaps twelve grabs the prow and takes the rope. He is so excited! Grandfather is home at last! The boat is full of gold coins, and sweet fruits from exotic lands that are now perfectly ripe. Men and women rush to embrace him and to draw the boat up onto the beach. He says everyone should take what they most desire. He sees that the boat is emptied and turned upside down safely beyond the tide line. He embraces the young boy and tells him he has done well. There are tears and I feel how long it has been. My eyes blaze and I join the feasting and story telling around the fire. The tiger and the jaguar come from left and right and include themselves while still remaining watchful. They are seen only by those who have no fear.
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I have grown old on this journey!I see my long hair is now white. Finally I am able to use that pole steering this little open coracle through the muddy shallows onto the beach. Ah there he is! Has he grown so tall? Here take this rope my boy. Oh he is already strong enough to grab the prow! He was watching. He saw me coming. Tears sting my eyes. Now they all tumble down and I step out to embrace them, my sons and daughters and kinsfolk. Yes, oh yes. The treasures, of course take it, there are heaps of gold coins, sweet fruit, perfectly ripe. Yes, take whatever you want!Let us feast and tell stories. You have done well my son. I am proud of you.The boat is now safely stowed. Shall we walk up together?