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I really enjoy the colors of the walls. The eggshell flat paint on these walls just look so plain. The desks are spacious, yet they are very close together. The white boards displayed in the front of the classroom are very dirty. I feel like I need to get in touch with the janitor, or at least a Kleenex to help turn that board at least 5 shades lighter. It is just very disgraceful, and I kind of feel offended. The speakers in the front of the class should be working, as no sound is exiting its' hollow black interior.
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In a fight between Deadpool and Wolverine, Deadpool would win. Any Wolverine fan would sound disappointed right about now, while Deadpool fans would be shouting with joy. Deadpool has a healing factor, just like Wolverine, but Wolverine can't regenerate after being chopped into pieces. Deadpool can break every bone in his arm and feel fine after 2 minutes. Although Wolverine has a faster healing factor, Deadpool can withstand anyting. This would be a very entertaining fight to watch, as the battle would be very gory. I can imagine pints of blood spilling out of Deadpool as Wolverine slices up Deadpool.
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I had such a blast this morning. I couldn't wait to come to school bored and lazy. My teacher for my first class told me he cancelled Tuesday's class because he didn't feel like coming, and wanted an extra day off. My parents told me to stay home as I didn't need to come to class until 2 p.m. I wanted to go to school to get some work done, as I needed to study for a test tomorrow, and I can't get 1 hour of quiet at my house. So, what did I do? Just one word. Sleep.
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The walls enclose around me. I am stuck in between the verge of life and death. Air is trying to withhold inside my lungs, but escapes in desperation as it no longer wants to stay in a dead body. As it flows softly off my lips and heads for the nearest exit, my heart stares in shock, forgetting to beat, as my eyes start to focus on what was standing right in front of me. There it was, displayed perfectly on the ground, saddened to the fact that it was never picked up. I go, and pick up my wallet.
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I am supposed to be writing 100 words. I don't know how I am supposed to get 100 words if I don't know what to write about. Wow, I am less than 40 words, which means I am less than halfway done. I can't see how I can possibly get this done without writing all about how I love typing on this page. I can't see how my brain is supposed to spill out through keyboard strokes. Don't just expect my brain to pour out on this page. If I did, each one of these characters would be very colorful.
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Roses are red
Violets are blue
There is nothing worse Than losing you. Most of the time I've been living in the past You brought me to my senses For our relationship to last. Much of what you do Has helped me a lot All this time you've been away Lead me to rot. Challenges we face day and night is love in the sand I've embarrassed myself enough To show you not everything was planned. Chocolates aren't all that It's just beans from a plant Right after I thought you would be pleased I forgot you're lactose intolerant. -Anonymous
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Guess what?

Chicken butt.

There is nothing more embarrassing than the stench of methanol vanishing from your lower intestines while standing congested within a public elevator. Oh my gosh, it is so hard sometimes to act normal after that, because there is no chance you can possibly mask the smell. You would have to stand there, and act like everyone else once that familiar odor encompasses your nose. Acting normal after such a relaxing piece of music gets drummed from the rear, is such a difficult task.

When that elevator dings, you quickly escape the embarrassment.
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Rhetorical Strategies

Narration -

*Narratives have to be chronological
*Continuous and must have conflict

Description -

Illustration -

*Gonna make a claim in the beginning
*Requires support

Next week we would discuss Description. A lot of essays you would turn into your professor at a University is Illustration papers.

Now I got to find out how to finish this within 100 words. I don't know why the code counts as a word. Oh look, one hundred words. :)
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What It Means To Be A (Black) American

Our hands up, your guns ready to shoot
You did nothing wrong, surely we can refute
Stereotypes are just assumed
Watermelon, grape, chicken on the bone.
Criminals, drug lords, things you condone
If we keep this up, we sure are doomed?

Thinking we wouldn't succeed is wrong
We broke the stereotypes, hopefully to be a nation strong.
But this is just a battlefield.
Let's stop this foolishness, don't brainwash your kid
We need a stronger generation, not one that repeats itself, God forbid
The next generation would see the past concealed

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I just heard that if someone smoked a joint, they couldn't obtain a gun, but if someone is on the terrorist watch list, they can walk right on in and get a gun. That may or may not be true, but if it was, that soft of information is obscured, just unbelievable. That to me sounds like their is a lack of communication between the two groups. WHat I mean by that, is that if someone were to hear that today, they can hear the difference, but if they were told independently, it's different. America needs to work on that.
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America is made to build upon itself. Not to destroy itself down. There is a reason the Declaration of Independance got signed in 1776. They wanted to overthrow the King, and the same thing might happen if Trump becomes president, but I can understand if Hillary becomes president, as America wouldn't feel as bad that they elected an ok president. If Trump became president, another declaration would be signed. I personally am not voting for anyone, as populus votes don't really matter. Call me stupid, but if they did, explain Adam's presidency. He won with only 32% of popular votes, it was the electoral college that did it, which means electoral college has always chosen the next president, since they are a higher priority than the popular votes.
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I'm sorry if this is should've been posted at a later date, but does clowns lives really matter? They were given all the attention back in the day, as it was a standard for just about any birthday party for kids 2 to 10. I know it now has started to change, and clowns weren't given the same respect back then, compared to now. There are a lot of things to be mad at, but injuring a person's life isn't one of them. When will the world, not just our country, but the world decide all lives matter? Just when?
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Man, I'm wrapping up my 100 words, and it's been a long journey. From overdue assignments to lack of sleep I have been trying to get these 100 words down, 12th entry, even though it wasn't like that at all. Half of that is true, because I've been taking plenty of sleep. There has been a recent overflow of energy brought to me this morning, I don't know why or how but I'm not going to question it, as I'm actually starting to get work done. I know this is a shock to most of you, but I'm getting there.
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Nice fresh air pours through your soul. The rays of light shine past you as the muscles in your lips start to rise. Your heart slowly paces itself and yout feet start to stand still. Your knees begin to draw closer to each other, as if they are about to hug it out. The silence is so real. There isn't anything in the world that you think you would ever see, as it stands right in front of you. It's legs almost in parallel to yours. Your eyes tremble in fear, as it stares face to face...with a clown.
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What I love about the night time is that it holds a hub of all of my energy for the day. I love the nights, as that's where all of the fun stuff happens, and there is no work to be done, where work is finished and the fun is just beginning. I can't believe some people like to work at night! Why? They must be going bananas in the head. Yeah, insane in the membrane, or going coo coo for Coco Puffs. Night time is fun time. Don't get it twisted, there is a limit to this such fun.
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Mornings are the worst. You have to wake up from an amazing dream, or even get sprung up from a terrible nightmare. Then you have to get up off of your comfortable bed and do something important. Geesh, why cant the important things wait? There is no reason to get up off of my comfy bed and do something important at 8 or 9 o'clock in the morning. Like what is there to do? Cook food? Breakfast can wait. I think that the only people that would ever enjoy mornings are the people that are getting paid to wake up.
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Wow, the 17th. Today is the last day I get to enjoy the break until issues of homework start to arise. I can't stand the fact that there is a bunch of homework to get done. I need a longer weekend. I bet if I had a longer weekend, I would be so ahead in the class, just getting work done early and sometimes skipping class if the teacher is going to talk about what we should know on a quiz I already took. My life would be so in sync, I would make both my teachers and parents proud.
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My teacher gave us a free pass to go back home. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to leave school freely. I know I only work on your assignments during class, but now I may be a little behind on my assignments now, which I don't mind. I can totally make up those assignments at a later date, where I would have to type much faster than I was. I'm going to make sure that I get this work done, so I won't become behind in any other assignments. Hope you feel better, hopefully you get better.
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Wow, I have 2 more entries left. I don't know at all what to write about. I can't believe I have more to write about when I'm typing this on my phone than when I'm on a computer. I guess it's easier to stream ideas when Autocorrect has your back, then losing thought after you misspell or misuse a couple of words. If I continued to keep this energy, I can finish all of next month's batch in just 3 days after Halloween. I know a lot of these are out of order, but bare with me, I'm almost finished.
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Wow, I am all bummed out of ideas. I have nothing else on my mind. I can't understand why my brain would act this way, but I guess it took its toll. There has been multiple things that happened that lead to this, but I have no concern about it. Things like this happen for a reason, so I wouldn't worry about it. I'm just ready to fall asleep and get some sleep, as u might be running low on sugar. All I know is, that if I do pass out, at least I would have a hundred words done.
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Success is brought to those who work hard at it. Don't quote me on that, as that would not be something I would say to someone else about success. To me, success is the ability to be proud of what you have done. Not that many people are successful, as they aren't always proud of what they have done. The happier you are with what you have done, the more successful you would become. I know that sounds crazy in a way, as most people believe money equals happiness, but there are poor and broke people that are also successful.
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Wow, I am so pissed. I completely forgot about an assignment I had to do. There is so much work to be done for school and I am trying to accomplish. I have started an experiment to see if I can be awake in the afternoon rather than in the morning by sleeping right when I get home, rather than at 9 or 10:30 at night. It has succeeded 90% of the time, where I slept early, but during the day I slept again, which got me to be awake and energized after the nap, which isn't always good.
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Ugh, Saturday chores are the worst. My parents believe the week days should be dedicated to school, while the weekends should be dedicated to chores. Man, my parents make me do chores that take longer than 3 hours to complete, and they expect me to be awake with so much energy to get them all done. The funny thing is, I bet they were in my shoes when they were little, not doing things they had to do because they just don't have the energy, until they got hit with rewards, which I wish I had gotten at that age.
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Man, I am so happy that I get to sleep so many hours when I get home. There is so much work to be done though, and it sometimes pisses me off just thinking about it. Why do you teachers keep bombarding me with so much work to do? Haven't you guys ever heard of a break? I think some of these teachers need a longer weekend. I bet if teachers had to work only 4 days a week, and still get paid as if they are working 5 days a week, they wouldn't issue out so much home work.
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Let me talk to you about my fictional day. I got invited to a party hosted by my boy Kanye West, or as I call him Yeezy, that I had to prepare for. As soon as I got home, Jennifer Lopez had to cancel on lunch because she had to take her son to the hospital. So then I sat there bored out of my mind. So I went to visit Nicki Minaj and I got to play some video games with Meek Mill for a couple hours. Finally the night came and I went and drove to Yeezy's party.
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Wow, I just took a nap for 30 minutes in class. man, I felt so bad that I slept. Yet, it felt so good to take a nap. I have just ate my snacks, and I started to get a little drowsy. I just heard it is going to rain in about 10 minutes. Luckily, I have awoken to hear that news, or I would have missed it, and walked to my next class in the rain. I hope the hurricane doesn't hit my town, or else I would be going a long way from home, and I hate moving.
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I have no idea who is going to be a clown this year for Halloween. I just can't understand why anyone ever would dress up like a clown in this sort of situation. It is dangerous, as people now aren't afraid to shoot anyone around here in America. I think anyone who thought about dressing as a clown for Halloween should pray that they do not get shot. It is very unmoral for ignorant kids or teenagers to start dressing up as clowns this Halloween. I will not even have my door unlocked and I don't think I'm celebrating Halloween.
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The beauty of a clown is the beauty of a killer. There is no joy in clowns anymore, as it is no longer fun to entertain little kids for money distributed by their parents. I have no idea what made clowns turn, as I have not been a clown, so I wouldn't know. What I do know is that clowns are on the rise, and they must be stopped. This is just weird to me, as I need to be around entertaining people, not entertaining things. I can understand the clowns viewpoint, as they are no longer getting much attention.
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I heard on the radio that an old man got arrested on purpose because he was tired of his wife not cooking for him. The scenario was, he didn't like that his wife wouldn't cook for him, or her cooking, so he went to the bank and gave the banker a note demanding $2,000 and when the banker gave it to him, he sat and waited for the policemen to come. That was such a hilarious story, as he believes jail food would be better than his wife's cooking. I wonder what was going through his outrageous crazy mind.
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Oh my goodness! Halloween is approaching!!! I wonder who is going to dress up for Halloween. Are you? I know for sure I am not. There has been way too much publicity with this clown incident. I am in fear of my life if i even see a resemblance of a clown, and I would be nowhere in sight if that situation ever surfaced. I do not have a fear of clowns, but I do have a fear of dying, and will do almost everything in my human power to avoid it. Clowns are rising up. What do you do?