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This is probably the best assignment any Professor has given me, it's like a mini diary and I love it. So this is going to be a interesting month. I sign up for a English course and on the first day I got lost and missed my class, I know but hear me out, I spent a very large amount of my time looking for the class but college campus are confusing and it was raining so after finally finding it, class was almost over and I was embarrassed to go in. I didn't wanna be that type of student.
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So I've been trying this whole long distance relationship out and it really isn't at all easy. I feel that US as a relationship is so much better, We talk about everything include marriage, kids and our future. we know each other in'sand out's but it sucks not see each other or seeing him going out and having fun without me. I can't wait to see how it all turns out but for right now it's so hard. I always have this thought in the back of my head and wondering if I'm making the right decision. I really don't know how much more I can take.
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GOOD NEWS!! I got a new job and I can't wait to start, it's a server/Bartending Job at World of Bar it's very different from my last job paths. My last job was instructor for martial arts, teaching kids simple kicks, movements and forms. I loved my last job but there's no money in that career unless you own a Dojo so until I finish school ,this is the best plan for me, I think I will be fine. So far my day has been wonderful because I got the call back so now I can stuff my face with ice cream for joy!
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As of today, I have come to a conclusion, I am getting screwed by my phone service. It's official I'm canceling my phone services, well technically I refused to pay them so they cut it off but I protested; so over the months it seems that the service has gone up every month and its outrages how much I am spending on my phone, so I call my phone services and I was on the phone for hours because they were stalling; at this point I hang up and pay my bill and call it a day. Moral of the story, don't fight the man just pay him.
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lately, I've been partying so hard and I think I lost my way. It all started when I moved out of my parent's house; I guess I just got so wrapped up with freedom and party and roommate is no help, he kind of amped me on to the point where we were going out every day, waking up with hangovers and feeling like I lost a liver. I finally woke up and said 'I need to get my stuff together and get out of this hole I am in and change my life around so I can live past 30.
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This week has been so long because I have been sick as a dog, trying to work is so hard to do cause my body aches. I've gotten just about everyone around me sick. My job has sent me home a couple times too. I went to the doctor aka urgent care to see whats wrong with me. When I got there they ran tests but still couldn't find the problem. I went to the er and the told me I had a stomach virus all from eating bad sushi and raw fish, ugh this seems to me my life.
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The candidates for this presidents is crazy, this two equal suck, I kind of feel like our country is going to fail and its rough because everyone seems to be watching but not doing anything about. Trump every second shows how ignorant he is every time he talks, i get the feel that hes doing it on purpose to make everyone remember things he says or he could really doesnt seem to care about the people that live in the united states. I hear all the time about how he wants equal rights bout never shows it.
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Continues.. trump doesn't seems like a good fit for president and whats so shocking is how far he has made it in this race . Clinton scares me too i think people are voting for her for all the wrong reasons, everyone wants a woman for president but is that the only reason what if she can't handle the job not because shes a women but because it takes more then the obvious reasons to be president. so i am worried of what is going to happen after election, i guess we will have to wait and watch this country end.
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theirs only a couple nice things to do at night in Tampa, we have ybor city; which is kind of run by the underage because they have tons of under 21 clubs, its alright but like i said before its better for under 21. there is downtown Tampa but there isn't more then 15 bars down there and everything closes at about 12 and its a older business crowd. Then we have Soho which is college town, if you stay there to late you see the frats come out and get crazy but still this place are fun at certain times you just got to know when to go.
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I cant wait till Halloween im going to make my boyfriend dress up with me. I haven't decide on which one costumes for us its a tough pic between Robin hood couple or firefighters, hes totally against it but hes option doesn't matter sadly hes gonna do it whether he wants to or not. Its gonna be so fun, im normal that person that makes fun of couples that do that but im so excited for this Halloween. one of my favorite holidays to celebrate and im gonna live it up, the only part that sucks is that i have to go to Pensacola.
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its crazy how much time people spend on the internet, i counted just yesterday alone i was on my phone for about 4 hours watching cooking videos(the 45 second quick videos) watched a lot of those, then moved onto diy videos(such as building things from outdoors to arts and crafts) then social media such as Instagram, twitter, Facebook and snap chat. its crazy how much time everyday people,even me spend on our phones. the new feature of iPhone shows you how long you spend on each app now. very interesting how technology took over.
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one of my favorite sports is softball, i played it all threw high school; i was very good at it. My favorite positions was catcher, pitcher, 1st stop and 3rd stop. catcher was my main position and also seem like coach thought so too, it sucks cause i wanted to cycle around position but oh well at least i got a important position. I liked outfield till i broke my nose when me and another team mate ran into each other, i guess she didn't hear me say i got it in tell we were right in front of each other.
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My favorite clothing store have been lately is fashion nova its crazy how affordable there prices. everything is so cheap, majority of my clothes are from there or the mall or marshal's. It seems like all the clothing ideas are amazing. If im broke and i look at the website i will pull my credit card out, its so bad. When my boyfriend ask what want for birthday or Christmas or random gifts he tells me too make him a fashion nova list of things i want and my list is always long.
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some of my favorite shows are bobs burgers and that goes in the category as cartoon were they talk about nothing, its about a family that makes special burgers and try to make business last. Anther one of my favorites it Angel; its a older show but its action packed. Its about a hero that saves people but the catch is hes a vampire with a soul. I also like this show called Are you the one and this is a reality show and its about 20 people come to this island and they have to figure out who there true love is.
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Today im going to talk about My favorite games to play. the system i like to play is Xbox and some games are Black ops, Dragon dogma, elder scrolls, and assassin creed. dragon dogma is awesome game were you can hunt crazy creatures and upgrade with your friends. Elder scrolls is different kind of not really i guess he only different is your a elf and you hunt crazy creature too but its a bigger world. Black ops is is different it is first person shooter game you can play with your friends. An assassin creed is a mission game were you play as assassin and defeat the game.
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There are two types of popular phones out there, we have iPhone and android. the pros of iPhone are that is it so detail and nice to look at its so detail from the camera till the charger point also you can send message to your friends and family and it will till you if they seen it. the cons are its not waterproof and its so sensitive to were you drop it and its done for or you got a really bad crack iPhone are so fragile. Another con is that there is no longer earphone jacks. continue on September 17.
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Androids pros are its waterproof, you can dump your phone in water and it will still survive. another pro are the are unbreakable, i saw videos on youtube were people are running this phone over or throwing it down stairs and trying to destroy it, another con is androids have earphone jacks. Now to get into the cons i really don't have to many cons because they are decide phones but androids are not beautiful on the outside and they don't have special messages where you can message-er your friends with cool texts or see if they read it.
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My favorite classes from high school were Science. I had a real thing about science it was so interesting from the experience we did to the book work, it different was my favorite and my high school teacher was very good looking too so the helped me to increase my knowledge. My least favorite Subject had to be math, i hated it with a passion, i guess it was just hard for me to understand i don't know but i grown up hating it because it didn't become easier because if you don't get it the first time it began to get harder like everything elses.
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My favorite thing i use to do as a child with my brothers is have prank week. I was a thing me and my brothers did we would go threw a week of trying to destroy each other. How everyone got to have all the special treatments in the house such as control the remote for 2 weeks, doesn't have to do there choir and gets longer xbox time. so whoever last the longest in this prank war won this perks. we would write on each other, put stuff in each others food it was so awful but its memory's.
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I have about 3 brother and 1 sister not include all my step sibling. its crazy how we all grow up in the same house are raised by the same women and all come out to be so different. One of my brothers is a profession football player for college my other brother invest in so my stock and homes, and other brother is a criminal, my baby sister is a saint cause she is still young. And im still trying to figure out what i want to do, im sure ill make it far.
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I love cats, everyone calls me that cal lady because i want to help and take care of cats and have a home full of cats the only negative is that im super allergy to them like i turn into a blow fish if im around one for to long my throat closes up and its hard to breath so i cant be that crazy with cats but i still try its probably gonna be the death of me but at aleast im help cute cats find home in the process of my death.
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My roommate has the most annoying dogs one is a Boston terrier the other is a pug and they are so annoying. just last night they were barking all night, its like every time they hear a car pass by they bark and on top of that they have flees so bad my roommate sucks at taking care of theses dogs im gonna send a anonymous report to animal control cause i feel bad that hes such a bad owner. If i wasn't there i doubt this dogs would even eat.
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Last night i locked my keys in my room door and i was like no problem my roommate has a spare so i go to him and ask and hes like oh i don't know where it is so we are looking for my spare, turns out he throw it out because he thought it was old so at this point i don't have a way to get in my room so my boyfriend comes up with this great idea to break down the door and he will buy a new one, so moral of the story he couldn't break the door and im still locked out.
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Some of the best holiday's are coming up. First we have Halloween were everyone dress up and gives out candy it's a awesome treat to see kids so happy over candy. Then we have Thanksgiving which is a Holiday you do not wanna be sick on thanksgiving you will hate your life. Also you cant forget to go to the gym like right after your meal! I really can't wait to have my mothers famous mac and cheese. The next and finally Holiday I look forward to is Christmas, I love the sprirt of it, everyone is in a wonderful mood and the presents are nice too.
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My birthday is coming up and I will be 22. I really don't see any enjoyment after 22 except for 25 when insurance goes down and then there is nothing to look forward to except for death, I may be exaggerating. I also enjoy the governments present were they want your registration paid on your birthday, like that is the less of your concerns. Anyways this birthday im probably gonna eat a full tub of Ben and Jerry's while my boyfriend fetches me pizza and chips and also while watching lifetime, Happy birthday to me.
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I looks like they are trying to transform ybor city into this grand tourist spot, the government has done so much remodeling and at this point it looks so like but the type of people that destroy stuff are still there. Its like every time something nice is made someone destroys it but at least the city is trying to make it nice and i hope they actually success in this.
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Ugh i cant wait till im done with this assessment, its push me back on my nap cause right after this class i take my nap then work then go out and now im behind so much. Anyways i have had a lot of words my head hurts and i wanna be done with this assignment, i have run out of topics and i wish to go home now. My poor boyfriend is waiting outside for me ha i feel so bad but he will be fine.
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I reasonably found out my mother has cancer, it really sucks because she such strong women and i don't know what my family and i dont know what we would do without her and the hard part is she pretends as if nothing wrong with her and she hopefully she will
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Yesterday was my birthday, it was nice my boyfriend came into town from Pensacola, I got tons of family members and friends give me a lovely call wishing me happy birthday then had a lovely dinner party at a sushi restaurant after dinner had a quick nap before going out for drinks. Me and my friends decide to go to Ybor city and have a celebrate at a couple bars and clubs. this place was so crazy I probably will never go back again we went to some karaoke bar and the drinks were so water down but it was still nice to hang with friends.
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this assignment has been very interesting this is like a personal diary and the only thing we aren't saying is dear diary, i have talked more in this assignment then i will ever talk in this class and i feel like you have learned more about us in this assignment then us just talking in class. Even thought people talk in class no one is talking about them self so this is a good way to learn about your class. Im just glad to be done with it cause it is alot if writing.