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Everything started when he made the decision on leaving. He never though of anyone but himself. Now he is coming back like nothing has happen. Why would he think that's okay? Until this day i will never understand why he did what he did . I have so much hate towards him that is crazy , people tell me that i shouldn't feel so much hate towards him but i how can i change what am feeling. I feel like no one understands me. There is sometimes when i forget that he even exist. He no longer has a place in my heart.
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When i was 5 years old i remember i was very attached to my father and i looked up to him. But everything change after that , my dad had a lot of secrets that my mom didn't know about. It was a relationship based on lies. i remember going out with him and having the father and daughter time , i remember being happy now i have a hole in my heart . i am so hurt that he did that . He made me feel like i wasn't worth his time . How can a father just leave his own daughter?
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I remember getting the phone call from my mom telling me that he got it in. When i heard that , all i could do was smile of joy , i even cry a little. I was so excited that my brother is going to be able to come to the United States. He is my everything , I love my brother and being apart just have made us stronger as a family. My brother lives in Lima, Peru and i left him when i was 8 years old . It has been 10 long years since we all have been together like a family. 
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We all have a thing that we hate. I hate when people talk about my family. The other day my mom friend came over the house and he called my mom a bad mother. I was ready to kill him, how dare he call my mom a bad mother. My mom is a great mom , sometimes she can be hand full but I still love her. No one has the right to say that to my mom. I was ready to curse him out , but my mom handle it very good. she defended herself . No one will ever say that. 
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We all have problems and we all deal with them different. Is easy to tell someone what to do when they have a problem but its very hard to understand them. Sometimes i just lay in my bed and i start to think why do we do the stuff that we do . We just sometimes do stuff without thinking , without realizing that it has consequence. Or if it would affect someone that we love. We should start thinking  if the decisions that we make will affect someone before we decide to do it. Is not fair for them . 
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Sometimes we don't notice the one person that is always there for you. And we take them for granted. Is sad that we treat the person like that because all they trying to do is help you understand and become a better person. But sometimes we just don't notice , but when we realize we have to be able to admit that were wrong and ask for forgiveness. Because you may not be angry towards them but you are maybe taking your anger on them. And that right there is not fair for no one, not for you and not them.  
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When i realize that i had to take English class , I panic a little. I was never good in the class overall . I feel like my teachers never read my essays. But in this English class am actually learning how to become a better writer and reader , and that's my biggest weakness .But she actually is trying to help all of us become better. I never really got feedback on papers that i wrote until now and this very helpful. It helps me understand what am doing right and wrong. I am liking this class much better. Am actually learning. 
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I sometimes get mad at the littlest thing ever.But is because I get to the point that am over it and I am tired of it . It takes a while for me to get to the point but is happening more often and I snap. I don't mean to but people really tried it . Some people keep pushing and pushing until I get tired of it and I snap. I try to handle what am feeling and sometimes it works but other times it doesn't and I lose control. I try to handle and control my life .
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Is kind of funny how the person that you call your best friend replace you with someone they never liked before. I always ask her to hang out and go places with me but she always have an excuse why not to go , like my mom don't let me or am working but them when i look at her snapchat then i see how she is going everywhere but work. But them i try my best to always text her and talk to her but them she never replies back . So i get so frustrated with her because she doesn't  understand. 
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So my i decided to talk to my best friend about what i was feeling , and so we decided to sit down and have a talk about what we both are feeling . We got to a conclusion , and we figure out what was happening . Now we are in a better place but we still working on our friendship every day just like everyone else. She has been my ride or die since i  was in middle school and i don't want to throw this long friendship away over something so small. We have put time into this friendship. 
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As time is passing by i see how my family is growing together each time . I mean we still have our issues but which family doesn't. One of the biggest thing that my family argues is over money , the greed they have is getting in the way of our family , but we are working on it because is not good that they arguing on who gets what , they are greedy people but they are working everyday to be better and not be greedy . We don't want this to get in the way of our family., we struggle but we will over come it . 
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I think is great when we learn new stuff about our family. Today i found new stuff about my family that i didn't knew but it was very interesting learning about my family like i never knew how we all got together to begin with so my mom explain to me how we all became a family, like a lot of us have different last names and i didnt know why and so my mom explain it to me how we all got together which was very interesting and funny. And she told me all the problems they have. 
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This year is my first year in college and is pretty chill. Everything goes on your own paste and it could be good and bad at the same time. But this year i have got better on pacing  myself and not wait until the last minute which is good. Sometimes i get behind a little in English but i am getting better on catching up and doing my work on time. All i want is to get a good grade in all of my classes and i know with hard work i can get there. i will always do my best. 
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As i try to remember my childhood i usually cant remember it for some reason i can only remember certain things and i don't know why. i had a pretty good childhood and i would like to remember it . Everyone remembers my childhood but me , and they all tell me about it and tell stories about me . And i just sit there and look at them kinda crazy because i don't remember almost none of it. And they would ask "Don't you remember" and am i like no , should i remember  it , I try and try to remember  but i cant. 
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As i see September going away i am remembering that my grandma birthday is coming just around the corner. And i just remember how much i miss her, from time to time i forget that she pass away because sometimes i feel like she is just waiting for me in Peru. But then i realize that she is in another place and when the time comes for me then i know i will be with her and she will take care of me . She is my guardian angel ,I know she is always looking out for me. i love her.  
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Sometimes when i look around , i realize that i don't have many friends and i don't think that is because i am mean or something . But i have my guard up, i have to realize that not everyone has your best interested at heart.So i don't let too many people come in, in my life . People come and go, that's not what i want. If i have a friend then i would want then to be there for me just like i am for them. And to be honest now on days a lot of the people are very fake.
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So today was a very happy day, full of enjoyment until later on. I don't like people ruining my day, like i try to be happy and have a positive attitude but from time to time there is always someone who comes to ruin it or tries.But this day my pass came back to hunt me if you can say.I put all those stuff behind me ,I am growing up so i don't think is good for me to be petty.But he wants to pop up again in my life just because he is not happy. 
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So apparently he wants to talk about me  like if he was a girl. How dare you think that is okay. You are worse then girls , you acting like a little like playing the back and forth with people. Ain't you grown , you are like 20 years old and you acting like you are 5. Act like a grown man that you are and keep my name out your mouth. History is history for a reason , there is no reason why you have to live in the past , OMG move the hell on. And stop bothering me. 
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It has been a long time since i last heard of him but now he is back. He made my life a living hell back at high school, and i put that behind me and i grow up from that ,  but i guess he hasn't. He still runs his mouth like always, he always has something to say about me or my friends . he thinks i am the worse person alive and is not true . i never have done something to him and for him to act the way ain't cool. Live your life and let me lives mine.
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The day is getting closer and closer. My brother is finally coming pretty soon. After ten years of living apart , now we are finally going to be together. We will be a family again.My mom will have her two kids together like old times.Am so excited to be with my brother again. I love him with all my heart. And he knows that and he loves me too. We are not like other siblings that hate each other and fight all day. We are pretty chill , but he always treats me like a princess and always defends me. 
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Her birthday is in 4 days. I can't wait to sing her happy birthday and buy her flowers and her candle. Is been a while seen she past away but we never forget about her. She is living in our hearts forever and ever. We always celebrate her birthday and her anniversary we will never forget. Sometimes when i think about how she died it brakes my heart because she was a fighter .She really try to make it but in our country the medicine isn't as great as here.But at least she kept fighting until the end.
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As time pass by, i always remember how everyone took care of me. I never realize how many people took care of me when i was younger, i am so glad they did , they made my live better and also made me appreciate everything that i got. I don't take nothing for granted . My family has work very hard to get me where i am now. And i am so glad for my family because they made me who i am and because of that i work so hard in school to be someone for them, they need me. 
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Everyday i think he could of chose another choice, he decided to leave with another women. I would never forget , he though it was more important to be with someone else then to be with his kids. I can never forgive him , he betrayed my trust. And now he wants to get back in my life like nothing has happen. He gets my brother to talk to me about him and is so annoying because i don't want to know nothing about him like can you please stop talking to me about him, is not going to work, JUST STOP.
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So many of us remember all those fairy tales they use to tell us about. Well i found this show called Once Upon A Time .And i got to see all those fairy tales come to real life and it was pretty cool. I fell in love with the show. I got to see Snow White , Prince Charming , Ariel and even Mulan . This was pretty cool. The show it self is pretty amazing and i would totally recommend to everyone to give it a chance. This show is very different from the other ones out here, but sometimes different is better. 
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Today is a very special day,Today is my granny  birthday. She past away about 10 years ago and everyday i miss her so much. She made a big impact in my life and in all of her grandsons and granddaughters. But some of them got in the wrong path after she died and they can't come back on the right one. And as a family we struggle because we always have to make sure the person is okay and not get in trouble.But i know she is watching us , making sure we are okay.I miss you mama 
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Today i got the best news ever. My aunt who use to take care of us , got diagnose with breast cancer about a 2 years ago. And that broke our family , we didn't know what to do but to help her with anything she needed. We are struggle with the news , i couldn't stop crying for a week after i found out that it was spreading around. But my aunt is a fighter and we all got closer as a family. But yesterday she called us to tell us that the cancer has left and we were so happy. 
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I think every family has a problem from time to time. I mean i know my family does but all the time. My family always be fighting over money or who has the most money or whatever the case may be.I get so annoyed with them because they always drag us in those fight because they think we just left them and we rich . I don't know where they got the idea because we don't have money like that, we struggle just like the rest of them. I don't know why they think that, we are a family. 
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My cousins love to pick fights with me and argue with me for the stupidest reason. They need to get a life and leave me along , I dont understand why they always want to argue with me. Sometimes they tell me the reasons and is so stupid. The reason is because i left Peru that's all . I don't seen how this is my fault or is a reason to fight with me. They swear i am rich just cause i am in the United States and that's not true , i just came for a better future, than in Peru . 
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I love when i get to know new information about my country. I love going  to see new stuff in my country.     When i went to Peru over the summer i got to see different places and eating different types of food. It was awesome , i wish i could go back and see more stuff because i when for two weeks and it wasn't enough to see a lot of the stuff i wanted to see. But i did get time to spend with my family that i haven't seen in about 10 years. 
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As this month is coming to an end , this month was a pretty good one , filled with joy and fun and good news. Doing this activity was pretty fun because i got to write about my feelings, or anything i felt like. It was like if i was writing in a diary for a whole month . This was a good experience because i got to be open minded about what i wrote. I wish more teachers would do stuff like that , the would entertain  there students to write more everyday. I have really enjoy this experience for this month.