BY pearl

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I am direct, incisive and clear 
I have come to the end of waiting! 
I‘m lovely, I’m loving and I love you 
 I trust myself, my heart and my will. 
The dead owl was a dead owl. 
Athena is watching still. 

I invite you to be my warrior companion
my playmate, my lover, my friend.
So what if you rage? I don’t have to engage. 

You are intelligent, passionate, reflective 
and just occasionally 
gracious enough to admit being wrong.  


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torrents of words! your tsunami! 
 stories, feelings, events, people,  possibilities...
 you didn’t dig that labyrinth?! I did!!
 a creative explorer at the edge of the unexpected 
 singing with frogs 
 walking across a creaky footbridges at night
 terrified, exhilarated, life bubbling up. 

you ask how I am. I say I am great! and I am. 
I love teaching. who am I without you? it’s taking time to know. 
I’m going to paint. allow room for my soul to soar. sing colours. 
you ask about the studio. where are the big speakers? in storage! when shall I pick fat green olives? now ! 
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Lizard DNA! In royal families and political families
 Satanism is rife, children are abused and killed so their life forces can be used for deliberate evil
Bill Gates Dr Fauci and the Rothschilds want 90 per cent cent of the worlds population to die and the rest enslaved yo serve them. 

 To this end Covid 19 was developed in a lab in Wuhan, funded by the US, and spread by infected Chinese citizens to Europe and the America’s whilst being contained in China. 

 Non vaccines have been developed which will
kill all inoculated people with the next virus because their bodies will welcome rather than  fight it

Innocation will be used as a mechanism of social control eg access to certain jobs, travel etc will depend on vaccination certificates 

Vaccines be en coded with a secret electronic implant that transmits signals that will be picked up by 5g towers and record your wherabouts 

The USA is being ruled by London and March 4 will see Pres Trump inaugation. Rearming citizen militias!
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my own
inner parts
within my own soul
such an undertaking!  
Can they even be brought 
into the room
let alone 
be seated at the same table
let alone
have a civil conversation
where each can expresss
what is most essential to their nature?
The woman in the blue moon 
who holds and listens
speaking her own mind! 
What world she say
if she rose from her place by the side
where she has been beside each one
for so long-
what have you to say little mother?
i say the cacophony 
is simply the opening 
to a greater song.
03/05 Direct Link
No! No automatic payments
except for housing 
 the most basic need.
No subscriptions  
for those that delight me to see.
No! No advertising with irrelevant images and inticements
I do not need need another swimsuit, washing machine, saucepan or investment opportunity!
I do not want to give on an unconscious schedule 
not even for causes I believe in.
I will use zoom 
but do not wish to access the room on a recording.

The moment of creation has magic!
To use time and money well
is a loving act.
I pass this way but once.

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One half of Merlin’s ancient orchard 
has been devastated 
one half is healthy with vigorous trees
A broad grassed avenue separates the two areas lest disease spread further. 
A team has been called to fell and burn the diseased trees
even to the stumps and roots
Another raises saplings and plants them in the ravaged land.
We want to restore the supply of magic apples to all peoples! 
I have been cooking.
 Our smaller  team has been feeding everyone in Merlin’s orchard. 
 All the workers feast on enormous apple pies.
 They are set on red checkered cloths, on board tables in the avenue. 
Amid the feasting Merlin calls me aside and entrusts me  with a purple apple. 
It is the purple of cyanide 
such as might be found in a thousand apple seeds.
Cyanide, I discover, is used by skilled smiths
to allow the pure colour of gold to shine.
I cannot eat this apple! But a single drop of its juice 
is medicine enough for an entire life to shine-
beginning with mine.
03/07 Direct Link
I cross a cold! braided, glinting river
your three youngest sons
whom I do not know
 clImb  nImbly 
 after me 
 up up a steeply sloping  grey stone wall
to to a broad parapet
the play ground of yet another school.
The eldest boy takes a handful of yellow clay 
and chucks it at me. I dodge it! 
 It lands in the great heap of clay behind the school 
that you my friend have had a bull dozer deposit to make the foundations firm. 
Here you are in the other world, still in a school.
Here you are in the kitchen, cleaning up after a fair
 drying a very large saucepan
and grinning your welcome. 
03/08 Direct Link
I hear you say
it was nice to meet up again
 but haven’t we been here before? 
I don’t ask what you mean 
 You don’t 
I say I have no expectations
I send you pure white light
I see a large purple plum
completely opened in two to show 
 its firm golden flesh
exposing the stone. 
Perhaps this is the philosopher’s stone.
We did not succeed in whatever we thought we were doing
there is a stone.
It can be planted.
I recall that  the white plum blossom is the first sign of spring.
03/09 Direct Link
So delightful, easy 
each picks up the challenge
to lead a discussion.
This week they are reflecting 
on how to bring their personal growth goals 
 into the here and now of the group
They are getting to like and respect each other 
There hasn’t been any vigorous disagreement 
They tread carefully , sensitively , professionally, thoughtfully 
but one indicates she just might be a little devil sometimes 
she has horns 
She wants us to laugh!
That is something I model.. 
Yes!! Next week they will bring ice breakers 
and facilitate more, share more
becoming leaders 
So delightful
This week at least! 
03/10 Direct Link
Textured ...layered, embroidered 
textiles that
slip between 
 stars and the threads of city lights 
nets of light 
at each intersection a jewel
that’s you and I ! 
Lucia, design student
and I 
are invited to the home of Anton 
whose name means precious ..
It is he who selects
fabrics, fabric of lives woven elsewhere 
brought into the now 
 I can trust him to import the very best
He can trust me to understand his
autistic, artistic very focused son
Lucia and I study life design
My clients and I design new lives
Here and beyond 

Once home we relax
and slip on our kimonos
03/11 Direct Link

May the guardian of humanity, guide, protect and illumine me. Please fill my heart with courage and with love. You are with me as kind, brown-eyed Anubis. You give me power to cross, to return and to be a guide to others. Filled with your golden light it is possible once more to wear the cloak of Hekate, daughter of the starry one. 
 I see now this cloak is not black but purple-blue. May this cloak rest upon me lightly! Swirl around me and touch each, just as needed. May laughter and service fill me and my rest be sweet. 
03/12 Direct Link

I bury this plum
the last one
in a hole 
I dug in the damp, sandy earth
with a spadeful of compost just in case! 
After all a tree bearing dark purple peaches 
once grew from the compost 
bringing me bucketsful of fruit for years. 

I thought I might buy a Purple Emperor plum tree
to plant in this same place
 between my neighbour and myself
I imagined its white blossom in spring

but they are not yet ready 
so I am burying this last, sweet fleshed plum 
as an act of faith 
in what is to come
03/13 Direct Link
My neighbour gave
me purple potatoes just
beginning to sprout.
He thought I might put them in a trench 
and grow them. 
I did,  I will.
The rest were still firm and made 
a potato salad 
 with olive oil, lemon, pepper and salt.
I took
lettuce from the community garden
just five minutes 
to wash and eat 
purslane, climbing spinach, rocket, parsley,
a little mint 
and thirty, tiny nutty olives  
too tiny for guests 
but perfect
for watching a peachy sunset 
through the palm trees 
with a glass of good shiraz.
Who needs to go shopping
with such simple pleasures?
03/14 Direct Link
dream dream dream 
you are dreaming your life away
its only a dream
solve problems with dreams 
wisdom in dreams
big dreams,  life myth 
dreaming your soul back home
dreaming land 
speaking land 
listening to the soul that we are ensouled by

everything is nature
we are being dreamed 
the big dream is stalking you
my garden speaks to me 
please plant me here! 
I have planted myself here
sheltered by a weeping peppermint
and an unexpected pohutukawa 
welcomed by geraldton wax and a deep red rose
and a green meadow in spring
I have planted an olive and a fig. 
03/15 Direct Link
Up to two and a half
the infant
who is certainly 
tabula rasa 
is awakening from a dream
of divine union
and beginning to separate
beginning to explore 
her or his embodied 
sensory existence. 
Comfort ah! Discomfort ehhh! 
Separation no! Waaahhh Then OK 
 since you are energetically close. 
Singing soothing, rocking bliss
Milk mmm or yuk
 A poo, pleasure
a hand restrained, displeasure. 
Lots of flexing rolling pressing soon crawling
soon standing crowing with delight!
What mastery is achieved 
At two he says That is Mine! 
At two and a half she says I will tie my own shoes! 
03/16 Direct Link
From conception to birth 
the incarnating soul 
 works on the neurology of the baby.
Is there is a good fit between the inherited body 
and the soul’s spiritual intent?
 At this stage
 before the great forgetting
the soul knows what it’s about! 
Sometimes the parents know it too. 

Haven’t you ever had the impression 
that a new born baby is a sage
and less than impressed 
with it’s new experiences of earth
the astral nightmare it just lived through? 

Oh my precious little one
Hush now 
Mama Papa Nana Mama Grandpa Papa Mama
are welcoming you back to earth.
03/17 Direct Link
Hillman founded Archetypal Psychology
He was an American 
who took Jungian ideas back home
to a land 
where spirits of the land 
and of indigenous peoples who love the land 
brought a shamanic layer of practice 
to the Eurocentric traditions of the schools. 

may  have said Archetypal patterns exist across all cultures
The only thing is they exist 
in very particular ways
coloured by the cultures and traditions 
of very particular places! 

And, in cultures where individuality 
is not of first concern
does growth circle around the SELF?
Is Christ’s Love, His work the same
let alone the Name? 

03/18 Direct Link
So I have been thinking
about the Jungian idea
that personal growth 
he calls it Individuation
around a core archetype
(that is a universal patterning power)
he calls the SELF
not to be confused with the little self or ego
that governs our everyday personality
and little hopes and fears . 

In Psychology and Alchemy
Jung identifies this 
archetype of SELF 
with Christos, the Christ
which for the son of a Swiss pastor 
living in the heart of Europe 
is a natural culmination
of a Mythos 
central to that land

but does this path of individuation
hold for Muslim, Shaman, Buddhist, Hindu, Jew? 

03/19 Direct Link
A vertical axis of nine dimensions 
reaches from the core of Earth
to the Galactic Centre, so she said. 

A horizontal axis reaches 
across lives and cultures-
We can gather our gifts 
our own and those of ancestors 
across this line.
We also carry trauma
resistances and fears
along this horizontal line.
It doesn’t matter really 
if it’s yours or mine
releasing suffering and fear
allows us ALL to shine. 

We vibrate a little faster
moving up 
that vertical line
Now all 12 strands of DNA 
radiate and shine
time collapses
into NOW and so 
We know 
We are  Divine
03/20 Direct Link
A vertical line with nine dimensions
has been our birthright 
for a hundred and twenty thousand years
so Judith Carvin Blackburn says 
quoting Barbara Hand Clow
who got it from the Pleiadians.
You can look it up on google. 

The line goes from earths iron and crystal core 
 That’s level one
To the Galactic Centre
Thats Level nine

Humanity, she says is vibrating at level three 
the 3D physical world
while some who know they are pure energy 
vibrate at level four 
or somewhat in between 
moving between linear time 
and simultaneity 
and the pure light
of level five
03/21 Direct Link
My young friend
believes he will live to see WW three.
For this reason he wishes to marry
a woman from another country
two passports, choices
should his family wish to flee.

He has experienced civil war. 
His family has a small farm, food, enough to live
He despairs of politicians. He’s quick to anger, but kind.
He loves his country, his culture, heritage;
he wishes to teach it, yet he does not believe
His ethnic group were victors, yet
he is not secure
Perhaps, he will leave.

He seeks a sensible alliance.
It does not occur to him to grieve. 
03/22 Direct Link
The house is basically sound.
A place to live, converse, relax
to cook, to meditate, to love.
There is sunshine, rain, a broad verandah 
a garden, herbs, flowers and fruit trees 
a workshop and beyond, the vista of a lawn that 
sweeps to ancient sheltering trees.

We unpack. We notice yes, we may change that faded wall-paper
or perhaps we won’t.
There is something comforting about it’s age.
We may be more occupied with insulation
and the safety of the chimney!

But in general we’re delighted
It’s cosy.
Only the bathroom is more sumptuous 
than we could have possibly imagined.
03/23 Direct Link
A naked man is sleeping peacefully 
in a wicker chair 
in a sunny garden 
just across a lawn 
from my lovely bathroom-
the one with the oval marble bath 
and plantation doors that open 
across this same lawn.
The lawn has mature trees on my right
that shelter us 
and gardens to the left 
where my kitchen lies between us.
This man is middle aged or older, 
bald, tanned and quite comfortably naked. 
Have I stepped into another life
in entering this last room in my new home?
I close the door.
We will come back later I say.
03/24 Direct Link
Three curves like rainbows 
 arc above us as
toddler youth and young adult
as adult in middle years 
and then as older ones

At each 
a guardian

The guardian til 
the child says I am
I want, I will 
is the mother
(whoever he or she may be)
Inspired, she guards the child’s safety
until there is a separate identity

Slowly the child grows into the world
becomes a young adult
making choices about love and work
Between the middle arcs the task 
is to become a fully functioning personality
The guardian here makes sure archetypes 
 are experienced as projections 
 which may gradually be owned again

The guardian at the outer edge 
 takes us into realms beyond and safely back 
 Here archetypes are revealed 
 as our companions 
 and creative powers amongst us
03/25 Direct Link
The plum tree/ is blossoming at night:/ two ravens/ thought and memory/ perch in its upper branches./ Slowly dawn comes/ silver and white with a little peach/ under the rim of cloud./ See with the eyes of an artist, they suggest/ as they fly off/ to find an early breakfast./ The suggestion is repeated rather raucously/ at closer quarters. They regard me/ coolly, as they strut on my damp lawn./ The words repeat in my mind/ as they look out now/ from the pine trees/ as they decorate my car/ with guano/ that I'll have to wipe off, yet again.
03/26 Direct Link
Once I soared
on vast wings, eight spans across
bright as a tropical parrot 
from mountain to sea
though my home was in the mountains of Japan.  
 There our chicks became  fledglings;
my mate and I saw them learn to fly
into the rising sun.
But what gods
and mythic creatures, such as I
do for humans
is not without cost.
For you Nikubu
I burned.
I called the mountain fire 
 and it came to me
lighting my wings, burning my breast 
so that I am now quite black. 
Lava did not destroy your habitation. 
It was necessary that you survived. 
I plunged into the deepest river I could find
Otters brought me fish, their great eyes 
filled with compassion
but I sought a deep muddy cave
behind a fringe of weeds
until an eel told me
it is time to rise:
You are a creature of the skies. 
What mythic creatures do for humans 
is done for love
but Nibuku
it is now
also time
for you to rise. 

03/27 Direct Link
grey today soft grey 
in a place so far away
and yet so close
I trust myself 
to enter 
this space of quiet calm
gone is the sense
i have so much to do
my breathing is quiet
all will be done as needed 
in good time 
for all time is good
and can be entered 
as needed.
All time is now
except when it’s GO.

I shall go
about what the day calls me to do
taking you
and you

greeting you and you 
grateful for all
nothing leftover
my day sweet
my night sweet 
and softly grey. 
03/28 Direct Link
Minos asked Poseidon to make him king
the god sent a pure white bull 
Minos coveting the bull added him to his herds
and substituted another for sacrifice. 
The great god of wild lands and wild seas 
  was not appeased 
He was so displeased 
 he caused Minos wife Phasephae 
 be seized with passion for the beautiful bull.
She mated with him and bore the Mino-taur
a hybrid being, bull and man
nursed by his mother 
but when grown 
the consumer of Athenian youths and maids  

 our instinctual life
even when the pure white of moon light
 must be offered back
lest, imprisoned, it devour us 

03/29 Direct Link

Zeus son of Chronos and Rhea
ruler of Olympus and our affairs 
took the form of a pure White Bull
to abduct Europa.
He took Europa,
 the wide eyed, to Crete. 
 The eldest of their children was Minos
 who became the first King of Crete 
 with the help of Poseidon, brother to Zeus 
 ruler of wild lands and seas. 
Poseidon sent Minos a magnificent White Bull
which he could not bear to sacrifice. 

Poseidon caused Minos’ wife Pasiphae
the immortal daughter of the sun god Helios
to fall in love with the White Bull.
How deep the attraction of the magic moon.

03/30 Direct Link
Crafting a wooden cow ?
Why does Pasiphae
disguise her passion for
the magnificent White Bull?

Is this the birth of sexual shame? 
Her husband’s mother Europa 
willingly climbs upon the back of a magnificent White Bull
Zeus in disguise
who swims with her to Crete
not Asia and not Greece.

Is there shame at the desire 
for husband’s father
something in the male line
that is masculine in strength,
like her own radiant father Helios,
but as its great horns show
is capable of calling down the moon? 

Surely the Bull is not deceived! 
In shame
the Minotaur is born.
03/31 Direct Link
I’ve drunk my coffee
I really can’t delay
I’d rather dream some more 
 but have to start my day

I’ve written for an hour or so
I’ve bathed and washed my hair
The breeze is playing all around 
and thoughts are darting here and there

Birds have been twittering since dawn
A raven jumps onto the table. It caws.
The cars rush on the highway now 
and waves crash on the shore.
I’m delaying a major task I know
It has to be done today
I gather all my focus
The time is always now 
Except when it is GO!