BY Jean

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My life as a college student. My life became so complicated after I graduated from High School. I now have many bills that I have to pay every month. Because of that, it required me to make a big sacrifice to be a college student. I have to work harder than I ever had in other to pay my bills. I works six days a week as a night shift security officer from 11:OO PM to 07:00 AM and school start at 12:30 PM. Which leave me less than three hours to rest before the school start.
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My beautiful cat, my cat has four short legs colored in black and a short tail. Its body is covered with soft and silky white hairs. Its claws and teeth are sharp. It has two bright blue eyes. I name my cat after my little cousin, which is Katrina because she's so beautiful and so smart. My cat is very playful and fun to watch. She likes to play all over my house with her little toy ball. She doesn't like loud noise. She doesn't like to sleep alone. Therefore, she sleeps on my bed nest to me every night.
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It was very long ago. A very bad day when a friend of my father lost his young boy. They were at an amusement park in Plant City. The young boy was 5 year old. He was very devastated when he couldn't find his child. He walked around the park and asked almost everyone if they saw a young boy matched his child description. So he decided to call the police for help, and the police said that someone left a young boy matched his child description at the nearest police department. He was very happy to find his son.
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Why do I need a soul mate? I need a friend who can keep me out of trouble. Someone very special that I can treat like a family. The most important things that I need from a friend are respect, loyalty, and compassion. A good person that will not make fun of me when I make a mistake. I need a soul mate who humorous, and active. Whenever I'm sad, he or she should know how to keep me make me happy and stay positive. I need a friend who enjoys traveling and exploring the world. So are that person?
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Dad and Mom took me to the General Election although it was a school day. They wanted me to see how lawmakers were chosen. It was important that our country’s citizens were involved in our democracy. We had been told for months how different the candidates were from each other. The line moved slowly. When we got to the voting booth, Dad took out his charge card and told the official how many dollars he wanted to vote to his candidate. Mom took her charge card and did the same for her candidate. Afterwards Mom said, “I just love auctions.”
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Why is it always difficult for me to make new friend? This is one of my biggest problem that I'm facing every day. Sometimes the problem of that issues doesn't come from me. I more likely to talk with someone who has a positive attitude. Sometimes it easy to find out if someone is friendly just by looking their attitude. I also afraid to talk with people with bad moods face character, but I sometimes know it doesn’t say anything about the person. Most of the times the difficulty is because that I don't know enough about the person.
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Thing that I hate friends doing to me. First of all if you said you are my friend, then, I believe that you care about me. In that case if I text you and you read it and never replied, that makes me feel that you don't care about what I was trying to say. Also, if you never read the texts that I have been sending to you after like eight to twelve hours that really mean that you careless. I don't see how people don't see that they have messages when they on their phone all the time.
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What type of friend I need? I need a friend who can keep me out of trouble. Someone very special that I can treat like a family. The most important things that I need from a friend are respect, loyalty, and compassion. A good person that will not make fun of me when I misstep and fall. I need a soulmate that humorous, and active. Whenever I'm sad he or she should know how to keep me make me happy and and stay positive. I need a friend who enjoys to travel and exploring the world. So are that person?
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How's my Day off be like? Wake up around 9 Am clean, then, I eat my breakfast. After I like to clean my bedroom if necessary, and do some laundry. Around noon I like to eat my lunch and take about two to three hours to do my assignments or study for test if I have one in the next day.. By 3:30 pm I like to go out to play soccer with my friends or I go out for other type of fun activities.. When I come back I like to take a shower and play video game..
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This is about my favorite sport. Soccer is my favorite sport because it's a beautiful game to play. There are multiple reasons that people like to play it. I like to go out to play it with my friends, sometimes I play it for fun but I also like to play it whenever I feel stressed. My favorite club team is Real Madrid, it is a great team that located in Spain. They play in premier division that they called La Liga. My favorite player in the planet is Crisiano Ronaldo and he also playing for my favorite club team.
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The scariest moments of my life. Six years ago in my country Haiti, I was just got home from school around 4:00 pm and I took a shower, than I was about to get some rest suddenly a deadly earthquake happened. I was in the living-room at that time and I was able to get out of the house about 5 seconds early before the house was completely destroyed. I was still scared even though I was out safely, but it didn't stop there, while I was outside there was a big tree that almost fell on me.
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How my life completely changed in the past few months. Seven months ago my life was completely flexible. My stepmother was the one who always done my laundry, woke me up every morning to eat breakfast and to go to school. My father was a big supporter for me in everything. All I had to do at that time was to focus more in my education but since they moved away, my life became so difficult, I now have to work hard to pay all my bills, managed my own schedule to know when to eat, do my laundry, and study.
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I need to stop being too nice or I'm keep going to pay the price. Ok, I used to work at a place that I didn't like when I first started with my job. When they finally moved me away from there it was a blessing, now the supervisor at that place called my boss to send me back because he doesn't like the guy that replaced me. He reported the other guy that replaced me because he wasn't talking to him, like seriously, and he said the guy took too much break and he also took too long breaks.
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They say it's good to be a nice person but me I have been too nice with people and that is really having a bad effect on me. People nowadays use you too much when they find out that you are too nice with them. They will do anything to you because they think you not going to be mad. How you going to tell me that you are my friend? When you ask me for a favor I always give you a good answer and when it's come me asking, you find an excuse and even ignore my messages..
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Why do people keep calling you friend and keep ignoring your messages. I really hate when people keep ignoring my messages, what if I was in a situation that required your presence immediately. I understand you might not see my messages but how you going to tell me you on your phone all the times and not knowing that I texted you?. You posting pictures on other social media all day but never realized that I texted you. There's no way that it can takes someone over 12 hours to realize that you have messages, that is disrespectful and ignorant.
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How did I meet with my best friend? Well I met my best friend four years ago at the High School that We went to. We were in the same English class and we ended up friends when we were assigned to be a team for a class project that required two people. By working on the project together we found out that we lived close to each. Since then, we have been hanging out and he is one the most important people that I know I can count on. He's a great person and he's always there when needed.
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If there's one super power that I would like to have, it would be the mind reader. I would like to be able to read people mind because there are some friends that I always have difficulty to trust them. There are 30 percents out of 100 hundred that they mean what they are saying whenever they say something. I really don't like when someone promises me something that they know for sure they will not do it. By able to read their mind it would be good to know that they are lying before I even care about it.
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Why do some people treat you as a friend only when they happy. Like if you not in good mood and someone sends you a text message, another one after two minutes, after five minutes that same person send you a new text messages and then a fifth one, so what should you do.. Well a good friend wouldn't read your messages and sit back not saying anything right?. Man I'm just tired of people not knowing how to treat a good that always been there for you whenever needed. If you don't want to text someone just say it.
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How I always spend my day off every Tuesday?. Every Tuesday I wake up at 11:00 am and eats breakfast before I go to my classes which starts at 12:30 pm. After my classes end at 3:15 pm, I like to head home and sleep for two hours. When I wake up I always try to spend about one and half hour doing some school assignments. Later on that day I always go out to play soccer at the HCC in Dale Mabry. When I finish playing I always go home and play FIFA with my friends.
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Today I got home from work at 7:30 Am after an hours shift from 11Pm to 7 Am. When I got home, I went straight to bed and sleep. I didn't took my uniform off because I was so tired and I was rushing to get some rest before I wake up for school which starts at 12:30 Pm. I woke up at 11:30 am after my alarm went off and I fell asleep. I woke up at 12:30 exactly the time my first class starts. I ended up late for class but it was fine.
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How does it feel to wake up and not able to use your phone? The other day I woke up and found my phone frozen, I could enter my password or do anything with it. When I finally had a chance to enter my password it was even worse. It was like someone hacked my phone, it started to open apps by itself and the worst part was that it kept on calling people from my contact. The phone even texted people weird stuff. That was a terrible day for me I was happy to get a new cell phone.
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It was a wonderful day for me yesterday when a friend who I wasn't heard from for like months called me. Around 11 pm during my second class my phone rang and I stepped out when I picked it up there it was my friend Marlie. We talked for a few minutes; I asked her why she never replied to my messages and she said that her phone wasn't on service. That same day we ended up settled some times for us to meet later on. We went to a nice Haitian restaurant and we hangout for a couple hours.
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This is a list of my favorites stuff: Favorite Sports: I have to go with the best which is Soccer. Favorite Food: Rice and red beans with sauce chicken. Favorite Music genres: Pop/Rap. Favorite pop singer: The Weekend. Favorite Rapper: Drake. Favorite pop song: Star Boy sing by (The Weekend) Favorite Rap song: Fake love sing by (Drake) Favorite day of the week: Friday which is my lucky day. Favorite month: January. Favorite color: Blue. Favorite flavor: vanilla. Favorite car: Honda Civic year 2016 which is my currently own. Favorite season: Summer because I love going to the beach.
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This is one of my dream vacation that I would like to enjoy one day with my family. I would like to take a 7 days cruise vacation trip to Bahamas and enjoy all the fun that I've been planning. I've been working for imtercruise as an Agent Checking for more than two years now; and I've been listening to how happy the passengers telling they were during the trip. I would like to enjoy the fun activities that they have in the boat and I'll like to bring a camera so I can take some good views of Bahamas.
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This semester is almost over and I'm glad that I'm not failing any of my classes. I'm still not completely happy on how the semester turned out for me. I feel like I could have got better grades if I took my classes more serious at the beginning. I'm going to end up with B average for my classes but if I was keeping track with my classes syllabus's, then I would have A average for most of my classes. I recognize what I have done wrong this semester and I'm planning to do better for the next school semester.
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I think I need to change my shift to a different hour. I don't think I can keep working night shift and go attend classes in three hours after I got off from work. I work as a security officer for Port of Tampa Bay, and I've working nights shift since I started. I work Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night from 11pm to 7am. I have Tuesday and Sunday night off because I have class every Monday and Wednesday morning starts at 9:30am. The other days I only have three hours to sleep before my classes starts.
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What I wand to do during the school break? I'm looking forward to work more overtime at my job, so I can save money to buy new stuff for next semester. For the next semester I want to buy more jeans and sweater because I know it's going to be cold. I want some new shoes and boots. I also have a lots of debts that I took during the semester because I moved to a new apartment. the new apartment located closer to the school than my old apartment and the rent payment is higher than the last one.
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Have you ever want something but somehow you can't ever have it? All I ever want since I was a kid is to have a happy family. I always want to see my family and I living together, but my mother and I haven't seen since I was five years old. I don't know if she alive or dead, and I don't even recognize any of her family. Imagine you have brothers and sisters that you don't even recognize, how's that make you feel? I have five sisters and so far all I know is that I have no brother.
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How I would like to see my self in ten years from now. I would like to be working with my dream career which is a movie editor. I want to open my own business, and make my own movie. I would like to move to LA which is a place that I heard a lot about and I also have a few friends and two cousins living over there. In ten years from now, I would like to have a happy family with two beautiful children and I want to make up for every mistake that my family did.
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There was a time that I looked mistake as a big failure, but now I find out that some mistakes can help you because whoever you want to be in the future. This year I made a lot of mistakes and I can't say that they were all a failure because I learned from them. Those mistake will be a lesson that I will have to remember for the rest of my life. My dad like to say "you won't know how much someone like you until you face a bad moment, and don't ever believe in the word love."