BY pearl

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Each metaphor invites a new creation
A simile is not the same 
 green as grass does not allow 
 that the grass is bleached to straw by the summer sun 
or is made of plastic 

I was eighteen 
 when I noticed 
 that an allegory is a moral fable 
 which like Aesop’s 
 always tries to insist we reach a certain conclusion 
 unlike a fairytale in which the details of the archetypal drama 
 are left to our imagination. 
 Sure, Mother Holle shakes her feathers from the sky 
 but snow falls in Europe
 while I simply see white feathers floating down 
 and dancing away in the breeze
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I read Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings 
in a single week
emersed in the thick rich description of the world of Middle Earth 
Our English professor didn’t like the book
He joined us on the grass
Imagine that! 
 A professor taking time out to chat with 18 year olds  
Didn’t he know about professional boundaries ? 
 what pile of bureaucratic paperwork was left undone! 
The characters do not develop he said. 
I agreed. It’s allegory not metaphor 
the characters are not free
There is no way that evil could triumph 
 or good simply miss the mark.
But the language! 
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It’s my sons birthday 
 He’s working 
party cancelled due to lock down
I can’t visit 
no one is making cake.
His gift has not arrived.

 I recall the deliberate way
he would climb a stair
at three
a tree at five through nine
his determination 
to avoid all crashes at the dogems-
now that takes some skill!
He played hockey the same way 
avoiding cracks to the shins
but gaining the edge and hitting the ball
from just under his opponents feet
Very perceptive he repeats what he has seen 
 until its done
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We’re in lockdown 
mildly panicked yet again
 I buy a snug, well made 
 blue and white fabric mask 

The young woman in the chemists shop 
 first showed me a cheaper design
but I noticed hers and enquired 
where she had bought it.

Am I becoming an expert then, in masks? 
I tend to know what I like.

I wear the mask dutifully as I collect my mail
It fits well but it’s hot
in this hot weather. 

I feel 
 as though I am wearing a patch of flowering sky
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It’s yesterday in the USA
I speak into their good night or  not so good night
which ever it may be  sleep awaits
while I take my pondering 
into my day 
sipping green tea 
making oats and blueberries 
savouring my coffee and the fresh smells of morning.
Sometimes I’m as fresh as morning itself 
often I would prefer to rest and dream some more 
visiting my friends in sleep 
journeying deep 
my eyes heavy 
until a darting birds blue wing
shocks me awake
I notice sand under my feet  

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Catch the miscreants! 
Several times 
I see a box 
 of half a dozen
perfectly innocent looking eggs
slide into view
They’re without lids it’s true,

Catch the miscreants!
There is some urgency to this
Did I mishear? 
Hatch the miscreants? 
I take one egg and crack it open
out flies a bird with a sharp beak
It pecks open the rest 
All the fledgling miscreants have sharp beaks 
to crack open secrets 
disbelievers indeed!
They spread their dark wings, take on human form 
such miscreants
could be useful allies! 

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Zeus is king 
 chairman of the board of directors 
 the successful professional 
 the manager 
 the ruler of the realm 
 prime minister 
 Chief Justice 
 and thoroughly egotistical 
 since no one really tells him what’s going on.
  He pursues any goddess 
 nymph or mortal who takes his fancy 
 and they are either entranced or are raped no matter which 
 his power is extensive and does not recognises any limits 
 He throws his thunderbolts to stop wrong-doing 
 but also when he is in a temper . 
 His consciousness stretches over wide dominions 
 and he amplifies every impulse 
 When he does not honour his marriage to Hera. 
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Seems silly to be sitting wrapped in a cotton towel on the beach with a double layered printed blue and white fabric mask (just in case you were wondering) when there was one mild case of Covid 19 caught by a hotel security guard working with returning Australians in quarantine. He did not pass the illness to any of his flat mates or any, so it seems, of the 66 casual contacts he met before he had any symptoms He did everything right, a young Bangladeshi engineering student working 12 hour shifts to make ends meet and pay the exorbitant fees we charge international students. The health workers worked until late. Genome sequencing revealed the origins to be in the hotel. Hardly a case of community transmission. So fortunate to live here where we have had no Covid 19 for nearly eleven months. That’s why the mask feels odd. I can take it off to swim!
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Sweet Evelyne  
voluptuous  Doreen 
 buxom maids who began as men 
 whose huge, soft folds of flesh were
 sweet solace.  Only the Queens were kind 
 to a young gay kid who hadn’t found his way

 Loreen of distant memory, of sassy strip shows, push up bras, laddered nylons, stiletto heels,  cigarettes, stubble, perfume and beer, of midnight walks and silence, the harbour city’s gritty sand 
 Gazing at stars, half obscured 
 by neon lights and coal dust
you saved his life 
 Loreen, Doreen, sweet Evelyne
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I must go down to the sea again
let the milky turquoise 
carry me 
I breathe out
after smoke 
after fires
the anxieties 
the checking ABC emergency 
the 17 incidents, read fires, within 50km.

Let me return to the sea 
on these mild sunny days
early morning 
 as the magpies carol
while my neighbour feeds them mince
though she knows she should not
or perhaps round five
after the heat of the day 
when the white sand is hot but the water cool.
I will go down to the sea again
translucent turquoise sea
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I sent a “happy new year” message
to a Chinese friend today 
only to discover
she had closed off messenger
without telling me why 
no explanation
the last image was of blossom and geese in her yard
now growing extravagantly 

She and her husband 
are friends
with my former partner and his wife 
but I never gossiped.
Perhaps she has been told lies? 
Perhaps it’s too hard..
She might have said so! 

I welcomed her, helped with translations
found her daughter a place in a gifted stream
It’s not about thank you
but I prefer to say 
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I found the password
after a year 
I found the password
to my own writing
but I only used it this crowded morning
because I heard 
that Caron is dying- 
Caron McCloud poet, friend I met only in spirit 
 through the pages of the Red Madonna 
and the writing salon that you cared for
generously supporting, encouraging, witnessing 
and sharing your own poetry, your skills 
and the tears and delights of your rich life.
I hoped to meet you in America 
but travel became impossible. 
You were in your eighties then 
and our bodies do not last forever. 
I remember you had seen 
your own dear mother develop dementia-
how scared you were 
 that this would be your fate
as indeed it is, as you struggle with other issues too. 
It’s now too late to thank you. But thank you. 

I learned all this today as your brave daughter shared 
 her anguish 
and her decision to reduce your medications
so that your lucid and benign intelligence 
could shine out again
so that you could be close to your precious Jimmy 
your precious Shiloh 
You will forever be close I know 
but the return, to the firm, clear recognition 
of the personalities we hold dear
is such a relief 
even though we know
it’s a grace and only for a little while.

I hope that all of you know that love swirls around you all 
 embraces you
Caron you gave me the courage to share my writing
to keep writing 
and write I will. 
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There is no doubt 
that when the dreamy 
 pretty girl Kore 
 the maiden 
 saw the earth open up 
 and Hades roar by in his black chariot 
she woke up!
She though he was HOT! 
In an instant 
 she flung herself into his chariot
yay!  and away!
Hades. surprised and delighted
was tender
Once home 
amid the deep powers of the earths becoming 
 he offered a pomegranate
which she ate
so becoming
his bride and Queen 
of the underworld the dead and yet to be born
02/14 Direct Link
Demeter daughter of Rhea and Cronos 
 earth and 
 She who was worshipped 
 as bringer of abundance
plant life 
 food for humanity and livestock 
 especially the grain 
whose symbol is , nonetheless,  a sickle
  the reverse of the glyph for Cronos. 
 Like her brother Zeus Jupiter 
 who fathered Persephone 
 she is one of the twelve Olympians 
 who replaced the old gods 
 and became the squabbling family 
 reflecting our everyday selves 
 She is a nature goddess 
unaware of her full  creative powers 
 until she looses her daughter Persephone to Hades 
 Persephone married Hades Demeter married her loss and grief  and realised the power of the sickle to bring in the harvest
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Fans, six of them, move the air but it’s still hot
a breeze moves the fronds of the grass trees, it’s still hot
We ate gelati, van-eee-ya, vanilla! but we are still hot
Some older girls get on their bikes, bet they’re hot! 
Fight the traffic to buy a little plaster board, too hot 
and nearly five o’clock 
Wind moves in the peppermint tree, hot
why spend 3.5 hours trying to get the internet on?
so hot, even with air con, hot and bothered type of hot! 
but not as hot as a camel train, crossing the desert.
02/16 Direct Link

under the garment of stars 
which we wear 
 like a midnight cloak 
embroidered with fantastical tales 
 of mythic creatures, of lush gardens and gods 
of volcanoes, 
 of snakes and ladders, dragons and deserts 
 of heroes, fishes, ships, spaceships and bicycles
 of apple pie and sparkling merriment
we wear simpler clothes, hand stitched
on quiet afternoons 
by our great grandmothers 
as they anticipated our coming

sometimes darling
I will just leave you sleeping
I will slip out at dawn
to walk naked 
on the damp earth 

02/17 Direct Link
We are layered 
like pumpkin, spinach and ricotta pie
each layer the more delicious 
 because it is stacked together with care 
under a crisp filo pastry, also layered, and served 
 with that homemade sauce with the undefinable spice
Of course if you are grumpy, or do not feel well or have refused to eat pumpkin since childhood,  you will not enjoy the meal.
We are responsible for the way we show up
to what is prepared for us
even when, especially when
it is soul food that’s on the menu-
we ourselves 
created with such care
and consumed
every day


02/18 Direct Link
I am irrepressibly happy 

We stand together in the lions den
our gentleness
makes the lions purr
They roll around like kittens

Babel is over
We walk out onto the plain
You carry, I carry, the faint whiff of lion
It keeps away predators 

Perhaps the lions too
carry the smell of human
in their manes

Back in the city
We are known by new names
02/19 Direct Link
Use your dreams 

jumpstart your creativity
solve problems 
stop repeating old patterns
make changes you want
decisively, effectively and with joy
We live in a continuous flow of sensory information
we use a tiny fraction! 
Our dreams present us 
with images feelings stories hunches
that we could use
if only we knew how

Here’s how! 
I am a dream specialist. 
 I’m an artist, poet, 
 art therapist and professional counsellor.
  I’ve worked with all kinds of people in all kinds of settings for yes, 40 years. Use your dreams TM is an alternative to therapy. I love what I do!  

What’s on offer? 
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Often what we think is the problem is not the heart of the issue!

I say I need 10 sessions to get registered with PACFA true but really I am calling my inner archetypes together and appreciate your witness.  Who am I now as a facilitator and supervisor? 

Who is the artist inconnu? Where is my partner in work and life? 
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Carlos, Car losss! is middle aged with hooded eyes and strong forearms. He could be Greek.
Carlos means a free man or may  be a variant of Kerios wise one

He wears a shirt and a heavy gold cross. To understand you I must wear it. He offers it to me, puts it over my head. After a moment or two I take it off and give it back. It’s not my responsibility I say. Not mine. He takes it back and it then becomes a heavy gold crucifix with the body of Jesus upon it.
02/22 Direct Link
What do you  most dislike? 
- everything to do with the Roman Empire
 Roman galleys, Roman Catholicism 
 and it’s doesn’t just come from learning Latin as a child! 
What if I were willing to accept the heavy gold crucifix? 
 I say for two minutes only..
The heavy gold immediately melts into my heart.
Suffering is gone. Gold spreads through my body and my aura 
I see a golden medallion of the head of a lion
I think with the courage of a lioness
I am become a lion
walk and dance as lion
02/23 Direct Link
In the night
I woke
hearing myself say
I forgive you 
along all timelines, through all cycles of time 
in every way
I forgive myself and my selves 
Yourself and yourselves
along all timelines, through all cycles of time
I claim my energy,  innocence and joy

That’s what you call
A blessing of the night! 
 Relax ! Nothing more needed
Just some papers to throw away 
Nothing bad, nothing good
no perhaps, if only, maybe or should
Nothing more needed 
Just some papers to throw away 
enjoying the day 

I rise to savour green tea
02/24 Direct Link
Chirp, tweet it’s surely not dawn?
but yes, the thick grey has a light tinge
my dreams are trying to trundle away-
I sent a photo 
to a poet in New Zealand 
of a peak called Te Roto ?
This would mean Lake Mountain??
Perhaps  it was Te Ruto? 
meaning unknown to me.
This peak is is one in a chain of outposts 
arcing like a spine 
across the land.
(There are now great walls between them)
Stopping at this citadel 
I can see directly into the house we built 
It’s become a store 
There are  orange roses at the door-
02/25 Direct Link

now an hour later
the twittering increases -
I find Rutu was a Maori woman, wife 
of an infamous conqueror
revered by some, abhorred by others 
especially where this peak stands!
Painter Rita Angus
before I was born, 
 when you were 
 covering yourself in mud as you played in a romper suit
painted herself as a goddess 
with blonde hair and dark skin. 

“My task as an artist is to bring peace
to a war weary world.”
The painting is known as
Te Rutu 
The mountain is a Citadel of Peace.
02/26 Direct Link
High on the mountain
where only the goats graze
and the occasional goatherd whittles a flute
there’s gap, a crevice, where you 
crawled in to find a sound, dry place
for your meditation-
but you tripped 
fell upside down;
only one foot, snagged in a tree root,
stopped you falling into the moulten core.
There you hang 
in a deep altered state
like the hanged man in some exotic tarot 
your hair now flaming golden, your face like the sun.
Gold is suffusing your entire body
deep in the cauldron of change, 
deep in the mountain.
I simply wait. 
02/27 Direct Link
I am the old copper cauldron 
returned to the earth
returned to my birth 
 Once I was fashioned into fine adornments
then  I was coin of the realm
Once I boiled a family’s washing
then I grew red roses in a tumbling garden
but now I have returned to the earth.
i am copper the humblest handmaid of love 
I did not know this great honour would come to me
I am now, even as my own form dissolves,
entrusted with the moulten gold
to which the heroes and stumbling, unwitting initiates
have come 
 to have their old lives negated
peeled off, cremated 
and new ones created
02/28 Direct Link
I am the old copper cauldron 
returned to the earth 
returned to my birth

I was once fashioned into fine adornments
then I was coin of the realm 
I once boiled a family’s washing
I grew red roses by a tumbling wall
and then I returned to the earth.

I am copper, humblest handmaiden of love 
I did not know this great honour would come
I am holding, even as my own form dissolves
gold, moulten gold-

Inside the mountain the stumbling, unwilling initiates 
 have become heroes! 
Their old lives are negated
cracked off, cremated-
Their new lives now created!