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While the NFL season is fastly approaching my favorite team the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are primed to make a run at a wild-card spot in the National Football Conference. The team is equipped with a very young talented offense led by quarterback Jamies Winston. This offense was one of the best statistical offenses in the National Football league last year, but the problem was the could never punch the ball in for a touchdown it was always a missed or made field goal. This year the offense has more experience this will lead to many more points and much more victories.
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Last Saturday I started my English composition class at Hillsborough community college. This course is looking to be one of my more challenging courses, and it is giving me anxiety taking it. On the other hand, the teacher has outlined the class to where it will make it less stressful for her students. I think it is going to be a good year even though I hate writing with a giant passion. The instructor gives us in class time to complete some parts of our three essays that we have to complete throughout the fall course. Even though I am scared I feel I can do it.
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Today the college football season starts and I am very excited because football season is my favorite time of the year. The reason why is football is my favorite sport since I was seven years old. In my family watching college football is a tradition like going over to your family's house on thanksgiving. My family and I are one of the biggest Florida state University fans. This year we have one of the prime squads in college football with the country's number one recruiting class. This yer I think Florida State has a real shot to win it all.
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My favorite sport in the whole world. It is one of the very few topics I enjoy writing about. Writing is like a choir for me, I do not enjoy it at all because I feel my skills are not up to par. This is why I joined this website. I felt that if I could write at least one hundred words a day, it would benefit me as I grow as a writer. I hope as I continue to write people will strat to recognize my strides as I write. but my only joy in writing is football analysis.
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Well, today is one of my favorite days of the year Florida State's first game of their run to a college football playoff champioship. This is very exciting considering the team is ranked number four in the country. On the other hand, the team we are playing is very scary and it is going to be a very hard fought game. Florida State is filled with new young talent and they are poised to have a great year. Many people are very skeptical because the team is so young, but I have faith in them. So go Florida State Seminoles.
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Today was my first day of college in almost a week because, the Hurrican the struck Florida This last week. It was great for me to just relax because my college classes have taken over my life. It is very stressful and I do not know how many working class people go back to college. I feel as if the online course assignments for my intro to computers class is way to hard to complete. I wish there was a way for me to drop the class but it I waited to long to try to drop my class schedule.
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One day before the NFL season many people are very hyped for the first game of the season to start on Thursday night. It is a rematch of Superbowl fifty, but one team has lost most a key player that could very well cost them their first win of the season. This team is the defending Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos have lost their Hall of Fame QuaterBack Payton Manning. Now they are forced to start lackluster Quarterback Trevor Sieman, which has never completed a pass in regular season football. This is why I have the Carolina Panthers winning Tomorrow
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I was having the worst couple days ever. The fall time sickness was hitting me very hard. Also had to go to work and school so it was making it hard to get rid of this pesky sinus infection. I knew I had to battle through it though because there is no way I can miss a class because this is way to important to my future. I needed to learn as much as I could so that I could be a success and I would never want to risk my future. This is how committed I am to my future
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Colleen Kaprinick is one of the worst Quarterbacks in the NFL. This week he was in the news for a new reason, in week three of the preseason he decided to sit on the bench for the national anthem. His reasoning for this he feels that there is racial injustice in the United States, But I feel that was very disrespectful to the troops that are fighting for are freedom. I feel if he wants to do something about this issue he should invest in the community, instead of disrespecting our anthem and our country. So colleen just stop now.
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Today I have to practice writing thesis statements in my English composition one class. I am very confused on what the subject I am writing my paper on. I am a very bad writer when there is no subject this is why it is hard for me to write on this website. I have to have a subject to write about, it has to process the subject and then an essay will just flow from my thoughts. I also have people help me get my thoughts on paper, because sometimes that is hard for me to do but its okay.
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I have forgotten to write this whole week my school work has been stressful the past few weeks. It has consumed my life there is nothing I unable to do with my social life. It is really upsetting because I want to be able to go out and do things with my friends and family but all of this school work has me consumed. I wish that the school work that I have to do could be cut in half, it would be very helpful for me as a person. I just need my old life back so I can function.
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The buccaneers are one and zero they are primed to have a great season this year. With a young core I believe this team I destined to make some noise in the playoff hunt this season. This all is coming real because we have one of the National Football league's best Quarterbacks, Jamies Winston. He is a very special player and leader for this young talented football team. The way he leads this team it is very hard to not have faith in what this team is doing. So the rest of the NFL be ready the Bucs are coming.
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The world cup of hockey is starting this week and my favorite team the Tampa Bay Lighting have many players playing for countries like the United States, Canada and Russia. As fan of the Lighting I want the players from my team to stay on the bench because I do not want the being hurt for the start of the NHL season. This is because it can cost my team a run for the Stanley Cup and that is the biggest goal for a team. I don't want that ruined because one of my players got hurt in a meaningless tournament.
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Florida State is facing one of their biggest test of the year this Saturday afternoon, when they go play the Louisville cardinals. It is going to be one of the biggest tests for this young Florida State defense. Lamar Jackson one of the best Quarterbacks in the country is going to be on the other side of the ball pounding away all game long. It is going to be very hard because FSU just lost one of the best defenders in the country to injury. I think that they have enough talent to replace him and win this football game.
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Life in college is harder than I thought it would be because you have to learn very fast how to manage your time. This is a very difficult thing to do between work and school and having a regular life. It is hard for me to find time to have a personal life because I work five days a week and go to school six days a week. So there is not much time to do anything else with my life. I wish I would have scheduled my classes to where I could have a personal life, but i guess that's life.
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I really want to drop my Intro to computers class there is way to much work for one course in that class because each question on the homework takes like a half hour to do and there are fifteen questions to do and two practices and a test to do in one week. I feel that without a computer person to help me I will fail this course. Usually, I can find someone to help me finish the test and homework. The website is very difficult to work with as well. Now sadly it is to late to drop the class.
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Today I had my Saturday class, we took a hard quiz and I feel that I only got a C on my quiz and it is stressing my out because I have so much homework and it is making very mad. I think that this class and my intro to computers class is killing me. I want to be able to do less homework because I want to be able to have a regular life. With all the homework I have I can not have a regular normal life. So I hope that I can get a one hundred percent.
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Today the Buccaners play the Arazonia Cardinals. Many people around the NFL say this is the test to see if the Bucs are a contender or pretender. I think that the Bucs have a very good shot to win this football game. If this team wins this game the will gain the respect from the other thirty one teams around the national football league. Also it will give there fans hope that they have not seen in so many years. It will also bring more popularity of the sport of football to the city of Tampa. So they need to win this game.
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Today I found out that I got a gerbil quiz grade in my English comp one class and it is stressing me out. The tested I felt was formatted to where it was hard to ge a good grade I wish that she would let use retake this test to get a better grade. Also I did not get the acomadtions I needed to do well in this class and it is freaking me out. Please anyone help me get through this semester of freshman English because I am freaked out about what happend to me on this past Saturday.
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Today I had a hard day at work because none of my kids would listen. Also I was very tired because I had not eaten very much and it was starting to effect the way I moved. I was very sore from softball and I just needed to go home. I was very mad at my kids they all were feeling the wrath because I was not going to put up with there bull crap today. It was all made better when I was able to see my beautiful girlfriend at the end of the day, to spend some time with me.
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Today was a jammed packed day because I had school then I head off to work till six o'clock. Right after that, I have church till nine. Then I have to do homework for an hour. the next day is going to be so bad for me because I am going to be dead tired. I have math to so it is going to be very hard to concentrate on what my math professor is talking about. If I try hard enough I will get enough information to be able to do my homework for the class topic that day.
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The New England Patriots continue to amaze me on how they keep on winning even through some of the biggest obstacles that I have ever seen by any NFL team. There coach Bill Belichick is the greatest coach in football history. The reason why is he is able to take low-grade players and is able to make them into pro bowl stars. The motto for this team is true to how they win games, the Motto is "do your Job". The team is always making the next man up to the best man up. This is why the Patriots are always great.
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Well today I asked my girlfriend to her homecoming dance. She was so happy at the way I asked her to go, because it involved food. I feel like it was the most cheesy way to get a girl to go to homecoming with me. It was very similar to the way I asked my girlfriend to be my girlfriend. So she was feeling very special, and I was very happy to be able to ask her in a special way to homecoming. It was a very special night for the both of us. It is just amazing magical night.
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Today Florida state comes down to Tampa to take on South Florida. Many people say that South Florida is ready to out last and move into the top twenty five in the country. I am praying that Florida state does not get upset because that would ruin my whole weekend. Also I am hoping that Florida State will fire there defensive coordinator. The reason why is because he has the most points ever in school history and he has one of the most talented defenses in school history. So we have to put the blame on crappy coaching by him.
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Today the Bucs suffered a heart breaking loss to the crappy LA Rams. This game should have never been close at all, it was a very good match up for the bucs,but they found a way to blow the game and ruin the home opener for the city. This was a high hopes day for the bucs to give hope to a beaten up fan base. It could have changed the culture of bucs football but it was a very bad disgrace.This team was a disgrace they gave up 37 points to the worst offense in the NFL.
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Tonight is the presidential debate and both of the candidates running for president are the worst possible options to choose from in American history. What were the American people thinking electing these two people to represent the democratic and Republican party? People in America need to get informed fast because really Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is the best this country can come up with for president. It is almost disgraceful to see how bad this country is with these two as the only options to be the president of the United States of America. So lets get the never Hillary Going.
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This week I have two test to prepare for and I have no idea if I am ready for it or not because I did not get a practice test to go over or anything. If I had a practice test it would be so much easier to see what I need to study and what I already know that why I can do my best on this test. I really want to get a great grade in college but test taking is not a great skill that comes to me. College is hard because it is all about the test.
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Today marks the four-month anniversary of when I asked this amazing girl Lauren to be my girlfriend. I am so glad I go the guts to flirt with her. Then eventually ask her to be my Girlfriend. She is the most amazing loving girl I have ever met and would not want to spend these last four months with anyone else in the world. Also today I took my second Intro to businesses exam. I finished the exam in fifteen minutes so it freaked me out because finished so early. In the end I got a 96 on the exam.
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Well today I took my first math test of the year and it was very stressful and it took an hour and a half took take the test. Also my English composition class is really pissing me off today because I did not get the score I wanted on the first draft of my essay. I was hoping to get up to a B on the draft but I got a C on the draft and the teacher is frustrating me. I just wish that this class would be easier to get a good grade in. But that is life I guess.
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Today is my last day of writing in one hundred words. This has helped me process what I have done in each part of my day and reflect on what I need to do in the future. Also, this has helped me practice typing. I feel this has helped improve my typing speed. Even though I hate writing this is better than I thought it was going to be. Also, it could be that it was easy and I could write about anything I wanted to. So here is to my last time ever writing in 100 words THE END.