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when i was younger, i intended to pursue law. Being a lawyer was once my dream because not only can you make a good living in that career field, but you're basically self-employed. Lawyers gets paid just to read, write, think and argue. But as i got older, i changed my mind to pursue Business and finance. Basically, everything is a business and come to think of it, there is a wide variety of job opportunities. who wouldn't want to hire a business woman that knows how to handle business anyways? and besides, business is a financially rewarding career.
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You know what I hate? having a good dream, just to wake up and find out that it actually didn't happen because it was too good to be true. For instance, one day I had a dream that I found a bag stashed by a beautiful oak tree containing ten thousand dollars. In the dream I rubbed my eyes back and forth three times to make sure that I wasn't just dreaming. I was extremely excited that I made plans on what I am going to do with this money. Then my alarm went off, i woke up to NOTHING!
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I shine bright like a diamond. I'm big and round. when you look right at me. your eyes squinch and frown. I'm high in the sky. But I disappear at night. without me here, there wouldn't be life. I can be bitter, i can be sweet. when summer comes around, i gives lots of heat. I am gold, I am light. If you come too close, you might die. Nature loves me, as well as humans. If I wasn't here, nothing would be blooming. Sometimes clouds can block my beautiful rays. After the rain, Ill make it a beautiful day.
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I have gone by many names in my lifetime. However, my main or actual name is simple. It's Sebastion. I am a demon. I am a butler. Well you see..... I am both. So in short I am a demon butler. All you have to do is summon me and I will be yours for all of your time. By this, I mean when your objective is complete. Thats right. I get your specific objective(s) done. It has to be overall one goal. But no matter how long it takes I can get it done. However..... it does cost.
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My first year at this school is interesting. Here at Reinan High I am a sophomore. Although, I am a transfer student. So everything here is kind've new to me. From the people to the environment. Currently, and obviously I do not have any friends here. Well atleast not yet. There is one thing I noticed about this school though. There are a lot of clubs here. It seems these play an important role here. The most important club is this boy club that seems to entertain all or mostly the girls here. It just seems like sweet talk though.
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My name is Baki Hanma. I want to be the strongest fighter there is. I've fought and prevailed against many strong people. However, the strongest I have yet to beat. Not being able to cause him any actual damage harms me. I have nightmares about this constantly. Why am I even training? Sometimes I just question myself about this. But then, I look in the mirror .....and I see him. I cannot faulture. No I can not fai. No, I will not fail! I will train vigorously and effortlessly. I will train harder than all of my opponents. To win.
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Day 7 in training. This is currently the Sengoku Period. Lots of nations have been warring lately. A specific samurai by the name of Miyamoto Musashi has risen to the ranks. Apparently he slayed 100 men. I still do not think this is true. But, today is my lucky day. I get to meet him. He is currently in the capitals jail. Not being punished or anything, just for leisure until things around him calm down. With a samurai of that status , many new challengers will approach him. Although, today I have talked with him for about a whole hour.
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My time on this ship is epic! The Mugiwara crew are some very interesting people. It first started with me meeting there captain (also my idol for some years) Monkey D. Luffy at a tournament. He asked me to help him catch a devil fruit. A devil fruit is a fruit that is once eaten grants the user special powers. Although, it has a harsh condition. You no longer have the ability to swim. When you die, the fruit is then reborn. But it has to be found. I to am very familiar with this since I also ate one.
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Sometimes, I wish i could live in space so i can float and jump around by the pull of gravity no longer having to use my legs to walk, i can just simply float and move as if i'am swimming . But as fun as it sounds, it's actually way harder living in space than it is to live on earth. I would constantly have to wear those heavy astronaut suits. Living in space would make your heart work extra hard against gravity so that it can move blood all around the body. Life in space can be fun yet dangerous.
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This summer, i am thinking about visiting California. I want to go surfing to ride the waves and walk down the strip in hollywood as if i am famous. Besides, i never been to California. I also wanted to visit California just to go to disneyland. Yea, i know, why would a 20 year old like me, would want to go to california, just to go to disneyland? That's because i wanted to know what was the difference between disneyworld and disneyland. I have been to disneyworld thousands of time, it gotten pretty old, i want to experience something new.
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College can be so overwhelming sometimes, especially when you have a part time or full time job. As you get older, the more weight you have on your shoulders. Responsibilities starts to pile as high as a kite, not enough time to hang out with your friends and family because everyone schedule is not the same. Better yet, you barely would have time for yourself or to get enough sleep due to having so much homework. Being a young adult is not fun. Sometimes, i wish i can go back to elementary school, when i had nothing to worry about.
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Today was a great day. Earlier this morning, me and one of my classmates decided to go to the mall for lunch. We had a taste for chi-fil-a so we ordered a large cookies and cream milkshake with a order of a eight count chicken nugget meal. It was so delicious, i haven't ate chic-fil-a in years. After we were stuffed, we explored the mall,did a little shopping and took pictures at the picture booth. Time flew right over our heads. I guess the clock knew we were having too much fun in the mall.
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I cannot wait until my 21st birthday. For my 21st birthday I want to have a theme party. I was thinking about making my party a super hero costume theme party. I want it to be epic, and I want the entire Tampa Florida to help celebrate my special day. For my 21st birthday I am going to be superwoman. Instead of the original colors, I was thinking about getting my costume custom made into my favorite colors pink, black and gold. With the latest "Tasha Boots". It sounds girly but I want this to be a birthday to remember.
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This year has been a journey. I traveled to Georgia for 2 weeks and I also traveled to New York for about a month over the summer. while I was in Georgia I went to visit my cousin named Carole. she was a former student at GSU (Georgia State University). When I visited New York I had a blast. I went to millions of parties, met really cool people like the rap star artist named "ASAP Ferg". While I was in New York,I also visited Manhattan Time Square and went on a shopping spree and did lots of shoots.
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My mother birthday is right around the corner. September the 22nd to be exact. I am not too sure what I should get my mom for her birthday this year. I was thinking about surprising my mom by taking her out to a nice romantic dinner at a five star restaurant at the Oxford exchange and having the employees put her on the spotlight by singing happy birthday to her. I was also thinking about celebrating her birthday the whole week to show how much I appreciate her for being the best mom because she always been there for me.
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Today was a great day in class. I learned how to create a thesis statement and make a classification outline. Usually, English is tough when it comes to writing an essay. For one, it takes up a lot of time, especially if you're not too sure what to write about and two, you need to use a lot of critical thinking. I think my biggest problem about writing is starting my essay. It usually takes me thirty minutes to begin writing on my essay, but step by step, its actually not that bad, that's why using the outline is helpful.
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Do you like to go fishing? I know I do, except, I am not as good as you think. Last night, my brother, his girlfriend and I went fishing at the skyway bridge located in St. Petersburg Florida around 8 o'clock due to horrible traffic. It was such a great night, We played some of our favorite tunes on sound cloud, ate the most delicious sandwiches from Jimmy Johns and caught three fishes, we only kept the big fish and let the others go. I didn't get to catch anything but the rocks. I cant wait to go fishing again.
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Last night at 8:15 when i was let out of my introduction to computers class, my two older brothers Kamoni and Michello came to pick me up. I was starving, it felt as if my stomach was crumbling down like a stale cookie thats been sitting out in the sun all day. As we were cruising the road, me and my brothers was undecided of what we should eat that night. So we finally came to a conclusion to eat in ybor at one of the best pizza spots. I ordered a large pizza with ten spicey BBQ winds.
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Growing up with brothers and me being the only girl was annoying. I always wished that I have a twin sister. Instead, I was stuck with four brothers. My oldest brothers is 28,24 and 24 while my youngest brother is 16. When we was younger, we use to fuss and fight like "Tom and Jerry" when my parents weren't home. They use to call me a snitch because I constantly told on them for bossing me around, making me do all of the chores as if I was cinderella. Although they were a pain, I love my brothers forever.
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Guess what ? I scored a 94% on my Os hardware assignment in my introduction to CGS class. After all the long nights of researching and stress, I believe I should have received a 100%. Oh well, I am grateful because a 94% is way better than a 84%. On my next assignment, I am going to aim for a 100%. Better yet, i am going to aim for an "A" in all my academic classes, no matter what the obstacles may be. It is going to be tough to maintain, but i know it will all be worth the sweat.
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This following monday, I have a 30 questioned math test.I am beyond nervous at this point. Usually, studying helps but for some awkward reason when test day arrives, I end up forgetting everything that I have studied for. It's like every test day, my brain just runs out of my head and hides somewhere in the classroom nowhere to be found until the end of class. Math use to be my favorite subject until college, now it is the worst subject ever . Good thing we are not being timed,that took a lot of stress off of my shoulders.
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Today was very interesting. I'd like to start off by saying that every day is a blessing just to get up. In my opinion life itself is a gift. This morning I got up , used the bathroom, and proceeded to clean my room. I always clean my room while listening to music on my phone using my headphones. My allergies were also bothering me, so as a result, I kept sneezing midway through. Regardless, I don't let anything hold me back. Whether the task be small, long, easy, or complicated. I always dedicate myself to get it done,with ease.
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Today, i finally finished typing my classification essay. Hopefully i get a decent grade because so far, due to a lack of not having my access code for my english class, my grade is not looking too good. I just pray that i pass this class at least with a 'C'. although i do not want to settle for less. But ill be satisfied, a "C" is better than an "F" anyways. I just really want to pass my english class so that i can move on to the next level. Ill try my hardest, just so i can graduate.
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Today in my english composition class. I learned something new about canvas on how we can use smarthinking to get feedback on our essays. After class ended, I met up with my best friend sharol. We went to get a pedicure at the best nail salon called "Kim's Nails" that's located at the intersection on waters and Bruce B. Downs. My best friend got her toes painted with a barbie pink color, while I just got a basic french tip. Then, we purchased some delicious polar cups mixed with pina colada and strawberry. Overall, today was a wonderful relaxing day.
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I am so mad that i missed the biggest party of the year. Last night there was a mansion party in lutz, I wanted to attend so bad. Everyone has been talking about it for the past few weeks and now that it finally arrived, I wasn't able to go. Another mansion party I missed. And guess what ? it was hosted at a famous NFL player mansion for just 25$ for entry tickets and the only way to purchase the tickets is in advance online. What makes it more exciting, a party bus would pick you up from your location.
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Lost in a cold world, who can I trust. "Do he really loves me", maybe its just lust. Arguing and fighting, we push and we shove. We loose each other, when times get rough. More, more, and more, thats all we want. Too busy worried about ourselves, Just to flaunt. Trying to maintain sounds easier than to do. How can we seek change in one another, when we don't have a clue. Blind by media, washed by materials to impress. When will America wake up,to realize that life is a test. Giving up isn't a option, aim for success.
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Last night was the worst. Not only did my brother take two hours to pick me up from school, but he also cracked my phone. It all started at seven o'clock after I called my brother from early class let out. "I'm leaving the house now, about to head your way" he responded, just to find out he never left the house. Then, as we reached to our destination, I opened the trunk to get my belongings and somehow left my phone there and forgot until the last second. Then, "BOOM!" my brother slammed the trunk door onto my phone.
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There was no school yesterday, and I was extremely happy. I had more time to relax and finish a few homework. Yesterday I decided to stay home the entire day because there wasn't really anything to do except take advantage of the time that I have to finish extra work. Usually, on a Tuesday, I would have my Introduction to Business class from 3:10 pm to 5:30pm and my CGS 1000 computers class from 7pm to 8:15pm. Which normally, I wouldn't have enough time because I don't wake up until 10am and don't fall asleep until 10pm.
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Another boring day. Yesterday I did not do anything, I just stayed home and tried to get as much school work done as possible. Not because I am behind or anything, simply because I want to be ahead so that I wouldn't procrastinate and stress myself out later. Usually, I would procrastinate until the last minute and rush myself just to receive a grade that i do not want. I worked on myself by always putting my priorities first. Getting good grades, learning academically and learning how to be responsible for my actions, is helping me grow to become successful.
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I can not wait until I graduate to begin my career. I am ready to walk across that stage once again, with tears of joy, walking right into my own business and becoming my own boss. I am extremely tired of all these unnecessary classes, but then again, they are necessary classes. I wish when you are a student, you can work hands on, in your career field. I can not wait to see the great big beautiful smile across my families face and me screaming we did it. Although it seems like forever, hard work eventually will pay off.